Best Places to Visit in October: The Ultimate List of the Best Holiday Destinations in October

It's the middle of October for the time being and we’re already halfway through this season. As mid autumn embraces us in a rush of howling winds along with driving rain and  dancing leaves, what could be better than spending this beautiful season with your loved ones in some of the best October holiday destinations?

There is a whole world out there to choose from, not to mention all those destinations on your list of dream vacays. Taking the time to list everything out and make the final decision on the best places to visit in October may be a bit tiresome and time-consuming, which could eventually ruin your mood for travelling. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to do all the hard work for you in order to present you with the list of the very best places to go on vacation in this cosy weather. So, scroll down to check it out if you want to look for the most amazing experience for your upcoming adventure. 


Bali, Indonesia 

Bali, Indonesia

Image from Unsplash - Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best places to go in October for sun. It is the whole package of not only aesthetic sceneries and nature but also friendly and hospitable local people, not to mention the fact that Indonesia possesses one the most flavours, tasteful cuisines in the world. And out of all the beautiful spots in Indonesia, Bali is definitely a place you must not miss. 

Blessed with nature, magnificent monuments, spectacular beaches with breathtaking views, this picturesque tropical island also offers tourists the opportunity to immerse in the local traditions or some downtime in its fascinating culture. There are also a wide range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy on this gorgeous island, namely surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. 

Palawan, Philippines

Image from Unsplash - Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best places to holiday in October. It’s best-known for its long list of beautiful islands and breathtaking sights to enjoy, and Palawan is just another one of those enchanting places that is undoubtedly worth a visit in a lifetime. With its newly-claimed fame, this small island is now home to one of the new seven natural wonders of the world 一 Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, one of the longest stretches of longest underground rivers in the world. 

Palawan has a range of soft white sand beaches with lush limestone peaks rising from the crystal clear waters, as well as a diverse and delicious local cuisine that can definitely awaken any traveller’s taste buds. It’s no exaggeration to consider Palawan paradise on Earth.

There are many outdoor activities that tourists can try out on this exotic island, including surfing, diving, sunbathing, spa treatments, shopping and hiking. If you want to explore the stunning coral reefs or the diversity of tropical fish, buy a ticket for guided boat tours and you won’t be disappointed. 

Ha Giang, Vietnam

Image from Unsplash - Ha Giang, Vietnam 

Used to be an unknown destination only visited by adventurous backpackers. Ha Giang has grown enormously over the past few years to become one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam. If you’re planning to travel to Ha Giang this October, be well prepared as October is a relatively cold month in Ha Giang with an average temperature in October is between 55.76°F - at the lowest and 70.52°F - at the highest. But the scenery and views are totally worth it. 

Raw, authentic and genuine. Those are the words that are often used to describe this beautiful place. It is located in the far north of Vietnam, about 280 kilometres from Hanoi. Every year, Ha Giang welcomes tourists with the enchanting blooming buckwheat flower season, with buckwheat flower fields often burst into full bloom from October to the end of winter. Any visitors will be blown away by the romantic and mesmerising beauty of this mountainous place. 

In addition, visitors will also be spellbinded by the majestic beauty of the magnificent rocky plateaus, winding passes, and picturesque terraced fields in Ha Giang. Here are some of Ha Giang’s famous tourist attractions: Dong Van Old Town, Dong Van Rock Plateau, Sung La Valley, Co Tien Twin Mountain, and so on. Each place has  its own charming appearance that will definitely catch your eyes, whether you are looking for the breathtaking sights to behold or the unique culture of ethnic minorities to learn about. 

Sapa, Vietnam

Image from Unsplash - Sa Pa, Vietnam 

Considered to be one of the tourist gems of Vietnam, Sapa definitely shot to the top of our October holiday destination list. Over the past few years, this beautiful town has risen to become the most popular tourist destination due to its spectacular scenery, which is even better in October. So if you are waiting for a favourable time to visit Sapa, it is high time for you to book a ticket to Sapa right now!

Located in the North West of Vietnam, the region is surrounded by magical thick forest cover and expansive rice plantations. In addition, during this autumn time, the temperature in Sapa usually ranges from 15 – 20 Celsius degrees with 4 hours of sunshine per day, and can drop to below 15 degrees in the early morning or at night. With such comfortable weather backed by its spectacular scenery of rice field terraces during rice harvest season, this land definitely offers the most amazing experience for any enthusiast seeking to travel to this Asian country. 

