Best Places to Visit in The World – Best Travel Destinations 2022

It’s always an absolute blast to break away from your usual 9 to 5 job and travel to some nice place. Perhaps, that’s why people love travelling, to leave behind the gruesome grind or work and burdens of human life for a quick and carefree sojourn to the best places to travel in the world.

But travelling in 2022 has been nothing but familiar. The unprecedented pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes, many of which have changed the dynamic of our world once and for all. Never before have travelling been as challenging and near impossible as it was in 2021. 2022 hasn’t been welcoming so to speak, but the reopening of country borders and the resumption of the have served as the much-needed silver lining. While travel restrictions remain strict, governments have given some leeway for international travelling to recuperate.

That is absolutely wonderful news to the vast majority of people, travel enthusiasts or not. Everyone must be raring to cross some names off of their bucket lists. While the tourist hotspots maintain their popularity, the mainstream audience is starting to keep an eye on the hidden gems as well.

Yet, with a myriad of potential destinations in the air, it'd be hard for many to pinpoint the ideal location for their trip with more than 195 countries in the world. That’s where we come in, providing you with our list of the 50 best places to visit. From the cliff to the coast, from the countryside to the cosmopolitan, we have it all. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Best Places to Visit In the World – Beautiful Places to Visit


Africa is where humankind took its first step, and perhaps is the most vivid lens through which we can bear our eyes how life once was.

Wildlife is diverse, scenery is stellar, culture is rich, etc. There’s no shortage of places to explore and things to do, and no reason to not fall in love with this continent. Whether it is your first-time setting foot in Africa, or if you have traversed this country more times than you can count, Africa welcomes you with all of its genuineness, hospitality, and diversity.

The Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Starting off the list, let’s cast our eyes upon a destination on the more exotic end of the spectrum. The avenue of Baobabs is perhaps the most recognisable feature of Madagascar, and it’s definitely one of the best vacation spots.

The Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Image from Unsplash

Located to the west of the country, this roughly 250m stretch of pathway boasts a scenery as if it comes right out of a Mad Max movie. What makes this route special is the kind of baobabs seen here. Endemic to Madagascar, baobabs have various sizes, but particularly on this route, they come across like sky pillars, each over 30m tall. That’s like a 10-storied building, and there are like 25 of them. That, coupled with the desolate desert background under the scorching sun, makes for an eerily stunning place.

Madagascar itself is a country of uniqueness. 5% of all known animal and plant species are endemic to Madagascar. This alone is more than enough to persuade all wildlife enthusiasts. Lemurs are of peak Madagascar nature, specifically the black and white ring-tailed Lemur Catta species. Whales frivol their time away under the gaping eyes of tourists. Magnificent canyons offer a vista over the so-called “Red Island” (due to its laterite-rich soil). Madagascar is one not to miss.


Eastward of Madagascar, one can find the lovely little Mauritius, one of the best countries to visit, the place once praised by Mark Twain as, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.” What else is there to say?

Mauritius, an East African island in the Indian Ocean, is known for its fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and delectable gourmet cuisine. Perfect for nature lovers, experience its many nature reserves, botanical gardens and water sports. While you’re not basking in a tropical paradise or devouring their local cuisine, step food outside your luxury hotel and take a trip to their must-see Indian temples, specifically Maheswarnath Shiv Mandir, Ganga Talao, and Sagar Shiv Mandir. With a size that’s just about twice of Hong Kong’s, make the most out of your stay in Mauritius by allotting one to two weeks of travel. Besides its nature destinations, you can also explore by shopping in its markets and spending time in museums.

Mauritius is also known for being a religious hotspot. Grand Bassin, a lake adjacent to a giant statue of Lord Shiva (Mangal Manhadev) is the pilgrimage where it is estimated that up to half a million pious Hindus gather every February. As such, the place is commonly believed to be the largest pilgrimage in the world outside of India.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a heady place, quite literally. With colours bursting on every wall, sounds seeping through every corner, people flocking every alley, and religion imbued into every aspect of life, Marrakesh is as cumbersome and labyrinthine as it comes, yet also fascinating and indulging as it gets. It’s definitely up there in the top 10 places to visit in the world.

In the heart of Marrakesh lies Medina – the old city. Beating the frenetic pulse of Marrakesh, Medina’s vigour is as vibrant as its carnival-like light at the main square Djemaa El Fna. Yet, opulent and luminous as the square may be, reaching it would be no feeble task, unless you’re a local of course, as the square is enveloped in a mazy muddle of narrow, jam-packed, ochre-dusted alleys. It’s fine, however, if you feel disinclined to put in the effort, the 19-kilometre powder-pink rammed-earth wall will pleasure your eyes just fine. But do throw yourself into the maze of Medina, it’ll be an experience to remember.

