Beautiful Places in Europe – What to Prepare?

Europe is truly one of the dream continents that any person on Earth would ever wish to set foot in. With poetic natural landscapes, historical sites with a long lifespan, along with a rich culture are the factors that attract tourists to come here every year. Each country has diverse beauties, from romantic lyrical to unspoiled nature. Depending on the needs and preferences, tourists can choose the desired destination. Now, let’s follow our editorial team at CabinZero to explore each country’s characteristics, as well as get to know which country is said to be one of top ten nice places in Europe !

For European countries in the Schengen area, tourists outside of the Schengen countries who wish to travel need to prepare the necessary documents required by each location to be able to enter. Most tourists need to prepare documents such as visa application, recent portrait card photo, passport, two-way plane ticket, accommodation booking document, travel health insurance, guarantee letter of travel agency if going on tour, and financial statement. Fully preparing the above documents can help you quickly complete the visa application process more quickly, as well as give the local government an idea that you have financial potential and have the purpose of travelling for a certain period.

10 of the Most Beautiful Countries to Visit in Europe

Each country in Europe has its own unique and diverse cultural characteristics. There might be countries that are not very common for some people, but they are distinctively charming and absolutely worth a visit! In this article, we will go through each country to find out what these places have attractive features, unique cultures, famous places to visit and enjoy their outstanding cuisine as well.


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It is said that Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The country is also known for its melodious music and is one of the world's most famous composers’ hometown, Mozart. With a rich culture and history, Austria is also the centre of crystal-clear lakes on high mountains, majestic high mountains, and ancient cities. Referring to Austria, we cannot forget to mention the magnificent capital Vienna - one of the prettiest cities in Europe. 

The capital of Vienna, in addition to the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace, also brought in the beauty of classical music and the culture of enjoying coffee in a vintage and chill style. Not only you can also visit the ancient Gothic-style St.Stephen's Cathedral, you can also stop to visit the Sissi museum if you are an enthusiast to learn about Austrian royal history. Then, take the subway to visit the ancient city of Salzburg within Baroque style. It is recommended that tourists should experience the art festivals while in Salzburg due to their classical music background with soft undertones.


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It is true that Ireland is a beautiful and colourful country in Europe. Coming to this country, you will be overwhelmed with majestic mountains, enjoy fresh seafood dishes, visit ancient castles, discover the ancient Celtic culture and experience mind-blowing mountain climbing tours. There are many interesting things for you to experience on this beautiful little island.

Coming to Ireland, you cannot miss its largest city, Dublin. Although the city is quite small in size and sparsely populated, it will not disappoint you. Every January, in Dublin, TradFest is held, one of the biggest traditional music festivals here. In Dublin, you will always experience the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of their traditional festivals and events. Coming onto 17th March, you'll have a five-day St Patrick's Day experience commemorating the saint's death. On this day, people will flock to parades, enjoy delicious food, pulsate with music and dance, and decorate everything with the harmony green colour. Sometimes, you will see a lot of clover symbols during Saint Patrick's Day. If you are a fan of the king sports - hurdles, you can join the horse racing festival held at the Curragh racecourse. You can both watch the skilful horse riders, as well as comfortably explore the beauty of this horse racing festival. On the other hand, you can visit the symbolized Dublin Castle, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, and The Little Museum of Dublin if you are interested in exploring the ancient history and culture of Dublin. You would not want to miss the breathtaking Christ Church Cathedral if you are a fan of exploring religious architecture.

The United Kingdom

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Being one of the countries with diverse cultures and ancient landscapes, the UK has put its name on the list of nice places in Europe. England is also known as the land of fog, a country with the most modern technology and industry. Referring to the UK, we will all think of the capital London, which has become the typical symbol of this country.

Coming to the UK, you cannot ignore the massive architectural works such as the famous Big Ben clock tower, Tower Bridge, the peaceful Thames River, the famous London Eye, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, and Victoria Museum. The northern side of London is the Cambridge city with the ancient University of Cambridge with its academic study environment and well-known research environment located along the banks of the River Cam. Next, you can take advantage of visiting the Gothic-style King's College church.

