Can You Bring Make-Up On A Plane: Answers You Need To Know

Exciting about the gorgeous photos you will take in the upcoming trip? Then you can’t miss out on all the foundation, concealer, contour, etc., for a perfect look! But the question is, can you bring make-up on a plane?

Worry not. Because in this article, we will give you thorough information on how you can bring make-up on a plane. From the authorities' requirements to the packing tips that will help you protect your fragile make-up tools, we’ll cover them all.

Can You Bring Make-Up On A Plane?

The answer is an absolute yes! According to the official website of TSA, make-up, in both solid and powder form, is allowed without any quantity or size limitations.

However, some make-up products, such as toner, foundation, blush, etc., are liquid. You must follow some basic rules while packing your make-up for a trip.

The TSA Regulation For Travelling With Make-Up Products

If you are thinking of packing your make-up products in checked bags, there’s no need to wonder about the size and the quantity allowed.

The TSA has no limit on powder and liquid make-up products in check-in luggage. On the other hand, putting make-up products in hand luggage is a little more complicated. The same principle applies to UK airports.

Liquid Make-Up Products In Hand Luggage

In carry-on bags, liquid products such as concealer, foundation, cream, or lotion will have to follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule. Put your product in 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or smaller containers.

You can divide your product into different containers to meet the amount you need for your trip. But keep in mind that you can only have one quart-size bag (6”x9”) to put them all in. So remember to leave space for other liquid products you might need.

Powder Make-Up Products In Hand Luggage

There are specific rules applied when you bring powder makeup on a plane. Photo by Raphael Lovaski from Unsplash

Powder makeup products are still allowed to be put in carry-on bags. But of course, there is another rule to it.

Any product that can’t be identified at the central checkpoint will not make it to the plane. If your powder products are more than 350 ml (or 12 oz), place them in a separate bin for X-screen scanning. Furthermore, you might be subjected to additional scanning.

Although the process is seemingly time-consuming, it really only takes about a few minutes in reality. Most of the time, they can classify the suspicious powder relatively fast. So as long as you don’t try to bring something illegal, you will get to continue your trip soon.

Other Make-Up Products In Hand Luggage

If you wonder whether lipsticks, chapsticks, or brushes can make it to the plane in your carry-on bags, then the good news is yes! There are no rules applied to any of these products, so feel free to bring anything you like. 

How To Pack Your Make-Up On A Trip

Have you known the requirements to bring your make-up along on your trip? Then it’s time to pack your things!

Simple as it may seem, packing make-up products for travelling can quickly go wrong, resulting in forgetting stuff and unrelatable makeup looks. Or worse, cracked compressed powder, broken lipstick, spilt foundation, etc.

How can you ensure that your needed products will be just the way you want and make them safe and sound to your destination? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Pre-Plan Your Make-Up Look

To have beautiful IG pics or simply look gorgeous going sightseeing, your make-up looks do matter. You don’t want your face to look like a cute little girl while dressing like a mature, minimalist person. There’s also the matter of matching the vibe of your destination.

Therefore, consider how you should look in the clothes you have prepared and the concept you want to follow there. Such action identifies which make-up colour you need: dark or bright.

Pre-plan your makeup look can help you decide which product to bring. Cre: @thepandaflavor

2. List Out The Products You Need

After planning your make-up look, list all the products you will use. How many eye colour palettes and lipsticks will you need? Which blush shades are suitable? Should you bring additional products such as lotion, hydrating masks, or dietary supplements?

Creating a list will ensure you got everything in place and remember to take the necessary products. This will also help you identify how many products you have brought. Remember to bring only one product with a specific function rather than a whole lot of the same bunch.

3. Prioritise Multi-purpose Products

When travelling, it’s best to optimise your luggage and save space for souvenirs you may purchase. Using multi-function products is undoubtedly a helpful way to do that.

You can prioritise eyeshadows palettes that double as blush or products containing both contour and highlights.

