CabinZero Features

Cabin Sized

  CabinZero bags have been developed so that they will be accepted as carry on by all the major airlines. If you've experienced lost luggage or the jostling for space whilst waiting what seems like forever for your luggage to come down the carousel then you'll appreciate the fact that your CabinZero bag will never leave your side.

Under Seat Approved

It’s no secret that airlines’ under-seat rules are getting stricter, especially with budget carriers. Our underseat-approved CabinZero bags will make last-minute gate checks and fees a thing of the past. Pack everything you want, however you want, without any hassle.


CabinZero bags are light! Our classic collection weighs in at approx. 760g and our military collection is approx. 960g. There's nothing worse than traveling with a heavy suitcase. We know we've experienced it and so we've designed this so you don't have to. CabinZero won't weight you down on your travels.

Okoban Tracking

CabinZero bags have lost and found tags built in. This ensures your bag is able to be traced back to you in the event it is lost (or even stolen). The system is also linked directly into the Airline's own baggage tracing system. You just need to register the tag online with as soon as you receive the bag. Your bag then has lifetime protection using this lost and found system.

Lifetime Warranty

Every CabinZero bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We’ve built our gear to last and profoundly stand behind the amazing quality and craftsmanship, but if anything goes wrong, we've got you covered.

Born in the UK

Although we offer travel solutions to more than 35 countries and our international team is spread across the globe, we are proud to be a British brand and remain true to our roots.

Quality Materials

CabinZero sources the main materials for our bags ourselves. This allows us to customise them exactly to our own specification. All main material is imported from the most respected fabric mills in Asia. Each roll of material is also tested by us before mass production to ensure the specification meets our own high standards. The types of tests conducted include fade tests, strength tests, water resistance tests, colour fastness to light tests, and many more.

RFID Block

CabinZero RFID-blocking compartments protect your credit cards, passports, IDs, and data from electronic pickpocketing. Travel with peace of mind, every time.

Water bottle pocket

Whether you're reaching for a refreshing drink on a hike, grabbing your tripod for a photo, or stashing your gloves and beanie on a chilly day, this quick-access side pocket ensures everything is within easy reach.

Top & Side Handles

CabinZero bags are not only great for carrying on your back but also come with comfortable top and side grab handles. Want to carry your bag like a suitcase? - Then these handles make it easy and comfortable to do so.

Maximum Cabin Sized

Our 44L backpacks offer generous space while remaining compact enough to meet the largest airline carry-on restrictions (22″ x 14″ x 9″). They are also suitable for a whole day of light hiking. Extra packing space is always a nice thing, don’t you agree?

Laptop Sleeve/Compartment

With CabinZero backpacks, you can rest easy knowing that your laptop (up to 15.6’’ or 17’’) is safe and secure, all the while leaving space for other travel essentials. Want an extra layer of protection? Check out the padded laptop sleeve or compartment on the Classic Tech, Classic Pro, and ADV Pro.

Water Resistant

There’s nothing worse than opening your bags to a soggy mess: water or spills seeping into your precious gear (oh no). In addition to the durable fabrics, we have treated every CabinZero bag with a water-resistant coating to protect your belongings from the elements. You don’t have to worry about a thing, even during unexpected showers or accidental spills.

Packable Inside Pouch

The ADV Dry bags can be folded into a small pouch that takes minimal space. And when you want to hit the beach, unfold from its compact form to a spacious bag in seconds. Perfect for storing your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and valuables.

Seperate Laptop Compartment

A quick email check? A last-minute client edit? Breezing through airport security? Your laptop is right there when needed—no digging required—thanks to the Classic Tech's laptop compartment. It is located on the back and has padding to protect your precious gear from bumps and jostles.

Trolley Sleeve

Found on the CabinZero Classic Plus/Pro and ADV/ADV Pro collection*, the dedicated sleeve slips directly over the handle of your wheeled luggage. This is a must if you want to give your back a rest during multiple flight connections or long ground transportation.

*Only on 42L.

YKK Lockable Zippers

cabinzero bag ykk zippers
We use YKK Zippers throughout. Why? These are simply the best zippers in their class. Our zippers are designed to be lockable for added security (lock not included).