Best Airlines for Plus Size - Which Airline Has the Biggest Seats

Not every airline seat is created equal. A seat can be pleasant for some and not so comfortable for others. Economy class is the most popular seat class on some best airlines for plus size; thanks to its low rates, travellers can save a significant amount of money on their trip.

Despite being a low-cost class, all provided services and amenities ensure the passengers the most comfortable flight possible. However, you should be aware that inexpensive airline tickets frequently come in varied sizes, and each seat has a distinct size. The five airlines listed below offer the nicest and biggest Economy seats, you will hardly believe you are in Economy class.

If you are of unusual height and weight, you should opt for a broad sitting position with enough leg room. Plus, try to seek aircraft that offer a two-seat configuration instead of three for roomier seats.

Best Airlines for Plus Size

Plus Size Friendly Airlines - Best Airlines for Fat Passengers

Many airlines will give you plus-size seats based on their own policies and, most importantly, their seat size. Seat pitch and width vary depending on the type of aircraft used; when booking, double-check details such as aircraft type and flight number.

The average seat width in Economy class on airlines is around 43-45 cm (17-18 in). If you want the most comfortable seats for passengers of size, keep an eye out for the following airlines:

1. JetBlue


airbus777, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jetblue Airways is a New York City-based American airline. Currently, the airline offers direct flights to 85 locations in the United States, as well as a handful in North America, the Caribbean, and South America. JetBlue has one of the biggest airline seats among other choices.

Compared to other carriers, the company’s bigger seats are the norm. There is, however, a Premium Economy class that is an upgrade and ideal for overweight travellers.

Jetblue Airways' planes are typically constructed with a single Economy class cabin; two-main cabin service is still offered on select routes. Economy class seats range in size from 44-45 cm (17-18 in) wide, and 81-86 cm (32-34 in) of the pitch. You will also have to pay extra to upgrade to a full-size chair.

2. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Vincent Desjardins, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Delta Airlines has a large fleet and operates on international routes all over the world. The airline serves more than 160 million passengers every year. Delta Airlines was named the world's largest airline in terms of passenger traffic in 2013.

Economy class is the most cost-effective option. Passengers will enjoy big and comfortable seats, as well as utility services like food, beverages, and entertainment boarding these seats.

The standard Economy seats feature 78 cm (31 in) of legroom with a 43 cm (17 in) seat width. In addition, customers who need extra space can ask to be reseated next to an empty seat or pay to upgrade to First/Business class.

Furthermore, the airline's crew is so attentive that they will go to great measures to ensure that obese passengers always have additional seats for passenger comfort. As such it’s one of the best airlines for overweight passengers.

3. Air Canada

 Air Canada

Alex S.H. Lin from Taipei, Taiwan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Air Canada, which began operations in 1937, is Canada's largest, oldest, and most fat-friendly airline. Air Canada has the world's top 20 biggest aircraft fleet and serves over 200 destinations all over the world.

There are many ticket classes to choose from, including First class, Business, Economy, and tickets for children and newborns. The availability of numerous ticket classes provides optimal convenience to travellers with different needs.

Air Canada has seats that are 43-45 cm (17-18 in) wide, making it an excellent choice for overweight travellers. For big customers travelling within Canada, this airline has the most lenient plus-size traveller policy.

Premium Economy seats provide some of the greatest services for overweight travellers. The Air Canada Premium Economy Seat has a 96 cm (38 in) seat pitch with a 50 cm (20 in) width.

Furthermore, this airline is rated as one of the most pet-friendly airlines, so you will be able to bring your pet into the cabin. With spacious seats, you will be completely comfortable when you place them underneath the seat.

4. Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is Mauritius' national airline, with headquarters at the Air Mauritius Center in Port Louis, Mauritius. The 4-starred aviation company has a professional fleet and serves seven regional and international locations in India, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Indian Ocean islands.

When the question of what airline has the biggest seats comes up, this airline is likely the answer. They are thought to have the finest seat width and seat length, and a good plus-size traveller policy.

