2-Week Holiday Packing List - What To Prepare For A 2-Week Trip?

Concerned about how to prepare for a trip? What should you bring on your 2-week vacation? 

The way in which you pack your luggage has a significant influence on the result of your vacation. To pack your luggage, place all of the stuff you will need while away from home into the suitcase to preserve as much room as possible while avoiding liquid leaks or other damage. Those travelling by plane or rail must also keep a few things in mind while packing their belongings.

You should simply carry more stuff to utilise on each trip if you manage your luggage correctly. For many people,  one piece of hand baggage is sufficient for extended travel, saving money on checked baggage fees. First and most importantly, while travelling alone, the items you carry with you should be at the top of your priority list, and they should be comfortable, handy, and applicable in a range of settings. Following that, you must consider the amount of luggage you’re bringing with you as well.

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When going by the airline, you must be cautious of their baggage policy. Look carefully to check how many kilogrammes of luggage your ticket should carry in order to make an appropriate calculation, lest you get to the airport and find it difficult again.

When packing for a trip, prepare a list of everything you need to bring. Lay things down on the floor or bed to inspect and regulate what you need to carry and what you don't. This is to prevent having to re-stow your luggage if you decide it is no longer essential.

You must extensively investigate the weather and traditions of the destination. In addition, you should leave a modest amount of room in your baggage for additional souvenirs or gifts that you could buy once you get back from your trip.

Packing List For Two Weeks

In fact, not every vacation we plan is exactly the same. There should be basic items that are required on every trip, and other items that need to be considered based on the goal of the trip and the nature of the vacation. CabinZero will assist you with listing the most important stuff, and hopefully this will be beneficial information for those planning a two-week journey in the near future.


To minimise excess, choose your attire ahead of time. You can choose the appropriate clothes after you have a thorough grasp of the weather. Otherwise, include products that should be used for several purposes and help you to adjust to changing weather conditions. Bring a variety of outfits that you can wear on multiple occasions, or style them with different other items. You can pack appropriate clothing for the destination and time of travelling. However, you should select comfortable and flexible clothing (T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and so forth). Unless there is a special occasion, avoid wearing fancy or clothing that is too tight or uncomfortable.

It will take longer for ladies to get their outfits ready for vacation. Many of you take 1-2 weeks to go shopping in order to have adequate outfits for your trip. A minor hint is to try on the outfits and dresses you intend to bring beforehand and consider what day you will wear them and under what conditions; if you find them appropriate, just bring them along.

A separate bag for clothing is a must-have in your luggage. If you can't wash your clothes, separating clean and dirty clothes will help you avoid mixing them together, and you won't have to search for clothes every time you change. 

Toiletries Items

Although hotels frequently include some basic items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, and so on, some such toiletries will often be cheap and of poor quality which makes you feel inadequate. The best option is to prepare some essential goods ahead of time and include them in your bag. Items used on a daily basis, such as shampoo, toothpaste, and shower gel, should be wrapped in plastic to prevent them from getting on clothes and stored in a neat separate bag.

Cosmetics or toiletries in the liquid form must be wrapped in a transparent plastic bag on various airlines; each container should not exceed 100ml, and the overall amount of these goods should not exceed 1 litre. Sharp items, such as razors or nail clippers, should not be carried with you onto the aeroplane.

Toiletries Items
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Suggested toiletries items to pack include a razor, a toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, perfume and/or cosmetics if necessary.

Here is a list of essential personal objects to which you can refer:

  • Brush, toothpaste, comb (most of these items are accessible in hotels, but they are disposable, so they aren't very nice; you should bring your own if you like)
  • Shower gel and shampoo (This is prepared by most hotels and motels, but if you are familiar with a specific type of shampoo or shower gel, bring it with you. You should buy a small package or extract it into a small bottle).
  • Shaving creams and supplies
  • Mouthwash
  • Hair gel
  • Deodorant 

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Identity documents should be scanned and transmitted to your own email, as well as kept at home in case they are stolen when you need to prove something or have information provided to the authority. Documents that must be used frequently, such as tickets, passports, and visas, should be stored in the most convenient location and easily accessible. 

