How To Pack Clothes Without Wrinkles: Guide To Wrinkle-Free Travel Wardrobe

Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, clothes packing is something almost everybody fret over. The last thing one wants is to roam the streets of an exciting foreign land in outfits with creases on them. So, learning How to pack clothes without wrinkles is crucial.

We have the answer to your prayers. Our team has compiled a list of tips and tricks for your convenience. Read on to find out how to assemble a wrinkle-free travel wardrobe.

1. Some Ground Rules

Most people would jump straight into packing as a default. While it isn't a fatal mistake, things could quickly go south due to poor preparation. With that in mind, what should you do beforehand?

The Right Bag/Suitcase Goes A Long Way

Pick the right backpack, and you already have a head start!

Choosing a good backpack or suitcase that best fits your luggage content is a cardinal rule. Aviation baggage will be moved around quite a lot, and an ill-suited container runs the risk of rumpling clothes. 

For starters, opt for suitcases with broad and flat bottoms to help eliminate unsightly creases from inbuilt ridges. A right-sized portmanteau would also keep things neat and prevent jumbled-up clothing.

Tips: Avoid stuffing, as this puts more pressure on clothing items, making them wrinkle faster. Things should fit snugly, no more, no less.

Materials Matter 

A quality article of travel clothes begins with the right type of fabric. Keep the bad ones at bay! Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

Before learning how to keep packed clothes from wrinkling, know your friend and foes. Some materials are more wrinkle-prone than others, so be aware of this matter when picking out what to put in your suitcase. 

Your wardrobe contains a myriad of different fabrics, and these are the ones you should steer clear of at all costs: 

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Linen (flax)
  • Silk

The following list contains materials with wrinkle-resistant properties, making them more packing friendly:

  • Lycra
  • Nylon
  • Denim
  • Knits (wool, cashmere): Larger yarns are less likely to wrinkle than loose-knit ones. 
  • Bamboo rayon
  • Lyocell.

2. Packing Methods To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Bundle Wrapping


  • If done right, the tension created from stretching would eliminate most wrinkles in your clothes and keep them that way until unpacking. 
  • Save space as all items are fastened into a neat bundle. 


  • May be a hassle for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) search.
  • Not for grab-and-go convenience.

There is a lot of buzz around this technique as it is a far cry from conventional doings such as folding or rolling. While it might take a minute to get the hang of it, the outcome is absolutely worthwhile. 

  • Step 1: Wrap socks or underwear in a t-shirt of choice to make a core. Be sure to keep your grip tight.
  • Step 2: Lay your clothes flat and layer them on top of one another.
  • Step 3: Bring the core back into the stack’s centre and begin to wrap your bundle. Smooth out any potential bumps during the process.
  • Step 4: Pop the garment “burrito” into your suitcase.

Tips: Place shirts horizontally and trousers vertically, and stack thinner items on top for better efficiency.


Rolling clothes for packing is living proof of the saying: “Old but gold”. It is a virtually one-size-fits-all method with easy-to-follow steps. Smooth the seams of your garments, fold, roll and secure them in place. It’s that simple. 

It is a general rule that you place least-likely-to-wrinkle items in the middle and vice versa. By doing this, you are giving them a larger surface area, thus, lowering the likelihood of creases.


The traditional way works like a charm. Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash


  • Simplicity: the method renders unpacking a breeze. 
  • Suitable for formal wear since they stay in form better when folded.


  • Your clothes are highly susceptible to wrinkles and creases as hard edges are an inevitable product of folding.
  • Visibility is not so great. With garments stacked on top of each other, you will have a harder time spotting items and grabbing them.

Another classic! Folding clothes seems like second nature to most people. However, doing so for travel packing requires a different level of finesse. Check out our ultimate shirt folding guide and learn to do it the right way.

The “Goody Two-Shoes” Hack

It is a rookie mistake to leave small garments like socks, ties and belts unattended. They pose hindrances to larger items in the pack. Roll and stash them in your shoes and place the heavier stuff at the bottom of your bag to stop them from creasing lighter clothing. 

Make Use Of Tissue Papers And Dry Cleaning Bags

Wrappings are used to keep clothes from rubbing against each other. Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels

Friction is the number one enemy of travel clothing. A little-known trick is placing tissue paper in the centre of your clothing item before folding it. This should keep the layers from clashing in transport. Less friction means lower chances of wrinkles.

For double protection, dry cleaning bags/plastic wraps are brought into play. Wrapping individual pieces in a bag reduces friction between different items. Hence, making them more wrinkle-resistant. A normal plastic bag will do if you don’t have the specific kind at hand. 

3. Useful Items For Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothing

Packing Cubes

These compact zipper bags have come to save the day!

Seasoned packers swear by packing cubes to keep clothes fresh and intact throughout their travelling. They come in an array of sizes, hence, compatible with a number of packing methods. 

Packing in cubes is a stellar solution to keep clothing items from moving around and forming unwanted creases. Even when your article of clothing is not sufficient for the size of the suitcase, you won’t end up with chaotic bunches of clothes after landing.

Folding Folders

If folding clothes evenly gives you a hard time, use folding folders for guidance to guarantee success. Fun fact, this is also how stores keep their items looking almost identical on the shelf.

Wrinkle-Release Spray

Looking for a quick fix for wrinkled clothes without having to whip out unwieldy steam irons? These simple bottles of wrinkle releasers have got you covered. Just a few sprays and your clothes will look good as new.

If the price of these little friends puts you off, have a go at its homebrew version. Add one teaspoon of fabric softener to every third cup of water. Store the magic elixir in a spray bottle, and you’re good to go.

4. FAQ

Do Rolling Clothes Prevent Wrinkles?

In layman's terms, rolling compresses the fabric and squeezes out the air between layers of the garment. As a result, your clothes stay relatively smooth during travel. 

Nevertheless, the method is not 100% wrinkle-proof. Be sure to unpack upon arriving at the hotel and hang ones that have come out not so in shape.

Is It Better To Roll Clothes Or Fold them?

Treat packing like a puzzle. Everything has its place, and it is your job to place clothing items where they fit. Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Each method has its own merits, and marrying rolling with folding is certain to create the baggage of your dreams. 

While rolling is great for casual clothing and other soft fabric items, folding bulkier ones is recommended. They are bound to take up considerable space when rolled. On that same note, pieces that are harder to roll, such as button-up shirts should be folded to minimise creasing. 

How To Pack Dress Attires?

Dressy clothes are imperative for business trips. That being said, they are also the trickiest to handle. No one wants to appear unkempt post-flight, and luckily, there is a perfect solution: carry-on garment bags.

Unlike suitcases and duffel bags, a garment bag allows the user to:

  • Hang clothes upright or lie them flat while travelling to avoid wrinkling.
  • Have leeway in transportation as the product offers a variety of designs for different preferences.
  • Fit it in plane cabins with ease.

A fresh and smooth dress attires is ever a good thing. Consider the following factors before purchasing a garment bag of your own:

  • Size: There is no "one size fits all" approach to carrying your clothes. Make sure to get one that accommodates your clothing and is within carry-on size.
  • Durability and material: Pliable and water-resistant fabrics are advisable for travelling.
  • Additional features: You will be carrying it around a lot, so take wheels and compartments into consideration for a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, you need not be a connoisseur to master the art of wrinkle-free packing. Sound techniques and a few supporting products will do. Expect pristine travel outfits coming out of your baggage next time around. Now that the hard part is over, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the trip.

That’s a wrap on how to pack clothes without wrinkles. Did you find the blog post helpful? Which tips resonated with you the most? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Bon voyage!

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