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CabinZero Features

If you read the story about how CabinZero came into being, you'll already know that quality is important to us. Yes, the guy in the big chair, Leo, is obsessed with providing high quality and durability together with bags of features and quality. Our mission therefore is to pack as many features into our bags as possible, whilst keeping the prices affordable and ensuring quality and durability is maintained.

The Materials
We source the main materials of our bags ourselves. This allows us to customise exactly to our own specification. All main material is imported from the most respected fabric mills in Asia. Each roll of material is also tested by us before mass production to ensure the specification meets our own high standards. The types of tests conducted include fade tests, strength tests, water resistance, colour fastness to light, and many more.

Lost and Found Tags (Okoban)
Ever lost your bag? No? Well how careful are you then?
For those of us that are human, all of our bags have Lost and Found tags built in. This ensures your bag is able to be traced back to you in the event it is lost (or even stolen). The system is also linked directly into the Airline's own baggage tracing system. You just need to register the tag online with Okoban.com as soon as you receive the bag. Your bag is then protected by this lost and found system.


Waterproofed and Water Resistant Materials
No-body wants their stuff to get wet. That's a big downer.
So, where possible, all of our bags are made with our own customised waterproof material. This does't necessarily mean that the bag itself is waterproof, but it will ensure the bag has a high level of water resistance and repellency.



25 Year Warranty
All our range comes with a standard 10 year warranty, which can be upgraded free of charge to 25 years.


YKK Zippers

You hate having a broken zipper huh? So do we! That's why we use YKK Zippers throughout. Why? These are simply the best zippers in their class. 



UTX Accessories 
We use UTX Duraflex Buckles and other hardware on all of our bags. These are strong and high quality. They won't let you down.

QC tested by the CabinZero Team
We are all human, everyone makes mistakes and that's no different to the nice people working on the CabinZero sewing lines. Our job is to make sure we pick up these mistakes before the CabinZero gets into your hands.

How do we do this?

Well we have a team of people in our factories that checks for mistakes throughout the production process. 

"Cool, but they are human too, so what happens if they make a mistake as well?" I hear you ask.

We have this covered by our own staff who also conduct mass production and pre shipment inspections to check if any defects have appeared somehow.

Occasionally they will miss something and an undiscovered problem bag might get into your hands. If that happens we are massively sorry and we will do our best fix it right away. Just get in touch and we'll do our best to make sure you are happy. It's what's important to us.