The 20 Best Places To Visit in Greece

Greece is located in Southeast Europe and has hundreds of islands with gorgeous destinations spread throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. It is a sunny country with beautiful whitewashed buildings with brilliant blue rolling doors, wonderful local food. We've listed out the top 20 best places to visit in Greece that you should not miss in this article below. 

Few nations have a more intriguing history than Greece, which is regarded as the birthplace of Western civilisation. From the Parthenon to the summits of Olympus, Greece has the world's greatest ancient structures, and the spirit of the ancient Greeks can be found in mythological settings and many historic sites.

In the meantime, contemporary Greece provides more liberated colours: brilliant lights, vast horizons, and the delight of eating fresh fish on sandy tables.



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The Halkidiki peninsula, just south of Thessaloniki, is Greece's hidden jewel. Halkidiki is a peninsula region near Thessaloniki with three peninsulas. Kassandra is famed for its many tourist resorts and beaches, whereas Sithonia is less touristy and features secret coves, mountain towns, green valleys, and solitary beaches.

Halkidiki has arguably the most extended lengths of beach in Northern Greece, providing the ideal combination of modern luxury and history.

It has golden sandy beaches at the point of Sithonia, luxurious resorts and restaurants in Kassandra, and the enigmatic Athos mountains.The Halkidiki peninsula is separated into three headlands that extend into the Aegean Sea, combining to form the ideal hideaway.

Halkidiki's beaches are often regarded as among the best places to go in Greece. With 71 blue-flagged beaches and over 550 kilometres of coastline, you're certain to find something to pique your interest in the water.

The Kassandra peninsula's beaches, known for their excellent sand, turquoise seas, and lush and untamed environs, frequently contain budget-to-luxury resorts.


Santorini is a volcanic island in Greece to visit in the Aegean Sea's Cyclades archipelago, some 200 kilometres southeast of the mainland.

Santorini is undoubtedly the most renowned ancient Greek island today, with its sunken craters, black sand beaches, and scarlet sunsets. With its volcano and a distinctive continental shelf architecture that combines white walls and green domes.

Fira, Santorini's centre, has lively white cobblestone streets packed with stores, restaurants, hotels, and cafés situated on the edge of a 400-metre-high cliff.

Santorini is the most sought-after destination in the world, thanks to its stunning sunsets, pearl-white houses adorned with confetti, blue-domed churches, and gorgeous windmills.

This Greek paradise island draws couples from all over the world who want to see Oia's famed sunsets, bathe in hot springs, eat delicious food, and relax in luxurious resorts.

Santorini is the most popular tourist destination in Greece, so getting there is simple, with boats or direct flights available not just from Athens but also from other Greek islands.

The most convenient method to get from Athens to Santorini is via aircraft (only 45 minutes from Athens). You can fly directly from Athens International Airport for around 200 euros.


Ancient Greek mythology, which includes well-known deities like Apollo, Zeus, and Athena, is among the most noteworthy areas of Greece that you should investigate. Not only that, but tourism in Athens is well-known among international visitors due to its magnificent beaches, islands, and moderate temperature all year.

You can visit Athens, Greece, or any other Greece famous places at any time of year. However, the months of April to October are the best because November to March is frequently wet, as is the month of July to August, which is the high tourist season.

The Acropolis temple complex is considered the hub of Athens, Greece's tourism metropolis. It houses various treasures from Greece's heroic past.

The Acropolis means "city on high" in Greek and is positioned in the heart of Athens' vast plain. The Parthenon, the temple of Erechtheion, and the entrance of the Propylaea temple are the highlights of the Acropolis hill.


Mykonos, a Greek island, is regarded as one of the most opulent resorts not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the world. The broad beaches packed with tanned visitors and the thumping bass from the clubs open from night till dawn are the highlights of this Greek island.


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Traditional architecture can be seen everywhere in the tiny lanes, with snow-white cubic dwellings and predominantly blue shutters, as well as blooming vines like the three-way flower, which provide exceptionally stunning textural photos.

Small restaurants, sweet cafés, shops, and a variety of lovely churches and chapels can be found on the cobblestone streets. Although a vacation on this island is expensive, if you simply visit for a day, it will not cost you much and you will be able to observe firsthand the astounding wonders of nature and people here.


Corfu is not just one of Greece's top five largest islands; it is also a well-known resort and tourist destination in Europe. Kerkyra or Korkyra is the Greek name for Corfu.

This is an island linked to two significant water symbols: Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Asopos, a major river in Greece. Corfu is well-known for its cultural characteristics related to intriguing mythical legends, as well as resorts with modern and distinctive architecture.

The reason why Corfu is one of the best Greece destinations is probably there are free walking tours available around the city. It can be a terrific method for you to explore tourist destinations, and historical places, and learn about local cultures without spending any extra money.


