Best Virgin Islands To Visit: Holiday Destinations To Get Away From It All

Whether you're looking for an adventurous or relaxing holiday, spending a few days on an island is always a good option. Each island offers breathtaking views, unique lifestyles, and plenty of activities for tourists to enjoy.

The Caribbean is home to some of the world's most beautiful islands, and the U.S., British, and Spanish Virgin Islands are no exception. These islands are tropical paradise, featuring crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and lush greenery. With a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, they are undoubtedly the best virgin islands to visit on your next holiday

There are some stunning and exotic virgin islands that people may have never heard of. This article is a rundown of the top twelve of these beautiful destinations. Now let’s sit back and read on to learn about these islands' fantastic opportunities.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Vs. US Virgins Islands (USVI) Explained

The British Virgin Islands and the US Virgins Islands are groups of interconnected Caribbean islands. Separated by the Caribbean Sea, the two areas are both popular tourist destinations due to their proximity and shared natural beauty.

The BVI are noted for their pristine beauty and British influence on its architecture and culture, whilst the USVI are more developed and commercialised, offering diversity, duty-free shopping, and dynamic nightlife.

The Best US Virgin Islands You Don't Want To Miss

1. St. Thomas

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

Don’t miss the chance to discover Magens Bay - one of the best beaches in St.Thomas and in the US. Photo by oldmn -

St. Thomas has long established its name as a paradise holiday destination, widely known for its beautiful white sand beaches. What makes the island even more appealing is the popularity of cruise ships, as well as a wide range of water activities such as parasailing or kayaking.

Magens Bay is one of the many beaches in St. Thomas that are loved and visited by millions of tourists a year. They have a multitude of souvenir shops, restaurants, and bars right on the beach, so visitors are able to enjoy bustling nightlife with many different events to cater for everyone.

Thanks to its close proximity to major ports in Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charlotte-Amalie is one of the most popular duty-free ports in the Caribbean. Spend an evening walking down the idyllic waterfront downtown pay a visit to the historic Fort Christian).

CabinZero tips: Cover yourself with sunscreen and high-UPF clothing to protect your skin! Moreover, make sure the sunscreen you use are reef-safe per the USVI’s law.

2. St. Croix

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape at a less commercialised island. Photo by napa74 -

While St. Thomas is the most known to travellers, St. Croix is indeed the largest of the US Virgin Islands. It offers a great blend of historical charm and natural beauty while being a quieter and more affordable alternative to St. Thomas.

St. Croix is home to more laid-back beaches, including Sandy Point and Cane Bay. The island has marinas for any type of boat or watercraft docking or mooring, as well as a variety of resorts offering all types of accommodations, from luxury villas to beachfront hotel rooms. If you are looking for the fewest tourists, St. Croix fits the bill.

Besides, attractions like Christiansted National Historic Site and Buck Island Reef National Monument are worth a visit for history enthusiasts. St. Croix offers many opportunities for people of all ages and interests to experience local food, music, boutique shopping and great culture. 

3. St. John

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

The breathtaking view of Trunk Bay on St. John proves its serene and flawless beauty. Photo by Wollwerth Imagery -

Most commonly known for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and hiking through one of many lush green rainforests is St. John. A favourite of honeymooners and couples in love, this secluded island is the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands. 

The majority of the island is protected as part of the Virgin Islands National Park, offering excellent hiking trails and snorkelling spots. Its rural feel, untouched natural beauty and peacefulness make it one of the most popular virgin islands in the world.

You can only access St. John by ferry or private boat since there is no major airport on the island. However, visitors won’t regret spending time there as you dip your toes in gorgeous Trunk Bay or explore the ancient Reef Bay Valley. Every experience here is a world difference from any other island in the U.S. Virgin Islands chain.

Fun fact: The US virgin islands is the only place in the US where you have to drive on the left. Keep that in mind whenever you want to explore the place in a rental car.

The beautiful British Virgin Islands You Must Visit At Least Once

1. Tortola

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

A tropical getaway in the British Virgin Islands with clear blue waters and its own lovely island charm. Photo by Mary Baratto -

Tortola is the largest and most populated island in the British Virgin Islands. It boasts beautiful beaches, charming villages, and great opportunities for sailing and yachting. 