To fully experience the place’s culture, one should and must visit the marketplaces or Souqs as commonly known in Marrakesh, Morocco. Souq Semmarine is one of the popular Souqs in the city. In here you’ll see colourful textiles. Moroccan culture is deeply ingrained in every product that one could find in Souqs.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Located in Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is the biggest tourist attraction in Namibia and is one of the best holiday destinations in the entirety of South Africa. If you ever feel faintly familiar, that’s because literally every article about Namibia has featured this place in some way.

Characterised by the towering red sand dunes, some reaching up to more than 300m above the valley floor, and the pale white claypan where dead trees are cremated by the sunlight, Sossusvlei is next in line in our series of “Mad-Max-looking” wasteland.

But did you notice that there are trees? How did some trees end up in this no man’s land?

When the nearby river Tsauchab breaches though the height of its banks and overflows into the pans, the already cleared, which is filtered again thanks to the sand, fills up the hollow spaces with not only jade-blue water but also vigour. Birdlife and plants quickly accommodate the fresh water soon after, and the desert is now a thriving oasis. But once there isn’t enough water supply these ponds quickly dry up, leaving behind the barebone claypan and the dead trees. The cycle happens again and again. Beauty is evanescent indeed, as it should be.  

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, sometimes referred to as “the city of gold”, a nod to what has kickstarted its establishment. It’s an intriguing city and is one of the best travel destinations.

Johannesburg is one of the world’s youngest major cities. It was founded in 1886, following the discovery of gold nearby. The city is situated upon literally massive gold mines, which has been the driving force behind its development over the years, with the city accounting for upwards of 40% of the world’s gold production yearly.

Many parts of the city dare dandy and all, but others are squalid. Although the city has undergone what’s considered to be one of the most successful urban renewal projects, years of dark history can’t not be masked. Apartheid, a system of racial discrimination against people of colour, was brutally executed upon the people here from 1948 to 1994. Nowadays, Johannesburg is a breathing and, when approached, downright moronic oxymoron of a city, where skyscrapers are accommodated by slums, deeply illiterate population walk among world-renowned universities, wastelands on the outskirts wraps populous downtown and glorious luxury is juxtaposed with abject poverty.

But therein lies the city’s fascination. It’s how quickly it’s managing to rebound from everything it’s been through that’s made it all the more fascinating.

The Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Egypt is most famous for its pyramids, most notably the Pyramids of Giza, the last standing wonder of the ancient word. Honestly, that’s more than enough of a reason to visit the country.

The Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Image from Unsplash

The reputation of pyramids has been too commonly covered by mainstream media, as well as through world-by-mouth travellers. But remember that the grandeur of one of the most mysterious and profoundly mind-boggling constructions of the entire course of human civilization can never be echoed through words. Only when confronting the pyramids head-on will you get a touch of the sheer calibre of ancient civilisation’s engineering prowess and the imposing manifestation of arcane rites. It’s an experience that is uncanny yet bewitching.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

A trip to paradise does not always mean a swanky villa in the middle of crystal-clear waters that cost a fortune. Welcome to Zanzibar, a gorgeous island in Tanzania, East Africa, one of the most beautiful places to visit that boasts of immaculate white beaches, teeming marine life, and an exotic culture that could all be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

Before heading out to the beach, take time in exploring the historic city of Stone Town with its beautiful Swahili architecture and varied culture. Once in Stone Town, make your way to the House of Wonders. Built for ceremonial purposes in 1883, it was once one of the most impressive buildings on the island. However, years of neglect resulted in a large section of the balcony collapsing multiple times despite great renovation effort. Still the sight of the building is impressive, nonetheless.

Hostels can be as cheap as $11 a night and delicious local treat can go as low as $2. As you move towards the beaches such as Nungwi and Jambiani, new and stylish boutique hotels can be enjoyed for as low as $30pp per night. And freshly grilled octopus and seafood? Just a little below $10. Go start packing your bikinis, swim shorts, and tanning oils!


The half of the world where everyone does everything with gusto, where the scenery is so diverse the most veteran traveller looks like a tyro, and where every single destination will leave its visitors agape.                   

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Dubbed as one of Cambodia’s youngest cities, being founded in the year 1955 is starting to gain attention from tourists and backpackers alike. If you prefer huts over the luxury of the hotels Sihanoukville is definitely one for you.

Sihanoukville would probably never make it to the list of the most glamorous cities in the world, but it was never meant to be. If anything, the place is known for its many mesmerising beaches. With a calm and soothing vibe, white sandy shores, crystal-clear water, and amazing background, beaches here are perfect for backpackers who just want to enjoy their vacations in peace. Sokha beach, Otres beach, Lamherkay beach, Ochheuteal beach, Independence beach are the five beaches of this city, and are all worth a visit.

Fun fact: Sihanoukville is actually christened after the name of the country’s former King, therefore anyone visiting Cambodia should check it out at least once.

Hunan, China

At a total population of 68 million people, Hunan is among the top bustling metropolises of China. Brimming with youth and energy, Hunan is one of the best cities in China to live its lively vibe.

