Best Travel Gifts For Men: The Ultimate List Of Travel Essentials

 Are you looking to buy a thoughtful gift for the special globetrotting man in your life? This list of the best travel gifts for men can make your search for the perfect gift easier. From practical gifts such as essential grooming kits and tech organisers to activity gifts such as travel drones and games, there is always something for everyone.

Choosing the right gift does require some research time and paying attention to the gift receiver’s needs. Gift-giving is genuinely an art, and it is one of the best ways to remind someone special how much you care. If you are wondering what to get and what qualities to look for in travel gifts, look no further. Here is the ultimate list of travel gifts for travelling men.

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The Gifts For Grooming

Best Travel Gifts For Men
Grooming products such as razors and toiletries are among the top travel essentials for men in their daily hygiene routine. Photo by seligaa on

Shaving Kits

Most men shave regularly, and some men shave daily as part of their hygiene routine. Make your travelling men's grooming routine more enjoyable with a quality shaving kit. Packed with all the essentials for shaving, convenient shaving kits include travel-friendly razors, TSA-approved shaving gel or shaving cream, and aftershave lotion. 

Toiletry Bags

Does the special man in your life have a handful of grooming products on his trips? From skincare to moisturising products, keep them organised stylishly with a handsome toiletry bag.

Pick one that has an appropriate size for his needs that is made out of easy-to-clean and waterproof materials. Depending on your chosen priority and style, there are easy-to-clean plastic bags, stress-free water-resistant bags and fashionable leather bags.

Travel-size Cologne

Whether your guy is going on business trips or leisure vacations, giving him perfume shows that you put a lot of thought into this emotional gift. This gift is a sign of affection as it can be something he wears daily on the road, and he will be thinking of you. Getting a travel-friendly cologne is more convenient and easier to carry around without the risk of breaking or taking up too much space in his luggage space.

Hair Styling Products

From hair gels to creams and waxes, there are a great number of options when it comes to men's hair styling products. Be sure that you opt for travel-sized products as gifts since there are strict regulations in place for air travel and 3limited packing space in his baggage. This gift will keep his hair well-groomed and stay in place even on the go.

Travel Gifts For Hobbies And Entertainment

Best Travel Gifts For Men
Having different entertainment options during long-haul flights can make travelling more enjoyable. Photo by sodawhiskey -

Wireless Headphones

Is your special guy a huge music fan and often listens to songs on the go? Then a good set of wireless headphones is an ideal gift. Without the extra wires, wireless headphones are compact, portable and perfect on the road, offering complete freedom of movement.


There are good reasons why hats are among the most popular travel items. Aside from being a piece of a fashion statement, a good hat can protect his eyes, especially if he enjoys spending time in the sun. UV rays can be harmful for human skin as well. Lower the risks of sunburn and skin damage to your special someone with a good-quality and well-designed hat. 

Whether he is strolling the streets of Europe or hiking through nature trails, you can choose from plenty of options. From classic baseball caps to stylish straw hats and easy-to-pack sun hats, be sure to look for durable, packable hats that can provide sun protection.


Does he have an interest in photography or enjoy looking at photos that capture special moments after travelling? A smartphone can take good pictures, but a good camera will be a step up in his photography game.

If he loves travelling with multiple lenses, keep an eye out for quality camera bags. They have a fantastic organisation for the lens and accessories that can make the inner photographer in him happy. A portable, mirrorless camera like Sony A6000 will be the perfect gift if he's just staring.

Audiobook Subscriptions

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to make use of commute time and make long flights seem shorter. If your guy enjoys reading books or listening to podcasts, get him an audiobook subscription and let him choose different engaging audiobooks to listen to.

He can use this educational gift of yours anytime on the road. Audible is among the most well-known service (and a favourite among some of us). He can enjoy thousands of titles for up to $15 a month, ranging from classics to sci-fi or non-fiction genres.

Essential Items For Business Trips

Best Travel Gifts For Men

Packing for business trips is different from packing for leisure holidays. Photo by Pixel-Shot on

Travel Garment Folder

A Travel Garment Folder can help your special someone travel to important business meetings with a wrinkle-free shirt. This gift is beneficial for business trips and formal occasions that require travel, such as family events and weddings. A suitable shirt carrier should be light, easy to pack and help protect the shirt's collar.

Universal Travel Adapter

For electronic items, a universal travel adapter is almost always a must-have for any trip in every traveller's packing list. If your guy often travels to different countries for business trips, keeping his necessary devices powered is crucial. Worry no more about the plug shapes, sizes and sockets with a proper universal travel adapter.