When it comes to the best Caribbean destinations, Tortola should be on top of your list. This majestic island in the British Virgins is a volcanic island with pumice beaches and lots of adventure packed activities. Tortola is also incredibly safe, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about crime. 

Cane Garden Bay, a long, curved beach that features aesthetic and vibrant landscapes, is among the island's most visited attractions. More importantly, this is where you will be able to explore the history of Tortola's distillery which is also the Caribbean's oldest rum distillery.

CabinZero tips: It’s easy to plan a day trip from Tortola to St. Thomas. They are just a short ferry ride away (it’s also possible within travel distance of other BVIs such as Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda).

2. Virgin Gorda 

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

Virgin Gorda has a unique beauty, unlike any other island in the region. Photo by Nico -

Also listed as an exceptional island to visit, Virgin Gorda is home to a thriving underwater marine ecosystem filled with rich coral reefs and many species of fish. This tropical paradise offers opportunities for snorkelling, diving, and exploring beautiful coastal landscapes.

The famous Baths on Virgin Gorda are something to put on your bucket list once you make it to the island. With a unique geological formation of giant granite boulders that create natural pools and grottoes, it is an iconic feature that completely sets Virgin Gorda apart.

Virgin Gorda's ambience is laid-back and relaxing, making it perfect for a getaway from bustling cities. Also, this small island offers gorgeous, secluded beaches with soft sugar-like sand that many will appreciate. Check out Spring Bay or Savannah Bay.

3. Jost Van Dyke

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

Sitting at a beachfront location while enjoying the ocean breeze is a truly magical experience. Photo by Legis on Wikimedia Commons

Another small virgin island on the British side is Jost Van Dyke, characterised by its beachside bars and famous seafood restaurants. This amazing escape spot has a very tiny population (less than 300) and is located close to the coast of Tortola. It's a wonderful little getaway if you're up for a break from the crowds.

The island won’t let you down with its mix of nature, culture and fun in its unique tourism. White Bay and Great Harbour are popular spots, offering a relaxed atmosphere and lively beach parties. Jost Van Dyke is an excellent option for those seeking an up-close encounter with natural beauties.

4. Anegada

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

This virgin island is a paradise for those who love serene ocean surroundings. Photo by BlueOrange Studio on

Located in the northernmost, Anegada is a low-lying coral island, contrasting the hilly terrain of other islands and offers exceptional snorkelling and diving opportunities.

The entire island is fairly flat and is protected by the Horseshoe Reef, which is one of the Caribbean's largest barrier coral reefs. Anegada promises to fascinate tourists with a large population of flamingos, as well as several species of lizards and iguanas.

The British Virgin Islands second largest island, Anegada, is well-known for its unspoilt beaches, such as Loblolly Bay and Cow Wreck Beach. Its diverse marine life makes it an ideal spot for an exciting and isolated getaway.

5. Guana Island

The diversity of nature on Guana Island will bring you to the island of your dream. Mike's Birds from Riverside, CA, US, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Guana Island is another option that you might consider for a peaceful and serene experience. The scenic surroundings and wildness of this private island creates a beauty that leaves people mesmerised. Guana Island is very private and only welcomes a limited number of guests, aiming to protect its unspoiled beauty.

Still, what makes this island different from other exotic destinations is its use as a nature reserve. It is found in the vicinity of several marine sanctuaries where you can find most of the endangered species. Sea turtles, snakes and birds are some remarkable animals that you'll find on Guana Island.

With its lush landscapes, wonderful hiking trails and low-key first-class service, people from all over the region flock to this virgin island in search of unparalleled relaxation.

6. Cooper Island

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

The sheer beauty of Cooper Island’s calm ocean and lush greenery. David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Named after its first settlers, this is a small and intimate virgin island with lovely beaches and excellent diving sites. Not only is it famous for its gorgeous natural surroundings, but Cooper Island also has a rich, varied and colourful history.

Swimming in crystal-clear waters is an absolute must for visitors to Cooper Island. Plus, the long stretches of sandy coastline provide a perfect backdrop for exploring on foot or by kayak. 

Imagine just lazing about in the sun with a decent book and sipping from your favourite beverage while you gaze out at the blue ocean beyond. The charming, nearly untouched environment will surround you in all of Cooper Island’s natural glory. There are almost no crowds or commercialism, just you, nature and your peace of mind.

