What Is TSA PreCheck - Why Should You Get TSA Precheck

You have packed your luggage neatly and are all hyped to get on the plane and travel to your destinations. But the ugly part of travelling rears its head: huge crowds passing through security checkpoints.

It can be frustrating to wait in long lines and to have your bags and body searched, especially if you’re travelling with young children or are forgetful. And that’s when TSA PreCheck comes to the rescue.

You are probably wondering what is TSA PreCheck and why you should get it. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This blog post will walk you through what TSA PreCheck allows travellers to do, who qualifies for it, how to apply for it, and more.

What Is TSA PreCheck And How It Works

What Is TSA PreCheck And How It Works

Given its convenience during hectic travel periods, TSA Precheck is becoming more popular. Photo by dima - stock.adobe.com

First launched in 2013, TSA PreCheck is an expedited screening program that helps simplify the security process for trusted travellers. The idea behind it is to give passengers peace of mind by reducing their risk of being involved in a security incident and reducing wait times overall.

With TSA PreCheck, eligible travellers can keep on their shoes, belts, and a light jacket, and they do not have to remove laptops or liquids from their carry-ons. Besides, these people also have special lines at the checkpoints, which allows them to move through airport security faster and with less hassle.

The Transportation Security Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, administers the program. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the transportation system.

Top Benefits Of Having TSA PreCheck 

Since its introduction, the program has been a great success in reducing stress and saving time when travelling by air. After application, travellers enjoy a variety of advantages, including better access to pre-screened lanes and more expedited security.

1. Simplified Security Process

Simplified Security Process

Say goodbye to the stressful and time-consuming airport security checks. Photo by as-artmedia - stock.adobe.com

The most notable benefit is that you can breeze through security without the need to remove your shoes, belts or jackets and put them back on after passing through security. TSA PreCheck enrollment will ensure a more straightforward and faster process through security at any participating airport. 

2. Save Time And Skip The Long Security Lines

TSA PreCheck also offers expedited security lanes for low-risk travellers to save time and cost. It speeds up security processing as TSA officers do not have to ask questions during the screening process and scan every passenger in line that requires additional screening.

3. Keep Liquids And Gels In Your Carry-On Baggage

Under normal circumstances, travellers must place items such as gels and liquid in a separate bin for the TSA officer to inspect them. However, that is not the case when you have a TSA Precheck approval.

Passengers with TSA PreCheck enjoy the ease of keeping liquids and gels in their carry-on bags. This makes it easier for them since their liquids can stay put in their bags without having to endure long airport security lines.

4. Enhanced Privacy And Security Screening Experience

TSA PreCheck enrollees enjoy privacy benefits such as reduced physical pat-downs by TSA agents and a less invasive security screening process.  As a result, this makes it easier for you to travel without worries and enhances the overall airport experience.

5. Benefits For International And Business Travellers

Benefits For International And Business Travellers

Get started with the program now and reap all the excellent benefits it has for you. Photo by Africa Studio - stock.adobe.com

Travellers can obtain TSA PreCheck benefits for their domestic and foreign travels. Many U.S.-based airlines and airport partners are participating in this program, so you can be approved to use TSA PreCheck by travelling through any qualifying airport security checkpoints.

If you are a frequent business traveller, a TSA PreCheck membership can significantly benefit your business trips. You can keep travelling without the stress of long wait times for airport security screening.

Who Qualifies For TSA Precheck Program

The TSA PreCheck program is accessible to American nationals, citizens, and authorised permanent residents. Additionally, members of the U.S. Armed Forces are also eligible. If you fit into one of these groups and hold a valid passport, you can sign up for TSA PreCheck when booking your flight.

Furthermore, those frequent flyers who are enrolled in Trusted Traveller programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI, are automatically eligible for TSA PreCheck and enjoy its full benefits.

Remember that TSA PreCheck is not available for all airports and airlines, so take some time to properly check before you travel. However, with over 200 participating airports and 85 airlines, the program is widely available and can significantly reduce the stress and hassle of air travel.

How Long Does TSA Precheck Last

Once enrolled, the membership[ will be valid for five continuous years without any extra steps needed during this timeframe. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of this program for a long time without worrying about renewing it periodically.

The expiration date of TSA Precheck enrolment is available online, so you can always keep track of your membership. You'll also be notified six months before your membership expires, and then you can start applying for the program renewal.

It is not guaranteed that you will be approved for TSA PreCheck. Your application can be denied or expire sooner if your background assessment no longer meets the eligibility requirements. Therefore, always double-check before flying to ensure the validity of your TSA Precheck.

How To Apply For TSA Precheck: Step-By-Step Guide And Requirements

How To Apply For TSA Precheck: Step-By-Step Guide And Requirements

With designated security lanes, TSA PreCheck can be a game changer regarding air travel. Photo by Matthew Turner on Pexels

Applying for TSA Precheck is a relatively straightforward process. All the enrollment requirements and steps will be outlined below. The time from submission to approval is usually less than two weeks, depending on where you apply for the program and how long it takes to process your application. 

1. Apply Online For Pre-Approval

To apply for TSA Precheck, the first step is to determine your eligibility. Go to the TSA website and complete the application form. You will need to provide personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and information about your travel history, employment, and criminal record.

