Top 7 Best Carry-on Backpacks and Guide to Shopping Backpack for Your Next Trip

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No matter if you are a frequent traveller or you only travel occasionally, sometimes getting ready for a trip can be nerve-racking. Packing for a trip is one thing, but getting a good travel carry-on backpack to pack your stuff is another concern. Whether you are an absolute beginner to the luggage world or an expert, there are things to note when you are about to spend your money on a new backpack/suitcase. 

No choice of luggage is perfect as it really depends on your needs and travel purposes. A perfect backpack for somebody you watch on YouTube is not necessarily the right choice for you as it comes down to personal preference. When you read the suggestions, pay attention to the features and details of the backpack to see if you would need them or if they would benefit your trip. 

In this article from the CabinZero team, we have come up with a complete guide in choosing the right travel carry-on backpack for you, the features you need to consider and our top 7 CabinZero best carry on backpacks that you shouldn’t miss. 

Best travel backpacks

A Backpack or a Suitcase? What Type of Luggage Should I Choose for My Trip?

Well, good question. The world of luggage is divided into wheeled suitcases, bags and backpacks with endless designs and features. Travelling to France is not the same as travelling to Thailand, so is the luggage you’re travelling with. Choosing the right type of luggage depends on many factors, such as the duration of your trip, how much stuff you are going to carry, and the airline that you are going to fly with. 

When to Travel with a Wheeled Suitcase? Is It a Better Option than a Carry-on Backpack?

The rolling suitcase can fit up to 30 kilos without any problem, but you should consider carefully if you are to check them at the airport as they might go through harsh conditions like being crushed along the way. There are 2 types of wheeled suitcases: the rigid ones and the soft ones. To make sure your belongings are all protected and secured, especially if you’re bringing fragile items with you, rigid suitcases are the better option. 

So the question is, when is a suitcase a better option than a carry-on travel backpack? - It’s when you’re travelling to only 1-2 cities on the same trip, you’re travelling with children or carrying fragile and heavy items. 

And when is it a bad idea? - If you’re travelling to multiple destinations at the same time, travelling to the snow area, or expecting to actively switch transportations (like trains, boats or buses) on the same trip - as the wheeled suitcase will make it bulky and inconvenient in these situations.

When to Choose a Carry-on Backpack? Is It a Good Idea Travelling Only with a Backpack?

Let’s talk about the advantages of travelling with a backpack (and we’ll come to the drawbacks in a minute). First of all, it allows you to move freely and leave no hassle on your hands at the airport or on your adventure. It can even save you from the paid options of checked luggage and the time waiting for your luggage after every flight. The carry on backpacks are designed in different sizes and models to fit your body type, style and needs. And they are very easy to store as well. 

When is it a bad idea to travel with a backpack? - If you’re carrying very heavy luggage or fragile items because then you will need to be very careful in transporting to protect them. 

Another concern with the travel carry on backpacks is it can be a disaster when you pack. However, there is always a solution to this - the packing cubes that will make your life a hundred times better, not only in the packing process but also when you want to reach the item you need. 

Carry-on backpacks are the best option when you are going to have a long trip or moving across multiple destinations, or when you are going to participate in outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking or even going to the beach. 

Larger travel backpack

In some countries in Europe and Asia, hotels don’t have elevators and you might need to walk up the stairs to get to your room, or perhaps your hotel is somewhere hidden in small alleys, which requires a long and sometimes bulky walk to get there. A carry-on backpack on your shoulders would make a massive difference to a wheeled suitcase in these circumstances as it is much easier and faster. 

So, carry on backpack or a suitcase? You’ve got the answer.

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How to Choose The Best Carry-on Backpack for Your Next Trip? 6 Features to Consider

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right backpack. No backpack is the best if you carry it at the wrong time. Let’s say, for example, if you are going for a long hiking trail, a simple backpack wouldn’t be enough support; or if you are going on a weekend trip with a bulky professional hiking backpack, it would be too much. This brings us to the very first factor in choosing the right carry-on bag:

Size and Volume

The ideal size of a backpack is somewhere between 28 litres and 38 litres. However, you should bear in mind that every trip is different and the backpack you choose has to fit the purpose of your trip. 