Nothing short of marvellous: this is how Hunan province in China can be perfectly described. A whopping 80% of the entire province is made up of precarious ranges and karst peaks that provide a magnificent and dramatic view that will surely take your breath away. Yes, those mountains in the film Avatar. If that’s not enough to leave you panting, the world’s longest and highest glass bridge, across a deep canyon, can be found in this exact same mountain park. If a walk here gets you a bit worried, your accommodation and meal costs won’t: sumptuous and fiery Hunan cuisine dishes and budget accommodations can go as low as $5-10.

Golden Triangle, India

India has become a very popular destination to international tourists in the last couple of years. Rightfully so, it’s one of, if not, the largest religion centres of the world. Yet, India’s allures go far beyond just religion. It’s the rich and mesmerising culture and the high-tech hubs that have drawn people into this lovely country.

Golden Triangle is the collective name for Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. These cities form a triangular shape. Hence the triangle in the name, are the most visited cities in India. Each place has a distinct feature that will help you get to know what India really is. Delhi, as the jump off point of your Golden Triangle journey, boasts a wide variety of bazaars. As the capital region of India, life here is incredibly busy and hectic, but it’s the indigenous Indian pace.

Jaipur, on the other hand, houses the former royal families. The must-see here is the Amber Fort, where the royal family used to reside. The last point of the triangle, Agra, is where the Taj Mahal ethereally stands. Coming to Taj Mahal, you’d get to witness the peak Mughal Dynasty’s design aesthetics. Some 40km from Taj Mahal stands the Fatehpur Sikri, another palace of the royalties. Both are equally captivating.   

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv means “Hill of Spring” in Hebrew, which accurately reflects the gist of this place: always blooming in vigour and liveliness.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Image from Unsplash

Tel Aviv is where the city meets the sea. There are quite a few places in the world where one could experience the beach vibe just a few minutes away from the city. If you ever get tired of strolling the city just head to Hatayalet and wait for the sun to set with its great colours. Tel Aviv is such a character to behold from its fascinating history that is evident in every corner of the city to its wide variety of food selection. Visit Tel Aviv and get to know yourself a little bit more.

Nightlife here is nothing short of exciting. Commonly referred to as the Mediterranean “Manhattan”, you won’t find a corner where there’s no party. Don your dandiest suit, enter the closest bar, and enjoy the thrill of Tel Aviv.

Niseko, Japan

It cannot be denied how cherry blossoms gather the citizens of the world in Japan. But little did we know a town nestling in the icy mountains of Niseko holds powdery snow, which makes it one of the best ski resort destinations in Asia.

Tucked away in Northern Hokkaido, Niseko, with white powder snow that’s popular among the skiing community, was once a little ski heaven for ardent Australian skiers, until gentrification came about. Nowadays, it’s one of the busiest tourist hotspots in Japan. As such, from more traditional tourist models in ryokan, Onsen, and hiking, the place is setting up to be a full-blown tourist destination with luxurious resorts and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Palawan, Philippines

Nobody was remotely surprised when Palawan was selected to become one of the New 7 wonders of Nature. It’s well-justified: pristine landscape, jade-blue water, lavish resorts, etc. What more could anyone ask for?

The Philippines is home to about 7,500 islands, and the chart topper of them all is Palawan, otherwise known as “The last frontier of the Philippines.” Palawan boasts some 1,700 islands with scenery comparable to any in the world.

Its underwater world, shipwreck diving sites, underground rivers, wildlife sanctuary, and stretches of white sandbars are alluring. Virtually, this place is perfect for water sports lovers. Locals are teeming with vibrant energies. After all, it would not be hailed as the “best island in the world” by international travel magazines for nothing.


Georgia, a former republic under the Soviet Union, is typically looked past as a top travel destination. But with its unique geographic location, charming cities and peaceful society, it can easily be seen grazing headlines in future hot travel destination listicles.

Georgia, like many other former Soviet Union countries, flew under the radar for quite some time. Yet, once it gained some traction it immediately took off. Nowadays, it’s known as one of the best budget travelling destinations for shoestring travellers.

Described by locals as "the balcony of Europe", the nation lies within the vicinity of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and The Dead Sea. Step foot on its old cobblestoned town of Tbilisi and you will find yourself in a melting pot of different cultures, making it one of the most unique capitals of the world. With a bustling nightlife and a new generation who had not experienced a Soviet occupation, Tbilisi radiates with modernity despite its well-preserved structures. When visiting Georgia, make it a point to take a bus to the Caucasian Mountains and witness the magic of Tusheti National Park, a stunning, isolated area located on the mountain range's northern slope.

Bali, Indonesia

What more is there to say about Bali? Bali is the embodiment of what they call “heaven on Earth”, and no matter how many more years pass by, it will forever remain one of the most bewitching destinations of the world.

