10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico: Your Travel Bucket List


Mexico is one of North America's most popular summer destinations for many reasons. From gorgeous beaches to lively towns, chilli-spiced Mexican cuisine and impressive architecture, Mexico has endless fun travel experiences. Our travel bucket list of 10 safest places to visit in Mexico is a great place to start planning.

Even though there are inviting reasons for travellers to visit Mexico, safety is one of the most frequently mentioned concerns. Do you know that Mexico is the world's 14th largest country by size? Mexico is a large country, and some areas of Mexico are known for more increased risks than others.

Most travellers know the common risks in Mexico regarding violent crimes such as robbery and kidnapping. With safety measurements and proper research before planning your next vacation, you can enjoy a memorable and safe trip to Mexico.

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico

With a total land area of 761,600 mi² and over 7,000 miles of coastline, Mexico is a year-round destination with plenty of beautiful and safe destinations for you to choose from. From the widely loved beach towns to the less popular islands, here are our suggestions for your next adventure with fun-filled activities and scenic locations.


10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Merida is a safe destination for solo travellers, group travellers and families. Photo by Clau Oliveros on Pexels

The Yucatecan capital was voted by CEOWorld Magazine in 2019 as one of the safest cities for travellers. Furthermore, it ranks 4th, sandwiched between Quebec and Tokyo, in Condé Nast 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards in the “Best big cities” category.

There are so many things to do in the city, from exploring the rich historical sites of Mayan history to trying out delicious local dishes. You can explore Spanish culture and learn about how the Maya thrived before the Spanish arrived in the 1500s. 

When is the best time to visit this beautiful city? For tropical sunny weather, visiting Merida between December and March is best. You can visit the city in January for the annual Merida Fest celebration. Just remember that accommodations might be more expensive, yet you will get to see Merida in all its brightest colours.

Puerto Vallarta

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Holidayers from around the world come to Mexico for sun-kissed beaches and pristine waters. Photo by Nicole Herrero on Unsplash

Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the safest beach cities in Mexico, with many all-inclusive resorts and colourful local houses. Famous for its pristine and sandy beaches, this is the destination for beach lovers. You will surely be charmed by the fresh local seafood, awe-spiring vibes and thrilling beach parties.

Crime rates are low in Puerto Vallarta, with a crime index of 35.30 out of 100; according to Numbeo, in which 0 is the lowest and 100 is the highest. From family holidays and romantic getaways to group holidays, you can reassure that Puerto Vallarta is a safe destination. However, be sure to keep in mind that there is still a crime risk in any tourist area and remember to remain vigilant at all times.

Playa del Carmen

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Playa del Carmen has stunning tropical beaches with calm waves, clear turquoise waters and white sand. Photo by Patryk Kosmider - stock.adobe.com

Blue waters and white-sandy beaches made Playa del Carmen a popular destination for holidayers worldwide. Playa del Carmen is in Quintana Roo states, a Level 2 travel advisory zone. That means the destination is safe to travel with increased caution.

You can visit Playa del Carmen alone or with family. Some activities here are refreshing by the beach, trying out unique local dishes or exploring the spectacular site of Maya ruins. There is a museum about Mexico's well-known portrait artists and their life stories called Frida Kahlo for culture and art lovers. 


10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Sitting under an umbrella and enjoying the beautiful beach scenery is a great way to unwind. Photo by David Vives on Unsplash

The famous vacation city of Cancun has its reputation and love for good reasons. It has world-class beaches and some of the most secure resorts in Mexico.  There is a lot to see and do in Cancun.

If you enjoy spending time by the beach, Cancun's pristine waters and white-sand beaches will surely be a must-visit. Aside from the sun-kissed beaches, there is an archaeological site and museum for you to check out in the city. There are plenty of exciting attractions, restaurants and shops in the area.

But is it safe to travel to? Cancun is a popular destination for international travellers, so Mexico authorities and local police take security seriously. That said, staying in well-lit areas at night and practising standard safety precautions is still a good idea. 

Cabo San Lucas


The beautiful shoreline of the Caribbean Sea attracts holidayers to the pristine beaches. Photo by kwiatek7 on stock.adobe.com

Located in the Sea of Cortez, this is a well-known resort town for holidayers. Travellers around the world choose this dream-like oasis for various reasons. It is hard to beat Cabo San Lucas regarding affordability and convenience, as US travellers can easily catch a direct flight from the States.

