Top 5 Emerging Travel Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

With the spurt of the Millennial generation in the recent years and their “experience-over-possessions” mindset, many have jumped right into booking their sale flights, Instagramming their AirBNBs, and diving into hipster destinations and activities. Traveling has definitely become everybody’s favorite hobby and hashtag. But what is in store for the globetrotters in the coming year? Here are the top emerging trends in travel to look forward to in 2024.

1. Wellness Vacation

The healthy (pun intended) rise in mindful living and conscious consumption over the past years is not seeing a slowdown anytime soon. More and more people are choosing what they eat (chia seeds for breakfast, please), drink, and consume. In terms of to-do’s, yoga, cycling, and sound healing are on the priority list. A lot of resorts and travel coordinators have placed these health and wellness activities in their amenities and itinerary as a main attraction and purpose for traveling.

2. Extended Stays

“I may not be going back anytime soon.” Click send. More travelers in the coming year will be booking an open ticket or just really embracing that “I’ll go with the flow” mindset. Thanks to an unparalleled connectivity, technology, and automation, everything can be basically done whether you are basking under the Brazilian sun, surfing in between Bali breaks, or sipping cocktails in a rooftop somewhere in Estonia. Working vacations can now be easily extended and most companies have embraced work flexibility. Add in the countless co-working spaces sprouting in every corner of the world.

3. Sustainable Tourism

The generation today are not just obsessed with the Kardashians. They pride themselves into being changemakers and doers of greater good. It’s more than just voluntourism, which we have seen become popular in the last years. Vacationing in a sustainable manner is now a top priority: exploring places on-foot or using ride-sharing models, visiting cultural and heritage hotspots, engaging in local communities and suppliers, keeping single-use items at a minimum, and embarking on social tourism tours and adventures.

4. Emerging Destinations

We’ll always be in love with Paris. Or New York. Or Room. But in 2024, the spotlight goes to destinations you’ve probably never heard of before but are definitely worth booking a ticket to. In Europe alone, cities such as Tallinn in Estonia, Bonn in Germany, and Seville in Spain are booming tourist destinations. Georgia and Armenia are also becoming vibrant travel destinations for their unique history and culture. If you’re looking for a slice of paradise, the Philippines currently has the top 2 best islands in the world.

5. Cuba

And speaking of emerging destinations, this country deserves a point of its own. Long mesmerized by travelers who wish to go back in time and the intriguing Havana nights only heard of in songs, Cuba is now alluring more people to visit. The tensions between US and Cuba has finally eased and direct flights are now starting to come in. Bask in its well-preserved culture and history, dance to its diverse music, and enjoy the company of its warm people. I guess in 2024 more and more will be singing “half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na.”


Grayson Yañez is an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate and brand strategy consultant from the Philippines. He mostly likes to be known as (Gray)son of the beach. He is also a content developer, cat lover, and marine conservation advocate. He shares his images, and experiences through Graysonofthebeach and @graysonofthebeach

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