Bali has any and every scenery you can think of: jagged mountains, lush greenery, calm lakes, golden paddy-fields, exquisite beaches. Obviously, breath-taking beaches are the island’s biggest allure, but Bali doesn’t just end there. The Aling-Aling waterslide is worth an adventure. Bali’s pastoral scenery is nothing to scoff at. Make a point to rent a motorcycle when you’re here and see for yourself the life of the people here that’s never featured in the limelight.


The Maldives is very similar to Bali in many regards: both are islands, and both are splendid. But while Bali offers more in terms of a cultural experience, Maldives is all about the glamour.


Image from Unsplash

The Maldives consists of around 1,200 islands grouped in 26 chains of atolls. Thanks to this unique geography, the Maldives developed a luxury all-inclusive overwater bungalow, which highlights privacy amidst unspoilt scenery. With cyan-blue water, this is one of the best places in the world to enjoy water sports like diving and snorkelling.       

Jeju Island, South Korea

Korean drama has been flooding the cinematic world for the last decade. Thanks to that, many of Korea’s most exciting destinations have got international exposure. But, instead of hooting at your television screen or laptop, why not howl as you witness it in real life?

Named as one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011, Jeju Island packs full of stellar beaches and waterfalls. It’s also known for volcanic cones and lava tube caves. If you’re coming to Jeju with a view to experiencing its volcanic landscape, Hallasan mountain, Sunrise Peak, Iho Tewoo Beach, Manjang Caves, and Jusangjeolli cliffs are some of the most popular tourist destinations to consider.

If art is your thing then Jeju Natural Stone Art Museum is worth a visit. You’ll get to admire the historical side of Jeju, with numerous types of rocks and flowers. Jeju Loveland is a unique theme park that you can consider as well. Inspired by human sexualities, this museum exhibits over 130 erotic sculptures.

Other bucket list items you can busy yourself with is to get a taste of Seoul’s thriving culinary scene, from affordable street food to Michelin-starred restaurants. If you’re not shopping in Myeongdong, explore ancient cities like Jeonju and Gyeongju, or enjoy panoramic city views while riding a cable car up Mount Namsan.

Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand, one of the most captivating destinations of Asia, Bangkok just never ceases to amaze. Exuding its Buddhism aura yet shimmering in lights, coming to Bangkok means experiencing Thailand’s culture and modernisation simultaneously.

One of the first things everyone must try upon arriving at Bangkok is its world-renown street food. The flavour profile is intense and in-your-face. Spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and full of umami, yet incredibly fresh and hearty, is what you can expect from the food here. Oh, and did we even state that Bangkok is one of the most inexpensive places in the entire of Asia?

It’d be a great pity should you come to Bangkok without visiting its glorious temple. Wat Phra Kaew (The Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is one of the most commonly visited temples. The biggest attraction of this temple is the 2-km long gallery of detailed murals showing 178 scenes of history. The Wat Arun nearby is also one of the most iconic temples in Bangkok.


Not dissimilar to Thailand, Vietnam has passed the stage where it’s an up-and-coming travel destination. Now, Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, thanks to its diverse landscape, bustling city life, and inexpensive pricing.

The number of tourists cruising along arguably this country’s most popular attraction, Ha Long Bay can be overwhelming. But don’t skip Vietnam just yet. A little more exploration may just give you the most delicious trip you will ever have. Soak in the colours and dynamism of Hanoi, get lost along the thick stone walls of Hue, or cruise back in time in Hoi An’s well-preserved and colourful Ancient Town, with accommodations starting from as low as $8 for a hostel bed to $12-16 for a private AC room. But the best deal must be the amazing Vietnamese food: fresh spring rolls, a hot bowl of pho, or stir-fried noodles which you can get for $1.50 to $3! No leaving Vietnam without a sip of its popular coffee with condensed milk and $1 is all you need for one cup.


While it may be referred to as “the Old Continent'', you’d definitely find something new to explore every time you come here. Prepare to be amazed by the wealth of cultural heritage, brilliant scenery, lavish gastronomy, and hedonistic nightlife in the continent of Europe!

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is a country with a complicated history. Despite attaining its independence in 1920, it remained submissive under the Russian authority, until it was occupied by Germany during the Word War II. Only until 1991 did it reach true independence. Regardless, the country is still bursting in liveliness, and tones of photogenic sights to offer.

An old town that may look like it’s still the Mediaeval era but has definitely kept up with modern, bustling times. This is Tallinn in Estonia, a city that is charming yet intriguing, peaceful yet vibrant with panoramic sights left and right. Its Old Town is UNESCO-listed and features lovely cobblestone streets, ancient churches, and towering walls looking as if they are hiding centuries of secrets just waiting to be uncovered. The town can be explored and enjoyed on foot for free and the accommodations are modestly priced. Dine in and have coffee in its quaint side-street cafes and you’ll be surprised how affordable this lovely European capital can be.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is helluva chic! While Finland might be known for its winter wonderland, Helsinki, the country’s capital, however, is always alive with its thriving art scenes, architectural wonders, and vibrant design scene. The food, infrastructures and the locals all complement each other to make Finland one of the best places to travel.