There are many things for tourists to do in Sapa. As the weather is slightly cooler than in summer, it's a great time to explore the area by taking a nature tour to visit Hanoi, the villages of Sapa, Halong Bay, Hoi An or enjoy a Mekong Delta homestay. You can either explore various traditions, villages to take in the local culture and historical aspects or enjoy relaxing boat trips with top notch dinners and picturesque views. 


Image from Unsplash - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

Singapore is one of the best warm places to visit in October. Famous for being a melting pot of cultures, Singapore is gaining prominence as one of the best tourist spots in Asia, and the scenery of this lion city in October is definitely a must-have experience for travellers. 

In October, Singapore witnessed the onset of the northeast monsoon, which brings much less rain but causes a lot more thunderstorms. As a result, you might find the weather quite humid during this time due to rainfall, thunder and lightning. But don’t worry,  these downpours only last for a certain period of time and will certainly not get in the way of your wanderlust. In addition, Singapore in October has the average temperature ranging between 25 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celcius with 8-10 hours of sunlight every day, which is reasonably warm and pleasant for outdoor activities. 

One of the most popular tourist attractions is Garden by the Bay - the green sky garden, where there are "supertrees" of up to 25m in height. If you visit this place in the evening, good chances are that you will be welcomed with a magical light party just like in the movies. S.E.A. Aquarium would also be an ideal choice for any visitors who are into the magical world of underwater, as this place houses about 100,000 species of marine creatures. 

Away from the shimmering attractions, Singapore also treats visitors with some of the top local cuisines with just a couple of bucks. From Michelin-starred fine dining options to cheap street food stalls, you can find everything you need in The City Hall complex and Marina Bay Sands.  During this time, the famous Halloween festival is also highly celebrated amongst Singaporeans, with people dressing up in unique frightening costumes, partying, enjoying delicious meals and visiting haunted houses. Such a once in a lifetime experience is really something you cannot afford to miss. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Image from Unsplash - Bangkok, Thailand 

Thailand is one of the best countries to visit in October. It has always been a beautiful tourist country that everyone wants to visit once, and October in Thailand is what most tourists would describe as ‘shoulder-season’ and widely regarded as the last of the rainy season months for many areas of Thailand. As a result, it is a good time for you to explore the capital Bangkok and nearby areas such as Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi. Although there may be some sporadic heavy rainfall during October, temperatures tend to be warm (around 85°F to 93°F), and you should see plenty of blue sky and sunshine wherever you stay during your visit. 

Additionally, it’s also a great time of the year to get out into the Thai countryside in the north and north-east and enjoy the greenery of the rice-fields, the spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking natural attractions. The weather during this month is a mix of sunshine and showers so keep in mind to bring a portable umbrella with you. 

Khao Yai, Thailand

Image from Unsplash - The Eyrie Khaoyai, Pong Ta Long, Thailand 

Khao Yai is also gradually entering the most sparkling period of the year. 

It only takes about 3 hours to travel from Bangkok to Khao Yai, and here in this beautiful place you will get the chance to admire the romantic and mesmerising look of a miniature Italy. 

In Khao Yai, there is the village of Primo Piazza - an architectural complex of restaurants, castles, streets that follow the typical Italian architecture.

When coming here, you can enjoy the dreamy, lovely sights as if you were in Europe. You can also enjoy a variety of delicious cuisines, namely pizzas, spaghetti, Italian ice cream and even the famous Italian espresso. In addition, Khao Yai has many other interesting and lovely attractions that you can have a go, such as: Hobbit House, mushroom farm, Chokchai Farm dairy farm, wine production area. 

Every year, this land of golden pagodas attracts thousands of tourists from all walks of life, from budget travellers to the fanciest holidayers. How could one not fall for this beautiful place?

Tokyo, Japan

If you consider yourself a world traveller, you should not miss spending time in Tokyo - the bustling capital of Japan. With a slight chill in the air, the weather here in October is often idyllic, with none of the heavy rains and high temperatures of summer. There may be a bit of rainfall, but the sky are clear, and temperatures are pretty mild at 20°C, with overnight lows at 15°C. All the outdoors activities, namely sightseeing, parks, and gardens are at their best, so you’ll enjoy the peak of autumn foliage while exploring the city. Don’t forget a light jacket for cooler mornings and evenings, along with appropriate rain gear. 

