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Barcelona is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe.  You've probably already read our Top 10 Things To Do In Barcelona so you'll know that number 10 was "Buy a CABINZERO".  Want to know where to pick up a CABINZERO in Barcelona? 
Well, one of the many CABINZERO stockists in Barcelona is CATBAG.

CATBAG is a family run business and has been since 1973 when it opened.  It was originally a small craft workshop for women's handbags but by 1982 it was a fully fledged retail store selling luggage.

Today CATBAG sells bags of all shapes and sizes.  You can purchase casual bags, suitcase, backpacks, all kinds of luggage accessories and much more.


Cat Bag Barcelona CabinZero Travel Bag


Jordi Roguera is the manager of CATBAG and son of the company founder, Manuel Roguera.  Over the years he's seen the trend in bags change.

"The evolution of the suitcase and luggage in general in the last 30-40 years has been amazing. First came the wheel - it's hard to believe, but until the 70s suitcases didn't have wheels!  Years later, "spinner" technology arrived, 4 swivel casters that allow people to drag luggage more easily, and more recently the new proposals aimed at materials that ensure that bags are lightweight and strong are synonymous with innovation."

"In the world of suitcases and bags for travel has also come fashion, there are actually collections of bags bearing the name of famous designers. The trend in recent years has been making bags that are bright and shiny."



So if you're in Barcelona and looking for a CABINZERO, you could do try CATBAG and benefit from their 40+ years of expertise.

The shop is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona which sits between the old city and what were once surrounding small towns.  So next time you're in the neighbourhood drop in and don't forget to say we sent you.

[ If you are one of the thousands of CABINZERO retailers around the world and would like to be featured on this page please get in touch! ]



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