Italy Packing List: An Ultimate Guide

Having a well-planned Italy packing list is the first step to an exciting and smooth Italian adventure. As a general rule, it is best to always have a plan and come prepared, regardless of your travel destination.

Italy is a popular European destination for many reasons. From its rich culture to the world-famous cuisine and breathtaking sceneries, Italy inspires travellers from all over the world to visit the country for unforgettable experiences.

Whether you plan to visit Italy in the crowded summer or in less touristy months, having a carefully planned and foolproof travel packing checklist is definitely the right place to start. Here are things you should know to create your ideal Italy packing list.

What Are The Must-Haves When Travelling To Italy?

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Italy is a popular destination in Europe with a distinctive Mediterranean charm. IG: _@dzullia_

Travel Documents

  • Passport
  • ID
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Digital and physical copies of everything

Personal Medication

  • Your prescription medication
  • Doctor’s notice
  • First aid kit
  • Over-the-counter medicine

Local Currency and Bank Cards

  • Cash in Euros (around €700-1,500 for 10 days)
  • Credit cards

Travel Gadgets

  • Universal travel adapter (types C, F and L)
  • Power bank and cables
  • Travel lock
  • Camera
  • Laptop/iPad (Optional)

A Travel Backpack

Travel Documents

Regardless of your destination, travel documents are essential for every trip, including your Italy packing list. Be sure to bring your valid passport and check if you need a visa to travel to Italy.

For example, citizens of the U.K. and the U.S., travellers can stay up to 90 days without a visa for tourist purposes. If you are in doubt, it is recommended that you check which countries require a travel visa to visit Italy beforehand.

Having travel insurance for your Italy trip is highly recommended. This ensures that you are financially covered in unexpected events such as medical emergencies and flight cancellations.

It is also a good practice to keep digital copies of your travel insurance as well as other travel documents, including your passport, emergency contact, and bookings, accessible. 

Personal Medications

Travellers entering Italy can bring personal medications with a copy of the prescription on their trips. A valid prescription should include the following information: (1) Place of issue; (2) Prescribing medical professional; (3) Name of the patient; (4) Prescribed medical drugs; and (5) Name of issuing authority.

Your Italy packing list should include a first aid kit with items to treat minor injuries and illnesses. These include bandages, antibacterial wound cleaners, and pain relievers. For every trip, over-the-counter medicines for fever, diarrhoea, and motion sickness are practical items to include in your packing list. 

Local Currency and Bank Cards

Italy Packing List - CabinZero

From designer stores to fruttivendolo (fruits and veggies stands), Italy is full of quality goods. Photo by Charlotte -

Having cash in euros, the local currency in Italy is useful when travelling to every part of the country. Debit and credit cards are widely accepted in urban cities and tourist areas. In rural areas, however, it is recommended that you bring a combination of cash and cards with you. 

How many euros do you need for 10 days in Italy? Italy travel costs vary between €70 and €150 per traveller per day, depending on your style of travel (budget vs mid-range). A simple maths shows that you’ll need to budget around €700-1,500 for a 10-day trip to Italy.

If you are stressing over how much cash you should bring for your Italy trip, worry not—you can always get more cash in 24/7 ATMs, banks and exchange agencies.

CabinZero tips: When you use your card at an ATM or terminal abroad, you might be offered to pay in your home currency (e.g., Pounds or Dollars). Decline this and choose to pay in the local currency instead. This simple act will get you a better exchange rate as you are letting your bank convert it.

Travel Gadgets

Here are a few functional travel gear for your Italy trip.

  • Universal travel adapter: Italy primarily uses C, F and L plug types. If you are a frequent traveller, you should get universal travel adapters.
  • Power Bank: A portable charger is a convenient way to make sure your phone battery can keep up with your Italian exploration. When choosing a power bank for travelling, you should consider factors like capacity, size and charging speed.
  • Travel Lock: Keep your luggage secure while travelling in busy airports and crowded public transportation with a good-quality travel lock. When choosing your travel lock, consider whether a combination lock or a key lock works better for you. The weight and size of your lock are also important factors.
  • Camera: Take colourful photos of the romantic Venice's canals and capture your unique views of Renaissance art to document your travel experiences in gorgeous Italy with a good camera. Make sure your camera battery can keep up with your busy days by bringing a charger, an empty SD card and extra batteries. Prefer to take your photos with a phone? Be sure to have your power bank with you and have enough storage in your phone.

A Travel Backpack

Italy Packing List - CabinZero

A quality backpack is a game-changer for your travel.

Travel backpacks are a great choice for travelling as they are easy to carry and provide extra space as well as security for your valuable belongings. On your next trip to Italy, consider getting a high-quality bag to keep your items organised and safe whether in busy city streets or on hiking trails.

