Looking for a Christmas Gift for Travel Lovers? Check Out These 30 Items

Finding it hard to pick a Christmas gift for the travel lover in your life? We know the struggles, and we’ve done the research for you. Whether your friend is a frequent traveller or an advanced backpacker, there is always something you can get to make your beloved adventurers happy this Christmas. 

Our CabinZero team has picked out 30 items that are necessary for any kind of trip. Surprise your friend with one of these great ideas that will add a bit of value to their upcoming adventures! 

1. Travel Backpack: A Great Gift for Travellers

What’s a better Christmas gift for travel lovers than a travel backpack? Giving a good travel backpack to a friend/family member who loves to travel means giving them a good companion on the road. There is a great variety of travel backpacks of different colours, sizes and designs that fit different travelling purposes. If they are into adventurous travel like hiking, mountain biking or camping, it is best to consider getting them a good hiking backpack with built-in features specially designed for long hikes. See our suggestions for hiking backpacks. 

If you don’t know the person that well, go with a safer choice. Basic travel backpacks or ultralight backpacks are the best options in this case. 

2. Packing Cube: Travel Lovers’ Favourite Gift Items

If a travel backpack is a bit pricey for you, the next item on the list is the packing cubes. There’s no harm in offering a better-organised packing solution to the people who are often on the go. This would be a very thoughtful Christmas gift for travel lovers as packing cubes have changed the way people pack for trips - not only do they make the backpack interior look neat, but they also make the items so much easier to reach and put into categories. 

Thinking of getting those cubes? Explore our large and medium cabin cubes .

3. Travel Pillow: A Comfy Choice Gift Idea

If you have constantly been on planes and trains for long hours, you will know how a travel pillow could save your life (or more specifically, your neck). Therefore, this could be a very good and practical Christmas gift idea for travellers.

As travelling is back to the track, people will find themselves spending hours and hours sitting on planes and trains next year - and the travel pillows will never be redundant! Some of the best travel pillow options are Design Go, Ostrich Pillow and Sea to Summit.

travel pillow

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4. Water Bottle: A Gift to Help Travellers Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important on every trip - and giving water bottles as a Christmas travel gift will let the travel lover in your life know that you care about their well-being. Stainless steel water bottles are also great for keeping ice-cold water, hot coffee or tea last long without turning to room temperature. You can find these water bottles basically anywhere, but the best options in the market are the Hydro Flask insulated water bottle or the DuraFlask stainless steel water bottle.

Water Bottle

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5. Travel Guide/Travel Book

If you know your friend or family member is going to spend some time travelling in a different country, or continent, one of the best Christmas travel gifts for the travellers in your life is the travel guidebook to that destination. National Geographic has a great library of travel guides for different countries and territories that you can buy from Amazon or in the bookstore.  

Another option is giving a travel book to your best travel mates as a present for Christmas. You might want to choose an inspiring, informative and helpful book for their future expeditions. Something like Destinations of a Lifetime might be a good example.

Travel Guide/Travel Book

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6. Portable Charger/Power Bank 

The power bank or charger is a very essential item for all kinds of trips and a good Christmas travel gifts on the list. As more and more travel electronic devices require charging, like mobile phones, cameras, Amazon Kindle or even laptops are carried on trips, always having a portable charger in the luggage will be a lifesaver in many cases - especially if people are in a country with power issues.

Some good portable chargers for travelling are the Anker PowerCore 10000 or the Hiluckey SolarCharger 25000mAh. They are both compact, light and high-powered charging. 

Portable Charger/Power Bank

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7. Camera Gear

If you are looking for a Christmas travel gift for a travel lover who also loves taking pictures on their journey, getting them some extra gear for their kit is a good idea. Consider selfie sticks, tripods or camera straps. Some other special equipment for people who enjoy vlogging is this GorillaPod 3K Tripod or a clip to hold their mirrorless camera like the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip.

