How to Skip Excess Baggage Fees, Long Lines, and Extra Charges

A life in the air is full of adventure, but it is also not without challenges: hours of delay, getting stranded on an island somewhere, travel blues, and some of the most dreaded ones: hidden fees and charges!

Traveling the world does come with a cost but here are several ways to avoid the hassle and skip carry-on baggage fees, long lines, and other extra charges:

  1. Pack Light and Use a Cabin-Friendly Bag

    At CabinZero we have carefully designed bags with size and dimensions that are within approved limits by international standards for cabin luggage. These bags are so spacious that they can fit all your essentials and much more, whether for a weekend trip or a long-haul journey. Packing light and having only a carry-on bag will save you the long waiting time at your destination for bag retrieval and you can just literally grab your bag and go on your adventures every time!

  2. Check-in Online

    Save yourself from the long lines! When you have no baggage to check in, skip the line altogether and head straight for security. Almost all airlines offer this feature for you to take advantage of. Print your boarding bass beforehand or present your e-boarding pass with a QR code and go straight to the boarding gates.

  3. Know the Limits and Max Out Carry-on Allowance

    Excess baggage fees are extremely high. And you don’t want to be the one opening up the contents of your luggage in front of everyone in the check-in line, looking for clothes to wear in layers, or having to leave other things behind.

    With each airline having their own rules, the best thing to do is always check the limits for carry-on luggage allowance (and check-in rules).

    To help with this we've put together a hand "Carry On Luggage Size" guide for all major airlines. 

  4. Go digital with books

    There’s actually nothing that can replace the experience of flipping through pages of a book. But in the spirit of smart traveling and lightening the load, digital is the way to go. There are already numerous e-book devices out in the market or take advantage of audio book apps that are already enabled in your smartphones. But hey, one actual book won’t hurt, too.

  5. Switch to cards with 0% foreign transactions or withdraw at your destination

    The rate of bank charges for foreign transactions can hurt the travel budget. 3% mounts up. There are a few ways to avoid these charges. For one, apply for a 0% foreign transaction fee credit card before you go on a trip. Secondly, it has been proven time and again that it is much better to withdraw at your destination ATM than go through money exchange before landing.

    Try also to always travel with a Visa and Mastercard credit card as they are widely accepted worldwide.

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