Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance And Restrictions In 2024: Know Before You Go

Whether you are flying with Virgin Atlantic on an international flight or a domestic one, it is important for you to be certain about the airline's baggage allowance policy.

Knowing the weight limits, dimensions, and the number of bags allowed for your ticket can help you avoid overweight fees and ensure a smooth flying experience.

Overall, there are two main types of baggage allowance, including checked baggages and carry-on baggages. Virgin Atlantic Airline sets limitations on passengers' luggages to accommodate each passenger's needs while ensuring fuel efficiency.

As each airline has different policies for baggage allowance and baggage fees, travellers should take these differences into account while purchasing their flight tickets.

Overview Of Virgin Atlantic And Their Baggage Policy

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Virgin Atlantic is a well-known airline with extensive flight routes all over the world.

By knowing the baggage allowances and the carry-on sizes of airlines, travellers can plan ahead and purchase extra baggage if required. Virgin Atlantic is a well-known British airline that operates flights to varied destinations around the world with millions of passengers every year.

Planning to fly with Virgin Atlantic soon? Knowing Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance gives passengers more confidence in planning their trips. Here is what you should know about Virgin Atlantic as an airline and their baggage allowance for different ticket classes. 

About Virgin Atlantic

Founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic is a part of Virgin Group, a multinational venture capital conglomerate from the United Kingdom. The airline's main hubs are located at London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports.

With an innovative fleet of wide-body aircraft, Virgin Atlantic services various destinations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, North America, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa. 

Virgin Atlantic offers passengers three classes to choose from, including Economy Class, Premium Class and Upper Class.

For Economy Class, passengers have Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight as options, with differences mainly in seat selection and baggage allowance.

About Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance

  • The maximum dimensions of Virgin Atlantic hand luggage is 56 x 36 x 23cm (or 22 x 14 x 9 ins)
  • For Economy and Premium cabins, passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on weighing 10kg/22lb at most.
  • For Economy Classic, passengers are allowed one piece of hand luggage that is a maximum of 10kg/22lb, plus checked baggage of a maximum of 23kg/20lb in weight.
  • For Economy Delight, passengers enjoy the same baggage allowance as Economy Classic.

Overall, Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance for Economy and Premium is the most limited, with only one hand luggage allowed.

If you plan to travel with extra baggage, Virgin Atlantic's extra baggage price can be found, and additional baggage can be purchased when checking in at the airport or online.

Depending on your routes, it is helpful to note that Virgin Atlantic baggage fees on international routes, as well as baggage allowance, might vary.

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Baggage Allowance

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Travelling with a cabin-friendly backpack allows you to travel with ease and convenience. 

The carry-on approved sizes of different airlines vary in both dimension and weight limit. How strict is Virgin Atlantic's baggage allowance? For Virgin Atlantic, it is not possible to purchase an extra cabin baggage allowance. If your hand baggage is overweight, you must remove items to add to your checked-in baggage.

Hand baggage is available in all ticket classes with the maximum dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23cm (or 22 x 14 x 9 ins). All hand baggage must be placed in the overhead bins, and Virgin Atlantic cabin baggage allowance is as follows:

  • For Economy Class (including Economy Light, Classic and Delight) and Premium Class: One piece of hand baggage is allowed with a maximum weight of 10kg/22lb.
  • For Upper Class: Two pieces of hand baggage are allowed with a maximum weight of 16kg/35lb combined.
  • For babies and toddlers under 23 months: One piece of hand baggage is allowed with a maximum weight of 6kg.
  • For children over 2 years old: Follow the hand baggage allowance based on ticket class as mentioned above.

Can I Take 2 Bags As Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can. Besides the large carry-on, Virgin Atlantic allows passengers to take one additional handbag and a small backpack that is small enough to fit under the front seat. There’s no mention of a weight limit, but you should pack so that it fits the designated space.

Additionally, you can also take the following bits and bobs onto the cabin:

  • Outerwear such as an overcoat
  • An umbrella or a walking stick without a sharp end
  • A compact camera or pair of binoculars
  • Reading matter
  • An infant’s food (for consumption throughout the flight)
  • Duty-free goods in a small amount
  • Headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

Under-seat luggage size varies between aeroplanes and airlines, and it can be confusing to travellers. Your best bet is to travel with cabin-friendly bags, and the Classic 28L CabinZero Backpack is the versatile solution to your cabin baggage problem. Simply pick your favourite colours and travel with ease on every journey, both on domestic and international flights.

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Virgin Atlantic Checked Baggage Allowance And Fees

Understanding airline baggage fees enables travellers to pack more wisely and plan ahead to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

What Is Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance?

How much baggage is allowed on Virgin Atlantic? The maximum dimensions allowed in Virgin Atlantic's flights are 90 x 75 x 43cm (or 35.5 x 29.5 x 16in). For Virgin Atlantic, the baggage allowance for each ticket class is as follows:

  • For Economy Light: No free checked bag available. Virgin Atlantic checked baggage allowance for Economy Light can be purchased as required.
  • For Economy Classic and Delight: One checked bag is allowed with a maximum weight of 23kg/50lb.
  • For Premium: Two checked bags are allowed with a maximum weight of 23kg/50lb for each bag.
  • For Upper Class: Two checked bags are allowed with a maximum weight of 32kg/70lb for each bag.

Special Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance

Passengers should be aware that there are a few exceptions regarding Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance.

  • For children: A collapsible pushchair and a car seat are allowed in the free bag allowance. Children and infants with purchased seats will follow the baggage allowance for each ticket class. Infants on the lap will receive one free checked bag, except for Economy Light tickets.
  • For Flying Club Gold members: A free extra checked bag is allowed with the maximum weight of 23kg, regardless of ticket class.
  • For selected routes: Extra baggage allowance to/from India, Nigeria, South Africa and Pakistan are subjected to specific baggage allowance exceptions.

