Game of Thrones hotspot locations in Europe

One of the most popular series in the history of television, is Game of Thrones which has become a phenomenon.

Throughout all the seasons, the show has introduced us to dozens of complex characters that we are impressed with. With that show’s immense popularity and the fact that it has portrayed some of the most beautiful locations on earth to build the world of Westeros, and millions of tourists have been flocking to visit the locations across the world where the series has been filmed.

Game of Thrones have been filmed extensively in parts of UK and Europe. I’ve made a list of some of the best places to visit where Game of Thrones have been filmed so far.


The Mediterranean island of Malta is a top holiday destination and also is the headquarters of the world’s largest online casinos. They have low taxes and gaming regulations. Game of Thrones’ first season has been filmed extensively at Malta, doubling as both King’s Landing and as Pentos, where Daenerys’ story begins. The fortified city of Mdina, the “Silent City”, was a perfect medieval setting for numerous scenes set in Westeros’ capital city, as were Fort St. Angelo in Birgu, and St. Dominic Monastery in Rabat. The president’s summer residence, the Verdala Palace, was shown as the home where the Targaryens live in exile, including the lush Buskett gardens, where Daenerys and Karl Drogo meet for the first time. The sister island of Gozo was the iconic location for the wedding between the two, though the landmark where it was shot was destroyed during a storm last year.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland offers one of the most extensive Game of Thrones experience, as Belfast is the main production headquarters. The Titanic Studios is near the Titanic Museum, which houses the sound stages containing nearly all of the interior sets of Game of Thrones, including the Red Keep, the Iron Throne, and the Great Sept of Baelor. You can visit the set of Castle Black, which was built in an abandoned quarry, it is one of the real locations. It’s a few miles from Belfast. Also, since the very first episode of GoT, County Down has been the home to Winterfell, the citadel of House Stark. The other prominent locations of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland are the Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Mussenden Temple, and Ballintoy Harbour.


I absolutely loved Iceland and I know why the fantastic and otherworldly landscape would suit Game of Thrones. Since the second season, Game of Thrones has ventured to the expansive frozen landscapes in Iceland to capture the lands that lie beyond the wall. The exotic Icelandic locations have been used to portray many of the most important locations of this frozen wasteland. It has left viewers in awe at their sheer beauty. The Svínafellsjökull Glacier has doubled as Fist of the First Men where the dragonglass that can defeat the white walkers is first discovered, while the black sand beaches in Vik doubled last season as Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. In Grjótagjá you will find the cave where Jon and Ygritte sneak off. Not all locations are related to beyond the wall, as Þingvellir also serves as the narrow pathway leading to the Bloody gate of the Eyrie. Other locations at Iceland are the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, Lake Myvatn, Höfðabrekka, the Vatnajökull glacier, and the lava field near the town of Húsavik.


From the second season, Dubrovnik’s old city has been the new location for King’s Landing. Within its maze of terracotta roofed houses and stoned cathedrals, you find many familiar settings from the show, including the Mineeta Tower, the Lovrijenac Fortress, St Dominika Street and the beautiful Trsteno Arboretum, where most garden scenes take place. Lokrum Island is 600m off the coast of Dubrovnik, which is a fascinating isle as old as 1023 and the filming location for the ancient city of Qarth, where Daenerys famously loses her dragons. Klis Fortress in Split is where Daenerys arrives to overthrow the masters of Meereen and crucify them along the paths. The 1700 year old Diocletian’s Palace serves as Daenerys’ throne room.


Game of Thrones has included Spain into its vast filming locations from the fifth season. From the medieval city of Girona doubling as parts of King’s Landing and Bravos, to the Trujillo castle in Cáceres, to the Roman ruins of Italica and the Plaza de Toros in Seville, which was used as the Meereen fighting pit, Spain allowed GoT to expand their universe greatly. In Guadalajara at the Castillo de Zafra you will find the hugely important Tower of Joy, where we learn the truth about Jon Snow’s lineage. Other top Game of Thrones locations in Spain include Barcelona, Cordoba, Valencia, Bardenas Reales, Alhamila mountains, and Andalusia.

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