Top 8 Best Mexico Beaches For You And Your Family In 2024

Surrounded by oceans, and having lovely tropical climate, the country of Mexico is destined to be a great place sea lovers. Find yourself bathing under the warm sun while enjoying the soft white sand and clean water.

Our following list will introduce some of the best Mexico beaches that offer amazing experiences for you and your family. Board the plane and visit any of these destinations to have a great time.

  1. Playa Norte - Isla Mujeres
  2. Balandra Beach - La Paz
  3. Isla Pasion - Cozumel
  4. Playa Delfines, Cancun
  5. Akumal Beach - Mayan Riviera
  6. Maya Chan Beach - Quintana Roo
  7. Medano Beach - Cabo San Lucas
  8. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park - Quintana Roo.

As you prepare for your upcoming beach getaway to Mexico, check out our beach packing list to make sure you're fully ready for your adventure.

1. Playa Norte - Isla Mujeres

Best Mexico Beaches - Playa Norte - Isla Mujeres - CabinZero

The summer paradise that everyone is looking for. Photo eskystudio -

Just a short ferry ride from Cancun will take you to this famous public beach in Isla Mujeres. Here, the warm sun and beautiful beach are available whenever you’re visiting the island.

It’s great for family and groups of friends, with many beach activities and full-on amenities. Enjoy the nice soft white sand that you can walk on barefooted. Take a dip in the beach whenever you want. The shallow and calm water allows everyone to have fun on the beach.

Sit under the palm tree while sipping your delicious beverages from the nearby beach bars. Or enjoy some of the most delicious local delicacies at many food stalls.

Enjoy incredible scuba diving and snorkeling activities where you get to see the vast aquatic habitats at the El Meco National Reef Park. Have the most exciting and thrilling experiences where you swim with the turtles or taking on the whale shark tours. 

Those who are interested can take the cruise to look around Playa Norte and have a better view of this wonderful island paradise. Watch the beautiful sunset while sailing the amazing Caribbean coast holding your favorite cup of cocktails.

The beach itself can be a little crowded during the busy travel season with people, boats, and many beach activities. But it makes up by having the best services, amenities, and foods.

If you’re looking for a more secluded area, there are also private beach areas that you can enjoy. However, expect to spend more money on those luxurious experiences.

2. Balandra Beach - La Paz

 Best Mexico Beaches - Balandra Beach - La Paz - CabinZero

Just a short bus ride will take you to Balandra Beach. Photo by Alejandro De Casso on Unsplash

Get on any rides from La Paz and quickly find yourself at the Playa Balandra, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you’ re arriving from Cabo San Lucas, then the driving time would be two hours.

Make sure you are always early to snag the palapas. Some say that you’ll need to purchase your own Balandra bracelets to enter the beach. However, Balandra beach is in fact free.

As of September 2023, they are only allowing 450 visitors to the beach and during tow time phases. This is necessary to keep the ocean oasis and its biodiversity from being polluted, so future visitors can continue to enjoy the beach.

And once you’re in, the true untouched natural beauties will unfold in front of your eyes. Enter Balandra Bay and find the beautiful white beach with not a single piece of trash or plastic.

From here, you can take a hike in the Balandra area and capture the stunning panoramic views along the trails. It’s advised that visitors wear proper walking shoes when hiking the trails. 

You can grasp all the scenic views by standing on the nearby rocks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to capture your once-in-a-life time pictures. Don’t forget to have some fun relaxing on the beach, where you can find true calms from the beautiful natures and friendly animals.

Tons of other activities are available for visitors. Start by paddle boarding and kayaking through the Balandra mangroves, where you can explore the natural ecosystem and its friendly habitants. Or you can spend your time investing the nearby attractions, including the famous Mushroom Rock.

The entire area has no shops or amenities, so make sure you have your belongings ready before arrival. The safe and beautiful beach makes it a great destination for family with kids. Also, the many activities at the area will surely attract all visitors.

3. Isla Pasion - Cozumel

Best Mexico Beaches - Isla Pasion - Cozumel - CabinZero

Visit the secluded island and enjoy your private beach experiences. Šarūnas Burdulis from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Forget about the bustling public beaches, you and your friends can enjoy the private island of Isla de Pasion, where everything is ready for you.