If you are a fan of detective novels, you cannot ignore Baker Street, the address associated with the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes by author Arthur Conan Doyle. There is a Sherlock Holmes museum with character dummies corresponding to each prominent case in the story. Likewise, you can also take souvenir photos with the famous detective monument.


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As one of the prettiest places in the world, Switzerland is considered an extremely livable place. With majestic high mountains, elegant cities with modern lifestyles, poetic landscapes, fresh air, and also the headquarters of world organizations, this place has attracted many visitors. Travel here and enjoy the rich culture and interesting history.

In Switzerland, you should visit the majestic Matterhorn mountain to experience high-class resort services, book a train to Jungfraujoch to be able to see the Great Aletsch Glacier, and enjoy the peaceful scenery in Lauterbrunnen Valley. If you want to see blue lakes, medieval-style old towns, grand squares and magical fountains, Luzern is the right destination for you. Here, you can go back in time to learn about historical sites and historical events such as Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Swiss Transport Museum. In addition to the ancient beauty, Luzern is also a gathering place for orchestra concerts for classical music lovers.


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It goes without saying that Belgium is one of the most beautiful and sweetest countries in Europe with delicious desserts and milk chocolates, which will give visitors from afar a wonderful experience when visiting the country. Belgium is a culturally diverse country with three languages: Dutch, German and French. This country has a temperate climate and the temperature is quite pleasant. It is recommended that tourists should travel to Belgium between April and May. In addition, Belgium in autumn is also very romantic and has a classic beauty that touches people's hearts.

Referring to Belgium, people always think of the first iconic city, Brussels. There are many wonderful structures, museums, restaurants, and souvenir shops. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the Grand Square, surrounded by Baroque houses. Next, visiting the Galeries St Hubert shopping mall made entirely of glass is also an experience that is worth a try. Furthermore, Atomium, a structure built to represent nine chemical atoms in the element iron, is very suitable for those who love unique structures. 

On the other hand, you can also visit Mini Europe, a display area of ​​unique architectural works of European countries with a mini version right near the Atomium area. Also, don’t forget to check out the famous bronze fountain Manneken Pis, Grand Palace Square - a witness of Belgium's long history still standing through the fierce war. Coming to Belgium, you will also admire the typical Art Nouveau art that shows a unique and innovative artistic thinking but still has a gentle, soft and classic sound.


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It is obvious that France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Dubbed the capital of light, France is also known as a cradle of high fashion and modernity. With its rich history and culture, this country is always a top priority destination for foreign visitors with a great passion for tourism. In addition, the romantic and poetic beauty combined with romantic cafes and flower gardens has made France one of the cities of love. Referring to this country, no one cannot help but remember the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.

When you come to Paris, you can combine enjoying the charming scenery with a boat trip on the Seine River, visit the Louvre museum, one of the largest art and culture museums in the world with more than 35,000 valuable antiques. Besides, a ticket to the highest floor of Montparnasse Tower and see the whole beautiful city of Paris is also a good idea. In case you are a person who likes to learn about royal history, the Palace of Versailles is a suitable place for you to explore the royal life as well as visit the castle of the French royal family. Likely, the famous Petit Trianon Palace, the private villa of Queen Marie Antoinette is also one of the ideal destinations for historical lovers to travel back in time and admire the ancient architectures.


It is universally accepted that Germany is one of the nicest places to enjoy a variety of street food, admire the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the modern beauty mixed with a breath of history. Germany is known as a country famous for its hot dogs and beer. But not only that, there is much more to discover in this bustling country.

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You can visit the famous Berlin wall with an all-inclusive tour to enjoy the graffiti art on this historical witness. The wall has been redecorated with colourful political inspiration. Besides, you can also visit the Holocaust memorial and Brandenburg gate. After a tiring half day, you can come to enjoy bread and chill at the famous Munich beer bar. Here, you can comfortably sip a cold beer while enjoying the dance of the German boys in traditional costumes. Next, you can visit Romantic Road, a gentle romantic style road which will lead you into small villages in the green forests.