For example, if you are going to travel to Europe for 2 months, there is no point in getting a 70-litre capacity backpack. Why not try to narrow down your budget and belongings, and fit them into a 40-litre carry-on backpack? Travel light and your back will thank you later. 

If you are going to take a longer trip, one year to the Himalayas or Southeast Asia for instance, then you might want to think about getting a larger carry-on backpack with more volume (perhaps between 58 and 70 litres). You will have to carry a variety of clothes that might not fit in a smaller backpack. 

There is no truth about the best size or capacity of a travel backpack. Each size has its own pros and cons depending on the purpose of your trip (the duration, how much stuff you are travelling with, etc.). Just be honest with yourself and think of what’s next. 

Understand Different Straps of a Carry-on Rucksack

Another important factor to note is the number of straps, how they are located and how comfortable they are on your body. 

The first thing to look at is the waist belt. It is very important to have this feature on a travel backpack as they help in distributing loads equally on your back, which will minimise any damage caused to your body. At least 80% of the weight must fall on your hips, not your shoulders. It is also important to check if this waist belt is well made with quality material and design, such as padded foam for extra comfort. 

While the waist belt is the must-have feature, having the sternum straps is a plus if you are looking for a travel backpack with extra stabilisation. Some basic backpacks might not be equipped with this feature, but most specialised travel backpacks will come with a sternum strap that is used around your chest to secure the load you carry on your back. Look for the backpack with the chest strap at the height of the chest, or above the breasts for women.

Choose a Carry-On Backpack with a Good Number of Pockets and Compartments for Your Gear

A good practical number of pockets and compartments really makes a difference in travel backpacks. As T-shirts, jeans and flip flops are not the only items you are going to take with you on the trip, there are also cell phones, documents, toiletries and other you-name-it items. When choosing a travel backpack, you need a pack with enough pockets/compartments to carry these items in a smart and organised way. Having too many pockets is not a good idea either if they are not practically designed.

Imagine you are going through a Custom control and you will have to spend ages looking for your passport in a massive pile of belongings (let’s say you’re merely carrying a travel backpack on your backpack as the only one carry-on bag), or your wallet when you want to pay for that coffee at the airport. Now that’s too much hassle. You wish your travel backpack were designed with a small pocket on the waist belt to store those essential items you will definitely need at the airport. That little detail, my friend, will save your life. 

Travel backpacks size

Think of all the times you will carry a laptop or tablet with you on a trip, and also think of all the possibilities that your backpack will be in turbulence - on the plane or anywhere in your journey. What feature of a travel backpack do you think will save the day? The padded laptop sleeve, exactly! 

Materials - Which One is the Best?

Do I have to consider the materials that the backpack is made out of? Obviously! There are different types of materials out there: polyester, canvas, leather, nylon, etc. There is no perfect material out of those, however, you can find the most suitable materials that your next travel backpack will be made of for your trip. 

Are you going to travel to a destination with high temperatures? Are you going to Asia in the rainy season? Or are you going to tough terrain like sandy and dusty roads? - If this is the case, what materials should you consider? 

Each factor is very important in choosing the right travel backpack and knowing your travel will determine a huge success in getting the perfect one! 

Protect Your Back and Shoulders - Does the Backpack Bring Enough Comfort? 

Last but not least, here comes the most important factor of a good travel backpack - comfort. Your backpack will carry all of your belongings. Your life will depend on your backpack when you travel, you will have to like it and it has to be super comfortable when you put it on - otherwise the backpack would make no sense! 

As men and women are built with different body types, travel backpacks are divided into men’s backpacks and women’s backpacks to fit your body and provide the best load support when you carry heavy weight. If you’re out in a store to choose the backpack, try several different models to go for the one that feels the most comfortable, even if it costs a bit more than the others. 