How Much Does It Cost To Check A Bag On Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic extra baggage fees are charged per flight. Extra baggage fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Fees are based on whether your flight originates in the UK or the U.S. Extra baggage fees are as follows:

  • Bag 1: 65 GBP (or 75 USD)
  • Bag 2: 65 GBP (or 100 USD)
  • Bag 3: 140 GBP (or 200 USD)
  • Bag 4: 140 GBP (or 200 USD)

Useful Notes: 

  • What if my luggage is 1 kg overweight? Passengers are required to pay overweight fees of 65 GBP (or 100 USD). 
  • What if my luggage is oversized? Passengers are required to pay an additional fee of 200 GBP (or 300 USD) for each oversized bag.

How To Book Ticket And Check-in With Virgin Atlantic

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London is one of the most popular destinations in the UK  for travellers around the world to visit. Credit: @jillianmorkan

Once you have decided to fly with Virgin Atlantic, you can start the booking process by choosing flights that suit your travel needs the best. Most important flight details, such as destination and flight time, can be found on the official website of Virgin Atlantic.

Aside from purchasing tickets directly with the airline, there are different ways to book your tickets and here is a guide on the ticket booking process and check-in procedures.

Where To Buy Virgin Atlantic Ticket

One of the most common ways is to book directly with the airline as there are often exclusive deals available as well as loyalty programs for frequent flyers.

Flying Club is a loyalty program of Virgin Atlantic that provides Virgin Points and tier benefits to its customers. To book a flight, request special assistance or manage your booking, simply follow Virgin Atlantic's Contact Us flow.

Depending on individuals' travel preferences and purchasing habits, there are also other ways that passengers can buy flight tickets. 

  • Travel Agencies: Traditional travel agencies as well as online travel agencies (OTAs) such as and Expedia are excellent sources. You can request and book other services, such as accommodation and transportation, via travel agencies for convenience and ease of access.
  • Flight Comparison Websites: Google Flights and Skyscanner are two of the most popular flight comparison tools. You can use this to explore offers from different airlines or to compare flight routes provided by Virgin Atlantic.
  • Subscription Services: Going (formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights) offers travellers of different membership tiers exclusive flight deals from around the world.

Virgin Atlantic Check-in Process

Are your bags all packed and ready to go? It is almost time to fly, and checking in in advance is recommended. Passengers have three ways to check in with Virgin Atlantic:

  • Online Check-In: This option is opened 24 hours before flight time and is closed 70 minutes before departure time. This is the easiest way to check in and manage your seat as well as add baggage. Note that this online check-in is not available for Caribbean inter-island flights.
  • Mobile App: Passengers can download Virgin Atlantic's free mobile app to check in and book new flights.
  • Airport Check-in: Check-in desks are expected to be closed 60 minutes before departure time. However, the time can vary between airports. Therefore, you should check with your departure airport.

For both domestic and international flights, the check-in process is quite similar. However, there are a few differences to keep in mind. You should arrive earlier at the airport for security checks. Other travel documents required for international travel, such as passports and visas, might be requested during the check-in process.

Virgin Atlantic Check-in Types

For flight check-in, you can choose to check in online or via Virgin Atlantic's mobile app to save time at the airport. Depending on your departure airport, you can check-in at self-service airport kiosks or at Virgin Atlantic's counters to be assisted by airline staff on special requests and requirements. 

For baggage check-in, you can drop your baggage at a designated counter after checking in online or use an automated baggage check-in service, depending on the services available at your departure airport.


virgin atlantic baggage allowance - CabinZero

Packing well is an essential skill to ensure a smooth travel experience.

1. How Do You Pay For Extra Baggage With Virgin Atlantic?

Passengers can pay for extra baggage at the airport or via Online Check-In. Extra baggage fees are paid in GBP or USD, depending on whether your trip originates in the UK or the U.S.

If you decide to take extra bags, you add a maximum of 7 extra bags per passenger when checking in online or a maximum of 10 extra bags per passenger when paying at the airport.

2. What is Virgin Atlantic's extra baggage online payment?

Passengers can pay for extra baggage online via Online Check-In on Virgin Atlantic's website. When you check in online through the Virgin Atlantic website or app, you can add up to seven extra bags per person before reaching the airport.

3. What Happens If Your Luggage Is Over 23kg? 

If your luggage is over 23kg, you are required to pay the overweight baggage fee of 65 GBP (or 100 USD) per bag unless you are flying in Upper Class with the maximum baggage allowance of 32kg.

And why do airlines have a 23kg weight limit? The 23kg weight limit is an industry-standard set by the International Airport Transport Association (IATA). Industry standards are set to ensure a streamlined working process across airlines.

4. What If My Baggage Is More Than 7kg?

For hand baggage, as long as your bag is under 10kg for Economy Class (including Economy Light, Classic and Delight) and under 16kg (in combined weight) for Upper Class, then you are good to go. 

For hold baggage, as long as your bag is under 23kg for Economy Classic and Delight and under 32kg for Upper Class, then you’ll be fine.

Now You’re Ready To Fly With Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance includes straight-forward policies regarding checked baggage, cabin bags and personal items. Depending on whether you are flying in economy class or premium class, the baggage allowance varies with specific weight and size limits. 

Say goodbye to excess baggage fees and skip the long lines at baggage claim by travelling light and packing smart. Travellers should note that different routes might result in varied baggage policies. Therefore, it is always a good practice to contact the airline directly via official channels to confirm the latest baggage allowance policies. Have fun travelling and be sure to share this article to your fellow globetrotters.

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