15 Cheapest Islands To Visit In The World: Find Your Slice Of Paradise

Keeping your budget while travelling has never been easy. But with our list of the 15 cheapest islands to visit in the world, you can still make your dream come true with a reasonable price.

Where are these heavens? What are the highlights of those? Pack your things and prepare to explore with CabinZero! This list will be suggested mostly based on the accommodation prices of the place. As the total price can vary on what you eat and buy.

1. Co To, Vietnam

Co To island has its natural beauty untouched. Photo by Tam DV on Unsplash

Being one of the most popular destinations for travellers in South Asia, Vietnam is famous for its delicious food, friendly people and of course, beautiful sightseeing.

Besides the lively cities such as Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, it’s a shame if you miss out on Vietnamese outstanding islands. If you are looking for an affordable trip, then Co To Island should be one of the places you consider.

Not as famous as Phu Quoc island, the tourism service here is not as developed, so you only have limited options for accommodations. However, this helps Co To keep its beaches retain their natural beauty untouched by tourists, offering travellers a different way of exploring the island.

Visiting Co To, you can rent a bike to move between the destinations. In the morning, you can travel to the Cau My Reef to see the sunrise along with the distinguished layers of colourful rocks. Then, you can visit the Co To lighthouse, the Ho Chi Minh Monument, or walk along the Road of Love.

You can also book a daily trip to visit the little Co To island. This is an unscathed, uninhabited island. So the atmosphere will be utterly quiet with only the sound of waves along with fishes and jellyfish swimming under the clear water.

The prices for hotels or homestays here only vary from around £18 to £40 for two people per night. And the food is extremely cheap because they catch most of the ingredients by themselves. For instance, fresh seafood is caught from night fishing boats.

2. Apia, Samoa

Apia is Samoa's second-largest island and a worth-visiting destination. Photo by SCStock - stock.adobe.com

Apia is the second biggest island in the Samoa archipelago, one of the most scenic islands in the world, and also the capital of Samoa country. Founded in the 19th century, this city has some of the signature architecture of the Samoan houses as well as colonial churches and historical destinations.

You can visit the Samoan Cultural Centre to experience wood carving, tapa painting, and traditional cookery demonstrations. This country is also famous for fishing, so spend some time catching the fish yourself or simply visit the markets for a feast.

If you have time, you can also set a trip to explore deep inside Upolu Island. Spend time diving into the primitive atmosphere of the forests here and don’t forget to see the amazing Papapapaitai Falls and Sopoaga Falls.

The accommodations in Apia are quite reasonable, mostly from £50 to £150, depending on the additional services they offer. There is also a wide range of restaurants that offer both seafood and local dishes with different budgets for you to choose from.

3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is famous for its turquoise beach. Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Located on the east coast of Africa, Zanzibar is a popular destination due to its beauty, distinguished culture and reasonable budget. The fact that this island used to be an essential place on the ancient trade route allows it to have the cultural diversity that can still be seen nowadays. 

Visiting the famous Stone Town, you can easily feel the perfect harmony of different cultures, from Africa to Arabia, India and even Europe. You can find a diverse culture in architecture and almost every aspect of life here.

If you want to learn more about nature in Zanzibar, you can also spend time diving or travelling to the JozaniChwaka Bay National Park. Simply lying at the beach to watch the sunset is also a good way to pass the time.

And don’t forget to save time for the local markets, where you can experience the bustling life here. You can also buy high-quality spices as well as try out the local flavours.

The island offers a variety of accommodations, from luxury resorts to minimalist hotels. You can choose freely based on your budget. Most will be from £50.

4. Utila, Honduras

You can learn scuba diving or simply go for a swim in Utila. Photo by Ana Lanza on Unsplash

Being the smallest island of the Bay Islands in Honduras, Utila is considered one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. This island lies in the area that marks the end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in the south.

The most popular thing to do in Utila is to learn scuba diving. There are many dive centres for you to choose from, and they also provide certification. The diving courses here are considered the cheapest all around the world.

You can also rent an ATV at around £50 to wander around the island. This place also has beautiful beaches, such as Chepes or Bando Beach, to admire the gorgeous sunset. If you have time, book a daily trip to Water Cay, you won’t regret it.

The accommodations on the islands usually cost around £50 to £125 per two people per night. The local food also has reasonable prices with many options from the food stalls to restaurants.

5. Isla Colón, Panama

Isla Colón is famous for its diverse wildlife. Photo by Dan Lundberg, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr 

Isla Colón, also known as Colón Island, is the largest island in the north of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. This place is one of Panama's top tourist destinations for surfing and exploring nature.

Due to the riptides, beaches here are not recommended for swimming. However, if you want an extreme experience of surfing, Playa Bluff might be perfect. You can also learn more about the conservation work for the sea turtles here or take a walk along the uninhabited beachfront.

