Best Beach and Island Destinations to Visit this 2024

For many travelers, the best picture of a dream vacation is made of turquoise waters, pure white sands, palm-fringed shorelines, and salt-kissed air. If you are one of them, it’s time to wake up, book those tickets, and make this dream a reality. Here are the best beach and island destinations:


You’ve probably seen those towering granite boulders in talcum-like sands and cerulean waters….in postcards. This 2018, it’s time to visit and see the enchanting beauty of Seychelles yourself. This slice of paradise off the Indian Ocean is more rugged than the favorite honeymoon destination Maldives but it packs a lot of character. And if you are a wildlife fanatic, consider yourself lucky: Seychelles is home to giant tortoises, endemic birds, and dolphins.


A gem that has been waiting to be noticed, this South East Asian archipelago is home to thousands of islands scattered in the world’s richest waters. And with its breathtaking islands Boracay and Palawan repeatedly topping the best islands in the world list year after year, the Philippines should definitely be your next travel destination. It is also considered to be the center of marine biodiversity in the world so you are so get the best diving experiences of your life.


Fiji is as exotic as it is idyllic. These palm-fringed islands off the South Pacific is too good to be true: the beaches are milky white, the coastlines are lush, and the waters are mirror-flat. Over the years, it has become a hotspot for wellness retreats and luxury vacation. And with the trend of wellness vacations this year, Fiji should definitely be on your must-go list. The hospitality is as warm as the bright sun shining over these gorgeous islands.


It was spared from the recent hurricane that devastated some of the Caribbean islands so Grenada is now becoming the hotspot for a vacation in the tropics. More and more cruise lines are docking in Grenada and visitors are welcomed by friendly and lively locals, unspoilt beaches, and lush greeneries. This gem of an island is also called the Spice Isle, so expect a lot of beautiful surprises during your stay, including a trip to the world’s first underwater sculpture park.

Costa Rica

It is the happiest country in the world—which makes it the most satisfying place to live. It houses five percent of the world’s biodiversity. It has some of the most gorgeous and surf-perfect beaches in the world. You can see Olive Ridley turtles hatching in its coastlines. They greet each other “Pura Vida” which literally means, “pure life.” So why is Costa Rica worth visiting this 2018? Haven’t we said a mouthful?




Grayson Yañez is an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate and brand strategy consultant from the Philippines but mostly likes to be known as (Gray)son of the beach. He is also a content developer, cat lover, and marine conservation advocate. He shares his images, experiences, and thoughts through @graysonofthebeach



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