The Best Museums In London, England For Travellers

It’s not a complete trip if the best museums in London are not on your travel checklist. After all, London is home to some of the world’s most famous museums. From history to arts and even football, you name it, and London probably has a museum for it.

Spending a day going from one museum to another is one of the best ways to be truly immersive in what makes London so essentially London. Let’s get the list scrolling and see where you’ll be escaping reality and stepping into a beautiful and different world in the City of Dreams.

  1. The British Museum
  2. Victoria And Albert Museum
  3. London Science Museum
  4. The Natural History Museum
  5. The Royal Observatory Greenwich
  6. Tate Modern Museum.

1. The British Museum - The Greatest Of Them All

The British Museum - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero
The world-renowned British Museum is a must-visit in London. Photo by Nicolas Lysandrou on Unsplash. 

Location: Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG


Entry fee: Free for permanent collection

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You’ve seen it in classic Hollywood movies, like The Mummy Returns and Night At The Museum. You’ve heard about it in passing or read about it in the news. The British Museum. It’s not just London’s greatest museum, but perhaps in the entire world as well.

The British Museum houses over 8 million artefacts from all the continents. Some of the museum’s permanent collections include the Egyptian Collection, which is the most expensive one. Ready to be in awe of the Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta Stone, and the Elgin Marbles?

There’s also the Enlightenment Gallery, which exhibits scientific instruments and artworks that birth the development of modern museums today. Along with that are the impressive Islamic Art Collection and the Assyrian and Mesopotamian Art Gallery. The Great Court is also a magnificent piece of architecture as well. 

There are also rotating exhibitions with different themes throughout the year. You will need to book the tickets to these in advance and for a fee. 

2. Victoria And Albert Museum - A True Feast For The Eyes

Victoria And Albert Museum - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero

Step into the visually stunning world of art and design at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Photo by Richie Chan on Adobe Stock. 

Location: Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL

Entry fee: Free for permanent collection


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There’s no wonder greater than that of human creativity, and all 5000 years of it is on display for your viewing pleasure in one of London’s most important museums - The Victoria and Albert Museum, aka the V&A.

Located in Kensington, The V&A houses an impressive permanent collection of 2,3 million objects of decorative art and design. More than a century of renovation and expansion since 1852, it now includes diverse galleries, multiple exhibition spaces, a library, a research centre and a shop for visitors. 

Artworks displayed at the V&A showcase the stunning creativity of many ancient civilisations, like Egypt, Rome and Greece. You can also see design masterpieces from the Renaissance and Rococo period. There are also galleries dedicated to Asian and Islamic art and design.

As your eyes drift from one exhibition to another, you will be lured into a trance by the beauty of human creativity. The V&A is so visually stunning, but here’s a way to make your London museum experience even more sentimental! 

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V&A Backpack Collection - Cabinzero

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3. London Science Museum - A Unique Immersive Experience

London Science Museum - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero

An interactive experience waiting for you at the Science Museum. Tiia Monto, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Image Resized.

Location: Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD


Entry fee: free for permanent collection but might need to book your free admission tickets here. Prices for special exhibitions vary. 

The top museums in London are on par with those in France or the US. This South Kensington museum is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions. It’s a part of a group of museums called “Albertopolis”, which the V&A Museum is also a part of. 

Since 1857, the Science Museum has been actively housing a large collection of scientific inventions and disciplines, spanning different fields such as biology, chemistry, astrology, physics and engineering. It’s one of the world’s greatest testaments of the magnificent development of science.

Some of the highlights of the Science Museum include the Information Gallery, which showcases the development of information and communication technology. People also adore the Flight Gallery that explores the history of space travel and aviation.

Their exhibits are highly interactive, which makes the museum a perfect spot for kids and families. There are also a wide range of exclusive immersive exhibitions available year-round, like the fan-favourite video game gallery.

4. The Natural History Museum - Captivate Your Curiosity

The Natural History Museum - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero

From botany to zoology, the Natural History Museum has everything to tickle your brain. Photo by Sheng L on Unsplash

Location: Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD


Entry fee: Free for permanent collection but might need to book tickets for group visit

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Nothing speaks to a child’s curiosity and even the inner child in an adult like the full-sized skeleton of a dinosaur. And that’s what you will find at The Natural History Museum - one of the world’s most extensive collections of dinosaur fossils

First opened in 1881, the museum has been gathering worldwide attention with its huge collection of biological specimens, from botany to zoology. The Earth Gallery exhibits geological specimens while the Wildlife Garden shows urban wildlife in its natural habitats.

The highlight of the museum is the Dinosaur Gallery, where real-life scale skeletons of the iconic T-rex and Stegosaurus are on display. Hope, the suspended blue whale skeleton in the Hintze Hall, is the beloved star of the museum. The interiors of the museum itself is also a perfect exhibit of magnificent Victorian architecture, with a twist of Romanesque design. 