Camera gear

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8. Portable Luggage Scale: A Perfect Gift for Light Travels

Another item to help in the packing is the portable luggage scale - which will get people out of the surprise to pay extra luggage fees at the airport and prevent them from overpacking. If you know your friend is not very good at packing light or usually travels with low-cost airlines, this would be a fantastic gift idea.

Portable Luggage Scale
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9. Passport Wallet and Vaccination Card Holder

Getting a passport holder with the name of the desired person carved on it might seem to be a very common idea. Why not make it also a vaccination cardholder during this COVID-19 time? Some countries accept the vaccine passport in digital form, but not all of them. Travel lovers will need to carry some form of documents related to their immunisations against COVID-19 wherever they go, and for those who are constantly on the go, the vaccination cardholder would be super handy.

Passport Wallet and Vaccination Card Holder
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10. Travel Journal

Who doesn’t love a travel journal? While it seems to be a bit cliche when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for travellers, however, getting a new travel journal for Christmas does always feel good especially if that’s the type of person who likes to jot things down. Travelling means people are constantly exposed to new stuff and ideas and it’s when memories are made, so it would be great to have them stored somewhere. And you’re the one who will make it possible for your travelling friend! Consider getting a personally customised journal like this one below.

Travel Journal
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11. Camping Hammock: A Camper’s Favourite Christmas Gift Idea

Hammocks are super fun when you’re out in nature. And for a friend who is always excited about going outdoors, a camping hammock would be a fantastic idea. Giving a hammock to somebody is like giving them a whole precious relaxation experience - for they can use it at home in their backyard or balcony, or whenever they’re out in the wild. It’s compact, easy to store and not to mention, super comfy! 

Photo by Zach Betten on Unsplash 

Several good options are the Blackbird XLC, Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip Hammock or Chameleon Hammock Complete.

12. Cork Globe or World Map

What’s a better gift for a friend who loves to tick off their bucket list destinations than a cork globe? They can stick pins in and plot the destinations they’ve been to on the globe to mark up their achievements. Cork globes come in many sizes - from the big ones to put in the living room to the little ones to put on desks. If your friend prefers something to hang on the wall instead of the cork globe, a nice world map can be a good option, too.

Cork Globe or World Map
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13. Sneakers & Socks

Just like a travel backpack, trainers can become a great companion on the journey (if they’re comfortable!). A great Christmas gift idea for your friend or family member who loves travelling is a pair of comfy sneakers to walk in. But keep in mind that people’s preferences when it comes to shoes are different, and so are their sizes, so be sure to check with them before getting them a new pair of shoes, or you might want to buy off a store that has a return policy. 

Photo by Emma Van Sant on Unsplash 

14. Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is a perfect travel accessory for any type of traveller - it is easy to carry, doesn’t take too much space and is useful in many situations when you need a bit of peace and quiet moments. It is therefore a wonderful gift for people who are often on the go, as it helps to make them fall asleep quickly when they need to - on planes, trains, buses, long car rides or even a quick nap in between a city adventure. 

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

15. Packing Guides

Know a friend who always brings too much on their trips? A series of packing guides might be a good Christmas gift. For the travel lover in your life, there are endless thousands of packing guides or checklists for every trip out there on the internet - packing for carry-on luggage, packing for a beach vacation or for outdoor expeditions such as hiking or camping. Why not give a tailored packing guide to someone you know best as a gift this Christmas? Perhaps they’re going on a winter holiday soon? A winter travel packing guide might help them to pack in the most optimal way without getting overpacked.

16. Portable Espresso Machine: A Great Gift Idea for Coffeeholic Travel Lovers

A portable coffee machine is a great Christmas gift idea for a travel lover who can’t skip a coffee a day - especially when they need to get caffeinated to be active and energetic on the go. From camping trips, long car rides or Airbnb stays, the portable coffee maker could definitely save the day!

There is a wide variety of portable espresso machines out there, make sure you go with the ones that are light, compact and easy to use as a gift to your traveller friends this Christmas. Some good options are the Oomph 2.0 Espresso Maker, WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker and STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine.

