Is it safe to travel to India?

The undying love of a man to his partner paved the way to the most famous icon of India, the Taj Mahal. This is just among the thousands of stories in addition to the culture, history, and religion which makes up the beautiful things that India takes pride.

Until recent years, stories of terror started getting international news. Robbery, rape, and murder broke out for both tourists and locals, particularly the treatment of women. A complicated and deeply rooted culture started to gain the attention of the world. The hiatus has lost millions of tourism money in the same year. Now the big question for most travellers-- Is it still safe to travel to India?

safe to travel to india

Well, like it or not, India will always be there and so are the one billion people in it. So here is a quick run through of the possible ways to gauge yourself whether it is safe to travel to India.

Know their religion

safe to travel to india

Do not be surprised by cows wandering freely on major roads and highways, especially close to markets. The widely known religion in India is Hinduism which has a strong belief in reincarnation. The animals are considered a dwelling place or even a body of their gods thus everything about the animal up to its poop is holy. Also, Hinduism as a religion has a high regard to its women actually because of their gods. Unfortunately, throughout the years this principle has evolved thus paving the way to new and what they call “Western” perspectives. However, the extravagant festivities, colours, and language will always be there, and this is anchored in their daily lives.

Dress appropriate

safe to travel to india

When in temples,  it is pretty obvious that you have to cover both arms and legs. As a sacred place, they are particular about this. Moreover, they know that you are a tourist already so don’t allow them to stare at you all the time and catch unnecessary attention any further because of what you wear.  If you are a lady, try scoring a beautiful and affordable saree in local markets, you can wear it anytime plus you have a lovely souvenir. Reserve your beach wear in Goa where bikinis are acceptable every day. Dressing appropriately, even if it’s a little deed, will somehow help make you feel safe to travel to India.

Plan ahead

safe to travel to india

Remember the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” because that will surely help you along the way. Make sure to research all the activities you want to do and places you want to visit. Take note that India is a huge country with diverse people and even languages. Check for places that you need to avoid. Or if you want to visit places with high crime rates or slums, make sure to go with a local or book a tour that gives you an idea of the reality in these areas. However, always be careful in the cities as well, wherever you go, even in your home city there are some risks involved if you don´t know it well enough. You can mitigate that by planning carefully. Make sure to arm yourself, not with knives or guns, but with information like the telephone number of your country’s consulate office, your emergency go to buddy or family member and police stations.

Be open to possibilities

safe to travel to india

As mentioned earlier, India is a beautiful country regardless of what the media says. Tons of places and festivities will amaze you. Be open minded while asking somebody if it is safe to travel to India. Listen to the stories may it be negative or positive. Make friends with the locals and get to know their stories. On the other hand, it will also help making friends with other tourists, so you don’t roam around alone. Let it sink in and remind you that people are different from each other.

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