How Early Can You Go Through Security For A Flight?

Doing all the required paperwork and security checks is a big deal. It can be a pretty stressful experience, especially for first-time fliers. Fret not, because if you are well-prepared and informed, the whole process can be a breeze to get through.

Coming to the airport early is one of the best strategies to ensure a smooth check-in and security screening. But here is the one million-dollar question: how early can you go through security for a flight?

Getting just at the right time is an art, you don’t want to rush to catch the plane or wait at the terminals for hours after hours either. Read more and you’ll find out the most ideal time to arrive at the airport before your departure.

How Early Can I Check In At The Airport?

How Early Can I Check In At The Airport?

 “The early bird catches the worm.” Arrive early and you won’t miss your flight!  Photo by Idanupong -

The answer to this question is not a simple one because there are many varieties. Boarding typically begins about 45 minutes before the plane takes off and the boarding gates close about 30 minutes before the departure time. So it’s a safe bet that you go to the airport at least 2 to 4 hours in advance. But keep in mind that it is just the general time.

The earliest possible time to check in changes depending on your type of flight: domestic or international. Typically, most people would agree that:

  • You should arrive 2 hours earlier for short-haul or domestic flights.
  • As for long-haul or international flights, arriving 4 hours before the scheduled flight time should do the trick.

In general, some airports will allow you to go through the security check-in much earlier while others may require you to arrive no earlier than 2-5 hours before the departing time.

This is sometimes because the checked baggage counters and/or check-in gates are not open yet. If you travel with only carry-on baggage, you may skip the checked baggage process and go right through the security check right away!

All in all, it’s different for each person. Some may feel comfortable arriving as close as possible to the scheduled time. But if you are a first-time flyer, travelling with children, or need some help with getting the baggage onto the plane, it’s wise to give yourself some wiggle room. Some unexpected problems may occur!

How Can I Save Time To Arrive At The Airport Early?

How Can I Save Time To Arrive At The Airport Early

There’s nothing like coming to the airport in anticipation of a travel trip! Photo by Yakobchuk Olena -

No one wants to encounter any obstructions on the way to the airport. But there are ways to ensure you can arrive as early as possible, with time to spare at the terminals. Read more to find out!

Check In Online To Save Time

This is an option offered by many airlines (some even provide it as the only choice). When you check in online, you will either print your boarding pass out or save it on your phone. While doing so, it’s wise to double-check the boarding and flight details on the website.

Plan Ahead The Ride To The Airport

For starters, you have to take the distance between your home and the airport into consideration. Be sure to watch out for rush hour traffic and avoid crowded streets when driving.

You can use a ride-hailing company like Uber for convenience. Some services even allow you to schedule the ride the night before. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to park your vehicles, which may take a little bit of your time.

Watch Out For Busy Travel Time

A long queue of people ahead of you at the security gate is every traveller’s worst nightmare. This is more likely to happen when it’s peak season, big holidays or vacation seasons. So be sure to leave for the airport earlier than usual during these periods.

Make Some Time For Travelling Within The Airport

Another factor that can make you arrive late is how big the terminals are and how familiar you are with them. If the airport you are coming to is the largest in your country, it’s a given that it may take some time to look for your gates. So be sure to leave some headroom for all of the walking and navigating.

Double Check Your Departure Time

In case you are still unsure, contact the airlines for more advice. It can be done via the website, phone or app. Moreover, you can request a reminder, usually as an email, to be sent to you when it’s close to the departing time. Another solid way to determine how early you should go to the airport is by looking at the physical ticket, which will tell you the departure and boarding time.

Recommended Online Check-In Times Of Some Airlines 

Below are the recommended online check-in times of some of the most popular airlines. For more detailed information, be sure to access their main websites or contact them directly.

1. British Airways

Passengers can check in online via the main website (“Manage My Booking” section) or mobile app 48 hours before the scheduled flight time. Check-in close time is from 20 to 60 minutes before all flights depart, depending on the airport.

2. Virgin Australia

Online domestic flight check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure time and closes 45 minutes before the flight. As for international flights, online check-in is not available. However, passengers who booked with Specific needs and assistance requests may not be able to check in online.

