Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly? Misconceptions About Flying With A Budget Airline

People are constantly on the move, whether for business or pleasure, and flying is often the most convenient way to get to the destination. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of flying first class. This is where multiple budget airlines come in.

One airline that often comes up in budget travel discussions is Spirit Airlines. It is an attractive option for those looking to save money on airfare. But is Spirit Airlines safe to fly? This article will give an insight into flying with Spirit Airlines and address some common questions from passengers.

There are usually misconceptions about flying with budget airlines like Spirit, including concerns about safety, comfort, and customer service. However, many of these concerns are unfounded or can be addressed with proper preparation. 

While these airlines provide cheaper flying options, that doesn't mean they are unsafe. It's important to dispel these myths to allow travellers to take advantage of the benefits these carriers offer. 

Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly: What The Numbers Say

Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly What The Numbers Say
Low accident rate is what makes passengers fly with a peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands. Tomás Del Coro from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Given its low airfares, many people are worried about Spirit cutting corners when it comes to safety. However, statistics and facts have proven the opposite. They have had accidents in the past, but Spirit Airlines continues to operate flights safely on a daily basis.

In fact, it is proudly named among Forbes’ top 20 safest low-cost airlines for 2023. This rating places Spirit Airlines on par with other major airlines in the region.

Spirit has a relatively good safety record which is evidenced in various reports. It is among 49 major airlines that never experienced a fatal accident. also recognises that Spirits has had no crash since 1972. The airline is also a FAA certification holder.

There was a battery fire in the overhead bin back in March 2023. They made an emergency landing, but thankfully, no one was badly hurt in the accident. You can read more about their accident record here.

What Is Spirit Airlines And How Does It Compare To Other Major Carriers

Spirit Airlines is an American airline founded in 1980 and targets budget-conscious travellers. Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, the airline has been operating low-fare flights to numerous destinations inside the US. Besides domestic flights, it also serves international flights to Europe and the Caribbean. 

With the aim to offer affordable travel service, Spirit's business model focuses on the no-frills approach, which means there are no extras. Amenities like checked baggage, in-flight entertainment or meals are cut down, resulting in a much lower price.

Therefore, if you are willing to forgo some luxuries, you can save big with Spirit Airlines. To avoid additional charges, prepare yourself by packing light on your suitcase, bringing food, and booking tickets in advance.

On the other hand, you can also choose to pay for upgrades like snacks or extra legroom if you prefer a more comfortable experience.

Safety Measures And Protocol Implemented by Spirit Airlines

It's important to remember that air travel is incredibly safe, and Spirit Airlines' safety record is comparable to other major airlines. While incidents can happen, the airline industry takes safety very seriously and continues to improve safety measures every year.

1. Rigorous Safety Standards

Rigorous Safety Standards

Spirit Airlines has a strict commitment to following industry standards and regulations and safety programs. Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates the airline. They also adhere to the exact safety requirements of major airlines like Delta and United. This means that Spirit Airlines must meet these standards to operate flights.

In addition, Spirit Airlines has its safety management system (SMS). The SMS includes regular safety audits, incident reporting and investigation, and continuous employee training.

2. Pilot Training And Qualifications

Working at Spirit Airlines, the cabin crew is highly trained and experienced. They follow strict safety protocols before, during, and after each flight. 

The pilots undergo rigorous training and are required to have thousands of hours of flight experience before flying with Spirit Airlines. Flight attendants also take extensive training to ensure they are prepared for any emergency situation that may arise.

3. Maintenance And Inspections

Furthermore, the airline regularly maintains and updates its aircraft to ensure that they are in top condition. All planes undergo thorough pre-flight inspections and routine maintenance checks to prevent any mechanical issues during the flight.

In fact, thanks to these efforts, Spirit Airlines has received the FAA's Aviation Maintenance Technician Diamond Award of Excellence for its maintenance program for five consecutive year.

4. Investment In Technology

In addition to these measures, Spirit Airlines also uses advanced technology to further enhance passenger safety. 

The airline uses state-of-the-art weather tracking systems to monitor weather conditions and make informed decisions about flight routes and schedules. They also use advanced GPS and tracking systems to help ensure that flights stay on course and arrive at their destinations safely.

5. Customer Satisfaction And Feedback

While Spirit Airlines is not perfect, the airline is continuously working to improve its safety protocols and has an impressive passenger satisfaction rate.

The airline's dedication to safety is evident in its effort to listen to customer feedback and upgrade its services. An Airline Quality Rating report released in 2021 revealed that Spirit Airlines had one of the most improvements among airlines in the United States.

Overall, Spirit's willingness to address concerns and make improvements should give passengers confidence in its ability to provide a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Passengers’ Experience With Flying Onboard Spirit Airlines

Flying onboard Spirit Airlines can be a fantastic option for passengers who value low cost over comfort and convenience. While the onboard experience may leave some passengers wanting more, others have reported a satisfactory journey. 

1. Comfort During Flight

One aspect of flying with Spirit Airlines that has received mixed reviews is the overall comfort of the flight. Spirit Airlines is a budget airline so the seats may be smaller, and there may be less legroom. However, some passengers did report that the seats were comfortable enough for their short flights.

Although Spirit Airlines doesn’t have first class, it does offer an upgrade from the standard seating. Depending on your preference, you can opt for Spirit “Big Front Seat”, which provides enhanced comfort with wider legroom and higher-quality seat cushion.

2. Onboard Services

Another aspect of passengers' experience with this carrier is its services, following the pay-for-extras approach. While this appeals to budget-conscious flyers, it has been a source of complaint for others who expect all services to be included in the price. That being said, in-flight staff members have been praised for their helpfulness and professionalism.

