Where Can You Go Without A Passport: Best Destinations To Visit Passport-free

Where can you go without a passport as a UK and US resident? Well, there are plenty of incredible destinations to experience diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable adventures - all without the need for a passport.

This article will share numerous places that you can consider for your next adventure. Read on to discover what makes them special and why they should be on your travel radar.

What Countries Can I Visit Without A Passport As a UK Traveller?

If you're looking for a spontaneous adventure without the hassle of passport paperwork, UK citizens can travel to several countries without a passport, including:

  • Within the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)
  • Crown Dependencies (Bailiwicks of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey, and the Isle of Man)
  • Ireland.

Furthermore, UK passport holders can travel visa-free to 191 countries and territories. This is thanks to having one of the most powerful passports in the world. As of early 2024, the UK passport is the 4th most powerful in the world, along with Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, and Portugal.

Note: You still need to perform an alternative form of identification, such as a photo of your driver's licence, government-issued ID, health insurance, or train pass. Birth certificates or international student cards can also be accepted.

What Country Can US Citizens Travel To Without A Passport?

While a passport opens doors to the vast majority of the world, US citizens can actually visit a handful of countries and territories without needing one. 

In the United States: 

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Hawaii
  3. Key West, Florida
  4. American Samoa
  5. US Virgin Islands
  6. Guam Island
  7. Northern Mariana Islands.

Other countries (via land or sea)

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico.

Via a closed-loop cruise

Exploring The United States

As diverse as the United States is, there are numerous captivating destinations to explore without bringing a passport. Some of them are among the most beautiful tourism hubs in the world, while others offer unique and unforgettable experiences. 

Puerto Rico

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Sunbathing on Puerto Rico’s beach is relaxing. Photo by Valery Bareta on stock.adobe.com

Location: North America, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean

Best time to visit: from December to March

You will need to present: a driver's licence, national ID card or military ID card.

Puerto Rico, an unincorporated US territory, attracts over 4 million American visitors annually thanks to its undeniable charm. 

On the mainland, Luquillo Beach offers a family-friendly setting with calm waves and swaying palm trees.

If you seek more adventure, Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla offers a vibrant ambience, perfect for snorkelling, swimming, and even cliff jumping.

Also, don't miss the San Sebastián Street Festival in Old San Juan, which is an annual, lively celebration in January. 

During the festivities, the historic streets transform into a lively hub with live music, impromptu dances, and a vibrant showcase of local artists and artisans selling everything from paintings to handmade jewellery. It's a delightful immersion into Puerto Rican culture.


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Hawaii is such a breathtaking place. Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Location: Pacific Ocean, 2472.9 miles southwest of California

Best time to visit: from March to September

You will need to present: a driver’s licence or US Permanent Resident Card with valid immigration documentation.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to come. It's famous for its stunning natural beauty, like tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and incredible volcanoes. You can explore fiery volcanoes on the Big Island, lush rainforests on Kauai, and fantastic surf spots on Oahu's North Shore.

Besides its natural charm, Hawaii has a mix of cultures from Polynesian, Asian, and Western backgrounds. This blend is evident in their art, music, dance, and yummy food. The people are super friendly and welcoming, making you feel at home.

Hawaii is also an adventure paradise. You can go snorkelling in colourful coral reefs, hike to hidden waterfalls, or learn about history at places like Pearl Harbor. Plus, the sunsets are breathtaking and perfect for romantic getaways.

Key West, Florida

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Drive along the scenic Overseas Highway and soak up the sun. Photo by oldmn on stock.adobe.com

Location: Monroe, southwestern Florida

Best time to visit: from December to April

You will need to present: a valid government-issued ID

You may get a taste of the Caribbean at Key West without leaving the United States. Time moves more slowly in this area, which is well-known for its relaxed vibe and lively culture. 

The Overseas Highway is a spotlight that links the Florida Keys to the rest of Florida. It's a mesmerising 113-mile journey from Miami to Key West, where you drive over a series of bridges and causeways with breathtaking views of the ocean. One of the highlights is the Seven Miles Bridge. Along the way, you can stop to swim, fish, or just soak in the beautiful scenery.

