Best Europe Sim Cards: Top Data Sims For Travelling

Welcome, fellow globetrotters! Do you head on an adventure to Europe and wonder how to stay connected with your loved ones or access the internet while on the go? Well, worry not, because we've got you covered with our 5 best european sim cards list!

So, get ready to say goodbye to expensive roaming charges and welcome affordable and reliable data on the go. With these Europe data sims, you can upload your stunning travel photos, navigate through unfamiliar cities, and stay in touch with your friends and family back home.

Don't miss out on this essential travel hack - read on and discover the 5 Best European Sim Cards for all your travelling needs!

Best European Sim Cards For Travelling

1. 3UK Prepaid Sim Card

3UK Prepaid Sim Card, highly-recommended items from European travellers.

Cost: ~£30-50


  • Up to 50GB of data (12GB maximum outside the UK).
  • Unlimited calls and text options are available.
  • Valid for a month after activation.
  • Hotspot & Tethering enabled in the UK and Europe.

3UK Prepaid Sim Card is one of the best European Sim Cards while travelling. To begin, it is pretty cost-effective. It includes plenty of storage space for your digital media, no limits on texting, and a set number of minutes for phone calls.

A further perk is that you can make calls, send texts, and use your data anywhere inside the EU without incurring additional fees.

Furthermore, the 3UK prepaid sim card has fantastic coverage all around Europe (99%, according to their webpage).

The network has made significant investments in its infrastructure, so its coverage is extensive and its speeds are high in most locations. This is especially crucial in remote or rural areas, where cell phone reception may be inconsistent. 

In addition, high-speed Internet connections are always available on the 3UK network thanks to cutting-edge technologies like 5G. You may now use your phone for internet surfing, video streaming, and video calls without the hassle of buffering or lag.

Finally, getting started with your 3UK prepaid sim card couldn't be simpler. It's easy to buy and widely available both online and in stores. You may also monitor your data consumption, add money to your account, and manage your account via the 3UK app.

2. Orange Holiday Europe Sim 

Orange Holiday Europe Sim Card, is one of the best France and European.

Cost: ~£39


  • Up to 20GB of 4G data is usable with any unlocked device (data tethering allowed).
  • Free calls and messenger are up to 120 minutes and 000 texts.
  • Credit is valid for up to 14 days.

Orange Holiday Sim is a great option if you are seeking a convenient and affordable European Sim Card. It has an exceptionally high data cap, making it a great choice for international travellers, especially when you are visiting France.

There is a generous 20GB of data included on the card, usable in 30 European countries. In addition, the Orange Holiday Europe Sim also comes with unlimited texts and voice calls within Europe. This means that you can stay in touch with your friends and family back home without having to worry about additional charges.  

Moreover, there are no additional costs or fees associated with purchasing an Orange Holiday Europe Sim. It will be much simpler to set a reasonable travel budget if you already know how much your trip is going to cost.

3. LycaMobile Prepaid Sim Card 

Purchase a LycaMobile Prepaid Sim Card for a seamless connectivity experience while travelling.

*Price & product details vary depending on the packages you go with, please consult LycaMobile for more details.

LycaMobile Prepaid Sim Card is worth considering while travelling to Europe. It is recommended as the best Sim Card with data in Europe with lots of advantages. 

The first thing to notice is its wide network coverage. It helps to improve your experience if you're travelling to multiple countries within Europe, as you'll likely want reliable network coverage wherever you go.

Its flexibility is also a plus. The card can be used in many different countries around the world, making it easier for travellers who desire to visit multiple destinations in the European Union countries during their trips.

The biggest advantage of this European Sim Card is its competitive pricing. The plans are very affordable and offer great value for money. You can choose from a variety of data-featured plans that suit your needs, whether you're looking for just data or a combination of data, calls, and texts.

4. Airalo Eurolink ESim

Airalo Eurolink ESim promises to bring smooth connectivity to your whole Europe trip.

Cost: ~£35


  • Up to 10GB/30 days.
  • 5G supported.
  • Valid for a month after activation.

Airlo Eurolink ESim is a top European ESim allowing you to have a data plan in multiple EU member states. Being an Esim, you don’t have to switch SIM cards or pay roaming fees whenever you move to another country. It's a convenient and cost-effective solution for travellers who frequently go across the continent.