There are many choices for you to choose from, including backpacks, shoulder bags, and fanny packs. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a perfectly-sized bag in your favourite colour variations.

Do people wear fanny packs in Italy? Yes, most definitely. Fanny packs are both minimalist and practical yet sophisticated and stylish. With CabinZero's collection of fanny packs, choose your compact travel companion in one of our 20+ trendsetting colour variations for a hassle-free Italian vacation.

Italy Packing List: For Women and Men Travellers

Every traveller has a unique packing list. For an ultimate Italy packing list, it is important to define gender-specific items such as toiletries and underwear and gender-neutral items such as travel documents and accessories. Here are the differences that you should consider when packing for different genders.


  • T-shirt
  • Trousers
  • Knee-covering shorts and skirts
  • Long pants
  • Swimwear
  • A jacket.


  • Scarf
  • A statement belt or a money belt
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses.



  • A pair of comfortable walking trainer
  • Flip-flops/sandals (Optional)
  • Socks (at least one pair for each day)


Clothes & Accessories

Italy is an elegant and stylish country. You can bring your dashing yet comfortable fashion pieces with you on your Italy vacation. Here are a few must-have items for Italy travel.

For clothes, during summer trips, you should opt for breathable materials and light clothing. During winter months, depending on your time spent in Northern Italy versus Southern Italy, you can pack layers and a jacket for the south or a thermal jacket for the north.

  • Breathable T-shirts and loose trousers
  • Shorts and skirts that can cover your knees (for summer and for visiting religious sites)
  • Long pants (for formal occasions and for cooler months)
  • Swim shorts for men and bathing suits for women (for visiting Italy's beautiful beaches)
  • Rain jacket or warm jacket.

From fashion accessories for a stylish look in Italy to practical travel gadgets for a smooth Italian vacation, here are essential items to consider packing.

  • An elegant scarf (for keeping warm, styling your outfits and covering your shoulders during visits to religious sites)
  • A stylish and practical handbag or cross-body bag
  • A statement belt (for fashionable looks) or a money belt (for keeping your money safe)
  • A chic sun hat and a pair of glamorous sunglasses (the sun can be strong in Italy).


Italy Packing List - CabinZero

Opt for travel-size toiletry containers to save space. Photo by TanyaJoy on

Bringing toiletry products ensures that you are comfortable and well-groomed. Think about your daily routine and the types of activities that you will participate in in Italy. The list of grooming items to bring might feel endless, so remember to prioritise essential items to avoid overpacking.

  • For women travellers: Beauty items like makeup, facial wipes, hairstyling products as well as female health items including tampons and intimate wash are widely considered by many travellers as essential items. Do look for travel-sized products to keep your luggage light and save space for other essentials.
  • For men travellers: Grooming items like shaving cream and shaving razors should be included, depending on each traveller's grooming habit. Deodorant will keep you feeling refreshed and hair products will keep your hair on point.

Should I bring toilet paper to Italy? More often than not, the toilet paper in most Italian bathrooms is not well stocked. Packages of tissues are a great solution, and therefore, you should always pack at least one when travelling in Italy.


When it comes to choosing footwear for travel, there are three major factors to consider: comfort, style, and weather. Although style might vary depending on gender, comfort and weather are gender-neutral. 

  • For women travellers: Trainers are a popular choice for a busy day with lots of walking. For a chic evening out, consider bringing a pair of ballet flats, wedges or stylist boots instead of heels, as these are more comfortable and travel-friendly options. 
  • For men travellers: Trainers and boots can definitely be comfortable as well as fashionable, depending on how you mix-and-match your outfits. However, if you are heading to a more dressy event, dress shoes like Oxford shoes and dress boots like leather boots and chukka boots are wonderful choices.


The best underwear for travel are breathable, lightweight, easy to wash and can dry up fast. These qualities are applicable for both men and women underwear. It is recommended for travellers to pack fresh underwear in their hand luggages for expected cases of missing checked-in bags.

  • For women travellers: Which are the best bras for travel? It depends on travellers' individual preferences and planned activities in Italy. For an active traveller, sports bras might be more comfortable and accommodate every bust size. For a dress-up look, consider packing a nude bra for light-coloured outfits, a padded bra for tight-fitting clothes and a bralette for dresses with fashionable cuts.   
  • For male travellers: Generally, boxer briefs provide a balanced fit for outdoor activities, and the stretchy materials of these briefs accommodate different body types. Brief and bikini-cut types of men's underwear are good to go, too. However, it is best to avoid long underwear if you are travelling during the hot summers.

Italy Packing List: Things To Consider

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The Amalfi Coast is an outstanding destination in Italy that represents the beautiful Mediterranean landscape. Photo by neirfy on

Time Of Year And Local Weather

Italy has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, in which summers are typically hot and dry while winters are cool and rainy. A popular time to visit Italy for many travellers is during Spring and early Fall, as the local weather is generally pleasant. 