A quick 10-minute boat trip from Cozumel will take you to this secluded island paradise. However, visitors will need to book an all-inclusive day pass or package tour to reserve the place for themselves.

Have fun at the beach with lots of fun activities, including buffets, open bars, beach games, water toys, and many more. Or feel free to dip into the water and soak up the warm sun at this tropical paradise.

And once you have had your fun, the relaxing beach with white sand, palm trees, and pretty hammocks will welcome you. Take a rest while enjoying your favorite tropical drinks from the open bar. Or choose to explore the small island with your friends.

The area has huts, tables, beach beads and chars, along with showers and bathrooms for all visitors. Plus, there’s a separate kid place with maze and castle for the little ones to have fun on their own too.

After returning to the beach, feel free to set up and enjoy your beach buffets in Isla de Pasion, where you can enjoy grilled fish, chicken, and many local delicacies.

On a warm sunny day, the island is perfect for a private beach getaway, with white sand, blue and glittering water for only you. However, bad weathers can make your trip quite fatiguing, so make sure to check the weathers before going.

4. Playa Delfines, Cancun

Best Mexico Beaches - Playa Delfines, Cancun - CabinZero

A large public beach for those who enjoy strong waves – photo by Tristan Higbee on Flickr – licensed by Attribution 2.0 Generic

If you love the bustling atmosphere with active beach activities, amazing beach sports, and powerful waves, then the Playa Delfines is the place to go.

The name means “Dolphin Beach”, due to the group of dolphins that often visit the area in the old day, although they’re rarely seen nowadays. Still, the beach is a local favorite for its standard attractions, with white sand and clear blue water, especially on a warm day.

It’s Cancun’s largest free public beach with tons of beach activities for both locals and visitors. Here, you can enjoy surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, and more. Conquer the strong waves while bathing under the warm sun.

Free chairs and umbrella are provided to visitors for free. They’re first-come first-serve, so make sure you get yourself one before heading to the water. 

There are tons of foods and drinks that you can find along the beach, with vendors selling all types of local delicacies. The area is also next to many restaurants, hotels, and shops, so you can always get what you need and come back.

Although the beach has active lifeguards, the high waves are still dangerous to children. So, you should be careful when going to the area. Always pay attention to the water condition flags and listen to the lifeguards’ whistles.

5. Akumal Beach - Mayan Riviera

Best Mexico Beaches - Akumal Beach - Mayan Riviera - CabinZero

Enjoy lounging on the beach under the warm sun and palm trees at Akumal. Photo by keatssycamor, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

Prize of the small beach town, Playa Akumal welcomes every visitor with its stunning beach and relaxing atmosphere. The name “Akumal” derived from the Mayan word for “place of the turtles”. And swimming with the local turtles is certainly an activity that you don’t want to miss.

The abundant sea life and calm water allows visitors to have some of the most diving and snorkeling experiences. You can bring your gears or get them from the nearby stores. Be sure to arrive early, since the protected turtle zone has a number limit.

The crystal-clear and turquoise water lets you see into the ocean with its abundant aquatic life. Enjoy swimming with the calm turtles of Akumal. And don’t forget to explore the amazing reefs, consisting of beautiful corals and its inhabitants, various fishes and rays.

The soft and glittering white sand, along with beautiful palm trees and the sounds of ocean, also make the beach a perfect place to relax. Just relax on any of those public lounges and umbrella after you get off the water.

As the beach stretch along the coastline, visitors can come to different parts of Playa Akumal. The northern area is where you come and see the abundant aquatic life with scuba diving and snorkeling activities.

The southern part is where the local communities reside. Here, you can discover Akumal’s true local life styles and get in touch with their traditions. And for those who enjoy the touristy experiences, the centre beach is where you find good foods, accommodations, and other stuff.