San San Pond Sak Wetlands or the Soposo Rainforest are also where you should visit when coming to Isla Colón. A day trip to these two destinations allows you to observe the wildlife here. Moreover, it will even let you experience the Naso civilisation - one of the few in the Americas still ruled by a king.

The average price for accommodations on this island is around £50 to £80. To travel around the island, you can rent a bike at a reasonable price (some hotels even offer bikes for free) or take a taxi.

6. Koh Samui, Thailand

The stunning view of Koh Samui enchants any first-time visitors. Photo by lkunl - stock.adobe.com

Lying on the east coast of the Isthmus of Kra is Koh Samui, the second biggest island in Thailand. It is famous for its clear beaches and gorgeous coral reefs.

Once a fisherman's village, Koh Samui has developed extremely and become a cosmopolitan town. Some places on this island still preserve its peaceful and simple vibe, such as Maenam Beach.

Besides many beautiful beaches with distinguished vibes scattered on the island, Koh Samui also offers a waterfall with a spectacular view down the island. Other destinations to visit are Overlap Stone, Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai), the Elephant Gate, and many more.

To travel on the island, you can grab a taxi or hire your own scooter for the price of £3 to £5. For the accommodations, the price fluctuates wildly from £50 to £250, due to a variety of affordable and luxury services.

7. Bali, Indonesia

The view of the famous Dinosaur Island in Bali. Photo by Christian on Unsplash

Being one of the most popular islands in the world, Bali is a dream destination. The variety of exploring activities and cultural aspects for tourists to enjoy is too many to count.

There is almost no limit to what you can experience on this island, from scuba diving and surfing to visiting water parks and zoos. You can also spend time discovering distinguished museums and temples.

What’s special about Bali is its natural environment. You can easily see wild animals, such as stray dogs and monkeys, wandering around the place, but be careful not to pet them. Despite being cute, they may contain dangerous diseases and act in an unpredictable way.

Religion plays an important role here. So when coming to this island, be prepared to observe different ceremonies of the locals or see a variety of traditional clothes on the street. Don’t be surprised if the road gets stuck during these ceremonies or your drivers suddenly stop to make a blessing.

The accommodation price in Bali often starts from £100, which is not so cheap compared to other islands but they do offer stunning additional services such as massage, hair salon, transportation, etc.

8. Madeira, Portugal

Madeira Island has many podcast-perfect sceneries. Photo by anitasstudio - stock.adobe.com

Located in the southwest of Portugal, Madeira is known as the pearl of the Atlantic. The island is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, waterfalls, and delectable cuisine. Although in a European location, it is distinguished with an almost tropical vibe.

Different from other islands, Madeira is not famous for its beaches but for its seawater pools, such as the Porto Moniz and the remarkable world heritage laurel forest Laurisilva.

Coming to Madeira, you should go hiking and explore the different waterfalls on the island. However, if you still want to swim on the beach, you can visit Porto Santo Beach.

The island also offers a variety of local food and delicious wine at a reasonable price. The average accommodation price here is £60 to £120.

9. Panglao Island, Philippines

Panglao Island is perfect for a low-budget trip. Photo by Leif Donayre on Unsplash

Located in the south-central Philippines, Panglao is an island in the north Bohol Sea. The island is separated into two municipalities, Dauis and Panglao town.

The topography in Panglao varies from flat and hilly to mountainous. This allows tourists to participate in a wide range of activities, such as swimming on the beaches or exploring caves.

You can go for a walk on the beautiful Alona Beach, and be massaged by the locals on the shore. Kayaking to the Virgin Islands or booking a tour guide for a trip to the Hinagdanan Cave are also interesting activities to consider. Another thing to do is visit the conservation centres of the endangered Philippine Tarsier.

Staying on Panglao Island might only cost around £30 to £60 per two people per night. The food is also cheap, with mostly Filipino signature dishes.

10. Victoria, Canada

Victoria is an old city with many historical sights. Photo by Barbara Helgason - stock.adobe.com

Victoria Island is the capital city of the British Columbia province. This place has long been a tourist city due to its natural beauty and enthusiastic vibe.

Despite being small, the city has a full collection of historical attractions and modern entertainment. Named after Queen Victoria in 1843, you can encounter many vintage British architectures in Victoria, such as Craigdarroch Castle, Parliament Buildings, or Christ Church Cathedral, etc.

And if you are looking for a more energetic experience, you can always go kayaking, sailing, or visiting a variety of bars and local pubs here. The accommodation here starts at around £85. And you can fully explore the whole island in a few days to save your budget. 

11. Corfu, Greece

Corfu is a beautiful city with many historical sites. Photo by Calin Stan on Unsplash

Gleaming in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is the perfect location for a sun-filled holiday. The island is outstanding, with the cosmopolitan style merging with historical Venetian and French influences.