Helsinki, Finland

Image from Unsplash

The most striking thing you’ll find in Helsinki is its architectural design. Finland has a reputation of streamlined, function-oriented, and chic designs, which you can see on every corner in Helsinki. Take the Temppeliaukio Church for instance. This church is a Lutheran church in the Töölö neighbourhood of Helsinki, and is literally carved out of rock, hence the name the Church of Rock. If you’re wondering how this odd church came to be, it was because in the early 1930s there was a competition to find the best design for a to-be church for a plot of land. Helsinki is full of unique places like this waiting for fervent explorers.

Paris, France

“Paris is always a good Idea,” said Audrey Hepburn, renowned French actor and humanitarian. Indeed, Paris is always up there as one of the best destinations ever.

Paris is diverse and complicated that attracts both the jet-set and the shoestring travellers. Eiffel Tower might be the tallest and most resplendent of all, Paris hides a trove of spacious boulevard and quaint cafes.

Not many cities in the world have a capricious landscape like that of Paris. Here, the scenery changes every season, each with its own allure. Spring brings about the fresh vigour that is present in the cherry and apple trees; Summer brings about the craze of tourist, and the dramatic and thrilling nightlife of Paris’ youth; Autumn is perhaps the most soothing season, as the city is veiled in a mist of tranquil and affectionate weather; Winter is the coolest season, but many see the snow as all the more charming and believe that it brings people closer together.

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Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

A lovely little town amidst a touristy country like Germany, Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber (literally means “above the Tauber River”) casts a spell on those who visit it, bewitching them into its mesmerising and fairy-tale beauty.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, along with its nearby cousins Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen to the south, are prime exemplars of walled mediaeval towns. As such, it gets incredibly busy in high seasons, with throngs of visitors flocking from nearby, more well-known cities.

While many come here mostly for the photogenic view and couldn’t be bothered to pay more than a cursory glance at the town, those who spend the time and effort to properly explore Rothenberg will find that the beauty of this place goes deep.

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Naples, Italy

Home to arguably the most universally loved food in the world, pizza, Naples is a city rich in culture with fantastic traditional cuisine.

Pizza was originally invented as a quick and delicious fast food for the working-class Neapolitans on the go. The food is simple, yet it embodies the quintessential Italian ingredients and flavours. Many even theorise that the pizza has taken inspiration from Italia’s flag’s colours: red from the marinara sauce (traditional Italian tomato sauce), while from the mozzarella cheese, and green from basil. Soon when the immigrants took the pizza (or more so a “concept” – the fundamentals of what makes a pizza a pizza – of a pizza) to the USA, it immediately took off, and has become a household fast food name all over the world.

With popularity comes adaptation, and while the diversity of pizzas (and toppings) nowadays is great and caters to specific taste, the original is the best, nonetheless.

Once here, try out different pizza to get a taste of what pizza was truly meant to be. And since you’re here anyways, visit the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli which houses important archaeological artefacts from the whole of Italy.

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Rovaniemi, Finland

The “official” hometown of Santa Clause, Rovaniemi is a burgeoning town that has been gaining more traction in recent years in the tourism industry.

As the town is developing, there’s not too many things or people around, which makes the place aptly peaceful. The best thing to do here is to take part in the winter sports here like skiing and snowboarding. The food here is amazing. Reindeer is a large part of the cuisine, which is to be expected.


Malta is a small country, but you’d be mad wrong if you were to think that this country is lame. Stunning coastlines, old historical structures, and divine cuisine aren’t the only reasons why you should visit this stunning archipelago.


Image from Unsplash

Malta’s capital Valletta will be hosting the title of the European Capital of Culture 2018, which brings in a year-long festival of exciting events. While you’re hopping from one event to another, take your time exploring its main cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua. If you’re craving for nature spots, dive into the stunning blue waters of the Blue Lagoon or take a stroll by the picturesque Valletta waterfront. What sets Malta apart from other Mediterranean getaways, besides its vast selection of activities and its rich history, is its English-speaking citizens — almost everyone is able to converse in English as it is the nation’s second language.

Azores, Portugal

One of the most remote regions in Europe, Azores barely ever makes it on any must-visit list. But that doesn’t make the place any less surprisingly spectacular. Consisting of 9 volcanic islands and abounds with wildlife scenery, Azores is definitely worthy of a visit.

Despite the seeming small total area of the Azores, its landscape varies wildly. The largest islands, Sao Miguel feels like a massive garden bursting with verdure, dotted with boutique hotels and luxury fine-dining restaurants. Santa Maria is a small island with sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxation trip. Terceira is where culture persists, where the capital of Azores - Angra do Heroísmo – is located. Faial, the hub for yachties, has a whale museum. São Jorge is renowned for beautiful villages like Fajã Santo Cristo, which is only accessible by hiking. Pico has the Azores' highest mountain. Flores and Corvo are less frequented and have more elemental scenery.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Definitely an odd choice, but Bratislava will certainly please you should you put your faith in it.