The Rest Of The Caribbean Islands

1. Vieques

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

The enchanting island is well-known for its breathtaking view at golden hours. JHill, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The island of Vieques is a lesser-known gem in the Caribbean, but that doesn't make it any less special. This little virgin island has so much to offer, from rich wildlife to amazing beaches and beautiful bioluminescent bay Mosquito Bay.

Upon staying on the island, you will be amazed by its spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The serene and pristine land and water will leave you in awe, eager to explore the beauty of this most sought-after destination. 

Vieques is not just a tourist destination. It’s also home to many people who live there year-round or have moved from other parts of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican culture is infused throughout Vieques with music, food and art aplenty!

2. Culebra 

Best virgin islands to visit - CabinZero

The Culebra offers diversity and exciting sea adventures that will definitely leave visitors in awe. Steven595, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Together with Vieques, Culebra also forms part of the Spanish Virgin Islands. Offering lower prices compared to its counterpart, Culebra is the perfect holiday for families on a budget that want to spend quality time in a tropical location.

This virgin island is a tropical paradise that comes with white sand beaches and a world-class snorkelling experience. Culebra is also home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, as well as many different species of sea turtles.

Culebra's rocky landscape and magnificent beaches make it one of the best Caribbean hidden treasures for visitors. Recently, the island has become a major dive location as well as a famous fishing area among locals.


1. What Is The Most Popular Virgin Island?

Each area of the virgin islands has its own unique attractions that draw millions of tourists. The US Virgin Islands are a popular stop for cruise lines. Of all the islands, however, St. Thomas seems to be the busiest and most developed destination, offering the most services and convenience of travel.

Meanwhile, popular destinations in the British and Spanish Virgin Islands include Virgin Gorda and Culebra, respectively. The climate is tropical, and the beaches are spectacular. Activities include sailing and watersports like snorkelling in protected bays with excellent marine life and hiking in dry tropical forests.

2. Are The Virgin Islands Expensive To Travel?

Naturally, famous tropical islands do not come cheap, although the cost of travel varies greatly depending on your personal circumstances and preferences. Be prepared to spend at least $200 per day, and it gets higher if you book private tours. 

However, if you know how to manage your spending well, it is not necessary to be an extravagant traveller to visit these virgin islands. In fact, staying on the virgin islands does not have to be expensive unless you choose to stay at high-end resorts. Most of the virgin islands have a variety of prices for accommodations, which range from budget motels to five-star luxury resorts. 

3. What Is The Weather Like On The Virgin Islands?

The virgin islands are tropical, which means that the climate is fairly mild year-round. In fact, there's almost no significant difference between summer and winter temperatures. The warm, tropical climate allows for a fun-filled holiday year-round.

The weather during the winter months is usually sunny and warm, with less humidity than higher months in the summer. During the rainy season, it can be quite humid, and you might feel like you’ve just escaped from a rainforest!

4. When Is The Best Time To Visit The Virgin Islands?

The peak season for tourism in the Virgin Islands is from December to April, when the weather is warm and dry. Since the weather is pleasant and locals are at home, it's most popular to plan trips during this time. However, if you prefer to beat the crowds and enjoy lower rates, the off-season from May to November may be a better option. 

It is important to note that there are risks of hurricanes in the Caribbean during the off-season months. Frequent tropical storms can quickly change to hurricanes causing their destructive effects on islands. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast, purchase travel insurance and make appropriate preparations.

Final Verdict

A getaway to the virgin island to admire the splendour of nature is what you will never regret. Photo by oldmn -

In conclusion, the above collection of virgin islands has provided numerous options for your next trips with your loved ones. We believe these are the best virgin islands to visit and are an absolute paradise for anyone looking for a Caribbean getaway. They provide travellers worldwide with a distinctive and remarkable experience with their magnificent beaches and colourful culture. 

Indulging yourself in a holiday in these hidden gems of the Caribbean will be an unforgettable experience. The island life offers a serene escape from work with its sunny weather and tropical breezes that make you want to spend all day on a beach or snorkelling in a fantastic coral reef.

We hope that our recommendations have inspired you to plan your next trip and explore all the US, British and Spanish virgin islands have to offer. Pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in paradise!

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