3. Customer Service

Although some have reported positive feedback about the staff, there are still complaints that they could have responded more promptly to customers' needs.

This is understandable due to the increasing number of flights that Spirit is serving. However, the carrier is better off strengthening its customer support to achieve better consumer satisfaction and attract more loyal customers.

4. Baggage Fees

Except for one personal bag, Spirit charges for any type of baggage that you might have in your possession, whether it's a carry-on or checked bag. People who travel light shouldn't have any problems with it, but for those who need to carry a lot, that can cause some inconvenience. 

That is why Spirit Airlines has received bad press over their baggage pricing. However, in their defence, to maintain the low airfare, it could be a bold move to become successful in their business model. Therefore, you should always pick the most suitable carry-on to avoid unwanted fees.

How To Judge If An Airline Is Safe Or Not

How To Judge If An Airline Is Safe Or Not
Make sure you entrust your trip's safety to the appropriate carrier. Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

When it comes to choosing an airline, safety is always a top priority for passengers. Although it is not easy to measure how safe an airline is, there are various sources where we can find helpful information to determine its reliability and reputation.

If you want realistic evidence, one technique is to look at its safety record. By examining real statistics and data, you can consider the number of major accidents that have occurred as well as how the airline handled them.

Additionally, pay attention to the safety policies and practices of the carrier to see if it meets international aviation standards. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) laid down some regulations on air travel safety for its member airlines. You can do a little bit of research to check its compliance. That can be an indicator of how seriously an airline takes safety.

Plus, you have to follow the safety instructions provided by the airline and pay attention to any safety briefings yourself. Trust the flight attendants and crew. They know what they are doing. In case of emergency, leave your belongings behind, yours and others’ safety always comes first.

Judging whether an airline is safe requires some research and investigation. By sparing some time to compare and evaluate, you can be more confident about choosing which airlines to trust with your travel plans.


In this section, we will provide a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about Spirit Airlines. Whether you're a first-time flyer or a seasoned traveller, read on to find all the information you need before booking your next flight.

1. Does Spirit Cancel Flights Often?

Spirit Airlines has a flight cancellation rate of 3.8%, which is lower than other airlines. It, however, has a higher rate of flight delays, often due to severe weather conditions and mechanical issues. 

When travelling with Spirit Airlines, it is essential to be aware of their policies and prepare for potential delays or cancellations in advance. The airline also has different policies for flight cancellations, where passengers may need to pay extra for changes or cancellations. 

2. What Are The Best Alternatives to Flying With Spirit Airlines?

As one of the major players in the low-cost airline industry, Spirit Airlines has been making a name for itself. However, the decision to fly with this airline is a personal one that should depend on many factors, including price, convenience, and safety record.

Alternatively, there are numerous more airlines that can also provide top-notch customer service, and a comfortable travelling experience. Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and Frontier Airlines are among the best.

3. What Should Passengers Keep in Mind When Flying With Low-Cost Carriers? 

Low-cost carriers often offer affordable fares by cutting down on certain services. This means that in-flight amenities such as meals and snacks may not be included in the fare. Passengers may have to purchase these items onboard at an additional cost.

It is also important to keep in mind various factors such as baggage allowances, seating policies, airport location, and change and cancellation policies. By being aware of these factors and planning ahead on how to skip extra charges, passengers can have a comfortable and affordable journey.

4. Which is better: Spirit or Delta?

This question can be a bit complicated as it depends upon your personal preference and budget.

Generally, both airlines are worth considering, but if you want higher levels of customer service and more diverse destinations, Delta may suit you better. If you're not too concerned about frills and just want a cheap way to reach your destination, Spirit would be an excellent option.

Spirit Airlines Now You Know Are They Safe To Fly With
By understanding what Spirit Airlines is all about, you can decide whether it's the right airline for your travel needs. Photo by Brice Cooper on Unsplash

Spirit Airlines: Now You Know Are They Safe To Fly With

In conclusion, from various research, we know the answer to the question “Is Spirit Airlines safe to fly” is indeed yes. Of course, there are always going to be risks associated with air travel, but these risks are not unique to budget airlines like Spirit. 

Ultimately, the decision to fly with Spirit Airlines depends on your priorities and what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of budget travel. Therefore, if you're looking for an affordable way to travel, don't let misconceptions about Spirit Airlines keep you from selecting the finest option.

Hopefully this post is a helpful resource for anyone considering flying with Spirit Airlines. We are delighted to provide you with accurate information and peace of mind when booking your next trip. Happy and safe travels to all!

Nhung Le


  • Stephen Smith

    Spirit is as save as any other carrier they live by low budget status and that hurts them I feel. I know a crew would never fly a plane that isn’t safe so fly them save money and bring a snack. I would hate to see this carrier fail.

  • Alan Millett

    I’m retired from Spirit Airlines after 10 years of service with the maintenance department.

    As a Production Controller I issued all the maintenence work to our mechanics to be completed.

    I can assure everyone that all FAA maintenance requirements were followed at our Ft. Lauderdale location. All work was issued, signed off, and audited by us, 24 hours a day. I printed the work assignment daily to the mechanics, and a knowledgeable, experienced quality control team followed up where required.

    The fleet is a modern, newer, Airbus jets with the latest state of the art electronics.

    Passengers can rest assured of the safety and maintenance of each aircraft.

    I fully trust flying each Spirit flight I take, knowing what’s performed regularly on the maintenance of each aircraft.

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