8 Events and Activities for that Perfect Fall Getaway

When one thinks of fall, a stunning mix of red, gold and orange foliage is the typical scenery conjured in one’s mind. But there’s more to fall than picturesque landscapes, smaller groups of tourists and pumpkin-spiced delicacies. If you’re still deciding where to go in the fall, read on to discover the most sought after fall activities from Europe to Asia.

1. Oktoberfest in Munich, Berlin

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On its 184th year, Oktoberfest has gone a long way since its birth from a royal wedding in the 1800s. Now an annual festival celebrated all across the globe, it’s a two-week long event that celebrates Bavarian culture and camaraderie. This 2017’s main Oktoberfest event in Munich spans from September 16 to October 3, and will include well-loved beer tents with festive games, traditional drinking music and delicious local cuisine.

2. Food Festivals in Italy

Food Festivals in Italy

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Aside from feasting your eyes with auburn sceneries, why not tickle your tastebuds, too? Visit Italy during the fall and treat yourself to their many divine food fests. October is the high-time of Italy’s food festivals, which are rife with seasonal chestnuts and mushrooms. Most notably is the Alba: White Truffle Festival from October 6 to November 26, where you can devour local produce such as their truffles, cheese, fine wine, chocolate and meat.

3. Apple Picking in Georgia, USA

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In the Northern Hemisphere, apples are harvested from late summer through fall, which makes apple picking a top item to tick in your fall travel bucket list. One of the best places to try apple picking is in Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, the sole orchard in Georgia that develops their apples from growth, fermentation to packaging. May you be on a solo trip, a romantic getaway or a family outing, all is welcomed to experience the quaintness of apple picking in the family-owned Mercier Orchards.

4. Cultural Festivals in Budapest, Hungary

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The Hungarian capital of Budapest is not only known for architectural masterpieces, but for its thriving cultural landscape, too. Every October, locals and tourists alike flock to the Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, which will be held on October 6 to 22 this 2017. With over 110 programs in more than 40 venues, immerse yourself in various art forms like dance, music, literature, visual arts and design with contemporary genres.

5. Fall Foliage Walks in Aspen, Colorado

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In the glorious season of fall, Colorado prides itself with golden Aspen trees that will make a mark in anyone’s memory. Go hiking in Aspen’s trails and set your eyes ablaze on White River National Forest’s picturesque views. Located 10 miles west of Aspen is a charming, reflective lake with two formidable mountains named Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, which are must-sees for nature lovers as well. Make sure to catch Aspen’s stunning panoramic views from September to October to witness its landscapes in its auburn-esque prime.

6. Nature and Wildlife Tours in Hokkaido, Japan

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If you’re inclined to nature settings and animal spotting, visiting Hokkaido in the fall is ideal for its cool and bearable weather. Hokkaido, located at the topmost region of Japan, is well-known for its national parks and rich wildlife. Although nature and wild animal tours are available all year around, witnessing red foxes, sika deers and brown bears amidst a lush landscape of yellows, oranges and reds is a unique sight to behold.

7. Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Whether you enjoy a hot air balloon ride at a thousand feet high, or simply one to appreciate them soaring through the sky, Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta is an event not to miss out on. From October 7 to 15, take part in this large annual festival packed with other activities like laser light shows and car shows. Tickets include general admissions and two VIP options, so plan carefully before attending the event to make the most out of your hot air balloon experience.

8. Northern Lights Sighting in Norway

Photo credit: Johannes Groll / Unsplash

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and breathtaking sight this fall, there’s no better way than to experience the magnificence of the aurora borealis. Best viewed in the Northern region of Norway between October and March, the surreal northern lights has the ability to incite pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming moments from just about anyone who witnesses its spectacle. Besides viewing its stunning display, the area offers tours, cruises and other activities as well.

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