Good Gifts For Travellers: Bring A Holly Jolly Christmas To Travel Lovers

There are many different opinions on what are good gifts for travellers. Besides things you think your friend will need on their trip, you also have to consider their personalities and preferred way of travel. These factors will greatly impact what they use on their trip.

So what are the good gifts that your travel-lover friend will like? Let’s find out in this article and get one before Santa Claus comes!

Practical Travel Gifts Under $15

Ear plugs

Good Gifts For Travellers - Ear Plugs - CabinZero

Good gifts for travellers should take care of their needs. Photo by Pixel-Shot -

A staple for any good night’s sleep, especially when there is a party going on near your hostel. Plus, it also makes for a great gift for frequent fliers, especially if they are not in the first class. Some say you could try to pair this with noise-blocking headphones for double the peace. How about asking them to give it a go?

Travel/Compression Socks

Good Gifts For Travellers - Travel Compression Socks - CabinZero

The perfect gifts for frequent fliers. Photo by EdNurg -

There’s nothing that is as inexpensive and works so well as these pieces. When he or she travels by air or car a lot, they will thank you for helping with their circulations. Truly, it’s something everyone should wear on their flights.

Travel Laundry Detergent

Good Gifts For Travellers - Travel Laundry Dêtrgent - CabinZero

Nothing beats a fresh set of clothes on the road. Photo by Sevendeman -

This is among good gifts for travellers, especially those on extended trips or backpacking adventures. No laundromat needed; With some water and a bit of effort, their clothes will be fresh and good smelling, something anyone could appreciate.


It’s the classic gift for any traveller, but it never fails to amaze. Guidebooks are packed with insider knowledge, from hidden gems and local eats to must-see sights and off-the-beaten-path adventures. No internet? No problem! Just turn a page, and they will know where to go, what to do, and even the stories behind the places they are visiting.

Unique Travel Gifts For Her

A Travel-Sized Toiletry Kit

Good Gifts For Travellers - Travel-sized Toiletry Kit - CabinZero

A travel-sized toiletry kit is a good gift for any traveller, especially those who have sensitive skin. Picture by Pixel-Shot on Adobe Stock.

The need for cosmetics and skin-care products seems to be endless, and not necessary only for female travellers. But it’s impractical to bring a full-size bottle(s). Travel-sized toiletry kits that are TSA-friendly are essential while travelling and are certainly good gifts for travellers. The ladies can use their favourite products on the go and will be thankful to you for it.

Packing Cubes

Good Gifts For Travellers - Packing Cubes - CabinZero

Budget travellers probably won’t buy packing cubes on their own, but they will surely find them convenient.

Most people don’t see or believe the magic of these travel accessories until they try them. These packing cubes will help your friend save a lot of time and effort, both when packing and unpacking. We recommend getting them a set like the Classic CabinZero packing cubes set. This will give them more options on the sizes suitable for their needs and make it easier to grab what they need in a pinch.

A Bumbag

Good Gifts For Travellers - Bum Bag - CabinZero

Active travellers can easily carry a bumbag around to keep their essential belongings. Credit: @ioli

It is a good gift for female travellers because they can keep their essential belongings, like phones, wallets, makeup, etc., within reach. We would recommend our Bumbag. This bag has a minimalistic design with various colours to suit your friend’s liking. The straps are also adjustable and sizeable enough to keep all your necessities.


Good Gifts For Travellers - Accessories - CabinZero

Accessories are good gifts for travellers who like to take pictures of themselves during their trips. Photo by Birk Enwald on Unsplash.

Taking photos during the trip is common for female travellers, even if they don’t post them on social media. In this case, an accessory to wear while taking photos or simply to protect their beauty is a good gift for travellers like them. You should go for simple things like sunglasses, hats, etc.

A Surprise Trip

Good Gifts For Travellers - Travel Trip - CabinZero

Spending time with them is the ultimate gift for the traveller in your life. IG: @Fittravellove

What’s a better gift for a traveller than a trip itself? Experiences are often more memorable than material gifts. Does she love beaches and sunshine? Then you can’t go wrong with a tropical paradise. Or is she drawn to ancient ruins and bustling cities? There are many wonderful choices in Europe, too.