Duval Street is the main hub of activity, lined with shops, restaurants, and lively bars, making it a hotspot for entertainment and nightlife. You can even opt for the Old Town Trolley tour to have fun with fellow travellers while sightseeing. 

American Samoa

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The islands of American Samoa are renowned for their stunning natural beauty. Photo by robnaw on stock.adobe.com

Location: South Pacific Ocean, 2,200 miles southwest from Hawaii

Best time to visit: from April to October

You will need to present: an authenticated birth document, employment verification in American Samoa, or outbound flight ticket

For a more off-the-grid adventure, head to American Samoa. Located in the South Pacific, this remote territory welcomes US citizens without needing a passport

It's a bit remote and is considered an unincorporated territory of the United States, which means it's under U.S. control but has its own local government.

The local economy primarily relies on tuna canning, fishing, and some agriculture, and it's a close-knit community.

Pago Pago, a picturesque harbour surrounded by mountains, serves as the capital. You'll find unique wildlife here, including fruit bats and colourful birds, and the National Park of American Samoa preserves the islands' natural beauty.

US Virgin Islands

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You can expect a memorable trip here. Photo by napa74 on stock.adobe.com

Location: eastern part of the Caribbean region

Best time to visit: from mid-April to June

You will need to present: a government-issued ID.

The US Virgin Islands is another great destination that seamlessly blends American infrastructure with Caribbean charm. Comprising three main islands, St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, this US  territory offers pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and a year-round warm climate. 

Steeped in history, indigenous peoples originally inhabited these islands before Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1493. Over the centuries, they changed hands between European powers before becoming a U.S. territory in 1917, when they were purchased from Denmark.

The islands ' music, dance, and cuisine combine African, European, and Caribbean cultural influences. You'll find traditional styles like calypso and reggae, and vibrant festivals like Carnival, featuring lively parades and colourful costumes.

Guam Island

Where Can You Go Without A Passport - CabinZero

Tumon Bay - a famous natural attraction in Guam. Photo by Philip Davison Unsplash

Location: western Pacific Ocean

Best time to visit: from January to May

You will need to present: a valid government-issued photo ID or an original/certified copy of your birth certificate.

Where can you go without a passport? Don’t forget to add Guam Island to your checklist. It is often referred to as "Where America's Day Begins" because it is on the other side of the International Date Line from the mainland.

History-wise, Guam has been through a lot. It was ruled by Spain, occupied by Japan during World War II, and now it's a US territory. 

The island is important for the U.S. military, too. They have bases there, like Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam. It helps the US keep an eye on things in that part of the world.

Northern Mariana Islands

Where Can You Go Without A Passport - CabinZero

Beautiful sunset in Saipan, the largest island here. Photo by Vincent Camacho on stock.adobe.com

Location: Micronesia region of the Pacific Ocean

Best time to visit: from December to June

You will need to present: proof of citizenship

Comprising 15 islands, the Northern Mariana Islands offer a mix of history, nature, and relaxation. 

Take a sunset cruise around Saipan, and it will be an experience you won't soon forget. Furthermore, keep in mind to visit The Grotto, a natural limestone cave, and Bird Island, home to a variety of seabirds.

These nearby islands offer their own unique attractions, such as the Tinian Hot Pepper Festival, WWII historical sites, and the scenic beauty of Rota's unspoiled landscapes.

Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Passport?

As a US citizen, there are a handful of countries you can travel to without a passport, provided you have the right identification documents. Do not be worried about forgetting your passport anymore, because alternative options like a US passport card, an enhanced driver's licence, or trusted traveller cards can be used. Let's explore these options further!

Canada Via Land Or Sea

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Canada has plenty to offer American travellers. Photo by Paul Kelly on stock.adobe.com

Best time to visit: from September to November

You will need to present: proof of citizenship or SENTRI/ NEXUS/ FAST card.