Just like other cities in Greece, Corfu has a long history with historical centres and stunning architecture. First, you can visit the Old Town of Corfu. And don’t forget to try out the traditional flavours of Greece of the locals here.

Then, you can visit other historical architectural sights such as Vlacherna Monastery, Royal Achilleion Palace, etc. Or spend time wandering through different museums.

If you are more adventurous, you can rent a bike to cycle around the island, discovering little-known locations away from the tourist crowds. There are also paragliding and sailing services.

The accommodation fees here are only from £50 to £100. There are also more luxurious options, at around £200, if you feel like going to a feast.

12. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Mujeres is a vibrant island with distinguished services. Photo by Jose Vazquez on Unsplash

Isla Mujeres, which translates to "Women Island" in Spanish, is an island where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico converge. Although being roughly 650 metres wide and 4.3 km long, there are plenty of things to do on this island.

The first destination not to miss is Isla Contoy, a natural wildlife reserve and bird sanctuary designated as a National Park in 1998. This place is one of the most crucial locations in Mexico for seabird and turtle hatching, only accepting a maximum of 200 people each day.

Another place to go is MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte). Here, you may explore the underwater museum and admire more than 500 sculptures by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor. This place is also used for promoting the growth of coral and the return of more marine life.

And a must-try activity here is swimming with whale sharks. You can only participate in this from June to September. The excursion includes food, soft drinks, snorkelling the reefs and swimming with whale sharks.

Don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant nightlife here in the central square. You can have the chance to experience many signature street foods while dancing and enjoying the night with local people. The accommodation prices in Isla Mujeres are mostly £80 to £150.

13. Caye Caulker, Belize

You can stay on a budget if you spend most of your time chilling on a beach. Photo by Michiel Ton on Unsplash

Caye Caulker is a tiny limestone coral and a laid-back island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Belize. Despite its size, the place has a lot of fun things to do.

The most popular hangout place in town must call out The Split. It is a minor crack physically created by Hurricane Hattie in 1961 on the island of Caye Caulker. Nowadays, this place is packed with fun bars and a variety of exciting activities.

Scuba diving is also one of the things you should try at Caye Caulker. Nearly 200 miles of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System are claimed by Belize. This means a chance to explore the world's second-largest barrier reef, where numerous coral and fish species will be present.

You should also spend some time on the north island of Caye Caulker, where the view is primarily unspoiled and covered in natural areas with fascinating animals. You can book a decent hotel here from £60 to £150.

14. Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Pulau Redang is part of a protected marine park. Photo by Abdelrahman Ismail on Unsplash

Pulau Redang is one of the biggest islands south of Malaysia Peninsular. It is one of nine islands comprising a marine conservation park where visitors can go snorkelling and scuba diving.

As stated above, being a part of a protected marine park means the sea off Pulau Redang has impressive biodiversity. Therefore, going for a scuba dive or snorkelling here will be the highlight of your trip, with the opportunity to meet various sea creatures.

Additionally, you can trek in the island's forest, which is home to mouse deer and other wild animals such as macaques, monkeys, and monitor lizards. Nepenthes, or tropical pitcher plants, are another fascinating species found here, though they are getting harder to find.

But the favourite activity for tourists while visiting Pulau Redang, might be playing with turtles in SEATRU Turtle Lab. Visitors may view turtle eggs in incubators to see how they develop and learn about the importance of protecting endangered animals. The accommodation prices in Pulau Redang are mostly £40 to £70.

15. Lantau Island, Hong Kong

The outstanding Tian Tan Buddha in the Po Lin Monastery. Photo by Ian on Unsplash

Lantau is the biggest island in Hong Kong, located at the mouth of the ZhuJiang River. This place is in perfect harmony with the old and the new, with many Hong Kong signature landmarks.

Make sure to go see the Tian Tan Buddha, one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the entire globe, located in the Po Lin Monastery. Here, you can dive into the peaceful environment of the religious symbol and watch the panorama view while the sun goes down.

The island is also the ideal location for trekking thanks to these and the breathtaking environment, with a wonderful view and various plants, including uncommon species like the Hong Kong newt and wildflowers like orchids.

Visiting Lantau Island, you may also have a chance to watch the dolphins, as this is the home of white dolphins. And spend some time at Hong Kong Disneyland to see your favourite characters. The accommodation costs here vary from £70 to £110.

Escape to Paradise Without Breaking the Bank

With the list of the 15 Cheapest islands to visit in the World, we hope that you have found the place to plan your low-budget trip while still being able to enjoy every aspect of travelling.

The total cost can depend on your current location and your transportation to the target destination. But if you calculate carefully and prepare soon before starting the trip, keeping your trip within budget won’t be a problem!

Claire Thuc

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