The data speeds are fast and trustable, promising a trouble-free connecting experience. Moreover, the ESim uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure confidential and secure data, making it ideal for business travellers who need to access sensitive information.

Finally, its operator is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. You can utilise this feature to switch between devices without needing to switch Sim Cards.

5. Klook 4G ESim

Many tourists choose Klook 4G ESim as a useful sim card for travelling.

Cost: ~£23


  • Up to 8GB of data usage. 
  • Instantly activate through QR Code via Email. 
  • All networks are supported.

If you are a travelholic, a Klook 4G ESim is essential to make your trips smoother and hassle-free. Many real customers have depicted it as one of the best European ESims thanks to its easy access to many European travel destinations, including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

The 4G ESim enabled internet connectivity on your smartphone without the need to insert a SIM card. It's now much simpler to use Google Maps, get in touch with loved ones, and plan future adventures.

All you need to do is purchase the ESim on Klook's website, and you'll receive a QR code just in a few minutes and scan it with your smartphone. Therefore, you do not have to worry about language barriers or finding a local store that sells European Sim Cards.

The ESim allows you to start using data as soon as you arrive at your destination, which means you can hit the ground running and start exploring without any delays.

Why You Should Buy A Local Sim Card In Europe

Why You Should Buy A Local Sim Card In Europe

Buying a local Europe sim card with lots of merits. Photo by Freepik

Are you trying to decide whether to go with a global sim card or a local sim card for your upcoming trip to Europe? Well, let us help you compare the two options.

A global sim card is a prepaid sim card that can be used in multiple countries, including Europe. The main advantage of a global sim card is that you don't have to worry about purchasing a new sim card with a new phone number every time you enter a new country.

However, they tend to be expensive, and the data plans are often limited. On the other hand, a local sim card with data in Europe is a better choice when you travel within the EU.

First, they are generally cheaper than global ones since you can get a lot more data for your money. Second, they can be easily purchased at the airport or a local phone shop, and require a few minutes to set up, which is really convenient and time-saving.

Finally, local sim cards offer better coverage and faster internet speeds since they use local networks. After choosing a good transportation method, you will want a fast network to use your phone for navigation or uploading photos to social media.

In conclusion, a local SIM card has several benefits over a global SIM when travelling. The benefits include reduced costs, enhanced coverage, ease of use, quicker download times, and increased data limit.

How To Buy A SIM Card In Europe

How To Buy A SIM Card In Europe

Be aware of must-known things in advance while purchasing a sim card in Europe. Photo by Freepik

After researching the best European Sim Cards, the next step is purchasing one. However, there are a few things you should notice before buying a sim card in Europe. 

1. Make Sure Your Phone Is Unlocked

Your phone needs to communicate with the SIM card to establish a connection with your carrier's network while inserting a SIM card in Europe. To do this, your phone must first be unlocked.

When a phone is "locked," it means that the phone is only programmed to work with a specific carrier's network. This is usually done by the carrier to ensure that the phone is paid off before it can be used on another network.

Therefore, making sure that you can unlock your phone is essential.  If this is not possible, you can buy an already-unlocked smartphone. Before you travel, you should check that your mobile device is compatible with the GSM standard used in the country you're visiting.

It is the most widely used mobile network standard in Europe. It allows you to make voice calls, send texts, and use mobile data on your mobile device. You can check your device's specifications or contact your mobile network operator for more information.

2. Deciding Based On Needs

The next step is to consider your needs and requirements to choose the best option for you. Some factors you should take into account are the frequency to use voice and messages, data speed, cost and whether you prefer a prepaid or postpaid.

Some sims have a short lifespan, designed to be tossed into the trash bin at the airport after a single use. So, keep in mind to figure out your desire to use a sim card in Europe for your whole holiday or within a brief period.

To prevent compatibility concerns, make sure you get the right SIM card size for your phone. Like almost everywhere, Sim cards for European travel come in three sizes: Standard, Micro and Nano.

Read the user manual or call the mobile network provider to find out what size SIM card your device needs. Online SIM card purchases should be double-checked for size.

