Andy Donnelly - Interview with the Business Development Manager for CompeGPS

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Andy Donnelly is the Business Development Manager for CompeGPS who manufacture the TwoNav brand of sports GPS.

Andy is based in Barcelona but spends most of his time traveling to clients and shows across the continent and the world.  In the last 14 months he has travelled over 50,000 km and visited 12 different countries.  He was in need of a good travelling backpack that would work for him and his heavy travel schedule and to also make a statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Andy chose our Classic 44L - Ultra light Cabin Bag in Mysore Red.

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We managed to catch up with Andy during his busy schedule to ask about his travels:


You're based in Barcelona, a great city that we've visited a few times.  How have you adapted to the laid back Spanish culture?

Been here since 93 with a 6 year break in Sydney so think I have adapted quite well!!


We are absolute foodies at CabinZero.  What's your favourite dish in Spain?  I'd definitely be all over the paella but what's your preference?

I have always preferred the hot pot type of foods they have here like Lentils with Chorizo or Fababa Asturiana, full of pulses, vegetables and a nice helping of meat!! Although as we travel to the Basque country a lot it is difficult not to enjoy the tapas you can find in San Sebastian!!

travel spain tapas san sebastian


You travel two to three weeks a month.  Do you take your bike with you or do you go cold turkey while you're away?

Never take my bike unless I am actually travelling for an event that we sponsor, which this year will involve me riding in Basque country, Pyrenees, Dolomites and the Rockies. However often take the Brompton and always my running gear as this is a great way to see the city and explore as we get very little time for tourism!!


How important is it to have a good carry-on bag when you're travelling?

It's probably the most important item when travelling and it must be comfortable and easy to use!! Many bags look good but are impractical when it comes down to having to use them day to day, or during long transfer waits, and others are comfortable but useless when it comes to being able to get things quickly, above all when you are on the run through airports!!


I'm always exploring neighbourhoods in Toronto on my bike.  I often get lost and could probably use a TwoNav system! Where has been your favourite city to cycle around and explore?

Been all over the world and cycled and explored loads of cities but I must confess I love being home in London!! There is so much to see and do and it its always changing and reinventing itself and constantly throwing up something new and surprising me, I just don't tire of being there. I think the fact it is over two thousand years old and has been influenced by so many cultures over that time makes a unique place.


You're competing in the Brompton World Championships in London this year.  That tired me out just writing that sentence.  How do you think you'll fare?

Going more for the experience than to win...that said don't want to be last neither!! Looking forward to it and I will start doing some proper training for it so I don't make a fool of myself but my idea is to go with my Brompton as standard as possible and be a city gent for the day!!

 andy donnelly compegps twonav gps mountain bike

Andy ascending the climb to Santa Fe in Montseny


As you travel so much with work what do you do with your vacation?  Do you take the time to relax at home or are you still venturing out and finding new places to explore?

Truth is spend it relaxing at home and trying to do things with my daughter. We are fortunate to live on the coast and very near the mountains so we can always find something to do, and as I travel so much it is nice to be able to just stop and take in my local surroundings and enjoy that laid back lifestyle you asked about in the first question!!


barcelona sky cycling travel

Andy's daughter, Mar, with Geraint Thomas at La Volta, Spain.


Final question, what's your dream road trip on your bike?

I have always dreamed of riding in the Rockies with my bike and I am lucky to have the chance to do it this I now need to think of another great road trip!! I have ridden the Great Ocean Road in Australia and would love to go back, and to ride around the south island in New Zealand must be fantastic...perhaps my next dream road trip will be in the Southern Hemisphere!!

A big thanks to Andy for taking the time to answer our questions and everyone at CabinZero is wishing him the best of luck in the Brompton World Championship later this year. 

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