Image from Unsplash - Imperial Palace, Japan 

Upon arriving at Tokyo, you might want to pay a visit to Tokyo Imperial Palace - the living place of the Japanese royal family. Note that the palace is only open on New Year's Day and the Emperor's birthday, but you can still move to the garden on the east side of the palace to admire the beauty of the palace from the outside with many unique and impressive ornamental plants. The famous Tokyo TV tower with a height of more than 630m is also a typical mark of Japan, also known as a symbol of the development and modernity of the country of the rising sun. In the evening, there are also many food and shopping shops for you to visit and enjoy the panoramic view of the street.

In October, there are many events that you might want to have to go on, such as the team dance competition Tokyo Yosakoi Contest, the week-long Dai Ginza Festival, the annual  Tokyo International Film Festival, or the Kiku Kuyo celebration with beautiful displays of the flowers and the famous Golden Dragon dance. 

Kyoto, Japan

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo life, Kyoto extinguishes itself with pretty much of a quiet and peaceful look. October sees some of the best weather of the year in Kyoto with warm, sunny days and chilling evenings – way more comfy than the previous summer months. This city is renowned as an ancient capital that preserves long-standing culture and traditions, with many attractive historical sites. Coming to Kyoto, you will get the chance to immerse yourself in the idyllic natural scenery, filled with the breath of history.

Image from Unsplash - Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

The famous and beautiful Kinkakuji Temple (literally "Temple of the Golden Pavilion") is an excellent choice to start your journey in the morning. As an embodiment of the brilliant Muromachi period, the temple was built with typical yet impressive Japanese architecture. Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine are also two monuments worth visiting in Kyoto.

You might also want to check out some interesting festival in Kyoto this October: The autumn harvest Zuiki Festival, the honoured Funaoka Festival with participants donning period dress and marching through the city, or the famous Jidai Festival, in which you can see examples of costumes from every period in Japanese history.

Seoul, Korea

If you are planning your next journey to head for South Korea this October, its capital Seoul is definitely one of the best places to visit during this month of the year. With its rich cultural heritage and traditions, Seoul has everything you could love about a big city. 

Image from Unsplash - Seoul, South Korea

Surrounded by grassy mountains and cherry trees, the city glows with fiery reds, oranges, and yellows as the fall foliage approaches. From Buddhist temples, high-tech cities, fishing villages to the interesting festival activities, October is definitely a good time to visit South Korea as you can experience all these things at their best. The weather of South Korea in October welcomes visitors with the warmth touches on their face along with the pleasant breeze. 

During this time, you will be able to participate in many colourful and interesting traditional festivals here such as: Geumsan Ginseng Festival, Hanji Paper Festival, Shining Shining Jinju Lantern Festival, Ceremony Waterfall Food Festival 10 in Jeonju City, Fireworks Festival in Busan. 

What could be better than enjoying the typical hot and spicy tteokbokki, fish cakes, Jajangmyeon black soy sauce noodles, eating grilled meat and drinking soju in the cold, airy weather?

Taipei, Taiwan

This is another beautiful spot that has to be seen to be appreciated. Taiwan is gradually entering the most beautiful time of the year - starting from October. During this time, Taiwan covers itself with a poetic and romantic look made from maple leaves and sparkles from the raindrops. The weather is nearly perfect with clear skies and a bit of cold breeze in the air. Milder temperatures and less rain mean that this is a great time of the year for travellers who enjoy outdoor activities.

Here are some of the best places to spot this beautiful natural display that were also favoured by our beloved followers: Taroko Gorge, Mount Manapan, Dasyueshan National Forest, Aowanda Forest Recreational Area and its incredibly picturesque Maple Trail. Sun Moon Lake is always a great choice if you’re more into peace and quiet spots, not to mention the charm of this site is even more enchanting during this time of the year. Some of the must-have experiences include taking boat trips, visiting traditional villages, or simply renting a vehicle to go around and see where the roads will take you.

Image from Unsplash - Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

In addition to that, Taiwan has one of the best transport infrastructure in Asia, which is modern and less congested with all kinds of public transport such as high-speed train (HSR), subway (MRT), buses, and so on. Moving from place to place has never been easier.