Travel gift ideas for him

A Multi-Tool

Good Gifts For Travellers - Multi-tool - CabinZero

A multi-tool can be convenient for travellers who usually go camping or going on an adventure. Photo by Accessories -

Having a multi-tool is a must if your friend tends to go camping in places like mountains, forests, etc. Preserving the natural look, these places will surely have no modern facilities to help them set up their tent. This is when the multi-tool becomes handy.

Gift Cards

Good Gifts For Travellers - Gift Cards - CabinZero

A gift card is a good choice if you are not sure which present to buy.

Choosing good gifts for men can be hard because they may already have what they need. Men often prioritise having essentials and are good at acquiring what they need themselves. So, if you can make up your mind on what you should buy, go for a gift card. This way, they can choose anything they need by themselves, ensuring they will have a good gift they like and their purpose is fulfilled.

A Power Bank

Good Gifts For Travellers - Power Bank - CabinZero

A power bank is extremely helpful when travelling in an unfamiliar city IG: @thepandaflavor

Having a phone running out of battery with no other way to connect to the internet will be troublesome. A power bank will easily solve this problem. You don’t have to go for something big that has a huge capacity. Instead, choose one with a small size and can charge the phone fully 2-3 times so that your friend can put it in their bag to carry around.

Microfiber Towel

Good Gifts For Travellers - Microfiber Tower - CabinZero

A good gift for male travellers can be something he use every day on his trip. Photo by danieleorsi -,

A compact and quick-drying towel can do wonders for him, especially when visiting one of the Asian countries (don’t underestimate the heat and humidity there). It is affordable, and yet the benefits and convenience it brings are amazing.

Travel Gifts For People Who Go On A Long Trip

A Budget Planner

Good Gifts For Travellers - Budget Planner - CabinZero

A budget planner can help a traveller save more money on the trip. Picture by Marina on Adobe Stock.

A budget planner is a good gift for people who go on a long trip. It will help them plan their trip and detailed budget more easily, as well as keep track of each account for each activity. This means they will have the necessary budget throughout the long journey. It should at least include a budget planning template and daily spending tracker.

A Backpack That Can Do It All

Good Gifts For Travellers - Backpack - CabinZero

A backpack is easier to carry if your friend usually goes exploring as an adventurer traveller.

This is surely the best gift you can get for a traveller who goes on a long trip. We would recommend the CabinZero ADV Pro 42L or the Military Backpack 44L. These backpacks are big enough so they can pack everything they need and small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. Not to mention they are water-resistant and durable.

If the person you want to send this gift to care a lot about budget travel, you can consider giving them cabin sized bag that they can use as carry-on luggage.

A Rain Cover For Backpacks

Good Gifts for Travellers - Rain Cover for Backpack - CabinZero

Now your belongings are ready to face against the elements. Credit: Krokavecz Tamás

People who travel for a long time will certainly catch the rain at some point during the trip. And when this happens, it will be very inconvenient if they have to stop or struggle to take out anything under the same raincoat with their backpacks.

This is when a rain cover for backpacks becomes extremely handy. Make sure you choose one that can fit the most common sizes of backpacks and attach strongly to the backpack. Prioritise those that can be removed easily whenever they need and check for the material for water resistance.


Good Gifts for Travellers - E-Reader - CabinZero

Reading a book is a great pastime whenever it’s at the beach, airport, or anywhere. Photo by Andrii IURLOV -

Travel is not all about exploring and partying, there’s often downtime in between: at the terminals, during transportation, on the plane, etc. Gifting them a Kindle is a meaningful way to help them finish the book they’ve been meaning to read. It’s especially a good gift for travellers whose eyes are easily strained or read in the dark often (some e-readers include a backlight feature).

A Travel Pillow

Good Gifts for Travellers - Travel Pillow - CabinZero

A travel pillow will help your friend relax better during their trip. IG: @shengtot85_rph

A long-trip traveller will have to save their resting time to move to different destinations, so making use of the transporting time to sleep a bit is very common. To help your friend relax, you can get them a travel pillow. 