Situated along the Danube River at the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains, the capital of Slovakia is a mediaeval and Gothic town with a heavy communist influence. The biggest attraction here is the Bratislava Castle. On the outside, the castle is a picture-perfect Renaissance-style mammoth of a construction. On the inside, there’s a museum that exhibits the short but interesting history of Slovakia. Hlavné Námestie (Slovak for Main Square) is the hotspot of history, festivals, and chic café culture. Everything here is adorned to the teeth, blushing in neo-baroque style. In the centre of the square is the Roland’s Fountain, which is believed to have been built in the late 1500s. Legend has it that the one may see the statue bow once a year, should they be the most gold-hearted Bratislavans, of course.

Granada, Spain

Spain offers a wealth of enthralling destinations, from the capital city of Madrid to the enchanting city of Barcelona, any city within Spain is in heavy competition against one another. Regardless, Granada still stands out. This southern city is an exemplar of mediaeval architecture.

With Castles dating from the Moors and Romans era, Granada is the perfect backdrop for your Disney princess nostalgia. Thus, a visit to the magnificent Alhambra Palace will unleash the inner princess in you. One better way to get to know a place is to taste and devour its local food. In this case, take the time to savour Spain’s tapas from the local restaurants. Without a doubt, with the place’s enigmatic history Granada is a place not to miss.

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a country that regularly finds itself among the happiest countries in the world. Justifiably so, the country is vibrant with innovations of music, design, and fashion. The first stop on a journey to discover Sweden must be Stockholm, its capital.

Travellers can easily explore what Stockholm has to offer through its 57 bridges that connect one from the other. To get a better feel of one the trendiest cities in the world, a walk through Gamla Stan or Old Town should be on your itinerary. According to the story during WWII, Stockholm was on the neutral; thus, it has not been damaged. So, the cobblestone and the colourful architecture you see around here have been preserved since the olden times.

Lucerne, Switzerland

From the opulent Rolex brand to the pedestrian cuckoo clock hawked on every corner of the street, it seems as though Switzerland is almost synonymous to the clock industry. But Switzerland has so much more to offer. Let’s embark on a Lucerne, the place known as the miniature Switzerland, to take a peek in at all that Switzerland boasts.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Image from Unsplash

Lucerne is so perfect for tourism it’s baffling why the place hasn’t been on the forefront of the Switzerland industry. Situated right in the heart of Switzerland, most of the other tourist destinations are less than a train ride away. Furthermore, not only is Lucerne’s location strategic, but it’s also pretty scenic. Nestled between Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus, views in Lucerne will always be splendid. Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge in English), which crosses over Lake Lucerne, is the perfect place to take in Lucerne’s incredible beauty.

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Cappadocia, Turkey

There are all sorts of exotic and engrossing places around the planet, and then there’s Cappadocia. It’s often hailed as one of the best summer vacation destinations.

“Cappadocia is the closest thing one could get to a fairy tale. This region is characterised by “moonscape” area around the towns of Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar, Avanos and Mustafapaşa where erosion makes the scenery looks like something straight out of the moon, with peculiar rock formations resembling chimneys, cones, mushrooms, and pinnacles sticking out of the ground. Some of these figures are as high as 40 metres. However, thousands of years ago, it was mankind who was responsible for chiselling out remarkable landscapes like houses, churches, and underground cities from these soft rocks.” - Khoa Pham

North America

One of the most developed parts of the world, North America doesn't often appear on the list of ideal destinations, at least not for the avid travellers. North America isn’t what people would think of in terms of exotic places. It’s more generic, but that means it’s very beginner-friendly. Iconic landmarks, natural beauty, thriving wildlife, and pulsating culture are what await and welcome all travellers.

Quebec, Canada

Canada is almost too peaceful to be considered a thrilling tourist destination. Nevertheless, it’s still an idyllic stop for any travellers.

Quebec, Canada is the largest French-speaking province in the country. Everything you see is French from food to lifestyle to architectural designs. It is like travelling to France but with the absence of the Eiffel tower. Walk through the alleys of Old Quebec and have your picture taken in front of the iconic Le Chateau Frontenac, which was named as the most photographed hotel in the world. Montréal’s Museum of Fine Arts is up there as a top destination. Centuries worth of art are exhibited, with big leading lights’ works such as Rembrandt, Picasso and Monet, as well as other Canadian artists such as Prudence Heward, Paul Kane, Martha Townsend, and Jean-Paul Riopelle.

New York, USA

The converging point of business and culture of the world, it’s hard to call yourself a traveller if you’ve never trodden the city of New York.

