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I'll preface this article by saying I'm not an avid photographer.  I have a camera but I don't use it very often.  Like most of the people reading this my camera phone is my one source of capturing the moment and to be honest what I see with my own eyes is not always reflected in the picture I'm looking at on my phone.  I'm often disappointed.

This has all changed. I've just become the proud owner of an olloclip

When I travel with my CabinZero I use my phone to document my journey.  This is the perfect travel gadget to take with me.

The olloclip is a light-weight lens that you clip onto your phone to enhance your pictures and make sure you get a lot more likes on your social media!

olloclip have a number of different lenses to suit your creative needs.  I got my hands on a 4 in 1 lens.  The four lenses you get are the wide-angle, fish eye, macro 10x and macro 15x.  It takes a couple of seconds to clip the olloclip onto your phone and you're ready to go.  The wide-angle and fish eye are on top and to access the macro lenses you easily unscrew the top lenses.

olloclip 4 in 1 lenses lens iphone samsung instagram social media

For me the wide-angle lens is perfect.  There are too many times when I see the image in my head and snap it with my phone only to find that it's not replicating what I can see.  The wide-angled lens ensures that everything you can see is represented on the image. 

 bike rack wide lens olloclip samsung iphone

This image shows a normal shot with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and then one using the wide-angle lens

That for me solves most of my issues when taking a photo with my phone just with that one lens.  The fish-eye lens is just a lot of fun and great to take stunning images with.

 fish eye lens olloclip samsung iPhone

Here are a couple of images using the fish-eye lens


As great as those two lenses are I'm totally addicted to the macro lenses.  I've tried to take close-ups with my phone and it's always a big disappointment.  That's no longer the case.  Everybody who has seen the macro images I've taken has said "I want one!"  There's a hidden world out there that the macro lenses let you access with just your phone, no need for an expensive camera and equipment.

zip iphone samsung galaxy camera phone

This is a normal shot with my Samsung Galaxy S5

x10 image olloclip macro iphone samsung galaxy s5

Here are a couple of shots of the same zip using the olloclip macro x10 lens


macro x15 close up olloclip zoom iphone samsung

Here are two shots using the macro x15 lens from olloclip


macro photo image instagram olloclip iphone samsung galaxy

Finally a couple more fun images using the macro x15 lens from olloclip


What else can I say?  I can't recommend this enough.  The 4-in-1 for the Samsung S5 is $70 and it's $80 for a 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6 and slightly cheaper for the older iPhone models.  It's a solid investment and it's been an inspiration to me in the short time I've had it.

Check out some of the stunning images already taken, by better photographers than me, on the olloclip website.

Follow us on Facebook because olloclip have been kind enough to offer one of these 4-in-1 lens as a giveaway to our followers. We'll post the competition very soon, good luck.




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