The most common shape is the C-shape that covers the neck. But we would recommend one that can change its shape from a small pouch into a C-shape pillow to save space in your friend's or family member's luggage.

Most Useful Gifts For A Solo Traveller

A Laptop Backpack

Good Gifts for Travellers - Laptop Backpack - CabinZero

A laptop backpack is a necessity for business travellers.

If your friend is a digital nomad, he or she will probably have to bring their laptop along. Their backpack must be able to protect their laptop and fit what they need simultaneously. We recommend our Classic Tech Backpack 28L. With a separate sleeve for the laptop, it will protect the device perfectly. The pack is also made of water-resistant material with various compartments and a bottle pocket so your friend can pack more easily.

An E-sim

Good Gifts for Travellers - E-sim - CabinZero

There’s no risk of losing or damaging eSIMs as they are embedded directly in the phone. IG: @benchlopez

Though Wi-Fi has become popular, not everywhere has a consistent network. Getting your friend an eSim will help them stay connected. It’s very flexible; anyone can choose from different data plans, from short-term options to long-term packages. However, if they plan for a longer stay (>2 months), local sims would be the better choice.

Universal Travel Adapter

Good Gifts for Travellers - Universal Travel Adapter - CabinZero

These make for a thoughtful gift for a multi-country trip. Photo by MargJohnsonVA -

A universal travel adapter is a godsend when the traveller in your life plans to do country-hopping. They will love a compact adapter that can power up all their devices across more than 100 countries. Find one with additional USB-C or USB-A ports and fast charging technology.

A Travel First-Aid Kit

Good Gifts for Travellers - Travel First-aid Kit - CabinZero

A first-aid kit is essential for travellers who like to explore the wild. Photo by David Pereiras on Adobe Stock.

Everyone should prepare a first-aid kit, especially those with chronic diseases or who like to visit somewhere rugged. A small wound may come back to bite the traveller later. These kits usually have common medical tools like disinfectant, bandages, etc. You can also add some common medicines to treat stomach aches, headaches, etc. (remember to check the expiration date).

What To Buy A Traveller As A Gift: Tips And Tricks

Choosing gifts for travellers can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially considering their travel preferences and interests. Here are some tips for choosing gifts for different types of travellers:

Figure Out How They Usually Travel

How your friends usually travel will tremendously affect what they will need or like. For example, if they tend to travel light, they might not want an accessory that only looks nice and isn’t essential for the trip.

In contrast, if they like to travel to relax and savour every moment on their social media, a gift to make them become the spotlight might do the trick.

Observe Their Style

Their style affects what style of item you should buy, whether you should go for something cute or something minimalist. If you are close to them, you can ask them directly. However, you can easily know by observing how they dress, what accessories they usually wear, etc. 

By knowing their styles, you will be able to pick colours, patterns, and designs easier. Plus, it will ensure that your gift will fit their collections to travel.

Take Into Account Their Companions 

You should find out who they usually travel with, their friends, their lover or their family. This will help you come up with a gift that is more convenient for them to use.

For example, if they travel with their lover, you can buy a couple shirts, or sexy lingerie, etc. If they travel with their family, you can buy luggage tags to separate the bags, or a board game to play with their kids on the trip.

What Is The Best Gift To Welcome Someone At The Airport?

Good Gifts for Travellers - CabinZero

A big hug might bring your friend tremendous joy after a long flight. Credit: @eduardo_justino

After a long flight, surely your friends or family will be tired. A gift to welcome them at the airport need not be fancy, but it needs to express your thoughtfulness towards them.

The most common one is a handmade welcome sign decorated with their favourite patterns or your drawings. If you want to make it grand, try putting funny messages on it.

But if you don’t have time, a cup of coffee, a box of snacks, or a bouquet with the flowers they love will do. You can also prepare them a pillow and a blanket so they can rest comfortably on the drive home.

The Best Gift Is Your Care

Above is a list of 15 good gifts for travellers. In the end, the best gift is the one that shows your care to the receiver. So don’t feel too much pressure to choose the perfect gift ever. Do you have any other ideas for a good gift for travellers? Suggest down below or share this article to help the fellows in need get gifts for their loved ones.

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