Where to travel for the best music culture and scene

Traveling across cities and countries gives us unforgettable experiences with different cultures, excites our tastebuds with various cuisines, and thrills us with many adventures new to us. But one great part of traveling is also discovering many styles and genres of music. After all, they say music is our universal language. So which places pack a great music culture? Here are some of the world’s best:

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is nothing short of eclectic. It is regarded as one of Europe’s coolest art districts and music capitals. It may be synonymous to decadence but Berlin packs a character that is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Home to a dark yet alive underground scene, cozy jazz cafes, and an evolving music scene ranging from house, electronic, techno, and an experimental music they call Echtzeitmusik, Berlin is definitely a must-go in your European trip if you’re looking for great music scene, pulsating nightlife, and unforgettable crazy parties that last until late mornings.

Havana, Cuba

It is not a surprise if someone who has been to Cuba has half of his or heart left in Havana. A culture like nothing else in the world, Cuba has stood the test of time and the diverse music scene is timeless. With a mix of African and Spanish influences, Havana’s heartbeat dances to the tunes of Latin jazz, habanera, and rumba. The streets and piazzas come alive with a sea of dancers and musicians creating a vibrant musical culture that will make you long for those hot, Havana nights once you have left (if you actually can!).

Trinidad and Tobago

The steel drums will get your heart pounding and your feet tapping. Locally called as pan, this musical instrument is at the center of Trinidad and Tobago’s vibrant music scene. Couple those beats with flamboyant and vivacious dancers during Carnival and you are in for a trip you will never forget. Aside from its idyllic beaches and tropical paradise vibe, Trinidad and Tobago is also known to be the home of Soca, a musical style that combines funk, calypso, and soul.

Vienna, Austria

Known as Europe’s City of Music, Vienna is where some of the greatest musicians in the history have lived and made music. The likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Mahler, and Haydn have molded the music scene of this vibrant city into one that cannot be missed out while on a European holiday. Choose between a world-class orchestra playing in a concert hall (the most popular being Wiener Konzerthaus) or outdoor ensembles in some of Vienna’s beautiful parks.

New Orleans, Lousiana

No music city list will be complete without a mention of the birthplace of American jazz. Music can be heard from every corner but if you want to experience something that can’t be missed, head to the city’s most famous jazz venue, the “Preservation Hall.” Make sure to make it in time for the Mardi Gras and you are in for some serious musical and cultural celebration.


Grayson Yañez is an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate and brand strategy consultant from the Philippines but mostly likes to be known as (Gray)son of the beach. He is also a content developer, cat lover, and marine conservation advocate. He shares his images, experiences, and thoughts through @graysonofthebeach


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