If you’re shopping online for a travel backpack and have no clue how it would feel on your body, we suggest looking at the back panel and shoulder straps. A comfortable travel backpack should be designed with a padded foam, as well as an air flow system on the rear panel and shoulder straps for ventilation and breathability. 

How to choose travel backapck?

Try to get a travel backpack that fits the size of your torso (height from shoulders to hips), or at least the one that you can adjust the straps to fit your body. 

Security - Padlocks and Rain Cover

Don’t forget those little details like the zippers, which can be a huge factor when it comes to your safety. Look for the travel backpacks that have lockable zippers, where you can attach a padlock to. Normally with 2 zippers, you can put a lock on, and that is enough. 

Travel backpacks now are designed with a rain cover included in the lower part inside the bag. It is a plus if the pack already has it included, in case it doesn’t, you can always get a separate rain cover from the shop. 

Travel backpack rain cover

Top 7 Best Carry-On Backpacks from CABINZERO

CabinZero Adventure (ADV) Backpack Pro 42L - The Ultimate Travellers’ Rucksack Choice

The CabinZero Adventure Pro 42L backpack is a minimalist designed carry-on backpack made for adventurers. 

CabinZero Adventure Travel Backpack

  • Weight: 1500 g / 3 lb 5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 20 cm / 21.7" x 13.8" x 7.9" 
  • Capacity: 42L

Design and Form

This adventure backpack includes a quick-access zip pocket, a main compartment that can be loaded from the top or the front and a water bottle holder on the side. Designed with top and side handles, the backpack offers more flexibility even in a rush. 

The CabinZero Adventure Pro backpack keeps your belongings secured and tidy as it is designed with a strong internal frame, a spacious interior, a padded laptop sleeve with bungee cords and 2 smaller internal compartments. Besides the main capacious compartment, this backpack model also has a second compartment with 2 other small pockets inside. 

Both the waist belt and sternum strap are available on this travel backpack model. You can also find a sleeve for a trolley handle, which makes it easier if you are to carry it with other luggage. 


The CabinZero Adventure Pro 42L is made out of a matt finish Nylon 500 Denier Rip-Stop fabric and a water-resistant coating. As with every other CabinZero backpack, this model also features the YKK® zippers - the finest and high quality processed zippers. This backpack model is available in 4 colours: Absolute Black, Atlantic Blue, Mossy Forest and Sahara Sand.

CabinZero ADV Pro Backpack for Travel

CabinZero ADV Pro 42L in Sahara Sand


With the specialised design made for travelling purposes, the Adventure Pro 42L is suitable for all kinds of travel - from a weekend getaway to a backpacking trip. You can also take it with you on outdoor activities like hiking, cycling or mountaineering. 

Due to the extensive number of pockets and compartments, this ADV Pro backpack can also be used as a backpack for your camera gear, or electronic gadgets if you are planning to do some photography/videography during the trip. 

Why is it good for travel?

What makes this backpack ideal for travellers and adventures? The airflow system on both the rear panel and shoulder straps provides extra comfort to carry the bag on your shoulders without sweating on long journeys. 

Its multi-compartmentalised feature is a huge plus if you are a well-organised frequent traveller. The sleeve for trolley handles also helps when you are travelling with family and carry multiple luggage. 

CabinZero Backpack Classic Plus 42L - A Minimalist Travel Rucksack

The CabinZero Classic Plus 42L backpack is built on the trademark features of our Classic backpack - it is a perfect companion for every journey. 

CabinZero Backpack Classic Plus 42L - A Minimalist Travel Rucksack

  • Weight: 1175 g / 2 lb 9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 54 x 35 x 20 cm / 21.3" x 13.8" x 7.9"
  • Capacity: 42L

Design and Form

Building on the much-loved features of the CabinZero Classic backpack, the Classic Plus Backpack in Absolute Black has a front-loading main compartment, a quick-access front panel zip pocket, an enhanced air-mesh back panel, chest straps, a water bottle holder and a telescopic handle sleeve on the rear panel.