6. Maya Chan Beach - Quintana Roo

Best Mexico Beaches - Akumal Beach - Mayan Riviera - CabinZero

You can have this whole beach for yourself. Photo by Grand Velas Riviera Maya, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Just four miles south of the Costa Maya port is a little private beach for cruise ship passengers. Drop off by the small coastal village of Mahahual, where you can have the whole beach for the day.

Forget the public beaches, at Maya Chan Beach Resort, tourist can enjoy the most private travel experiences that they can get. Visit the small private beach where you can spend your day doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and without being interrupted.

Enjoy the clean and visitor-free private beach where you and your friends can have the whole day together. The shallow and calm water allows everybody to have fun at Maya Chan. You can pick up the complimentary equipment for swimming, kayaking, and even snorkeling.

Get ready to dive into the clear blue water and explore the 500 species of native fishes. Those who prefer staying on the water can use the glass bottom kayaks to explore the aquatic life.

Relax on the shore with palm trees, a tent, umbrellas, private bathrooms, and many more amenities. The beautiful beach, calming waves, and the secluded atmosphere are what set it apart from other beaches.

If you get hungry, the kitchen serves delicious Mexican delicacies with fresh and hot foods whenever you are prepared to eat. Have all the drinks you want from the premium bar service, which will be available throughout the day.

To visit the resort, you’ll need to make reservations ahead of time. The prices are reasonable and the services will always satisfy you.

7. Medano Beach - Cabo San Lucas

Best Mexico Beaches - Medano Beach - Cabo San Lucas - CabinZero

A popular destination at downtown area of Cabo San Lucas. Photo by TJ DeGroat, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

It’s one of the best Mexico beaches in Cabo San Lucas for both visitors and locals alike. The populated beach area stretches from the Villa del Palmar all the way to the east side of the Carbo harbor. You can come here any time and have yourself a blast.

Feel free to take a dip into the pristine blue water, or have fun playing at the shores with soft sand and gentle waves. Families can certainly have a great time visiting the area, since it’s a safe beach and have many things that you can do together.

Enjoy a ton of different beach activities including swimming, jet skiing, banana boating, kayaking, water skiing, and so on. The beach area also has public tables, umbrellas, and other amenities that you can freely use.

And while you are at it, amazing beach parties and games are available all the time. Enjoy playing with friends and even strangers at Medano Beach. Along the area, there are hotels, bars, restaurants, and clubs that you can visit after getting off the water.

Visitors can enjoy exploring the town and discovering the local lifestyles at Cabo San Lucas. Have a walk after dipping to find yourself good local foods, attractions, amazing locals, and many more.

Those who are interested in snorkeling and cruises can also book their trips, which often starts at Medano Beach. Get on the boat and start exploring many attractions along the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

8. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park - Quintana Roo

Best Mexico Beaches - Punta Sur Eco Beach Park - Quintana Roo - CabinZero

Not your typical beach with white sand and turquoise water - Photo by ImTurismo on Wikimedia Commons – licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal

Instead of spending most of your time at the beach and playing on the sand, why don’t you take a tour around Punta Sur Eco Beach Park and enjoy nature at its best

Here, the Punta Sur Eco Beach Park introduces visitors to amazing trips to nature, where the get to sea exotic local animals and eco-systems. See the flamingos, iguanas, and even crocodiles in their natural habitats.

Enjoy diving and snorkeling or explore the sea creatures with the glass bottom kayaks. Take a look at the world under water with beautiful reefs and aquatic animals.

Travel to the two famous light houses to discover their historical and cultural values. Check out the nearby Mayan ruins, Navigation museum, and many other attractions. And at the end of your journeys, there are several beach clubs that introduce you to the secluded and beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the white sand and blue water while lounging on your comfortable chairs and umbrella after a long trip. Here, there are restaurants and shops that you can get delicious foods and beverages for a reasonable price.

Get Ready For A Memorable Trip

With many amazing beaches and interesting travel experiences, Mexico is certainly the go-to destination for beach lovers. It’s time to enjoy the warm sun, soft sand, and clear water, as you relax or look for whole new beach adventures in these recommended locations.

So, pack your bags, board the plane, and get ready to explore the best Mexico beaches and what they have to offer. And as always, do send likes, comments, and share our posts to support our creating better travel content.

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