12 Travel Insurance For Digital Nomads - Useful Definitions And Benefits

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers personal or family losses that occur during a vacation, such as an accident, illness, delayed travel, lost baggage, or passport loss.

These dangers frequently occur unexpectedly and are extremely difficult to prevent. Although these are undesired difficulties, in these cases, travel insurance is a way to reduce the risk and assist you to minimise damage to the bare minimum. Furthermore, several countries and places, such as Japan, Australia, Schengen countries, the United States, and Canada, need you to possess insurance in order to apply for a Visa.

Travel insurance is an excellent alternative for nomads who frequently move, work, or travel to discover new lands and are concerned about unforeseen difficulties or dangers. It assists travellers in having a safe and enjoyable journey by providing the finest insurance packages for their needs.

Many visitors suffer significant harm during their vacation due to factors such as travel delays, loss of identity, and health concerns. As a result, purchasing travel insurance is one method to lower your risk and feel more confident about your planned vacation.

However, you should consult and learn carefully, and you can seek the assistance of a counsellor to better understand your rights. If you haven't decided on what sorts of insurance to get for your long-term vacation, have a look at the top 12 best travel insurance lists below.

Insured Nomads Insurance

Insured Nomads is one of the most well-known and trustworthy travel insurance providers today. Insured Nomads, based in the United Kingdom and the United States, was founded in October 2019 and is worldwide insurance for all travellers.

The feature of Insured Nomads is that they are implementing a premium travel and insurance technology platform that enables teleworkers, medical personnel, independent travellers, and those who like travelling to do it in the most dependable way possible. The unique mix of insurance and technology provides protection that extends beyond people crossing the border's interests.

In summary, the services of the Insured Nomads encompass the following major areas:

  • Health insurance at the global and regional levels
  • Travel protection insurance
  • Plan on cancelling the trip.
  • Annual privacy security membership
  • Community and the responsibility to care

In general, it provides global health insurance to persons who work overseas or plan to stay in another nation for an extended period. As a result, if you belong to Insured Nomads, you will not require regulated emergency medical insurance. It is to your advantage that you will have health insurance for the whole term specified when you applied for the policy, even if you have pre-existing medical issues.

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World Nomads Insurance

World Nomads travel insurance was founded in 2020 and is specifically developed for adventurous travellers and unique nomads. World Nomads is recognised as having adequate coverage for solo travellers, backpackers, students, and volunteers. 

As a result, if you are a volunteer, a digital nomad, an endurance athlete, or just love extreme activities, World Nomads' insurance advantages might be of some interest to you.

The following are the primary advantages of World Nomads:

  • Overseas health insurance, including participation in extreme sports
  • Insurance for emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Coverage for accidental death and injury
  • Remains repatriation
  • Trip cancellation protection
  • The variety of travel interruptions
  • Insurance for a late travel
  • Baggage insurance for lost or delayed luggage
  • 24-hour emergency service

Furthermore, you will receive safeguards and benefits in the event of unforeseen delays with hotel and aircraft difficulties, medical problems, or cancellation of your vacation. Furthermore, insurance protects your gadget from theft or unintentional damage in particular occurrences up to the defined item-by-item limit.

The provision of medical benefits is the most significant benefit of this insurance. During this period, it will help you with Covid-related issues by covering the costs of hospital isolation and treatment while you are travelling. It provides you with the cost of cancelling all or part of your trip, as well as other reservation charges, in certain circumstances, such as unexpected illness, a significant accident, or natural disaster.

InsureMyTrip Insurance

InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance agency website founded in 2000, allows consumers to compare travel insurance policies in parallel to discover which one best meets their needs. InsureMyTrip also provides over 1,500 policies, including Comprehensive, Travel Medical, Evacuation, Travel Visa, and AD&D Protection.

Travellers recognise that the greatest and most distinguishing feature of InsureMyTrip is full medical insurance. InsureMyTrip covers all medical issues, including avian flu, COVID-19, Zika virus, and Ebola. InsureMyTrip also covers treatment for unwelcome mental health issues that arise during your journey.