Air Mauritius has the industry's finest reclining pitch and aircraft seat breadth. You can lean back and spread your elbows a bit more if you push the seat back. On average, the seats for Economy Class on Air Mauritius aircraft are approximately 50 cm (20 in) wide and 91 cm (36 in) long. The Airbus A350-900 has an Economy seat width of 45 cm (18 in) and a pitch length of 78-83 cm (31-33 in). 

5. WestJet


WestJet is Canada's second-biggest airline and one of the most likely answers to the question: which airline has the biggest seats? The airline was created in 1996 and now serves roughly 91 locations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. WestJet is notable for its accommodating seat change and cancellation policies.

If you fly in business class, you will have a 116 cm (46 in) seat pitch for extra leg room and a 56 cm (22 in) seat width. If you fly in Premium Economy or Economy, you'll have a comfortable seat with a 76-89 cm (30-35 in) pitch.

Many people applaud the airline because, in addition to providing courteous and competent services, it also provides roomy and contemporary seats that allow passengers to extend their legs comfortably.

6. Japan Airlines

 Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JPL) is the country's largest airline and is also popular for its airline seat width obese regulation. The Japanese company was regarded as the most friendly airline. It ranks sixth in the world in terms of passengers and cargo moved. Japan Airlines is not only known as Asia's largest airline but also one of the best airlines for obese passengers.

Economy class features broad seats with 84-86 cm (33 in) pitch and 45-48 cm (17-19 in) width, plenty of legroom, comfortable storage, a mesh pocket to keep water bottles, and a power connection to charge electrical devices. 

With the Premium Economy class, because Japan Airlines has fitted high-class seats with a size of 94-96 cm (37-38 in) for seat pitch, you will feel as though you are travelling on high-class seats, even though you are in an Economy cabin. These Premium Economy seats are also anti-vibration, making long flights more comfortable.

7. Turkish Airlines

 Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines New B777-300ER Comfort Class Seat, 2-3-2 abreast, Jun SeitaCC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Turkish Airlines, founded in 1933, is one of Europe's best airlines for overweight passengers. Turkish Airlines is Turkey's national airline, with a route network that includes 120 foreign destinations, 37 cities in Turkey, and 38 domestic airports.

With dedicated service, the company constantly provides consumers with the best experience. Turkish Airlines' main and largest operational base is Ataturk Airport. 

Although Turkish Carriers' seats are not as large as those of the other airlines, their amenities are not inferior, including reclining, seat adjustment, and footrests that adjust to posture and sitting position. 

The Economy class seats are also relatively comfortable in size. In this class, you can enjoy the comfortable space which features modern-styled chairs measuring up to 46 cm (18 in) in width with a legroom of 79 cm (31 in).

The seats can recline 15 cm (6 in) for a nice experience. They also come with reading lamps and power plugs for connecting your electronic gadgets.

In business class, you will enjoy a flatbed that opens into a bed with a length of 193 cm (76 in) and a bed width of up to 66 cm, which is very suitable for travellers with long flights.

8. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

衛兵隊衛士, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Image Resized

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a well-known Japanese and international airline. The aviation company has earned the 5 Star International Airline Award for the world's best service quality for four straight years.

Customers always feel at ease, and safe with this best airline for overweight passengers, and are eager to return for the following trip.

This reputable company is Japan's largest airline. Passengers who select this airline's Economy class Boeing 787-8s will enjoy a pleasant roomy seat pitch measuring 86 cm (34 in) and specifically equipped with an LCD touch screen and a power port for a laptop.

Furthermore, for a little more money, you can upgrade to Premium Economy class, which has a seat pitch and width of 97 cm (38 in) and 49 cm (19 in), respectively. If you have a chance to fly in Business class, you will have more comfortable legroom, noise-cancelling headphones, and even priority check-in.

9. Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

Cityswift, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aer Lingus is Ireland's national airline and the country's longest-surviving airline. The airline's headquarters are at Dublin Airport, and it also has bases at George Best Airport in Cork, Cork Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, and Shannon Airport. Aer Lingus serves five airports in Ireland, as well as destinations in Europe, Africa, and North America.

