Romantic Winter Getaways in the USA

There’s something about winter that perfectly sets the mood for romance. Talk about crackling firewood, hot chocolate, and early morning cuddles as snow falls by the window. Whether you are a couple in love or simply winter wanderers, here are some of the most romantic winter getaways in the USA where you could definitely use a fireplace and heat things up.

Sedona, Arizona

Perfect, sunny blue skies during the day and cozy, starry nights when it gets dark: no wonder why Sedona is seducing more lovers (and plain adventurers) during the winter season. This desert oasis is home to the spectacular Red Rocks, dusted in white snow powder at this time, which provide for a dramatic view while sipping local red wine or having a romantic lunch atop a rustic lodge. During the day, visitors must drive along the scenic roads and head on to explore gorgeous canyons and dramatic monoliths. And if you want to take the romance on a higher level, go for a hot-air balloon ride with such million-dollar views.

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park may be dubbed as “Colorado’s Best Kept Winter Secret” but the word is out on this winter wonderland at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. The highway is well-maintained so the drive up Estes Park is quick and easy. In no time, you’ll be seated in one of its many charming and cozy restaurants, enjoying some sumptuous steaks or perfectly-seared scallops, or inside rustic cabins with hot tubs, a fireplace, and Jacuzzis. It does not lack on adventure as well: it is known for its wonderful wildlife (watch out for the elks!) and several activities for the outdoorsy lovers such as sleigh riding and ice skating.

Berkshires, Massachusetts

Without a doubt, Berkshires provide the perfect setting for a romantic winter holiday. Classic red barns set against snowcapped mountains and forest trails; lovely towns with rolling hills and open roads; and an abundance of comforting food like clam chowder and chocolate-dipped figs. Most inns offer hot tubs and heated pools and of course fireplaces while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. The Blantyre Hotel has a hundred-foot Christmas tree to greet you while the Hampton Terrace Inn comes with champagne and breakfast buffet. When you’ve had enough of the cuddles in your comfortable bed, rough it up and snowshoe your way to the area’s highest point Mount Greylock for a romantic view.

Yellowstone National Park 

If steaming geysers, gorgeous landscapes, and snow-packed meadows tickle your fancy, then Yellowstone National Park is the winter getaway for you. It is the world’s oldest national park which boasts 2.2 million acres of breathtaking beauty and an amazing wildlife. The summer tourists have gone by this time so lovers and families can enjoy the peace and serenity of the park. There are an abundance of activities to do in Yellowstone but one that should not be missed is to visit the Old Faithful site for a visual spectacle composed of mineral pools, endless greens covered in frost, and an exciting company in the form of elks, bisons, and wolves. Stay at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins elevated at around 7,300 feet for a romantic getaway of greater heights.


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