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If you are a classical fairytale lover, the Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castle tour with gorgeous fountains is the right experience for you. This place is located on the top of the Alps and is also the iconic symbol on the Disney channel as you can see it since your childhood. This is one of classic, gentle and romantic architecture. You can experience the feeling of being a member of royalty when entering the courtyard with activities such as horse riding. 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, was named the happiest country in the world. With a small area and surrounded by water, the terrain of this country is very suitable for building windmills and dams. Besides, the Netherlands is also famous for flowers, windmills, bicycles and wooden shoes. The capital of Amsterdam is one of the beautiful cities of the Netherlands. While visiting this place, you can see the vibrant canal systems, book a boat tour or water taxi to drop your soul in the water. Besides, you can also visit the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam to see firsthand the brewing process. 

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In addition, you can come to Zaanse Schans to experience going back in time with huge windmills, giant wooden shoes when visiting gardens or tending livestock, visiting Europe's largest Keukenhof flower garden, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the small village of Marken with traditional wooden houses and fishing boats, visit the Efteling theme park. At the same time, visitors can tour the bustling port city of Rotterdam. You can experience the water bus Splash Tour, visit Rotterdam Zoo Diergaarde Blijdorp, join the Rotterdam Highlight Bicycle, experience drinking on a boat, walking tour throughout the ancient architect buildings. Also, tourists can also join the unique walking food tour to enjoy the street food in this city with a fresh atmosphere and relax.

Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful places with many natural attractions, affordable prices, old towns, UNESCO cultural heritage and tall towers within ancient skyscrapers and castles. When visiting the Czech Republic, visitors will often head to the city of Prague more than looking for other places.

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Prague is undeniably a bustling, multicultural city with Baroque palaces, Gothic churches and Art Nouveau buildings everywhere. One of the proud architectural works is the Prague Dancing House with a steel and glass structure with a modern style. On the other hand, the Prague Astronomical Clock located in the Old Town is also a delicate architectural work with a combination of astrological symbols creating a unique feature in the construction of this country. While travelling in the Old Town, you should take advantage of a trip up the Charles Bridge connecting Prague Castle with the Old Town and the surrounding areas of the city. This classic arch bridge will not disappoint you with its sophisticated, ancient design.

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Going to the southern side, you will meet the town of Český Krumlov, a miniature version of the city of Prague. When walking here, you can visit the ancient Český Krumlov castle, go up to the top floor to have a panoramic view of this town, take a walk on the cobblestone street, take a boat trip on the Vltava River, book a show at the Czech Republic Baroque's theatre to discover the beauty of performing arts here.


As a small country bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is one of the nice places in Europe suitable for relaxation with a mild climate. It is suggested that you should travel to Monaco in spring and autumn because the weather is quite cool, suitable for sightseeing. With a small area, exploring Monaco by foot is also a fairly economical method for tourists from afar, but it will take a lot of time. In Monaco, there will be a few places where the terrain is quite steep, so walking will be more laborious and strenuous. You can consider renting a service car, calling a taxi, or taking a bus depending on the sightseeing schedule.

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Monaco is also very lively and bustling, especially during events and festivals. Tourists can also buy tickets to attend. For the outdoor sports’ fans, you can follow to capture the time frame of the sporting event. March is the time when the Monte Carlo tournament for tennis will be held. Monaco usually hosts a Formula One racing tournament in May - which is a great fun activity to take part in if you get a chance to visit this beautiful country during this time.

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On the contrary, you can also take advantage of visiting famous tourist attractions in Monaco during your stay in this country. You can admire the Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the famous casinos that have appeared in Hollywood movies many times. Right behind the Monte Carlo casino, you can visit the Opera de Monaco, a large theatre known for its vibrant performing arts activities. Next, you can move to the ancient village of Monaco Ville to admire the Palais Princier, admire the romantic marinas. If you are a fan of religious architecture, you can visit the ancient Saint Nicholas church with its delicate architecture. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in marine life and learn about the marine environment at the Musée océanographique, or enjoy the unique flora at the Jardin Exotique.


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