Neck Pillows

Constant commutes on long-haul flights and the lack of quality sleep can negatively affect even the healthiest person. A comfortable neck pillow with good-quality materials can make a difference, especially on early or late-night flights. This is a practical gift showing how much you care for your special someone.

Travel Wallet

Help him keep track of all travel essentials such as passports, boarding passes, money and credit cards with a functional travel wallet. You can help his business trips go smoothly and less stressful with a practical yet stylish travel wallet. There are different functions to look for, such as water-resistant, RFID blocking, customisable, super-slim or trackable.  

Travel Gifts To Stay Organised

Best Travel Gifts For Men

A practical backpack that never goes out of style is the ultimate gift for someone who travels a lot.

Travel Backpacks

A comfortable and practical backpack is excellent for international trips and shorter getaways. Depending on his style of travel, you can get a backpack with an appropriate volume.

For instance, if he travels with only one bag for a month or more, then consider giving him a 44L backpack instead of a 28L one.

Be sure to consider factors such as waterproof features, durable materials and whether he carries a laptop or a camera. Remember that camera backpacks and laptop backpacks are better for keeping these devices safe on the go.

Secondary Travel Bags

Having a compact and lightweight bag for a quick day trip or keeping track of essential travel documents at the airport is convenient. Secondary travel bags such as minimalist bum bags or practical shoulder bags are ideal gifts with many designs.

This gift will make it easy for everyone to stay more organised with small yet important items such as wallets, phones and travel documents on the road. 


Airlines have different size regulations for checked-in luggage. By giving him luggage that fits almost all airlines' size limits, you will save him a lot of headaches at airports and a bunch of money from paying for excess baggage fees.

Pay attention to the materials, functionalities and how durable the luggage can be on the road. For instance, the types of luggage wheels that you choose should be durable enough to be used on different surface types.

Luggage Trackers

Sometimes things go missing, especially luggage and bags at airports. The peace of mind that a luggage tracking device can offer travellers is much larger than its size and cost.

Airtag is a popular gadget for such purposes. But you can opt for backpacks with Okoban tracking. Another tip is helping him check in his luggage early, saving time and effort.


Best Travel Gifts For Men

The right travel gift will always remind him of you and how much you care about him. Photo by Drobot Dean -

1. What Travel Gift To Give Someone Who Loves To Travel?

For the globetrotters, depending on each individual's travel style, there are different travel gifts to choose from. For active travellers who enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking or walking, travel gifts with functionality, such as a sun-protective hat or a compact backpack, can be good ideas.

For people who often travel for business, a travel wallet to organise important documents, and a laptop-friendly backpack can be good gifts to give. To select the best gifts, be sure to pay attention to your gift receiver's travel habits and preferences. 

2. What Do People Who Often Travel Need?

Regardless of whether you are a light traveller or prefer to pack well to feel more prepared, there are basic travel essentials that every traveller needs. For important travel documents such as passports and flight tickets, there should be a secured bag or wallet to keep them safe.

For connectivity, there should be adapter plugs or portable phone chargers to keep important devices powered. Comfortable shoes and clothing are among the essentials to pack as well.

3. What To Bring For Entertainment On Trips?

Long flights and waiting hours can be unwanted parts during an exciting trip. However, there are various entertaining options to make travellers speed up the long wait.

Bringing a good pair of headphones will do wonders if you enjoy listening to music, watching movies or enjoying podcasts on the go. If you travel in groups and enjoy playing games in your spare time, there are different travel games for adults and kids with multiple players. 

4. What Do Male Globetrotters Like As Gifts?

Customisable, practical, and thoughtful gifts are great travel gift ideas. A travel wallet with their initials can be a functional yet stylish option for customisable gifts.

Depending on how a guy likes to travel or based on his travel purposes, practical gifts for him can be a well-designed backpack, good-quality luggage or an item for comfort such as a neck pillow.

There are different ways to show how much thought you put into your gift. Depending on each man’s routine, compact grooming kits or functional outdoor items are also among the top picks.

Best Travel Gifts For Men: The Ultimate List Of Travel Essentials

With many gift ideas and creative ways to show how much you care for your special guy, this list of the best travel gifts for men is a great place to start. Be sure to keep in mind his travel style and travel purposes when picking out gifts. Depending on the type of gift, it is important to consider factors related to each product, such as durability, functionality and design. 

There are a few gifts that fit almost every travelling style, such as personal hygiene products and storage space. If you are unsure about his personal habits and travel needs, these are safe options to pick. Think practicality, consider your guy’s needs and add your special touch to make a gift even more personal. 

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