In addition to not requiring a passport, a visa is not required to enter Canada for stays of up to 180 days. A cool way to explore your neighbour to the north without the hassle of a passport, right?

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Canada is a paradise. You can hit the slopes in the Rockies for fantastic skiing or kayak in the numerous lakes and rivers.

Otherwise, you can soak in the breathtaking natural beauty at spots like Banff National Park or the iconic Niagara Falls.

Moreover, you should try poutine when you visit Canada. It's a delightful Canadian treat with crispy fries, cheese curds, and rich, savoury gravy. It's a comfort food that's loved by many during any Canadian adventure.

Mexico Via Land Or Sea

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You can explore this neighbouring country without a passport. Photo by eskystudio on stock.adobe.com

Best time to visit: from December to April

You will need to present: 

  • Travel by land: passport card, SENTRI/ NEXUS/ Global Entry card or enhanced driver’s licence
  • Travel by sea: passport card or trusted traveller card.

Where can you go without a passport that offers privileges for Americans? Well, Mexico can be a dominant candidate. Tourists from the United States and non-US nationals with valid US visas or Green Card can enjoy visa-free stays of up to 180 days in Mexico, including transit visits of up to 30 days.

When it comes to blissful beach getaways, few places compare to the sheer splendour of Cancún and Playa del Carmen. These destinations offer a taste of paradise that's nothing short of heavenly.

Mexican cuisine is diverse and delicious, with mouthwatering dishes like tacos, tamales, and tasty street food. You can also explore ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins at places like Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan, which is a great way to connect with Mexico's history.

Travelling Without A Passport on a Closed-Loop Cruise

Where Can You Go Without A Passport - CabinZero

They can use passport cards or other acceptable documents instead. Photo by watman on stock.adobe.com

Are you dreaming of a hassle-free cruise vacation? Then you should try closed-loop cruises, which start and end at US ports. Some destinations you can visit include Belize, Honduras, Dominica, The Bahamas, and The British Virgin Islands. 

Since you won't be setting foot on foreign soil, cruise lines grant permission to passengers without a valid US passport. Instead, they ask for specific identification documents complying with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

Even kids can join the fun without a passport. Just make sure to bring along passport cards or other accepted forms of ID (like a boarding pass or a government photo ID).


1. Is It Safe To Travel To These Passport-Free Destinations?

It depends on various factors. Some popular passport-free places like the Caribbean islands and Hawaii typically have good safety records. However, safety can vary within these regions, so don't forget to research specific destinations.

The best tips are always to check for travel advisories, follow local guidelines, and be vigilant about your belongings. 

Additionally, you should have a backup form of identification and travel insurance. While passport-free travel offers convenience, safety precautions are still crucial to ensure a secure and enjoyable trip.

2. Can Non-US Citizens Travel To These Places?

Definitely! Non-US citizens can indeed travel to these destinations mentioned earlier. However, in most cases, a passport is typically required for international travel, regardless of your nationality. 

3. Can British Citizens Travel To The EU Without A Passport?

Since the UK left the EU, British citizens must travel to EU destinations  with a valid passport. Additionally, the passport must be less than 10 years old on the day of entry to an EU country. It also needs to be valid for three months after the planned end date of the trip.

4. What are some Cheap Places to Travel Without A Passport?

If you're looking for budget-friendly travel destinations that don't require a passport, consider exploring the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. These destinations offer affordable options for your next vacation.

5. What Can I Use if I Don’t Have A Passport?

You must show proof of your citizenship, like a raised-seal birth certificate, along with a valid government-issued ID like a driver’s licence.

Don’t Be Hesitant and Pack Your Bags Now!

Travelling without a passport opens up a world of possibilities. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean to the cultural wonders of Mexico, countless destinations await exploring. So, if you've ever wondered, "Where can you go without a passport?" - the answer is, quite literally, anywhere you desire. 

Just pack your bags and head for a passport-free adventure of a lifetime. Moreover, don't forget to leave comments below to show your ideas and share this article with your beloved travellers. Thanks for reading!

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