Can You Bring A Candle On A Plane: Light Up Your Travels

Are you a candle enthusiast? Have you ever wanted to give a candle as a souvenir to your loved ones? Imagine you just have found your favourite candle while on holiday and want to bring it home.

As scented candles are indeed great gifts, you may ask can you bring a candle on a plane? We will give you a proper cover on recommended types of candles for flights, how to pack them, along with how to pack your other belongings here.

Can You Bring A Candle On A Plane?

For sure, the answer is yes! According to the TSA, solid candles are allowed in both hand luggage and checked bags. These include wax, glass jar, and Yankee candles.

How about gel-type candles and liquid candles? They are classified as liquids by airport security. Therefore, limitations on liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) need to be taken notice of.

On almost every international flight, all containers of fluids should be less than or equal to 100 ml if packed in hand luggage. Therefore, if your gel candles exceed 100 ml in volume, you will not be permitted to have them inside your cabin bag. If you want to bring them, check them in.

Plus, they have to be put into a clear plastic bag. Every passenger can only travel with one such bag in their cabin bag. The size of the bag should be no more than 20 cm x 20 cm.

Matches and lighters are also allowed on board. However, they are also subject to certain regulations because they are fire-hazardous.

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Finally, one thing you should make it easier for security officers to screen your candles. You should pull them from the hand luggage and put them in a separate bin when entering the x-ray machine at the security checkpoint. This will ensure your items are carefully screened and avoid any potential problems.

To avoid being pulled over and having to discard all your candles, it is recommended to place them inside your checked suitcase is recommended.

What types can you fly with?

To your relief, a wide range of candles on board is fine to bring on the plane, as long as you do not set them alight during a flight. Generally speaking, candles in solid form are simply your best friends since LAGs will not be applied to them.

Provided that your candle is in solid form, you will be free to either store it in your hold luggage or hand luggage. Find out what types of candles are allowed on board in the below list:

  1. Solid wax candles: This kind of candle is made from sturdy materials such as Beeswax, soy wax, palm oil, etc. You can find them in a wide range of containers, from glass jars, pottery, or even without any container.
  2. Glass candles: Like other glass products, you will have no difficulty placing this type of candle inside your cabin bag and checked luggage.
  3. Candle pots: Their only difference from glass candles is that they are contained in pottery or porcelain pots. Thus, it will be fine to bring them along. 
  4. Floating candles: The delicate version and your go-to option for events like parties or weddings are suitable for taking on board.
  5. LED candles: These battery-operated flameless candles are also allowed if they use AA or AAA batteries. When the batteries are lithium-ion, you have to follow certain strict restrictions.
  6. Tealight candles: These small candles often used for religious activities or warming a teapot comes in mini metal containers. Again, you will have no difficulty flying with them.

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Until now, you may want to know whether your favourite Bath and Body Works scented candles fall under the “allowed” category. They are made from vegetable wax, soy wax and paraffin wax. Therefore, they should be classified as solid wax candles. They will definitely do just fine in both carrying options onboard!

There are almost no limitations regarding the mentioned above types of candles, but they should fit comfortably into your hand or checked luggage. However, it is a bit more complicated for candles in liquid form.

What types of candles are banned on a plane?

As long as the guidelines are met, candles of different materials can be brought on board.

Still, there is only one exception, which is sparkler cake candles. As they are regarded as fireworks and made with explosive materials, these birthday candles are prohibited both in the cabin and in the checked luggage.

It is smart to avoid bringing them along. If you are planning to celebrate a birthday, just buy sparkler candles where you landed.

Once again, liquid and gel candles will not be permitted in the cabin if they are within 100 ml in volume. If you want to bring more than this amount, place them in your hold luggage.

Can You Take Candles In Ryanair Hand Luggage?

Yes, you can. Most airlines follow the TSA guidelines, so you can carry your favourite candles on a Ryanair, American Airlines, etc. Remember not to light them on the plane, though.

Why Are Candles Restricted On Board?

Remember that all toiletries, including shampoo, sun cream, and perfumes in containers larger than 100 ml, must be placed within your checked luggage. 

This is because of the new regulations on liquids, aerosols and gels products, commonly known as LAGs, which are designed and promoted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The rule prevents risks of potential liquid explosives caused by individuals or organisations with malicious intentions. 

It was first brought out by the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA). And the rule has now become popular in almost the rest of the world as a global safety precaution.

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How to pack candles in your suitcase

If you are a true enthusiast of candles, you may have already known how to pack candles properly. Preserving candles in their best condition is not an easy task.

If they are packaged within a glass container, fitting them into your cabin bags would be ideal. This would allow you to keep an eye on it all the time. Let’s get into a specific guide for placing candles inside your baggage.

For Carry-On Bags

Upon entering the security checkpoint, these are what you should do in case security officers need to scan the items inside your carry-on:

  • Place the candles above other items inside your carry-on to easily take them out when needed.
  • Put them in a resealable and transparent plastic bag.
  • Do not wrap them tightly. Use bubble wrap instead and loosely wrap them.

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For Luggage In The Hold

We will provide you with some worth noticing ways to avoid unwanted damage in case you do not have another choice but to place them inside your suitcase:

  • Put them in a resealable and transparent plastic bag to prevent the possible risks caused by candles being melted.
  • If possible, do not leave spare space in the baggage. For better protection, place them in the middle of the baggage.
  • Wrap the fragile candle containers gently with layers of paper or air bubble packing as an extra break-resistant solution.
  • Last but not least, let other people handle your suitcase with care by labelling signs on it.


  • Check with the airport staff in advance to avoid any potential problems.
  • Consult your air carrier to know about their regulations regarding candles.
  • Wrap the candles loosely if they are gifts so officers can directly inspect them even after having passed the x-ray check.
  • If you find yourself stuck in confusion, it will be best to purchase candles from a local store at your arrival destination.
  • If you are a big fan of liquid or gel candles, buy them at stores within the airport once you have already passed the security checkpoint.
  • Find yourself a good carry-on backpack. They will make taking anything on the plane a breeze.

Important takeaways:

  1. Solid candles are safe to pack in both carry-on and hold luggage.
  2. For cabin bags, liquid and gel candles should be packed in a container that does not exceed 100 ml.
  3. As long as the types of candles you plan to bring meet the guidelines, you can bring as many candles as you wish on board. Yet you need to be careful of the maximum allowed weight for your luggage set by air companies.

Final Thoughts

In the end, to be engaged in scents and romance under the light of candles should not bring any difficulties. As the majority of manufactured candles are travel-friendly, planning to take them home as souvenirs is not difficult at all. The above things are all you need to answer the question “Can you bring a candle on a plane?” Enjoy your flight!

Gia Cam

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