The Classic Plus 42L backpack has a padded laptop sleeve inside a spacious interior, together with 2 other small pockets. Following all trademark CabinZero backpack designs, this versatile carry-on backpack features top and side handles and a sleeve for trolley handles for flexibility of carrying. 


The CabinZero Classic Plus backpack is made out of 600 Denier Polyester, equipped with a water-resistant coating and lockable YKK® zippers. This backpack model is available in 4 colours: Absolute Black, Georgian Khaki, Navy and Orange Chill.  

CabinZero Classic Plus 42L Travel Backpack

CabinZero Classic Plus 42L in Navy


With the minimalist design, the Classic Plus backpack can accompany you on various occasions: travelling, going on outdoor adventures, or even as a day-to-day backpack. Designed in sophisticated simplicity and trendy colours, this backpack can be an excellent choice for your daily out and about with its multifunctional features. 

Why is it good for travel?

With a firm and sturdy design, the CabinZero Classic Plus 42L can stand on its own when fully packed. The spacious and strong main compartment makes it easy to pack and organise your gear. It is also equipped with a foam-padded waist belt to equally distribute the load of your back even when you are carrying a relatively heavy weight. 

CabinZero Backpack Military 44L - A Resilient Gear to Support Your Travel

This CabinZero Military Backpack 44L is your tactical companion on every journey, even with the toughest terrain ones. 

CabinZero Backpack Military 44L - A Resilient Gear to Support Your Travel
  • Weight: 1050 g / 2 lb 5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 52 x 36 x 19 cm / 20.5" x 14.2" x 7.5"
  • Capacity: 44L
  • Design and Form

    Designed in a tough and resilient form, this CabinZero backpack model Military 44L is more than just a travel bag. It comes with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that give you extra comfort while carrying a very heavy weight and help in distributing the load to your waist instead of your shoulders. 

    You can also find load security with the sternum straps attached to the backpack, which will make your journey easier and less bulky. The airflow system on the back panel provides extra protection, ventilation and breathability, which all adds up to the comfort in your travel experience.

    This backpack includes one large main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve and 2 other small pockets for extra organisation; and a second front compartment where you can put items that need to be close at hand. A water bottle pocket is also attached to one side of the backpack, while the other side is designed with a handle. 


    Made out of the military-grade 1000 Denier nylon fabric and water-resistant coating, the Military backpack 44L protects your belongings in the hardest weather conditions and also prevents theft with the sturdy lockable YKK® zippers. 

    This Military 44L backpack is available in 6 colours: Absolute Black, Desert Sand, Light Khaki, Military Green, Military Grey and Navy.

    CabinZero Military Travel Backpack

    CabinZero Military 44L Backpack in Military Green


    Besides the initial purpose as a carry on backpack, this Military 44L rucksack can also serve as a backpack for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, mountaineering or camping. The 44L capacity allows you to carry relatively heavy loads, together with the breathability as well as the ventilation system to support your back on long journeys. 

    With the padded laptop sleeve, it works well if you intend to use it as a daypack for work, grocery shopping or gym stuff like boxing gloves and trainers. 

    Why is it good for travel?

    The CabinZero Military 44L backpack is particularly ideal for travel as it is designed with durable nylon fabric and water-resistant coating, which supports your journey even in the wildest of weather. 

    In terms of securing your belongings, the backpack includes high-quality lockable YKK zippers that you can use with your lock, as well as the Okoban tracking system. In case your backpack is lost, the person who finds it can easily contact you to return it using a lifetime tracking code registered on the Okoban website. 

    CabinZero Backpack Urban 42L - A Travel Bag with a Sleek Design

    The compact CabinZero Urban Backpack 42L is your perfect companion on those urban expeditions. This versatile travel carry-on backpack gives you options to carry it as a backpack, a shoulder bag or a suitcase.