The tip is to ask yourself some simple questions to figure out:

  • How much data do I plan to use?
  • How long am I going to use the sim? Three days a week or more?
  • How many phone calls and texts am I expecting to make or receive?
  • Are there any Wi-Fi spots at my hotel/destination?
  • Do I use the sim once, or will I re-use it across multiple countries?
  • How much am I willing to pay?

3. Choose Trustworthy Sellers

We have provided the most widely used providers in the last section. Now let’s look at how and where to buy reliable European sim cards.


If you're looking to buy an eSIM while travelling to Europe, you can typically purchase one from the mobile network operator's website or app of the country you visit. 

If you prefer to purchase an eSIM directly from a mobile network operator, you can visit their website or app to purchase and activate the eSIM. Major European mobile networks operators like Vodafone, Orange, and O2 offer eSIM plans.

There are also third-party eSIM providers, such as GigSky and Truphone, that offer eSIM plans for travellers. These providers typically offer global coverage and allow you to purchase and activate an eSIM through their app or website.

Buying Directly At The Airport

Buying a European SIM card directly at the airport is usually a convenient and easy option. A store or kiosk that sells SIM cards is often in the arrivals area or near the baggage claim area.

You can research the different options beforehand or ask the sales representative for recommendations on the best European Sim Card.

Local Stores 

Since local or grocery stores are easily found in convenient locations such as gas stations, shopping centres, supermarkets, or electronic stores. You can head to one of them to purchase and activate your sim card the right way immediately.

Furthermore, store employees can provide information and advice on the best European SIM card plans for your needs and local tips on mobile network coverage and data usage.

4. Research And Compare

Researching and comparing different travel sim cards with data in Europe before buying one can be beneficial in finding the best deal. Check the network quality and any potential unexpected fees. Besides prices and data allowance, consider these factors: 

Network Coverage

Network coverage refers to the availability and strength of a cellular network in a particular area. Different carriers have varying levels of network coverage depending on the location. Thus choosing a carrier that provides coverage in the areas where you will be using your phone the most is essential. 

Verify a provider's service area either before or after signing up. Talk to family and friends using the same carrier for information on network coverage. Another method is to look for third-party websites that let you check broadband coverage by entering the zip code or address.

Ease Of Purchasing And Activating

Check if the carrier offers SIM cards in stores or online. If you prefer to buy in-store, make sure there is a physical location near you. If you prefer to buy online, check if the carrier offers free shipping and how long it takes to arrive. 

Moreover, check in advance whether you need to provide any documentation to purchase or activate the SIM card. Some carriers require identification documents like a passport or driver's licence, while others may only require basic personal information.

Customer Support

Supportive customer support will increase your experience when using a sim card in Europe. Remember to notice and ask for technical assistance in case of any issues encountered with your sim cards, such as connectivity, activation or errors.

Reliable customer support also helps you change your plan, update your billing information, and resolve billing disputes.

How To Activate Your European Sim Card

How To Activate Your European Sim Card

Activating your EU sim card is as easy as buying one. Photo by rocketclips -

After making your purchase, it’s time to set it up. The process is pretty straightforward. But there are extra steps and information you may need to be aware of.

1. Setting Up Your European Sim Card

This is as easy as it sounds. Power off your device, find the SIM card tray (usually on the side) and pop the SIM in. Next, check to see if the phone recognises the card and has a network connection. If not, consult the provider or move to an area with better network coverage.

Some countries require you to verify your identity. This is a safety measure for anti-terrorism reasons. You may need to provide them with your ID, passport, etc. and wait a few hours before getting your sim card activated.

2. Check How You Can Top-Up The Sim Card

There are several ways to top up your SIM card in Europe, depending on the mobile network operator and the country you're in. You can choose from the following common methods:

  • Online top-up
  • Mobile app
  • Top-up vouchers
  • Automatic top-up
  • Bank transfer.

3. Manage Your Data Usage

Managing data usage using a European SIM card is important for avoiding high fees. First, you should avoid using data-intensive apps and services to conserve data.

Many apps on your device may be set to automatically update in the background, using up data without you even realising it. You can disable automatic app updates in your device's settings and manually update them when you have access to Wi-Fi. 