Some essential personal documents you need to prepare for your trip include:

  • Citizen identification card 
  • Licence
  • Practice card (for example, journalist card, ...)
  • ATM card
  • Cash
  • Passport if you’re going abroad & visa if needs be
  • Flight/train/bus tickets

Check these documents before you go to ensure you don't forget anything. Furthermore, when travelling in busy areas, physical documents might easily be misplaced. Keep the evidence in secure and easy-access places.

Electronic Device

You should carefully arrange your phone, camera, power bank, laptop (if applicable), and, most crucially, the linked charging devices and charging connections. In addition to phones, laptops and iPads are essential pieces of equipment for a long work journey, as they will make it easier for you to work and share information online when necessary. 

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Alternatively, we can occasionally maintain wonderful memories by taking photos of the areas we visit. To protect your laptop or iPad, place them in shockproof bags. Lightweight devices are advisable over bulky ones if you’re on the go, for the ease of transport if at all possible.

Make sure you have all of the required computer attachments, such as a computer mouse and a battery charger, in your bag in case you need them.

Power Bank/ Switch Charger

The power supply at the locations where you will work can be unstable. We advise you to always charge your power bank before any trip in case you need them in emergency situations.

If you are travelling on business in another nation, you must have a universal adaptor because each country has a distinct type of plug. Get yourself a flexible adapter that can easily and quickly convert from a 2-pin round, bar, or 3-pin plug; adapters like these are available on the market today. There are several options, but you must purchase from respected manufacturers to guarantee that there is no power leakage that might cause injuries. 

You should pack a variety of chargers, ranging from USB charging pins to standard ones. As a result, by plugging in this adapter, you can charge both phones, laptops, and Bluetooth headsets at the same time. This is a really useful item, especially if your room does not have many charging outlets.

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To avoid any health issues that can emerge during the vacation, it is important to include some preventative medicine for common ailments such as the flu, headache, fever, and discomfort. stomach medication, motion sickness medication, bug repellant, wind oil, digestive medication, allergy medication, etc.

Of course, if you have a serious condition, you should still consult your doctor or a local health facility for assistance.

Children's Personal Items

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For family holidays with children, be sure to include the following items:

  • Infant Clothing
  • Diapers and milk bottles
  • Fluffy towels and wet towels
  • Infant Carrier
  • Socks, caps, and towels
  • A selection of the baby's favourite toys


Carrying a tube of sunscreen to protect your skin is essential if you don't want to get burnt after every journey. Because of the frequent environmental changes, this could occur on almost every trip, like a sudden heatwave in the summer for example. As a result, items that provide support and protection, such as sunscreen, are needed.

When selecting sunscreen for vacation, you should purchase the products from recommended manufacturers. Furthermore, it should be a water-insoluble lotion with a high SPF.


To ensure comfort and ease when travelling, always pack a comfort pair of running shoes or trainers with you. Fancy footwear, such as high heels, is not the best option to take while travelling, except for special occasions like attending a wedding or a ceremony. 

Furthermore, choosing shoes with sufficient ventilation will provide comfort while limiting perspiration and stink. The items that take up the most baggage space are shoes. As a result, you should carry no more than two pairs of sandals and sports shoes and you should wrap them up and lay them out down the length of your bag.

Crossbody Bag

A small crossbody purse with an attached strap is also a must-have. It will allow you to keep a few additional necessities that you can access at any time. To protect the safety of critical belongings such as money, identity documents, electronic gadgets, and so on, it is preferable to use a water-resistant crossbody.

Here are the best options of water-resistant cross body bags from CabinZero for those who are looking to get one. 

Medical First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to be involved in a dangerous accident. However, unexpected emergencies could happen on every trip. As a result, it is essential to have a medical first aid kit for each excursion as these will assist us in dealing with emergency circumstances when they arise.