    CabinZero Backpack Urban for travel

  • Weight: 1400 g / 3 lb 1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 51 x 36 x 15 cm / 20.1" x 14.2" x 5.9"
  • Capacity: 42L
  • Design and Form

    The CabinZero Urban 42L backpack features top and side handles and a stowaway backpack strap, which allows you to carry it in the style you desire. It also includes lockable sliders that can protect your belongings at all times. 

    The large main compartment includes a padded laptop sleeve and a pocket to organise your gear. The backpack also comes with a small pocket on the back where you can put your wallet and cards, which will be protected against theft with an RFID blocking system. 


    The CabinZero Urban 42L backpack is made out of Heavy Duty highly water-resistant tarpaulin materials and a water-resistant coating, which is durable and will protect your belongings from heavy rain. 

    CabinZero Urban Travel Backpack


    The design of the Urban 42L is perfect for a daypack if you are looking for a formal backpack/shoulder bag for work. It can also well function as a pack for your professional work trips as it includes the CabinZero backpack trademark features, such as an RFID blocking system, an Okoban tracker tag in case of loss, and a padded laptop sleeve. 

    Why is it good for travel?

    For those who enjoy the packing process of a suitcase but prefer carrying a lightweight and flexible backpack, the Urban 42L backpack is just right for you. It is easy to pack and carry, as you will enjoy different options to carry it your way.

    The waterproof materials and RFID blocking system is a highlight that makes this rucksack a good carry-on backpack/shoulder bag

    CabinZero Backpack Classic Pro 42L - Lightweight and Easy Access Carry-on Rucksack

    Sturdy, lightweight and multifunctional, the CabinZero Classic Pro 42L backpack combines all the trademark features of the CabinZero family. 

    CabinZero Backpack Classic Pro for Travel
    • Weight: 1434 g / 3 lb 3 ounces
    • Dimensions: 54 x 35 x 20 cm / 21.3" x 13.8" x 7.9"
    • Capacity: 42L

    Design and Form

    The CabinZero Classic Pro 42L backpack is designed for minimalist and adventurous travellers with its sturdy and lightweight form. It includes stowaway backpack straps and telescopic handle sleeve, as well as a sleeve for trolley handles, which gives you the flexibility to carry it the way you want. 

    This carry-on backpack is designed with 2 large compartments: one at the front and one main compartment. The main compartment can be loaded from the top of the front, which makes packing a lot easier. The front compartment includes 2 smaller pockets inside, which gives you more room to organise and categorise your items. 

    Like other members of the CabinZero backpack, the Classic Pro 42L backpack is also equipped with foam padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to help with load distribution. It also has a chest strap to secure and balance the weight. 


    The CabinZero Classic Pro 42L is made out of Classic CABINZERO 600 Denier Polyester like other backpacks in the Classic line. It is covered with a water-resistant coating and available in 4 colours: Absolute Black, Navy, Georgian Khaki and Orange Chill. 

    CabinZero Classic Pro Travel Backpack

    CabinZero Classic Pro 42L backpack in Georgian Khaki


    The Classic Pro 42L backpack is ideal for travellers who prefer a minimalistic style and multifunctional backpack. It can also be useful for outdoor activities and functions well as a daypack. If you’re looking for a one-bag for almost every occasion, this backpack should be on your list. 

    Why is it good for travel?

    The padded shoulder strap, rear panel and waist belt make this travel backpack extremely comfortable since the heavy load on your shoulders will be equally distributed to your hips. 

    A good combination of the top and side handles together with the stowaway backpack straps and a sleeve for trolley handles allows you to carry the backpack in different ways. These features make it easier when you put your bag on the overhead cabin or carry it with other luggage.  

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    CabinZero Adventure Backpack Dry 30L - A Waterproof Travel Bag for Your Electronics

    Whether you are taking a trip to the beach or strolling through the streets on those rainy days, this CabinZero Adventure Dry (ADV Dry) backpack 30L keeps your belongings dry in the dampest of weather. 