Apart from the permanent collection, the museum also hosts special exhibitions and educational programs for both adults and children. Tickets for these get sold out pretty quickly, so make sure you grab yours as soon as possible.

5. The Royal Observatory Greenwich - A Journey Through Space And Time

The Royal Observatory Greenwich - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero

The Royal Observatory offers stunning views and an immersive experience. Photo by russell102 on Adobe Stock.

Location: Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ


Entry fee: £18 for adults, and £9 for kids. There’s also a Day Pass ticket (£27 for adults and £13.50 for kids). Planetarium tickets are sold separately for non-membership tickets.

Book your tickets here

This attraction has a long history, starting all the way back in 1675 when King Charles II wanted to improve sea navigation. After many years of helping the British build their empire, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich is now a lovely spot where you can stargaze, explore, and enjoy.

The observatory centre is where you can watch the stars at night. Snuggling up with your partner and being mesmerised by the star-filled sky at night sounds like a perfect romantic getaway.

You can also take a walk in Greenwich Park or explore the exhibitions showcasing the history of astronomy and navigation. Stop and take a photo on the Prime Meridian Line that marks where the Eastern and Western Hemispheres meet.

You can also get comfortable in the Peter Harrison Planetarium to enjoy an immersive show that can make you feel like you’re on a journey through space. There are also local restaurants that serve traditional British dishes to add some extra flavours to your night.

6. Tate Modern Museum - See The World Through Art

Tate Modern Museum - Best Museums In London - Cabinzero

Tate Modern is a prominent name among the best museums in London. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Location: Bankside, London SE1 9TG


Entry fee: Free for permanent collection.

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Since it was first opened in 2000, the Tate Modern Museum has attracted millions of visitors every year. People, including art lovers and globetrotters, seem to be so in love with the idea of a power station renovated into an impressive art-filled exhibition space. 

It’s hard to blame them because the Tate sure is one magnificence of a museum. It’s the home to a massive collection of international contemporary art masterpieces, spanning from surrealism to conceptual art. The Tate features legendary names like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and Yayoi Kusama.

Besides the permanent collection, the Tate also hosts engaging workshops, events and special exhibitions to fuel your art craze. At the end of your tour, don’t forget to enjoy the panoramic view of London from the Tate.


1. What Are The Two Main Museums In London?

The British Museum and the Victoria And Albert Museum are two of the most visited museums in London. They are the staple of any amazing London itinerary.

Even if you have no intention of putting together a museum-centric trip, these two should still absolutely be on your list. They are massive, important and visually stunning. A walk around the perimeter alone is enough to make one never forget London.

2. What Are The Best Museums In London For Kids And Families

Kids might not be so thrilled with the idea of art and design museums. They might be more interested in science and history museums, where there are many interactive exhibitions and hands-on experiments. 

If you’re planning a family holiday, add the London Science Museum and the National History Museum to your travel checklist. Both of them have a great collection of biology specimens and a diverse selection of interactive events for an educational experience.

Almost all of the top museums to visit in London are architectural marvels in their own right. Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash

3. What’s The Best Museum In London For Couples?

Who says a museum can’t be a good date idea for couples? If you’re travelling to London with your special someone, hanging out in a museum might just be one of the best things you can do in London.

A romantic walk around the art-filled hallways of the Tate Modern Museum sounds like an ideal date idea, doesn’t it? End your date by watching the flow of water in the River Thames, which can be viewed from the Tate. 

Another perfect choice for couples in London is to enjoy watching the star-filled sky and take a break from the usual scenery of skyscrapers at the Royal Observatory Museum.

4. Which Places Provide The Best Museums In London For Travellers On A Budget?

The majority of well-known museums in London offer free entry to their permanent collection. The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National History Museum, for example, welcome visitors almost year-round free of charge.

However, if you want to enjoy special exhibitions and temporary displays, there’s still a way without stressing out your budget. Try booking a package through third-party apps, such as Klook, where you can enjoy  a bundle of activities in London, including museum tours, with a discount.  

5. Which Is Better: Tate Modern Or British Museum?

The Tate and The British Museum are all different from each other, with their own unique themes and charms. 

The Tate offers an immersive experience in contemporary arts and amazing messages conveyed through beautiful sculptures and installations. The British Museum is where your thirst for knowledge of human civilization and culture is quenched. 

If you love contemporary art, The Tate is a better choice than the British Museum. If you enjoy historical artefacts, the British Museum is your answer. 

Comparing the two is like asking which is better, chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Some would say the former; some say the latter. But we all know, the best answer is, why not both

H2. Found The Best Museums In London?

The best museums in London are not hard to find. Looking to experience the best museum tour? Visit the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Don’t forget to grab one classic bag from our beautiful collaboration with the V&A!

Wanting good family-friendly fun for your trip? The London Science Museum and National History Museum are just what you’re looking for. Fancy a romantic day out in London? Head to the Royal Observatory.

If you find this list helpful, don’t hesitate to leave a lovely comment down below, or share your museum experience with us on social media.

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