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In 1999 I found myself with the opportunity to travel around the world.  I spent 12 months bouncing from one place to the next and loved every minute of it.  My trip started in Mexico as it was a cheap flight to Cancun.  It was Spring Break and I decided to not stay on the mainland and hop on the ferry to the quiet island of Isla Mujeres.

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IIsla Mujeres sits in Atlantic waters and is an idyllic peaceful island in stark contrast to the party town of Cancun.  I wanted to start my trip by relaxing on the beach and drinking margaritas.  I stayed in a hotel for $20 at the time and traveled around the island on the local bus.  What I didn't realise is that I could have stayed here:

sea shell house isla mujeres

This is the Seashell House.  Located on the southern end of the island the Seashell House was built in 1996 and actually consists of two houses inspired by the conch seashell.  It sleeps 4 people with a king size bed in each house and has it's own private pool.

At $250 a night it would have been a little out of my traveler's price range back then but with 4 people sharing it's the same price as a decent hotel these days.  And which would you prefer?  I know I'd jump at the chance to stay in this place if I'm down on the Yucatan peninsula again.

sea shell house isla mujeres

At the time I was down in Mexico it was little known that you could rent the house for a stay.  Now thanks to Airbnb you can book your stay with the click of a few keys.

Check out the listing here and next time you are down in Mexico treat yourself to a stay in the Seashell House.


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