Love Mexican food? Try out fresh seafood or fish tacos while you are in the area. There are also dinner cruises and Mexican cooking classes for food lovers in Cabo San Lucas. Love to watersports? Join a boat cruise or have fun snorkelling. Love to discover the nightlife scene? Join the never-ending parties at the famous nightclubs in town. 

La Paz

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

There are many safe and convenient ways to get around in La Paz, from taking buses, taxis to renting a car. Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash

Located in the state of Baja California Sur, this beach town has low risks of violent crime and is one of the best coastal cities for you to visit. As it is a small town, there is a sense of culture and authenticity that busier destinations lack. The best part? The whole place is walkable; no beach is further than 20-30 mins away, especially if you stay at Malecón.

With an impressive view over the Gulf of California, the city has incredible landscapes and dreamy beaches. You can try swimming with whale sharks, one of the most popular activities for tourists in La Paz. A fun hike in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains is highly recommended if you love discovering new trails.


10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Get to learn more about history and culture by visiting Mayan ruins. Photo by Joel Zar on Pexels

Known as a popular destination, Tulum is a jewel on the east coast of Mexico. Although Tulum is a more expensive city than others, it is one of the safest places to visit in Mexico, according to worldpopulationreview.com. Perfect for a weekend getaway and a week's worth of sunshine and blue waters. With some of the most preserved Mayan ruins and exciting nightlife, there are many fun things for travellers to do in Tulum.

Tulum is generally a safe destination for travellers. Travellers love Tulum for its bohemian vibes, rough edges and hidden charms. If you are comfortable on a scooter, it can be a more personal way to discover and experience Tulum by riding.


10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Sayulita offers authentic vibes and a lot of fun things to do in town, from shopping at colourful local markets to participating in water activities by pristine beaches. Photo by panda - stock.adobe.com

A beautiful coastal town with a blessed Pacific shoreline, this is a fishing village-turned-popular destination. Aside from health and safety travel precautions, you can enjoy the colourful streets of Sayulita and its beautiful shorelines with peace.

Sayulita is famous for its golden sands, slow pace of life and family-friendly beach resorts. Regarding safety, well-lit streets and adequate police presence ensure the security of travellers in Sayulita. According to the National System of Public Safety, Riviera Nayarit Beach is one of the safest destinations in Mexico. 

Isla Mujeres

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

Isla Mujeres is a charming paradise island with colourful houses and sun-filled days. Photo by sarah - stock.adobe.com

With millions of visitors every year, Isla Mujeres is a paradise island for sun-seekers for various reasons. Located off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Aside from its stunning beauty, Isla Mujeres is a safe place for travellers where you can exercise normal precautions.

Petty theft is one of the most common crimes. Other than that, the crime rate on this island is relatively low. Once you are there, be ready to be charmed by the gorgeous beaches, amazing food and friendly people of Isla Mujeres. There is much to do here for travellers of all ages and preferences.

Riviera Maya

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico - CabinZero

The long and beautiful shoreline of Riviera Maya offers vacationers dreamy views of sunrises and sunsets. Photo by Leon718 - stock.adobe.com

With over 120 kilometres of stunning shoreline, Riviera Maya has some of the best beaches in the world, with beautiful sunrises, turquoise waters and fun water activities. Your choice of accommodation is plenty, from all-inclusive resorts for a luxurious retreat to more hidden boutique hotels and nature-loving glamping options.

Snorkelling and diving sites in Riviera Maya are a must-visit for beach lovers worldwide. There is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in this beautiful place. If you enjoy swimming in natural sinkholes, have fun swimming in cenotes while you are here.

Safety Tips During Your Trip To Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for both travellers and expats for many reasons. For example, sun-kissed beaches and affordable costs made Cancun one of the best cities for digital nomads. Even with a reputation for criminal-related activities in some regions of the country, millions of travellers still have great travel experiences in Mexico. With proper precautions, these safety tips will make your trip to Mexico safe and worry-free. 

Use Common Sense

There are safety precautions that you should apply regardless of your travel destination. For example, it is a good rule of thumb to always be aware of your surroundings.


  • Be sure to keep an eye on your drinks
  • Always travel in well-lit areas 
  • Use ATMs from banks next to grocery stores, safer than those in touristy areas
  • Be kind to everybody
  • Uber is cheap and safe
  • If you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately


  • Do drugs, which will likely lead you directly to the cartel
  • Harass the locals
  • Party/get drunk without a care in the world
  • Carry a large amount of cash on you
  • Catch a random taxi off the street
  • Take a picture of police or anyone suspicious (having a weapon, for example).