This city of 200+ nationalities is a smorgasbord of treats that will cost you days (months even) to fully explore it. From fin de siècle Vienna to mediaeval European treasures, from Japanese sculpture, postmodern American painting, Himalayan textiles to New York City lore, New York’s got it all. But that is for the day trip, that which is reserved for the nightly party is where the fun comes in. Experimental theatre, improv comedy, indie cinema, ballet, poetry, burlesque, jazz, pubs, bars, DJs, etc, any and everything for recreational purposes are present in this sleepless city.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Amigo! Ready for the most hospitable and affable people anywhere in the world? Even if you have, you’d still be delightfully shocked upon entering Mexico, where you shall be overwhelmed with a bombardment of people calling you amigo because they genuinely consider you as one.

Guanajuato isn’t exactly the most tourism-centric city in Mexico; in fact, it’s anything but. One may even argue that it’s the antithesis of a tourist city, and they would make a solid point. Streets woven higgledy-piggledy, sounds blasting cacophonously, colourings befuddling, all makes for a city so hugger-mugger as if it’s warding off unwelcome strangers. Yet, it’s such an untamed mishmash of everything that has given this city a charm of its own that might be too phantasmagorical to fathom. But that’s authenticity for you. Love it or hate it, it’s what makes the Mexican and their culture so beloved and widespread. Hesitance is understandable, but don’t let it get in your way of experiencing the truly moving city of Guanajuanto.


Oceania is casual and straightforward: stunning beaches and breath-taking scenery, with a splash of indigenous culture. Coming to this part of the world means stripping off all of your formalities and just enjoying the hospitality of this place to its fullest.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

People often think of Sydney or Melbourne as the default destination of Australia, but you must remember that Australia as a country is as expansive as it gets. Many come to Australia to experience the sheer unfiltered charm of the wildlife there. The number one place that you must visit is the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Image from Unsplash

It’s said that the Great Barrier Reef is the most generous gift that nature has bestowed upon Australia, and that couldn’t be truer. Its pulchritude could only be described as other-worldly. This reef is so vast it can literally be seen from outer space! Snorkelling and diving are the two best ways to get a closer look. Up close, this 2,300-kilometre reef squares up on you and inhibits the whole space, fully engulfing you in its multicoloured corals and hectic marine life. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Auckland, New Zealand

This place can quickly become one of your favourite cities from snow capped mountains to lush forests. New Zealand offers nothing but majestic views to its visitors. One can choose to stay in Auckland and maximise everything that the city offers or travel the countryside and be one with nature.

And nature is never more than a stone throw away from Auckland. It’s ringed by parked, natural reserves, botanic gardens, beaches, and dormant volcanoes. The Waitakere Ranges, Shakespear Regional Park, and the Hunua Ranges are some of the places where you can indulge in Auckland’s unspoilt scenery.

Koror, Palau

Palau is a small country comprising 500 islands in the Micronesia region in the Western Pacific Ocean.

If you’re up for some water activities, Koror in Palau is the place to be. Have some time swimming with the stingless jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake, go island hopping to nearby islands, or experience snorkelling in the Milky Way. More than the water activities, Koror Prison is also a must see once you have set foot in Koror. Here you can purchase unique storyboards made by the inmates. Do check out the Belau National Museum & Bai. Albeit small, the museum captures the history of this archipelago.

Pacific Ocean

Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

The name implies something of a medley between French and Polynesian culture. However, it’s anything but. The country is the epitome of Polynesian culture. But before you get a taste of the culture, the view is going to blow your mind away.

If you have once seen this country from above on a plane, you’d understand why the place has been making so much buzz. If you haven’t, well, why haven’t you? Just look at the name. Bora Bora is the modern descendants of the local Tahitian name Pora pora mai te pora, which means “created by the God”, which accurately reflects the godly beauty here. Resplendent jade-blue water seems far too common here; one might get blasé about it. But never forget what might be abundant here is almost ethereal elsewhere, so bathe yourself in it as much as you can, as you can never find any place like this again.


Unlike Bora Bora, Tahiti doesn’t have quite as many perfect white-sand beaches. What it does have is a fair share of unique waterfall-and-mountain sceneries.

Of course, the beach here is no less than gorgeous, as expected from countries in the middle of the ocean. Such crystal-clear water is perfect for snorkelling and diving, to get a glimpse of the incredibly diverse marine life here. Then come the waterfalls. While most of them are a bit of a hike away from the large bungalows. Les Trois Cascades and the Three Waterfalls are the most popular waterfalls.

South America

When people think of South America, they think of the Amazon jungle, eerie and abandoned ruins, sometimes fine beaches along the bay, and rich vibrant culture. And they are right. But South America isn’t just that, there’s a cavalcade of little hidden gems to explore and fall in love with.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The moment you step foot in Argentina is the moment you hear the tango music reverberating. Romantic and frisky, the Tango dance is imbued in every action of the Argentineans, a lustre so charming even the most cold-hearted must melt.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image from Unsplash

Buenos Aires stands at the heart of it all. Although it’s located towards the southern shore, it is the embodiment of everything great and charming about Argentina: wine, football, tango, and scenery.