    CabinZero Adventure Backpack Dry for travel

    • Weight: 310 g / 0 lb 11 ounces
    • Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 15 cm / 19.7" x 12.6" x 5.9"
    • Capacity: 30L

    Design and Form

    Weighing only 310g, this ultra-lightweight and waterproof backpack features a fabric shell with a very high water-resistance coating exceeding 19,000mm. Its fully taped seams is another highlight that makes this backpack fully waterproof. 

    The ADV Dry 30L is equipped with a sternum strap to keep the backpack secured on your body, as well as comfortable adjustable shoulder straps with an airflow system - a feature that will fully support your back. 

    Comes with a removable RFID blocking pocket, the ADV Dry is easy to roll and tucked into the pocket when not in use. 


    The Adventure Dry 30L backpack is made out of 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop fabric with TPU film and with a water-resistant coating to keep your gear dry at all times. It is available in 4 colours: Absolute Black, Aruba Blue, Orange and Atlantic Blue. And as a part of the V&A Line, there are other 4 floral print options of this model: Azar, Spitalfields, Paisley and Night Floral. 

    CabinZero ADV Dry Travel Backpack

    CabinZero ADV Dry 30L backpack in Absolute Black


    Outside of being a travel backpack for a weekend getaway, the Adventure Dry 30L can be a perfect travel accessory that can store your valuables and easily put in a safe in the hotel when you arrive at the destination. 

    This backpack has proved to perform well as a beach or pool accessory with its waterproof fabric and taped seams. The bungee cord on the front can work as a flip flop holder for a bare-foot adventure at the beach. 

    The ADV Dry 30L is also seen around the city as a daypack for walking, grocery shopping or storing gym stuff - leaving no weight on your back due to its ultra-lightweight features! 

    Why is it good for travel?

    If you are travelling with electronic gadgets, the Adventure Dry 30L is a well-performing accessory that can prevent your items from getting wet or soaked with water. 

    >> Learn more: User guide and how to style your ADV Dry

    CabinZero Adventure Backpack 42L - A Travel Rucksack for Ultralight Hiking Trails

    The ultimate travel bag for the adventurous bugs, the CabinZero Adventure 42L backpack includes all the special CabinZero travel backpack trademark features. 

    CabinZero Adventure Backpack 42L - A Travel Rucksack

  • Weight: 1415 g / 3 lb 2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 20 cm / 21.7" x 13.8" x 7.9"
  • Capacity: 42L

    Design and Form

    Comes with a sturdy design, the Adventure Backpack 42L is the traveller’s choice as it features a big compartment that can be loaded from the top or the front, a small zip pocket on the top, the stowaway waist belt and shoulder strap, and a sternum strap. 

    This travel backpack is designed with a high-density Polyethylene frame sheet and a great number of compartments, which makes it versatile and very easy to pack.


    The CabinZero Adventure Backpack 42L is designed with a top-notch material - the matt finish Nylon 500 Denier Rip-Stop fabric with a water-resistant coating. It is available in 4 colours: Absolute Black, Mossy Forest, Atlantic Blue and Sahara Sand. 

    CabinZero ADV 42L Travel Backpack

    CabinZero ADV 42L backpack in Mossy Forest


    Featuring all the specialised travel backpack features, this Adventure backpack 42L is suitable for all kinds of travel, from weekend trips, backpacking journeys, to adventurous expeditions. You can use it for other outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, camping or trekking due to its excellent ventilation and breathability system on the rear panel as well as the shoulder straps. 

    Why is it good for travel?

    The airflow system built on the rear panel and shoulder straps makes the Adventure backpack 42L comfortable to carry around, even with a heavy weight. The waist belt and shoulder straps can be hidden, so you can carry the backpack as a suitcase using the side handle. 

    This 42L  travel backpack is designed with a spacious interior in the main compartment while having other small compartments for extra organisation. 

    Shopping for Travel Backpacks - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the ideal size of a travel backpack?