3. Emirates

Those with e-tickets can check in online 48 hours before departure. When it’s 90 minutes prior to the scheduled flight, you can’t check in anymore. Up to nine passengers who are in the same travelling party on the same booking can check in online together. One thing to note is that online check-in is not available if your first flight is not an Emirates flight.

4. EasyJet

Being an exclusively online check-in airline, EasyJet allows passengers to check in between 30 days and 2 hours prior to the time of departure. Remember that Advance Passenger Information (API) can be provided up to 2 hours before the flight, but it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

5. Jet2

The online check-in period of Jet2 is pretty lax. Specifically, travellers can do the procedure from  28 days up to six hours before departure.

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Must-Know Tips For A Smooth Security Check At The Get-Go 

Must-Know Tips For A Smooth Security Check At The Get-Go

Minimise your time at the security checkpoint with these tips and tricks! Photo by Chalabala -

Getting to the security gate is just half the journey, you have to get through it before taking the flight to your desired destination. For a hassle-free check-in procedure, it’s recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

Know The Rules And Regulations

The rules and regulations are there to maintain your safety during the flight. So it’s important to know about them. The more you follow the guidelines, the smoother your check will be. Make sure all of your stuff is accessible in case the officers ask to see them.

Learning the airlines’ baggage rules and fees is also helpful. This is something you should do before buying your ticket. Knowing about what you can and can’t bring in a carry-on or checked baggage can make a world of difference at the security gate.

Fast Track Security

For those who want to escape the long and anxious wait, consider purchasing fast-track security passes which are offered at some larger airports. Sometimes it’s included in your ticket if you are flying business or first class.

Pack Smart

Packing in layers is a key to a successful and quick screening check: clothes first then other electronic devices and heavy items on the top so you will have an easier time at the scanner. Place liquids in sealable clear bags and labelled bottles and keep them in a front pocket for easy access.

Dress Appropriately

Choosing what to wear when you are flying is important as it can save you from so much hassle, both on and off the plane. You should opt for clothes that are easy to take off and put on. This is to save time and avoid any fumbling around during the check.

Shoes that require minimal effort to put on and put off are the most ideal. They are handy when you are in a rush. Also, remember to wear socks as thousands of people move through the check gates daily.

Travel Documents Ready In Hands

The hustle and bustle of screening may make people lose sight of their paperwork - your ID or passports may unknowingly end up at the bottom of your pocket or baggage. So keep an eye out for them!

Be Aware Of Pandemic Regulations

Although the pandemic produces has become lax, it’s important to remember that they are still there. If you are travelling abroad, remember to check foreign travel advice in your country. Check out the UK Department of Transport’s guidelines or the US TSA’s guidance on this matter.

I Arrived Too Early. What Should I Do Now?

I Arrived Too Early. What Should I Do Now?

The time spent at the terminals doesn’t necessarily have to be dull! Photo by rh2010 -

Now you have gone through all the necessary procedures and settled in the terminals. It’s time to wait until the plane takes off. Spending time at this place is not the best thing ever, but it’s better than missing your flight. Moreover, there are many ways you can entertain yourself.

Besides free Wi-fi and outlets, some airports offer more than that. For instance, the Changi airport of Singapore features indoor forests, parks, a cinema, etc. If you know how to make the most of your time, this is a great chance to wind down before embarking on a journey. If you need some suggestions, here are some activities that you can do to pass the time meaningfully:

  • Call your family and friends for a natter (they’ll love it, especially your mum or dad)
  • Plan the day-to-day highlights of your upcoming trip
  • Take a stroll and do some window shopping or splurging
  • Sample the foods and drinks at the airport restaurants
  • Pamper yourself with a massage
  • Write a travel diary or blog entry
  • Do some people-watching
  • Relax in a lounge.

Arriving In At The Right Time: The Key To A Hassle-Free Trip

Arriving In At The Right Time: The Key To A Hassle-Free Trip


A fun and smooth journey all starts with a seamless check-in and security screening. It’s all in your hands!

How early can you go through security for a flight? The key to determining the best time to arrive is none other than yourself. Here’s a piece of advice: be proactive. Pack all the things you need, think ahead, and you will have a good time before boarding the plane.

There’s no fixed time given by the airport stating how early passengers can go through the security check. But for a guarantee of minimal stress, arriving 2-4 hours early is recommended. If you want, you can even travel 6 hours ahead. It’s wise to give yourself some cushion for ease of mind.

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