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Did you know that since launch in 2012 CabinZero has put Okoban luggage trackers on every product, meaning you receive lost and found protection built into all of our products.

That’s pretty cool isn’t it?  If you lose your bag there is now a much better chance you can get it back.

Our patented designed tag ensures the the Okoban information is clear to read, yet is also aesthetically pleasing.

Read on to see how Okoban works, how it benefits you and how to register your CabinZero products to ensure you are protected with every item.


What is Okoban?

Okoban is a system that allows individuals to register property which have been assigned unique Okoban identification codes. You can register your CabinZero bag online, so that in the event that it is lost and then found it can then be returned to you.

The Okoban system is integrated into WorldTracer which is the central lost and found system used by airlines. It is used by over 400 airlines, airport companies and baggage handlers.  So if your bag is lost in transit and has an Okoban tracking ID then it should easily find its way back to you.

If the bag is lost outside of the airline system then somebody finding it can go to the Okoban site and register that they have found the bag.  You are then contacted via email or SMS and then you can contact the finder to arrange recovery.


Where is my Okoban Tag?

For a start here is a close up of an Okoban tag on a CabinZero bag so you know what you are looking for.  The tag may be covered by a "Please Activate" sticker that you will need to remove to reveal your Okoban ID number:

Okoban Tag CabinZero bag

On most of our CabinZero bags the Okoban tag is located just above the side handle on your bag.  The location is shown in the image below:

Okoban Tag Location CabinZero Bag

On our Military style bags it's almost in the same location but as they don't have side handles it is more towards the back of the bag as shown here:

cabinzero military bag okoban tag


How do I register my CabinZero bag with Okoban?

To register your bag open up your browser and go to Okoban.com.

On the home page there will be 3 boxes where you can enter your 12 digit Okoban ID.  After entering them click on the "SUBMIT" button.

okoban register cabinzero bag

After recognizing the Okoban ID the website should ask if you want to "Register an Item" or "Report a Found Item".  As you are registering your CabinZero bag click on the "Register an Item" button.

okoban register cabinzero bag

You will then be asked to create an account by entering your email address, name, address and telephone number if you want to receive alerts by SMS. 

okoban register cabinzero bag

When you submit this information Okoban will send you a validation email.  Inside the email will be a link that you can click on to validate the email address you entered.  When you click on the link you will automatically be returned to the site for your last step.

Okoban will now ask you to "Add an Item".  The link in the email will take you directly to this page.  Most of the information will be filled in for you as it will recognize that you have a CabinZero bag.  All you really need to do is to pick the colour of the bag you bought and click on "Add Item". 

okoban register cabinzero bag

Congratulations your CabinZero bag is now registered with Okoban.  It can now be traced back to you if it is lost and found through the Okoban site.  We hope this never happens but you'll always have that extra security with a CabinZero product.


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