    The biggest backpack is not always the best option. Many people tend to make the mistake that the bigger the backpack is, the better it is because it can fit more. This is not always the case, as we explained above, the size of the backpack should depend on the purpose and duration of your trip. 

    Travel backpack sizes are measured in litres, not kilos, which is why you see backpacks that say 28L, 36L or 42L. A 42L backpack is obviously bigger and taller than a 28L backpack. 

    Keep in mind that there are situations when you have to carry your backpack for several hours and carrying a big backpack that is not adapted to your body can be really exhausting. That is why you shouldn’t buy a backpack based only on the assumption that the more litre, the better. 

    Below is our suggestion for men and women’s body types:

    • For women: 40 to 55 L
    • For men: From 50 to 65 L

    How to organise a backpack for your trip?

    One of the good tips to note about travel packing is knowing how to distribute the weight in your backpack. Firstly, it is very important to categorise your belongings, such as rests (tents, sleeping bags, etc.), food (utensils), clothes, toiletries, travel items and electronic gear. You can separate them in plastic, ziploc bags or packing cubes to protect them. 

    At the lowest part of the backpack, we will assemble the base with the change of clothes, sleeping bag or tent. It is best to put the tent inside the backpack rather than hanging it on the outside, as it can get dirty, entangled with branches or stolen. 

    The part attached to your back is where the heaviest items that require better security should go. It is important to put the heavy items next to our back so we can avoid altering the centre of gravity, otherwise, it is easy to lose balance and cause lower back pain. 

    After filling the base of the backpack, the top is where we put delicate and fragile objects that we will need to be close at hand, like cameras. 

    In smaller pockets, we can put objects that we will need for the flights, like passports, phones and documents. Some travel backpacks are designed with a fanny pack to store some cash or everyday objects. These are small details but will be very helpful when you need to find your personal items. Also remember the side pocket for your water bottle, as well as space for your trekking poles if you’re going on a trekking trip. But bear in mind that these items should not be exposed if you’re taking a plane or train, as they might be damaged along the way.

    The last step is to secure the load and use the straps to tighten your backpack. Put it on, adjust the belt, shoulder straps and sternum strap where necessary. Remember that your travel backpack should not wobble, it should be well adjusted to the hips.

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    How to secure a backpack and your belongings when travelling?

    Identify your backpack

    Place a tag or an identifier with your contact information. In case of loss, it will be more likely that you will find it back. Our CabinZero travel backpacks are all equipped with the Okoban luggage tracking feature, which will provide you with a lifetime tracking code that if your backpack is lost and then found, it can then be returned to you via the online system. 

    Check the seams and supports 

    Your trip can be ruined (and your back too) with the stitching and reinforcement of the backpack, so you should try to check it regularly. It is necessary to carry an emergency travel sewing kit with you in case your backpack gets damaged or ripped. 

    Know the anchor points of your travel backpack

    If you travel by train, subway or truck, there are times when you will need to leave your backpack in the luggage area. To avoid your backpack flying, take advantage of the anchor points to tie your backpack in a tubular structure. 

    How to secure travel backpack?

    Avoid theft

    • If you are going to leave your backpack in a hostel, always carry a lock with you to leave it in a locker (the larger and more complicated the mechanism is, the better it secures your backpack).
    • In case you are travelling with more than one travel backpack, secure your backpacks together. 
    • Always keep your backpack in front of you if you’re letting it rest on the street. 
    • Never walk with a lock on your backpack on the street, thieves will want to know whether you are carrying anything very valuable in your backpack. 
    • A travel backpack with an RFID blocking system is a plus - as you might experience RFID theft (wireless identity theft) that triggers the information on your credit card while travelling in some countries. The RFID blocking system will stop this ‘digital pickpocketing’ to happen and protect your cards from being scanned or skimmed. 

    It's a wrap on our complete guide in choosing a new travel backpack for your adventures. We hope you have an idea of getting the right backpack for yourself, and we would love to hear about your favourite travel backpack features in the comment section below!

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