There are many options to choose from, all the while ensuring you got all the things you need. Make sure they have compatible colour shades with each other.

4. Choose The Suitable Containers

Covering compact powder with padding can help them avoid breaking while travelling. Photo by Igor Rand from Unsplash

If you decide to put your entire make-up products into the checked bags, you only need to worry about how to pack them as conveniently as possible. Using bags designed especially for make-up products or large bags with various compartments will be extremely helpful.

However, if you pack your make-up products in carry-on bags, it will be best to use travel-size products. But if you want to continue using your current ones, you must find the containers with the abovementioned volume.

Moreover, remember that the quart-size bag you use to carry your liquid products in hand luggage should be clear and has a zip-on. You should look for ones that are leak-proof or come with padding to avoid damaging your belongings.

Another great piece of advice is to use a shoulder bag or two. They are great for keeping your makeup kit close at hand when you need need to touch up your looks during a long-haul flight.

5. Keep Your Stuff Organized

Organising your stuff is necessary unless you want your small make-up products to go missing or spill all over the suitcase. You should separate them into different categories: skincare, base, colour, etc. Thus, you can find and take them out more quickly when needed.

Pack them all in a clear bag so the screening will go smoothly. Also, you will want to use a packing cube, a godsend when you don’t want an accident spill ruining your bags.

6. Cover Them With Cotton Pads Or Bubble Wrap

Bringing your make-up products on a plane can damage them due to the movement of the luggage being juggled around. This might crack your compact powder, break your lipsticks or your containers.

If your bag doesn’t include paddings, cotton pads or bubble wrap is an effective way to protect your stuff during the trip. And you can also use these to wrap the fragile souvenirs you buy on the way.


Is Mascara A Liquid?

Though most people consider mascara a “tube of the brush”, theoretically, mascara does count as a kind of liquid. And so, you should also follow the 3-1-1 rule and keep your mascara in your liquid bag to avoid unnecessary annoyance.

Can I Bring Tweezers On A Plane?

According to the TSA, tweezers are allowed in carry-on and checked bags. They note that any sharp items should be wrapped to avoid causing injury to the baggage handlers or inspectors, so remember to cover yours.

Can I Bring Nail Clippers On A Plane?

Many people keep nail clippers in their make-up bags, which is allowed on the plane as well by the TSA. Just like the tweezers, you should cover yours carefully if they are sharp. Nail files are also allowed in both your carry-on and checked luggage.

And if you are also wondering if your razor will be accepted on a plane, then the answer is yes. But, again, there are specific rules that you have to check beforehand.

Can I Bring As Many Lipsticks As I Want?

Of course. As we stated above, no rule applies to solid make-up products such as lipsticks, so you can bring whatever you like. But remember that this is only for “stick”, which means lip cream, or lip gloss, if not a solid form, will be counted as a liquid and must follow the 3-1-1 rule.

However, we recommend going at most a stick or two at a time. Chances are you don’t need that many lipsticks on a 1-2 week trip. Plus, travel light and minimalist is always the way to go.

You can bring as many lipsticks as you want on a plane. Photo by Marek Studzinski from Unsplash

Can I Do My Make-Up On A Plane?

The answer is a quick yes. You can put your make-up on the plane whenever you like. Despite being allowed to, it’s better if you don’t or just get a touch-up rather than a full-face make-up look.

The reason is that the plane can sometimes be rocky, making you slip off more easily. You surely don’t want your eyeliners to be squiggly or mascara on your cheek. Plus, some products have strong smells, which can irritate other passengers around you.

So, The Final Answer Is Yes, But With Certain Rules!

Can you bring make-up on a plane? Hope that this article has given you the answer you need! These are the general rules that are applied widely.

However, certain airlines or countries might have other regulations. We suggest you check all the information you can for the best experience.

Packing for travelling is never easy, especially when you travel by plane. In spite of the fact that there are many rules on what you can and can not bring on a plane, all the time, preparing and packing will eventually pay off!

Claire Thuc

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