In addition to that, don’t forget to fill in essential contact details such as address, email address and phone number that will help speed up the verification of your identity.

2. Pay The Application Fee

After filling out the application form, you need to pay a $78 fee for a five-year period. This program will apply to each of your qualifying travel itineraries. This amount has been reduced since November 2022, as it used to be $85. The good news for frequent travellers, now they can enjoy TSA Precheck privileges at a lower cost. You can pay the fee by credit card, debit card or gift card.

3. Schedule An In-Person Interview

Schedule An In-Person Interview

Once you have completed the forms, you can proceed to the next step. Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels

After submitting your online application, the next step is to schedule an in-person appointment at a TSA enrollment centre. This is the final check before you get your TSA Precheck approval.

At the appointment, you will be fingerprinted and asked to provide additional documentation, such as your passport or driver's licence. The process usually takes 10-15 minutes and is relatively painless.

4. Receive your KTN (Known Traveller Number)

After the previous steps are completed and the fee is paid, you will receive a temporary Known Traveller Number (KTN) in your email inbox. This KTN is valid for five years and must be entered into the eBoard on the TSA website.

Once your KTN has been approved and added to your profile on the TSA website, you are automatically enrolled in TSA PreCheck. You can also check that information online at any time.

5. Bring Travel Documents With You

You must have all the required documents when travelling by air. This includes your boarding pass and government-issued identification. You must bring both of these documents to security checkpoints for the travel dates subject to TSA PreCheck approval. 

Also, ensure your TSA PreCheck status is printed on your boarding pass. If it isn't, check with your airline to fix the issue.

5. Use TSA PreCheck At The Airport

Use TSA PreCheck At The Airport

TSA Precheck lanes will be separate from the regular security lanes, and usually, the lines are much shorter. Photo by Phil Mosley on Unsplash

Now it’s time to really make use of TSA Precheck! Once you arrive at the airport, simply head to the TSA PreCheck lane, where there are fewer formalities, such as removing shoes and belts or taking electronics and liquids out of your carry-on luggage.

That way, you'll get through security in a matter of minutes without needing to remove all your belongings. You should also be prepared to answer a few questions and obey any further regulations from TSA security agents to avoid any other security problems.

Global Entry vs TSA PreCheck: What Is The Difference?

While both programs provide expedited screening measures, there are some key differences between them. Understanding these differences can help travellers choose the one that best suits their needs.

TSA PreCheck is primarily designed for travel within the United States. TSA PreCheck is available to US citizens, permanent residents, and trusted travellers who have successfully completed the application process and paid the applicable fee.

On the other hand, Global Entry encompasses all the benefits of TSA PreCheck and extends them to international travel. In addition to expedited security screening at domestic airports, Global Entry members also have access to the designated customs lines that allows them to skip long immigration queues.

While both programs have relatively similar application procedures, TSA PreCheck is exclusively geared towards domestic flights; Global Entry offers the added advantage of expedited processing for international travellers. Undoubtedly, the latter has a higher cost at $100 due to its extra benefits.


FAQ What is TSA PreCheck

By following this upgraded program, you are one step closer to a stress-free air travel experience. Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Below we have also produced a list of the most often asked TSA Precheck questions. Hopefully, it can help you to make an informed decision about enrolling in the program.

1. How Much Does TSA PreCheck Cost?

The $78 administrative fee is paid upon first application and then each subsequent renewal. This fee covers the application process, background check, and enrollment in the program. 

It is important to note that the fee is non-refundable, even if your application is denied or if you decide not to complete the enrollment process after applying.

2. Can You Use TSA PreCheck Anywhere?

TSA PreCheck is available at a handful of airports across the United States. You can look up and find the full list on this site: https://www.tsa.gov/precheck/map

 At all of these participating airports, they have dedicated lanes for TSA PreCheck members, allowing them to enjoy expedited security screening. However, since not all airlines join the program, you should double-check before booking to see if you are going on an eligible flight: https://www.tsa.gov/precheck/participating-airlines

3. Is TSA PreCheck The Best Option?

Obviously, TSA PreCheck is a great program, and there are many benefits. However, it may not be the best option for everyone. 

TSA Precheck is ideal for passengers who often travel by air domestically. The time and hassle saved during the security screening process can add up over multiple trips, making it a worthwhile investment.

However, if you frequently travel internationally, TSA PreCheck alone may not be sufficient. In such cases, Global Entry might be a better option as it includes TSA PreCheck benefits along with expedited customs and immigration processing.

TSA PreCheck: Your Ticket to Stress-Free Air Travel

Travelling can be stressful and overwhelming, with a multitude of things to bear in mind. However, there are more and more innovative solutions to make the process more convenient and less anxiety-inducing.

The airport experience is much more efficient with TSA PreCheck. Gone are the days of long security lines, removing shoes and belts, and taking out laptops from bags. It's easy to enrol, the process is seamless, and it makes air travel much less stressful.

After reading this article, we hope that you have got a better understanding of the TSA PreCheck program. If you're a regular flyer and prefer a streamlined airport experience, it's probably worth a shot.

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