October in India is a good idea

As the monsoon season comes to a stop and with important festivals like Kulla Dusshera, Marwar, and Diwali happening at the start of autumn, India comes to life and is filled with exuberance come October. The heavy rains start to cease and clear skies grace the days.  From an explosion of colors to a time of celebration, October is such a good idea to travel across India.

Rainy days are over: Best weather in Agra and Rajasthan

Marvel at the architectural wonder, the symbol of undying love, and the wonder of the world --- the Taj Mahal, with clear skies as backdrop and the sunlight hitting the immaculate white marble. It is definitely a great time to be in Agra on October as mornings can be foggy in the following months.

Save yourself from heavy downpour of rain during July to August. The majestic mosques, fascinating forts, and tantalizing temples in this region characterized by architectural wonders and colorful sights are best experienced with a clear, bright sky during October onwards. The blue villages of Jodhpur and the pink temples of Jaipur will surely explode in colors and captivate your eyes and heart.

A season of celebration: Diwali Festival and more

The world renowned Diwali or “Festival of Lights” is said to be the biggest festival in India. It is celebrated to honor the return of Lord Rama and wife Sita into their kingdom. It also symbolizes how the good triumphs over evil and honors the light over darkness. The entire country illuminates as candles and clay clamps are lit up in houses, temples, rivers, and in many other places.

Other festivals celebrated during October include the Chhath Puju, a celebration to honor and worship the sun where people gather by the river during sunset and pray to the Sun God through hymns and chanting and the Marwar Festival where it is celebrated during full moon in a special region of Rajasthan featuring days and nights of folk music and dancing.

Explosion of colors: Scenic Kerala coastlines and heavenly sights in Leh

Odd as it may sound but there are places in both North and South of India that are very much beautiful and perfect to be visited during October. Other-worldly can be an appropriate description for the northern region of Jammu and Kashmir. The scene over at Leh, Ladakh are jaw-dropping and an explosion of color comes around October --- the bodies of water turn aqua blue and the landscapes shine in brilliant hues.

Going way down south to Kerala, enjoy a mesmerizing time amidst swaying palm trees, fresh ocean breeze, and scenic coastlines during this peak season. October and the following months give you sunny skies yet still pleasant for a stroll on the beach, a day exploring its backwaters, or simply a moment to soak in the lush, emerald goodness of its hills.



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