Top Destinations for Off Peak Travels

One of the most common questions that travellers like to ask when scouting for their next destination is "When is the best time to go there?" The response usually suggests high-season; after all, how can one expect to enjoy the beach when it's winter? There are benefits for travelling during off-season, such as not having to deal with the crowd and lower prices.  But is there a way to travel in off-season and not worry about the weather ruining the entire trip? Yes, there is and that is during the "shoulder season." This is when the weather is still okay in the months that are no longer considered as peak season, e.g., June and July in tropical countries. So what are the best destinations for off-peak travels? We've listed a few places worth considering. 

Frolic in the best beaches in Southeast Asia between March and May

If you've pictured yourself being alone in paradise clad in your bikini while sipping a pina colada, there is a greater chance you can make this a reality if you visit Southeast Asia during its shoulder season, March to May. However, keep in mind that these months are the hottest time of the year so pack on the sunblock, limit your sun exposure and stay hydrated.

Another perk of travelling in Southeast Asia during this season is that it is set to give you a different experience than most travellers who visit during high-season. First, you don't have to pre book your accommodation and most if not all offer rates that are way lower during peak season. It's not just the accommodation that will be cheaper, but food and other services as well. On top of that, you are also likely to enjoy a tourist spot without having to face long queues or generally deal with a crowd.

Ski in Europe in January

The holidays, such as Christmas New Year, and half of February are the busiest time in the ski resorts in Europe. So if you prefer a much peaceful skiing experience, schedule your vacation for January. This is the time when most people are less likely to spend more as they are still recovering from the expenses brought about by the holiday season. Ski resorts during this time tend to have less guests, which means, that's right, a short if not zero queuing time on ski lifts.

If you are after a cheap skiing holiday, then your best bet is to visit from March to April. Do your research and find a ski resort with an altitude of 2000 above because places located in high altitudes tend to be colder, thus, the snow lasts longer. A few good examples of these  places are Val Thorens in France, Riksgransen in Sweden, and Saas Feed, Switzerland.

Stay in luxurious hotels in Mozambique in September to December

We know it; if money is no issue you'd rather stay in luxurious accommodations and who doesn't? When you've been working so hard, you want your vacation to be as stress-free as possible. This is the advantage of luxurious hotels; everything is designed to give their customers the best experience, from having a soft bed, serving delicious food, to providing excellent room service, these hotels make it their policy to give ultimate comfort. These types of accommodation of course, come with a price and their rates skyrocket most especially in high-season. Good news, there is a way to experience them at a much lower cost and that is by booking a stay during  off-season.

In Mozambique the five-star hotels offer deals that are too hard to pass up. Visitors will be able to enjoy staying in luxurious accommodation with reduced rates, but booking must be done between September and mid-December. This island, which is world famous for its vast wildlife reserves, azure sea and white-sand beaches by the Indian Ocean coastline is a favourite location for romantic getaways.   

Discover European cities in April to May

People all over the world have been visiting some of the best European cities, such as Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and London to see historical sites and architecture, museums, art galleries, and other points of interests. Given the sheer volume of people coming to these cities, the prices for accommodation, attractions, food among others are understandably steep, more so during its best season. Although it is impossible to explore a city without the crowd, you can make it less excruciating by visiting when most people don't; April and May.

During this period, the queues for the cities' best attractions are shorter and the prices of goods and services including tours are a bit easier on the pocket.


Marjorie Gavan is a writer by profession and by passion. She has a degree in B.S. Journalism and now has 15 years of writing and editing experience under her belt. She currently works as a knowledge specialist in an IT company in Quezon City, Philippines. She chronicles her travel adventures in her blog, Coffeehan.

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