“That’s what they do in Argentina. Have a little wine and talk. Then have some coffee and talk. Then, go back to the wine,” quipped Grace Jones, the Jamaican model, singer and actress. Wine here is the equivalent of vodka in Russia, or water to the rest of the world. It’s a means of lubrication, kickstarting people into all socialising activities. Malbec wine is Argentina’s signature wife, and it’s as delicate in taste as it is its deep reddish-purple colour.

Santiago, Chile

To many people, the only reason to go all the way to Santiago, Chile, is because this is the only place in the world that offers skiing high up in the Andes. While ardent hikers and skiers can remain oblivious, the rest should never turn a blind eye to Santiago’s diverse scenery and affordable yet scrummy cuisine.

It may not be as popular as its neighbouring city Buenos Aires, but Chile’s capital deserves a spot in your next go-to destinations. It is a vibrant and bustling cosmopolitan that boasts of an eccentric art scene, top-notch dining, co-working spaces, and incredible parties, all can be enjoyed with great value. It has also long been known for its fruits, fish, and yes, wine! A bottle of decent red wine is yours for just over $4. Going around towns won’t cost a lot as the city has an excellent subway system. Entrance to Parque Metropolitano is only around $2-3 and a visit to famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s home is only around $3 for students.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Not to be mistaken with Spain’s city of the same name, Columbia’s Cartagena de Indias is a Caribbean coastal town brimming with nature’s beauty and hip streets. If you want to immerse yourself in history and art then a visit to Cartagena, Colombia is always a must.

The city’s vibrant colonial buildings, cobbled stones streets, and large churches are the perfect starters for every traveller. A saunter down the area of Getsemani is an experience not to miss. Once considered to be a forbidden area for tourists, Getsemani has now become one of the most popular attractions in the city due to its many colour-bursting walls and an irresistibly hip and chic vibe nightly with live music performances. If walking is not your thing, you may opt to take the Cartagena’s Chiva tours using the Chiva bus, a brightly coloured wooden bus that used to be a popular public transportation for the Cartagenians.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru, much like its South American brethren, is a country teeming with exciting cuisine, pulsing culture, and a bevy of ruins of a bygone era. Machu Picchu is reigning up there on one of the highest mountains in Peru, as well as the list of must-visit landmarks.

One of UNESCO Heritage Sites, Machu Picchu should definitely be on your itinerary. There are two ways of going to Machu Picchu, one you may choose to trek the Inca trail for 3 to 4 days or second you hop on the train for an easier ride. But either way, Machu Picchu is always worth the trip.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A country of tumultuous history, Puerto Rico bears a heavy Spanish and American influence. Regardless, Puerto Rico is delightful, with briny sea breeze and golden sunlight.

Jutting into the sea, almost becoming an island by itself, San Juan is small but cheerful and jam packed with quite a bit of fun, especially at night. With such perfect weather, night bars here are illuminated with live music and heady boozes. If you prefer not to be giddy, the scent of the iconic slow-roasted pork will make your mouth water. Of course, stop by any seaside restaurant to enjoy your dinner in its fullest, with gushing winds blowing over the freshest gifts of the sea – the sea food.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Many argue that Zimbabwe is the safest South African country to visit. That is, until you reach the Danger Point that looms over the Victoria Falls, then you realise that everything safe about this country is just a thrill in disguise.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Image from Unsplash

Victoria Falls is definitely the go-to attraction here. Some two-thirds of this astronomical waterfall belongs to the territory of Zimbabwe, and it’s also from Zimbabwe that you’ll get the debatable best spot to view Victoria Falls. The Cataract View towards the far west offers a dramatic panoramic view of the waterfall, while another track will lead you to the aforementioned Danger Point.

The United Kingdom

We could have honestly included this into the Europe section, but that’d be politically incorrect. Well, there’s no, or at least there should be no, politics when it comes to tourism and travelling. European or not, the UK is a place you should definitely visit.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Surprisingly lively and energetic, this most northerly capital of the world is heavily underrated as a top tourist destination.

Seeing the Northern Light or the Aurora Borealis is the ultimate travel destination on everyone’s bucket list. This dreamlike phenomenon is visible in the months starting from September to April. Sure, we see the northern lights in a lot of photos but seeing them in real life will be an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If you’re not coming for such peculiar phenomenon, Reykjavik still has a score of greatness to offer. The white-concrete Hallgrímskirkja Church etched against the verdure of the town. The National Museum is there to fill you in on everything you need to know about the history of Iceland.

London, England

Let’s round out the list with one of the most visited cities in the world, London. The cultural and business hotspot of the world, London has something for everyone, and you don’t even need to try to find it.

London provides for a cultural milieu in which anything could thrive. This polyglot city welcomes more than 270 nationalities and more than 330 different tongues. You can see, feel, and breathe it as you go. It’s so palpable that it even percolates into the British Museum, where countless artefacts from many places of the world are displayed.

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