You will find the best travel insurance for your next trip since it allows you to compare travel insurance and recommend the best business based on the specifics of your trip.

CoverAmerica Gold Insurance

CoverAmerica Gold is for you if you want secure and affordable travel insurance. CoverAmerica Gold, as part of the United Healthcare PPO network, will offer clients access to a vast network of medical providers and facilities across the United States, for which payment may be made directly to the insurance company. CoverAmerica Gold Insurance, to be more specific, provides coverage for noncitizens going to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Bahamas, and South America.

CoverAmerica Gold includes coverage for missing passports or travel papers and compensation if the insured is denied entrance at the border.

The CoverAmerica Gold strategy also contains theme park and sports coverage, catastrophe and terrorist insurance, prescription concession cards, repatriation of remains, and political evacuation insurance.

Travelex Insurance Service

Travelex, which was founded in 1996, is regarded as one of the top travel insurance companies in the United States for digital nomads. Travelex Insurance Services is a world leader in travel insurance and a recognised, trustworthy travel insurance provider.

Travelex Insurance will enable you to protect yourself against a number of mishaps, hazards, and activities. Travel insurance can also cover emergency medical expenditures, which can assist pay for high medical fees if you are injured or become unwell while on vacation. Travelex's Basic Travel Package safeguards your journey by providing a variety of health insurance and post-departure bonuses at a low rate for the entire family or individual. If you have to return to your vacation early due to illness or accident, Travelex Insurance will cover you. They will repay unused portions of your trip, such as lodging and pre-booked services, as well as cover your return flight ticket.

If you need to consult a doctor while overseas, you are supported by medical insurance. Travelex Insurance will guarantee that you receive the care you require while also covering all treatment costs.

However, Travelex does not provide yearly insurance but just an individual insurance plan, it is occasionally inappropriate for several categories. Instead, Travellex's strength is its low pricing and wide range of insurance options.


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Aardy.com Insurance

Aardy.com originally began in 2015 as Aardvarkinsure.com. AARDY is an online travel insurance firm that allows customers to rapidly fill out an application and compare several insurance providers and plans most conveniently and economically. What distinguishes Aardy.com from its competitors is its extensive selection of low-cost insurance products. Many customers commented that AARDY is a quality insurance company from service to different insurance packages.

Customer feedback consistently highlights the company's customer management team's knowledge and high-quality customer service.

AARDY, rather than focusing primarily on travel insurance, allows customers to browse for health insurance packages and Medicare supplements for all sorts of journeys, something most nomads appreciate.

Arch RoamRight Insurance

Arch RoamRight is a global travel insurance company that offers trip cancellation help and travel emergency medical covers. RoamRight travel insurance products include domestic and international excursions for pleasure, business, student, and group travellers.

Arch RoamRight is a co-brand combining the Arch and RoamRight brands used by Arch Insurance Company to promote travel insurance to Americans travelling overseas. That is why this is one of the most reputable and authentic insurance policies for digital nomads who love to travel.

RoamRight provides trip cancellation, trip interruption, and travel medical insurance for single trips or annual plans, whether you're travelling locally or abroad. Consumers can freely determine which plan suits them best and present an enhanced experience to customers with a choice of insurance packages given at different reasonable pricing.

Integra Global Insurance

Integra Global Insurance, founded in 1999 and located in the United Kingdom, produces and distributes global health insurance products for corporations and people wanting outstanding health protection, marine professionals, and those confronting special hazards. With all of these qualities, Integra Global has established itself as a market leader in the worldwide health insurance business.


Integra Global's distinguishing trait is its emphasis on incorporating technology into its goods to improve the experience of its members. This has allowed them to provide online claims filing via the MedNet portal and mobile app, as well as quick rebates that considerably improve the customer service experience.. It offers 24-hour service and a hotline to help consumers in times of need. As a result, you will not have to wait long for the centre to respond to your application.