Additional Items

A U-shaped cushion is regarded as a pretty important tool for being able to relax better and recuperate strength as fast as possible for the journey. Its unique design can provide excellent neck support. You can use it when travelling by train or aircraft, and it is also quite beneficial when relaxing at a hotel.

Furthermore, tourism sites are frequently teeming with visitors and visitor services. As a result, we can feel irritated by the surrounding noises. An earplug is a useful device for reducing noise and improving sleep.

When we have to take a nap to relax right in light settings, getting a decent night's sleep is difficult―a blindfold will be necessary to block out the light. You will be able to sleep better and swiftly recharged for the journey.

Best Carry-On Backpack For 2-Week Travel

CabinZero Classic 28L Backpack

CabinZero is a British fashion company that specialises in travel backpacks and travel accessories. CabinZero has progressively won clients over with different product designs that keep up with the newest fashion trends since its inception in 2010. The CabinZero Classic 28L model is one of the brand’s unique and exceptional products. With dimensions of 39 x 29.5 x 20 cm, this bag is perfect for carrying everywhere and is undoubtedly appropriate for carry-on luggage restrictions on aircraft.

The Classic bag style is ideal for everyday usage and travel, and it is lightweight in an ideal volume of 28L, making it easy to transport anywhere. Furthermore, there are tons of different colours and patterns to pick from. The interior of the bag is meticulously designed, with each compartment kept distinct and protected by high-quality YKK zippers. Furthermore, the bag has a water-resistant covering that makes it easy to carry in all types of weather.

Cabinzero Military 28L Backpack

The CabinZero Military model is not to be missed by individuals who want a powerful military style with deep tones. With dimensions of 40 x 30 x 15 cm, this bag should not be overlooked in a traveller’s shopping list. This backpack model is available in three major colours: green, black, and navy, and it is perfect for any trip. 

Although this size might seem small, it’s fully capable of holding all your belongings for every trip, and it's simple to pull out and put away. Furthermore, thanks to the shoulder strap ventilation system, you will feel extremely light when carrying this bag as it has features to protect your back and shoulders. 

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What Kind Of Luggage Should I Prepare?

The type of luggage you should be taking is no doubt the most crucial part to consider in your journey or work trip. You should look for lightweight and robust bags or suitcases that can help reduce the overall weight or make it easy to carry around. Furthermore, consider travel backpacks or suitcases with flexible swivel wheels in order to move effortlessly, making the journey more flexible and reduce the hassle of carrying bulky luggage around. 

Tips For Packing Items Neatly Into Your Luggage

You can use the following tips to scientifically pack your luggage and save more space:

Put heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. If you place heavy items on the top of the suitcase, such as cosmetic bags or shoes, the bottom centre of gravity of the suitcase will fall, knocking down all the meticulously ordered belongings. Instead, arrange heavier items at the bottom of the luggage and lighter ones on top to balance the overall centre of gravity. Furthermore, instead of stacking shoes in the bag, place them on the side of the suitcase/backpack to maximise space.

Instead of folding your garments, roll them up. When packing clothing in a bag, instead of folding them in half and stacking them, roll them up to reduce luggage while travelling. T-shirts and skirts, for example, can be rolled from bottom to top in a circle to minimise the volume and prevent wrinkles. Underwear and swimsuits can be rolled up and placed in a sun hat, which is also quite handy.

Choose the luggage size that is appropriate for the number of items you intend to bring. If the luggage is checked, it must include a safety lock to protect things from being lost during the check-in process. In case your baggage is lost or forgotten, you should also wrap it in a customised bag and have a name tag or some other sign to mark it.

When travelling, you may need to bring extra luggage, such as souvenirs or products purchased at the airport, and you will need more space to put such items. In this case, pack a little cloth bag and place it above the luggage so you can use it at any time. When you need to keep something, simply use the top bag instead of opening the entire luggage.

It is essential to refer to a checklist and prepare all of the necessary stuff in order to have the most convenient and seamless journey possible. The items listed above are the basics you’ll need to bring on every trip. Of course, suitable adjustments should be made for each trip depending on the purpose of the trip as well. 

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