A Beginner's Guide To Campervan Rentals: The Best Know-How 2023

Hiring a campervan is a fantastic way to experience life on the road. It's also an excellent alternative for individuals who love adventure but aren't comfortable camping in a tent. However, the desire to hit the road comfortably makes people rush to hire campervans without preparing properly.

There are many things that could go wrong: choosing an ill-suited vehicle or paying more than you need to. Thus, you should do thorough research and consideration to land a good campervan. Read this article to ensure you rent the right campervan to spend time with nature.

Choose The Right Campervan

Regarding campervan rental, the first and most crucial step is choosing the right vehicle for your trip. When selecting a campervan, there are several factors you should consider.

First, what size is right for you? The size of the vehicle determines how many people can fit in and the number of items you can carry. If you're camping alone or with a friend, consider choosing a medium size or small vehicle. However, if you're camping with friends or family, you'll have to settle for large campervans with enough space for everyone.   

Secondly, what's the camping duration? How long the trip will take is crucial in determining the type of campervan you'll choose. A small campervan will do if you're camping for a weekend or a few days. However, if you're camping for more than a week, you'll need a large campervan with ample space and comfort.   

Thirdly, what's your budget? Campervans are available in different sizes and features. Each with a unique price tag. Therefore, choose a vehicle that suits your needs and budget. Nevertheless, you should avoid hiring an extremely cheap campervan to avoid sacrificing comfort over price.  

Finally, does the van have a bathroom on board? A bathroom is a must-have if you're camping for more than a day. Therefore, to narrow your search, you should rule out all the campervans without toilets.

Check Mileage Restrictions

When choosing a campervan rental, check for a daily mileage restriction. It's because many campervan rentals have a daily mileage allowance of around 100 to 150 miles. You're charged for the extra miles if you exceed what is stated in the agreement.

Therefore, if your travel is long-distance, consider choosing a campervan without a daily mileage allowance. However, the mileage restriction isn't an issue if you're looking to pack the van somewhere for a few days.

Consider The Pick-Up And Drop-Off Times  

Almost all campervan companies have specific pick-up and drop-off times. Therefore, it makes sense to know the timing so you can plan your trip with this information in mind. Suppose you need to know when you should pick up the van.

You might be disappointed to arrive at the pick-up station in the morning only to find out you should correct it in the afternoon. Generally, most companies schedule their pick-ups in the afternoon and drop-offs before noon to allow them to clean and organise the campervan before the next renter takes it.

Book The Van In Advance

Once you've identified your ideal van, book it right away. If you wait until the last minute, you may be disappointed to find the van booked, as campervans are always in high demand. It's especially the case during peak times.

Additionally, some companies offer a significant discount for individuals booking campervans in advance. So, always book early to get a perfect choice and save money.

However, before you book the van, confirm if there's an age restriction, as some companies have age restrictions on drivers; they only allow drivers aged 21 to 75 years. If you're above 75 years, you might be required to come with a note from the doctor illustrating that you're fit to drive a campervan.

Ask About the Insurance  

Before you hit the road with the van, it's essential to enquire about the insurance coverage of the truck. Know what insurance covers and what isn't. Most hiring companies have insurance policies that only cover up to three drivers at no cost. However, the policy doesn't include damage to the roof or undercarriage.

Fortunately, your insurance may cover rental vehicles, but you must confirm with your insurer first. Also, some credit cards provide coverage if you use the card to pay for the van. Generally, you must ensure you have insurance coverage before you hit the road, as camping has many risks of accidents and damage.

Check The Facilities Included In The Price

Another vital factor to consider when renting out a campervan is checking the facilities included in the price tag. Generally, most campervans are equipped with almost everything except food staff.

Some things to look out for include sleeping bags, sheets and pillows, a heating system for cold nights, kitchen equipment, outdoor chairs and tables, a bathroom, and a GPS navigator, among other things.

Consider The Reputation Of The Hiring Company

With many hiring companies, it can be challenging to determine which company is legit. Therefore, you need to do thorough research to land a reputable company. Conduct your research online and check reviews before working with a particular company. Also, compare the options available to settle for the company with favourable rates and services.   

Ask questions such as if the vehicle is insured or if the company accepts drivers of your age. You should also ask if there is a daily mileage allowance and any extra fees and fines. All these questions will ensure you get an excellent campervan at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a campervan is a great, affordable way to travel across the country in what seems like the comfort of your home. However, with too much false information about campervan rentals, it might be challenging to get the right campervan, especially for beginners.

Luckily, this guide has outlined essential tips to help you hire a campervan that suits your needs and budget while making the trip enjoyable. You can also ask around to find the right company with excellent campervans.

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