You can also enjoy the lanterns festival in Shifen, where you get to see thousands of people gathering to scribble their wishes on colourful paper lanterns before releasing them into the sky in the hopes that their prayers will be answered. The release of these lanterns is considered a symbol of embracing an optimistic future.  Last but not least, don’t forget to try out the famous Taiwanese mooncakes during the Mid Autumn Moon Festival in Taiwan (we highly recommend you take some home with you!). 


Loire Valley, France

Image from Unsplash - Loire Valley, France

October is one of the most beautiful months of the whole year to visit Loire Valley in France, as the leaves of trees and other wooded plants turn to the warmest colours of autumn. 

Located around the Loire River’s middle stretch in Central France, this place is the biggest area in France ever to be included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. In addition, the Loire Valley is a delicate combination of nature, history, and French elegant lifestyles. Here, you can enjoy vibrant mediaeval towns, fairytale castles, stunning gardens, delicious food, and some of France’s best wines.

Imagine heading out on a bicycle or on foot and feel the crisp and revitalising morning air touching your face as you explore this stunning region. What could be better than that? 

Barcelona, Spain

Spain has long been on the wishlist of most holidaymakers, and it remains one of the best holiday destinations to visit in October. In particular, the city of Barcelona is definitely a big-hitter with its pleasant weather and temperatures around 21°C during the day and lower to 12°C at night. It’s no doubt a great time to visit this beautiful city if you’re into a cooler climate with plenty of sunshine.

Image from Unsplash - Barcelona, Spain

Located in Costa Brava in northeast Spain, the city of Barcelona with its Mediterranean climate enjoys constant warmth and sunshine throughout October. Although there may be some rainfall in autumn as the hot summer weather begins to fade, you’ll still get the chance to  enjoy plenty of sunshine during your stay.  There is so much sensory splendour to enjoy, as well as a plethora of gorgeous scenery, outstanding castles, charming towns, delectable cuisine to behold. It is advisable that you pack a light jacket in advance if  you’re planning an evening out in the city.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nestled between the Adriatic and the Dinaric Alps, although it is only half the size of Wales, this tranquil city is one of Europe’s fastest growing holiday destinations. It is also famous for being an accessible and affordable city break for many European travellers. 

Image from Unsplash - Dubrovnik, Croatia

And October is no doubt an ideal time of year to visit Dubrovnik, as the Dubrovnik weather is often mild and sunny with temperatures at around 20°C on most days. Borderline Mediterranean and subtropical, Dubrovnik’s climate is usually very warm and humid with quite a lot of rain in autumn and winter, so don’t forget to pack a jacket or an umbrella with you as you’ll see at least one or two showers during your stay. 

The historic city of Dubrovnik was originally built by the Venetians, and it offers a long list of options when it comes to fascinating cuisines. With shorter days, cooler weather as well as fewer crowds, delicious cuisine and colourful fall landscapes, no wonder that Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the best places to visit in October. 

Crete, Greece

October is a great month to visit destinations in Europe, as there will be fewer crowds than in the summer months, and of course, better prices. And if you're after some late sun and the opportunity to top up your tan one last time, the island of Crete in Greece is definitely one of the best autumn sun destinations in southern Europe during this time of the year. 

Image from Unsplash - Crete, Greece

Crete is the largest and arguably the most interesting of the islands. Here on this island you can either enjoy the luxury of the package resorts or simply rent one of these stylish houses or family villas to make your vacation count. 

The temperature is pretty mild at this time of year, with an average daily maximum and minimum at 23 C and 17 C, respectively. However, it’s a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. 

Good chances are you will get to see some of the most famous sites peacefully and enjoy your next vacation to the fullest during this shoulder season month. So grab your backpack and book a ticket to this beautiful spot right away!

The complete list of best places to visit in October is a very long list. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person may consider beautiful, someone else may consider not. 

Just as you are ramping up on your plans for the year, check out our hallmark October Holiday Destinations list, in which we highlight the highest-rated and most loved spots around the globe, ideal for city breaks in these warm autumn holidays and suitable for every type of traveller. From lesser-known cities to new escapes, these places are on the up and up.  People love them—and all for very good reason.

Phuong Nguyen

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