Some web browsers and apps offer data compression features that can reduce the data used when browsing or streaming content. For example, Google Chrome has a Data Saver feature that can reduce data usage by up to 50%.

Second, preparing a backup plan in advance, such as a second European SIM card or another Wi-Fi hotspot, is helpful and time-saving. It offers redundancy, increases coverage, and provides more convenience when travelling with multiple devices.

Can I Use My Own Domestic Sim Cards For Data When Travelling In Europe?

 You can use your domestic SIM card for data in Europe. But first, Check if your carrier supports international roaming and if your phone is compatible with the local network. Consider that you may experience high roaming fees. Other than that, European Sim Cards with free EU data roaming are an attractive choice!

Note: Mobile roaming policies in the EU have been changed after Brexit. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do thorough research before purchasing.


1. Is It Possible To Transfer A Phone Number From One Sim Card To Another?

Yes, transferring a phone number from one SIM card to another is possible. This process is known as "porting" your phone number. It allows you to keep your existing phone number when you switch to a new mobile network operator or SIM card.

You'll need to contact your current mobile network operator to transfer your phone number from one SIM card to another. Then, request a PAC (Porting Authorization Code), which authorises the transfer of your phone number to a new SIM card.

After that, you need to contact the mobile network operator where you purchased your new European Sim card and provide them with the code. They will then initiate the porting process, which can take a few hours to a few days to complete.

While waiting, you’re left with no means of communication. So it's important to plan accordingly and make sure you have a backup phone or alternative means of communication in case of any issues.

Additionally, some mobile operators may charge a fee for porting your phone number. Thus you should check with your current and new mobile network operators for applicable fees or charges.

2. Is It Necessary To Have A Different Europe Sim Card For Each Country? 

In most cases, a single Europe SIM card will work in multiple countries across Europe as long as the mobile network operator has coverage in those countries.

Before travelling, verify with your device network operator to ensure your SIM card will operate in the countries you visit. Some mobile network operators may require additional services or costs to use your SIM card abroad.

Coverage and speeds vary by cell network operator and nation. So, remember to check the coverage maps and network speeds in the locations you'll be travelling to ensure dependable service. 

Is It Necessary To Have A Different Europe Sim Card For Each Country?

Have fun sightseeing all the attractions without worrying about getting lost or disconnected. Photo by Farknot Architect -

3. Can I Have A Sim Card With Only Data?

Yes, you can have a SIM card with only data in Europe. Many mobile network operators in Europe offer data-only SIM cards that are designed for use in tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices that don't require voice services.

These SIM cards typically come with a data allowance that you can use for internet access. And they may also include additional features such as tethering or mobile hotspot capabilities.

Check with the mobile network operator for specific requirements or restrictions for using a data-only SIM card. Some factors include device compatibility or geographic coverage.

4. Can I Get Unlimited Data In Europe?

Yes, it is possible to access unlimited data in Europe. Many mobile network operators in Europe offer unlimited data plans for their customers. However, the availability and pricing of these plans may vary depending on the country and mobile network operator.

When choosing an unlimited data plan, it's important to carefully check the terms and conditions. Some may have restrictions or fair usage policies limiting the amount of data you can use monthly.

You should also check the coverage and network speeds available in the areas where you'll use the European SIM card. These can vary depending on the mobile network operator and the location.

Remember that your mobile network operator may still throttle your data speeds or charge additional fees. This happens If you exceed a certain amount of data usage or use your SIM card for tethering or mobile hotspot.

It's essential to check the terms and conditions of your unlimited data plan carefully to avoid any unexpected charges or limitations.

Getting The Best Europe Sim Cards With Data For Travel

Whether planning to travel for business or pleasure, having a reliable sim card with big data is essential to keep you connected and on track while exploring Europe. With so many options available, choosing the best European Sim Cards for your needs can be challenging.

However, we hope that our five best Europe sim cards have provided you with a good starting point. These sim cards offer fantastic data plans, affordable rates, and excellent coverage across Europe. They are the perfect companions for your European adventures.

Remember, getting the correct sim card can help you stay connected, navigate new places, and share your adventures with your loved ones back home. So, choose wisely and enjoy your travels with a reliable and affordable data sim card!

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