17. Tote Bags

Tote bags are probably the most versatile and minimalist bag ever made. Using them to stuff up some snacks to the beach, or carrying those essentials on a city trip - you name it! They are also super easy to customise to your needs by having them painted or printed the way you want - and best of all, they are relatively cheap compared to other items on this list! The best Christmas gifts for a travel lover don't need to be anything fancy; as long as they can make use of it on their travel, it's all good.

Tote Bags
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18. Bum Bags

Bum bags are items that you might not know you would need. Think of the times you’ve struggled to find your passport or wallet while carrying loads of luggage - a bum bag around your waist would be great in that case. And this travel accessory could be a great gift idea to your friend who always gets the hassles at the airport! Check out our bum bag collection for different colours and sizes.

19. Shoulder Bags 

Another Christmas travel accessory choice for travel lovers - is the compact shoulder bag. If they are not used on trips then they’re great as an everyday accessory too. Shoulder bags come in different styles and sizes on the market - like sling bags and crossbody bags, so there are plenty of models to choose from that can fit the style of the person you’re giving them to. Check out our shoulder bags collection

20. Sleeping Bag

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift for someone who loves camping or hiking, a sleeping bag is definitely not a bad idea. There are different choices on the market for sleeping bags and double sleeping bags - some of the good ones are the REI Co-op Siesta Hooded 25 sleeping bag or Big Agnes Dream Island double sleeping bag.

21. Dry Bags/ Dry Sacks

Dry bags are a must-have item in a traveller’s bag, whether they are beginners or advanced backpackers. These bags are great to keep electronic gadgets and clothes away from getting wet, especially on kayaking trips or strolling the tropical rainforests. If you’re looking for a gift for somebody who usually carries tech items, our dry bag collection offers a variety of colours and patterns to fit different styles. 

22. Travel Containers for Toiletries

Not only these containers are easy to carry, reusable and cost-effective, they are also environment friendly as you won’t need to use one-time plastic packages. This would be a great Christmas gift for travellers who like to carry their skincare products, shampoo and conditioner with them when they travel - and struggle to fit the airline’s liquid requirements.

23. Universal Travel Adapter

Not every country uses the same kind of electrical plugs - you obviously know that. So for friends who are about to make a trip to several destinations next year, a universal travel adapter is a great gift!

Universal Travel Adapter
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24. Wireless Travel Headphones

We all know that buses and trains are loud, and airplanes are even louder - especially during take-off. So a good noise-cancelling pair of headphones would be a worthy investment for a travel lover usually on long-haul flights. Some of the good options are the Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless headphones or the Shure AONIC 50 headphones. 

25. Soft Travel Blanket

Anyone who has been on long-haul flights could tell it is not at all a nice experience. However, you can always make the journey more comfortable with a soft travel blanket.

26. RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Keeping all personal cards safe is a must while we’re travelling, therefore, an RFID blocking wallet/pouch is a great gift idea for anyone.

27. Travel Hoodie

What’s a more suited Christmas gift for a frequent traveller that is going to kick off their trip this winter? A travel hoodie. It’s no fun travelling in the cold, and sitting in a cosy hoodie by the campfire is yet the best feeling! 

28. Jacket

A travel jacket is a great gift idea for somebody who is going to travel to a cold-weather destination soon. Whether for a cold breezing day or in the tropical rain, a good jacket can really make a difference. 

Photo by Zan on Unsplash 

29. Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is a great gift idea for travellers who usually travel with checked luggage. You can also have it customised for the people you’re giving it to. 

30. Dry Shampoo 

A good dry shampoo will keep your hair up and nice after long city adventures. If you’re thinking of getting your friend a bottle of dry shampoo for their travel, consider those that are light and compact to avoid taking up too much space in their luggage. Some good options are Batiste, Kérastase or Morrocan Oil dry shampoo. 

We hope these Christmas gifts for travel lovers are useful for you to pick the best Christmas gift for your loved ones without headaches. If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them in the comment section below!

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