Your whole trip is as safe as you make it, remember: don’t look for troubles, and troubles won’t find you. Generally, stick to the touristy areas, and you’ll be fine. Don’t just wander off to some random, remote towns alone, especially those at the borders.

Exercise precautions and keep safety tips in mind for positive travel experiences. Photo by Chalermphon on stock.adobe.com

Stay Connected 

It is advised that you keep your family members or travel companions informed of your travel plans. Violent crimes such as kidnapping can happen, especially in bad neighbourhoods.

To lower your risks, you can also share your location and taxi number if you travel alone. If possible, find a local you know well and trust to guide you. When you call Uber, pretend that you’re meeting someone.

Getting a prepaid sim card or an e-sim card is an easy way to stay connected when travelling in Mexico. We recommend getting a Telcel sim card as they have reliable 4G/5G network coverage. For those with a Canada or USA sim card, you can use the free data roaming (but double-check it, just in case).

Pack Your Travel Essentials Well

Before heading to your dream vacation, be sure to have properly packed everything you might need in Mexico. Regardless of your travel plan and preferences, always remember to prioritise and pack the travel essentials:

  • Travel documents
  • Travel Insurance
  • A list of important contacts in case of emergency.
    • Emergency line
    • Number of local police
    • A number of your embassy.

Always Have A Plan In Case Of Emergency

Having travel insurance will give you international coverage in case you need urgent medical care. An accessible list of important phone numbers, such as your country's embassy and local emergency services, will be helpful in case of assaults and crime-related incidents. Knowing useful phrases such as "I need help" or "Please call the police" in Spanish will matter greatly when you are in dire need. 

Helpful Resources For Staying Safe In Mexico


Mexico is an exciting and colourful country with unique cultural experiences. Photo by Svetoslav Radkov on stock.adobe.com

1. Are Resorts Safer Than Other Accommodations?

With high crime rates in the country, safety is undoubtedly the top priority for travellers when booking a trip to Mexico. In popular tourist hotspots, reputable and all-inclusive resorts are among the top choices for families regarding safety, convenience and luxurious vacation experience. 

However, depending on your travel needs and preferences, other safe accommodations exist in Mexico, such as hotels, camping sites and hostels. Before choosing where to stay, check the local crime rate, research and read online reviews from other travellers. A reputable booking site  such as Booking.com is also your best bet.

2. Which Part Of Mexico Is The Safest?

According to the 2023 Mexico Peace Index published by Institute for Economics and Peace, the five most peaceful states are Yucatan, Tlaxcala, Chiapas, Tamaulipas and Nayarit

Generally, popular tourist destinations are safer than remote areas and those with warned risk of violent crime. Popular and safe destinations for beachside holidays are Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta and Merida

3. Which Places To Avoid In Mexico?

It is essential for travellers to be aware of the places to avoid due to safety reasons in Mexico. According to the official Mexico travel advisory issued by the U.S. Department of State, you should avoid certain states due to high crime rates and kidnapping:

  • Colima
  • Guerrero
  • Michoacan
  • Sinaloa
  • Tamaulipas
  • Zacatecas.

Lower on the list are states that you should “Reconsider Travel To”:

  • Baja California
  • Chihuahua
  • Durango
  • Guanajuato
  • Jalisco
  • Morelos
  • Sonora.

4. Which Is The Safest Place In Mexico To Travel With Family?

Hotels and all-inclusive resorts are good options for accommodation in Mexico. Families can enjoy fun and kid-friendly activities in turquoise waters and white sand while knowing that security concerns are taken seriously by hotels and resorts. Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya have many all-inclusive resorts with good security. Ensure that the resorts or hotels you choose have good reputations and positive reviews online.

10 Safest Places To Visit In Mexico: Your Travel Bucket List

Known for its pristine beaches and charming towns, Mexico is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the world. With these 10 safest places to visit in Mexico and expert-approved safety tips when travelling, you can enjoy having a great time in this beautiful country.

Even though many travellers are hesitant to visit this beautiful country for safety reasons, this list will give you solid options of where to start. Many safe and exciting destinations exist in Mexico; you just need to know where to look. Plan to visit Mexico soon? Share this article with your fellow travel companions and comment for more useful travel guides.

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