AIG Travel Guard Insurance

AIG Travel Guard is an international insurance agency that helps consumers from all walks of life, including digital nomads. AIG Travel Guard is a well-known travel insurance provider that offers three insurance packages to meet the needs of most sorts of travellers. Travel Guard provides three travel insurance solutions to meet the needs of each customer. Overall, this is the sort of coverage that most travellers purchase to safeguard their trip expenditures in the event of a cancellation.

  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Medical expenditures in an emergency
  • Medical evacuation expenses
  • Baggage that has been lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Travel has been pushed back.
  • The baggage is late
  • 24/7 support worldwide

AIG Travel Guard also provides Annual Travel Plan coverage, which is ideal for freelancers. Check out Travel Guard's Annual Travel Insurance Package if you're planning many travels and want to be insured. This 12-month plan covers many trips and might help you save money on individual trip insurance. AIG Travel Guard's most popular plans are the Travel Guard Essential Plan, the Travel Guard Preferred Plan, and the Travel Guard Deluxe Plan.

However, AIA Travel Guard will only cover excursions paid for in cash. As a result, if you redeem points for that group listing trip, you will not be covered. The expense of replenishing your account, on the other hand, will be covered.

AIG Travel Guard, in addition to selling travel insurance plans directly to the public, also offers travel insurance products through a variety of travel providers, including airlines and different travel services.

SafetyWing Insurance

SafetyWing is a 2017 insurance business that provides consumers with low-cost insurance packages that include a wide range of services, making it a suitable and reasonable alternative for travellers. SafetyWing Travel Health Insurance provides insurance packages for unexpected incidents that may occur while foreign travel. 

This includes flight delays, misplaced luggage, and evacuation due to a natural disaster or illness. The best part of SafetyWing Insura is that it provides premium plans in over 175 countries across the world. With SafetyWing, you can travel the world without being bound to any one country.

SafetyWing is a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers a wide range of potential concerns. It is accessible globally. SafetyWing also features a transparent and reasonable pricing strategy, as well as 24/7 assistance.

One of the features that set SafetyWing apart from other providers is its simple subscription approach. The way billing works is that you don't have to pay for the entire year at once. Instead, you will be charged automatically every 28 days. In effect, you will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership. 

This is especially useful if you don't plan on having a set finish date for your trip.

An intriguing feature of SafetyWing insurance is that it covers any motorcycle or scooter accident as long as it does not fall under any of the exclusions, such as racing or intoxication.

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IMG Global Insurance

IMG Global, the leading supplier of worldwide travel insurance packages, specialises in offering temporary medical insurance for tourists, foreigners, and other travellers, extending coverage wherever you go. IMG is a global health insurance company, providing a diverse variety of worldwide health plans for individuals and groups, including big employer-sponsored health insurance.

IMG Global's nomad coverage includes airline cancellations, emergency medical and dental assistance, and more. The COVID-19 assistance is also included in the customer's health insurance plan. Customers feel a genuine feeling of security when they know they will receive quality medical treatment in the event of an emergency. IMG Global has stated that it will provide contract owners with incentives such as a 50 per cent discount or cash incentive for treatment alternatives at particular facilities.

Allianz Insurance Insurance

Allianz Insurance Company was formed in 1896, making it a respected and long-standing insurance company utilised by nomads. Allianz provides a wide range of insurance products, including property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and life insurance with flexible payment choices.

Allianz Travel Insurance is a well-known travel insurance provider that offers a variety of policies to suit the needs of most sorts of travellers.

They've divided their plans into three categories: single trip plans, annual / multi-trip plans, and rental car plans. Allianz Global Assistance provides low-cost travel insurance plans for all sorts of travellers. Allianz travel insurance can assist consumers in the following situations:

  • If you are physically hurt or become unwell while travelling
  • When you are forced to cancel or delay your travel due to an insured reason
  • When your luggage is misplaced or stolen
  • Even if you only need advice on what to do on your vacation.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with valuable information on the safety of travel insurance and the Top 12 Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads. Thus, travel insurance is a worthwhile consideration for a safe and happy journey.

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