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Meet Sofia Faheem. Sofia is a travel blogger with a Romany heart and soul.  Travel and adventure are in her blood.  She'll swim in oceans, hike mountains and try to avoid the local rebels while trekking through the jungles.

What's not to like when she tells us that she is a self-confessed beer and whiskey drinker, audiophile, beach bum, and an aspiring writer and traveller.

Sofia is about to embark on a crazy 2016 full of travel and adventure, she'll be carrying our Desert Sand Military Style Cabin Bag with her when she goes.  Before she leaves we had a few questions for her:

Hi Sofia, your blog is called WanderJungle, I've trekked through some jungles (heavily forested at least) before and have a great story or two.  What's your favourite trekking story?

I have started climbing mountains almost every weekend since 2009 so I have exciting trekking stories up in my sleeves. But my most favourite climb was the one that involved being stuck at a military base at the summit with no water, dealing with a local rebel group, losing the trail a few times and an unexpected night trek down the mountains sans headlamps. Truly was a cherry on top. 

It’s a really long story! You got time? haha!


You are an adventure seeker always looking for new things to try.  Where are you taking your CabinZero bag on your next big thrill seeking experience?

I'm currently preparing for a 6-month long trip in Bali this July. Hopefully, I can finally get started on the children’s book I’ve been meaning to write. Maybe mix music on the side to earn extra bucks and of course, continue blogging. I need inspiration and to me, that is Bali. <3 Tour around South East Asia in those six months too.

It’s scary and exciting at the same time, it’s going to be amazing! 

Desert Sand Military Cabin Zero Bag

If you were hiking through the jungle which would you sooner find?  Would you like to stumble out of the jungle onto the most idyllic beach with a small beach bar, a handful of people, and a mellow vibe and to the outside world you don't exist or would you like to find a treasure map and then embark on a Goonies' type adventure to discover hidden riches?

As much as I’d love to be Indiana Jones for a day and die an adventurer, I’d still choose the beach with a small bar and mellow vibe any day! There’s nothing in this world I covet more than to be able to chill without a care in the world and a cocktail in hand. That is the end goal. Nirvana. *cue in Mishka music here*

If I was to visit one place in the Phillipines with my CabinZero bag (I have the classic camo bag!) where should it be?

 Okay, I’d give you three options depending on what kind of environment you want.

 For the most beautiful beach and island life experience: Definitely Palawan!

 For Filipino culture immersion, food and history: Cebu

 For crazy parties: Manila (and also, crazy traffic haha!)


I'm chatting to you from the coffee shop and I'm getting hungry, all I can think about is the food in Greece swimming in olive oil which...oh you lost me there for a moment...ok favourite food on your travels?

Oh I’m not a big foodie, give me a beer and a greasy food and I’m good to go. I can go for a local wine from time to time. But my ultimate go-to food would definitely be coffee and local pastries! I don’t have a sweet tooth but I always like my coffee black with something sweet to pair it with. It’s the most perfect combo after pizza and beer haha!

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I have a wild cat from the streets of Costa Rica living with me in Toronto (true story).  She's not a fan of the cold, long winters here in Canada.  I think you'd enjoy the abundance of winter sports and après ski activities.  Have you had the chance to experience that yet or are you strictly a warm weather person?

You brought it with you all the way to Toronto??? WOAH. That is one lucky cat! How did you do that? (I would like to tell you some great smuggling story but we just stuck her on a plane). What’s your cat’s name? (Baby, not my choice, don't judge me) I always like a change of scenery so I’d definitely enjoy arctic-like weather. I’d love to try skiing someday. I enjoyed the snow fall in Poland and in Budapest i wish I made a snow angel haha! 

If money were not an option where would be the next place you'd explore?  And I'll accept low earth orbit as an answer!

As much as the prospect of exploring the L.O.E. region appeals wildly to me, I’d be more practical and say, I’d like to explore the entire South America. I’d like to go to Tierra del Fuego and be at the ‘end of the world’, be in two different terrains at once, meet loads of people in Bolivia, hike in Patagonia. Sip coconut juice by the Copa Cabana, dance like there’s no tomorrow in Venezuela...I could go on and on…I just care about living each day with something new and exciting to look forward to.  

OK last question, I could chat like this forever, what are your plans for you and your CabinZero travel bag for 2016?

I’d definitely want to focus on blogging and treating it as my baby. I actually quit my job to write and travel and exercise my creativity for the rest of my life. Feeding my soul is the ultimate goal. <3 

Call me a romantic, an idealist, but I actually imagine myself living with not much riches but with ample resources to fund my travels and write poetry, and stories that inspire people. 


Thanks Sofia it's been a pleasure chatting to you. Keep in touch with Sofia and her adventures through her blog at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.





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    I am so proud of you my dear daughter.. you are really an amazing woman.. that’s my girl! L9v3 you

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