Aer Lingus Economy Class seats on all Airbus planes typically have a pitch of 78-8 cm (31-32 in) and a width of 43-45 cm (17-18 in). This is one of the best airlines for overweight passengers with one of the widest airline seats. The world-class airline also frequently rates high in passenger satisfaction surveys, and one of its many attractions is legroom comfort.

They also offer Irish-sourced cuisine as well as full service and Wi-Fi on all flights. Seating is set in a 2-4-2 layout on the A330 Airbus provides an open and large environment. Passengers can enjoy an entertainment screen with a tiny TV connected to the armrest, which offers a large selection of movies, TV shows, and games.

10. United Airlines

:United Airlines
Jason Cupp from Overland Park, KS, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

United Airlines is regarded as one of the world's major airlines. With its enormous fleet and broad network, it is becoming increasingly popular among frequent flyers.

The company’s fleet offers several seat classes based on aircraft and flight length (average domestic route, domestic short-haul, international, and so on). United Airlines now provides four ticket classes: First class, Business class, Premium Economy, and Economy.

Passengers in Economy Class are given seats with ample legroom to allow them to rest throughout the journey. The legroom will be 12 cm (5 in) longer if it is a special Economy class.

Seating is extremely comfortable, and many routes include on-demand TV displays, power outlets, and WiFi. United Airlines is one of the best airlines for overweight passengers, with an average seat width of 43 cm (17 in).

When flying Premium Economy, overweight travellers can enjoy seats that are 45-48 cm (18-19 in) of seat width. Moreover, United Airlines' business class features a chair with a pitch of nearly 198 cm (78 in) and a width of up to 61 cm (24 in).

11. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

DearEdward from New York, NY, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Airlines is the country's national airline. It is based at Singapore Changi International Airport and serves the Southeast Asian, East Asian, South Asian, and African aviation markets. 

Singapore Airlines is regarded as one of the best airlines for overweight people, with seat widths ranging from 71 to 76 centimetres (28 to 30 inches) for long-haul Economy class. However, for the most comfortable seats on the long-haul journey, you should reserve a business-class ticket. You will fully experience a spacious chair with a pitch of 152 cm (60 in) and a width of up to 76 cm (30 in).

Singapore Airlines offers plenty of space and very comfy seats, with a 45-49 cm (17-19 in) seat width minimum for a seat on several of their planes - thus varying seat sizes for each aircraft type.

Plus-Sized Flying Tips

There’s more to airline seat-size obese passengers than just choosing the widest seats. Read more to find out these tips and tricks one must know to apply for a more comfortable journey. Passengers of size, you got this!

1. Purchase Your Tickets Early

This is a smart technique to ensure you can quickly secure a suitable seat on the best airliner. When you book your flight ticket ahead of other passengers, you will have an easier time selecting a seat close to the path or near the wing. Both of these seating are good choices.

2. Request Staff To Reserve Tickets And Arrange The Seat For You

If you are a regular flyer or have prior expertise selecting seats, keep track of the precise number of seats you require and request that the ticketing staff provide the appropriate seating. Don’t be afraid to get some help from the flight attendants or ground staff!

3. Measure The Length Of Your Seat Belt Beforehand

Most airlines have multiple distinct types of aircraft, and each can have varying seat widths and seat belt lengths. Whenever feasible, attempt to find out the seat belt length for the airline with which you are travelling.

Most airlines put this information on their websites, or you can call or send an online direct message to customer support to inquire about this before purchasing the ticket.

4. Use Seat Belt Extender

Seat belt length varies by airline and will typically range from 78 to 129 centimetres (31 to 51 inches). On your flights, you can absolutely request an additional seat belt extender.

To be absolutely certain, you should check ahead of time to see if the airline provides a seat belt extender on their flights. If you answered yes, you can take it easy on the flight.

Some airlines will require you to book a seat belt extender before your flight, so if possible, do so during airport check-in. If your airline does not provide seat belt extenders, you can purchase and pack them in your hand luggage.

For an enjoyable journey, the first thing you need to do is select an optimal seat on one of the fat-friendly airlines. It will be quite inconvenient, especially on lengthy trips, if you do not have a comfy seat and have to toss and turn every few minutes. The information provided here is a few pointers to assist you to select the most comfortable flying seat for big travellers.

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