Similar to most European destinations, Italy is a tourist hotspot during the summer months. You can consider travelling in less crowded months depending on your travel preferences. Let's explore Italy at different times of the year and know what to consider when preparing your Italy packing list.

Due to its diverse geographical features, the weather in Italy varies significantly by location. It is essential to check the weather forecast for your chosen Italy destinations beforehand.

  • Spring (April - May): The weather in Italy might be breezy with occasional showers. Consider having a light jacket for breezy evenings and a travel-sized umbrella for the unexpected rains.
  • Summer (June - August): The summer months in Italy are hot and sunny. This is especially true in the southern regions. If you are looking for an Italian beach holiday, be sure to wear airy clothing and swimsuits, not to mention protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Fall (September - October): As Autumn comes, the weather in Italy is cooler and pleasant. However, it might rain occasionally. To visit Italy in the fall, wear layered clothing as the temperature can rise and fall throughout the day. An umbrella or a waterproof jacket is an excellent solution for the occasional rain.
  • Winter (November - March): The weather can vary greatly depending on your chosen destinations in Italy. The Northern part of Italy experiences colder temperatures and snow, while the weather in the Southern part is milder. For Italy's packing list in the winter, warm clothing such as thermal layers and insulated boots are recommended. Skincare products are great for dry skin during cold weather as well.

Destinations In Italy

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Venice is a photogenic destination in Northern Italy. Photo by Givaga on

Italy is a great country to visit. There are many unique attractions and wonderful places in different regions of Italy. Travellers can choose which region to visit based on travel preferences, attractions, cuisine and affordability. Here are what you should consider about each region for your Italy packing list.

  • Northern Italy: This region in Italy has popular destinations such as Milan and Venice. As a must-visit destination for fashion lovers, be sure to pack your fashionable outfits for a trip to remember in Milan. On the other hand, Venice is the place to explore the centuries-old buildings, visit unique museums, and admire the majestic waterfront and busy canals. Do dress comfortably for these outings and bring your camera to capture special moments on the road.
  • Central Italy: In Central Italy, the tourist areas of Tuscany, Lazio, Marche and Umbria are appealing to travellers for many reasons. Tuscany is famous for its picturesque hills and beautiful landscapes. Lazio is home to important archaeological sites from Roman civilisation, as well as many mediaeval villages and tranquil beaches. Depending on your chosen destinations, do remember to dress for the activities. 
  • Southern Italy: This region is known for impressive sea views, charming small towns and historical archaeological sites. The Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Sorrento and Naples are popular destinations in Southern Italy. Discovering the cities, exploring the coast, and visiting the ancient ruins of Italy are some of the most highlighted experiences in Southern Italy. Be sure to dress for the sun-bleached weather if you plan to visit during summer and spend time outdoors to admire the landscapes.

Planned Activities In Italy

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Pizza is a famous must-try dish when visiting Italy. Photo by Fxquadro on

Italy has something for every traveller as the country is filled with fascinating interests. If you are into nature and sport, your Italy packing list will definitely be different from the packing list of a leisure traveller, who is interested in art and culture or food and wine.

  • Outdoor Activities: Italy is an ideal destination for fun outdoor activities such as hiking, paragliding and canyoning. For the best experience, be sure to keep your feet supported, protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated with a refillable water bottle.
  • Wine Tasting: With famous wine regions like Tuscany and Piedmont, joining a wine tour to visit famous wineries and explore trendy wine bars is in the travel bucket list for wine lovers. When packing for your trip, be sure to leave your light-coloured clothings at home to avoid getting stained. 
  • Beach Trips: Italy is the destination for beach lovers with sun-kissed beaches, picturesque islands and gorgeous coastal towns. Your beach holiday packing list should definitely include swimsuits, sandals, sunscreen and a sun hat.
  • Food Tours: Italy offers visitors diverse culinary experiences including food tours of cities, guided tours to food markets and journeys to hidden eateries. As food tours involve walking, therefore, it is important for you to dress comfortably. It is helpful to double check if your tour requires a particular attire before registering and finalising your packing list.
  • Cultural Exploration: From visiting the archaeological ruins of Rome to exploring the delightful villages of Tuscany and seeing the UNESCO sites of Italy, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself into the rich Italian culture. Be sure to pack comfortable clothings that are good for outdoor activities and appropriate for the local weather.  

An Ultimate Guide To Packing For Your Next Italian Trip

With this detailed guide on the ultimate Italy packing list and careful planning, your upcoming Italian adventure will surely be an enjoyable trip. Remember to consider the specific regions in Italy you will be visiting and the local weather conditions at the exact time of your trip. Pack smart and safe travels. Find this article helpful? Do share it with your travel companions and friends to properly prepare for an amazing holiday in Italy.

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