Greece has never disappointed us by being named one of Europe's best tourism destinations. This is a land of mythology, architectural works filled with a lengthy history, and historical sites. The most stunning and frequently discussed location on Zakynthos island is the Navagio beach (shipwreck beach) and the Blue Cave in the film Descendants of the Sun.

Zakynthos is the third biggest of the Ionian Islands. It is shaped like an arrowhead, with the top facing northwest.

The western section of the island is a rolling hilly plateau that is covered in a green tint that resembles a gleaming pearl in the sea. The southwest coast is mostly buried in breathtaking cliffs that take people's breath away every time they see them.

Navagio got its unusual moniker because the MV Panagiotis, which was carrying illicit cigarettes, was destroyed in this sea in 1983. The ship washed ashore by the tide, leaving signs of the wreck on the white sand. Navagio Beach feels lonely since it is tucked between towering rocks. As a result, walking to the beach is not an alternative. People must instead depend on boats to get to the beach.



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If you get the opportunity to visit Meteora, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, stop by the Orthodox Greek monasteries built on high rock formations a few kilometres northwest of the town of Kalambaka. Continue to Holy Trinity, one of the filming places for the classic James Bond film, "For your eyes only," from the Hill of the Holy Great Meteoron Monastery, the largest and oldest monastery.

Meteora's unique feature is the Meteora Monastery, which will take your breath away with its remarkable beauty. This architectural complex was erected quite some time ago in Thessaly, in the heart of Greece, but the precise building year is unclear. Meteora Monastery's architecture has an appealing beauty that many people compare to the unreal.

With its distinctive reddish-brown hue, the structure is unabashedly ancient and full of stillness. Located roughly 400 metres above sea level in the centre of a large landscape, it creates an appealing beauty.


Naxos Chora, Naxos' principal town, is a beautiful blend of ancient Venetian and Cycladic architecture. Above Chora's Cycladic white modern houses is a magnificent Venetian castle that exudes mediaeval charm!

When you arrive in Naxos, you will see a stone gate of a now-defunct old temple standing alone as the island's icon. At sunset, the view of the island and its beaches is breathtaking.

The beaches of Naxos are regarded as among the greatest in the Cyclades! The coastline of Naxos is surrounded by coves, resulting in a sequence of stunning pristine sandy beaches with cobalt-coloured waves.

Naxos is a resort for families, people who appreciate the sea and sunlight, individuals who are interested in culture and history, and those who enjoy activities such as cycling, strolling, beach sports driving, water skiing, yachting, and a windsurfing paradise. Don't leave the island without visiting Mikri Vigla, Agios Georgios, and Plaka beaches.


Chania is Crete's second biggest city and the capital of the Chania regional unit. It is located on the island's north shore, approximately 70 kilometres west of Rethymno and 145 kilometres (90 miles) west of Heraklion.

Every day throughout the summer, a variety of cultural activities take place. The government or individuals arrange plays, concerts, and occasional exhibitions by Greek and international artists. Anatoliki Tafros, a theatre in the eastern portion of the Old Town, is one site for so many events.

The temperature here is pleasant in the summer and mild in the winter. When you visit this city, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of thrilling activities.

When visiting Greece, rather than staying in the city, visit Chania's numerous excellent beaches and spend the day sunbathing and swimming.

There are several gorgeous beaches to visit on the island. Balos Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country, with a lengthy stretch of pristine sand and crystal blue seas that glisten in the golden sunlight.



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Milos is regarded as a distinctive star of the Greek islands, thus there are plenty of sites to take beautiful shots. Milos is an island in Greece to visit that sits next to a luxury Santorini.

The environment here is so rich in art and romantic corners that anyone who visits once will be hooked for life. Located in the southwest of Greece, this island is one of the few places with a plethora of stunning beaches with distinct and appealing shapes.

Sarakiniko Beach provides the most intimate experience. It's located on Milos' northeast shore and is arguably the island's most popular attraction, as well as the most voted on Instagram. Tourists are drawn to the beach because of its pure white cliffs coated in a coating of volcanic dust.

The sea water is emerald green and appears to reach the bottom. When you arrive at this beach on Milos Island, you will feel as if you have stepped into another universe. The surrounding terrain, rather than the beach itself, draws the greatest attention from visitors who want to visit Greece.


Poros is a lush Greek island with breathtaking natural scenery. Because most Athenians and international visitors only visit Hydra, the island of Poros has remained untouched, making it perfect for vacation vacations.

This island's centre is a lovely town with numerous old structures and a lengthy shoreline. Many communities, museums, architecture, and big hotel complexes can be found on the island. The hamlet of Poros, about an hour and a half by train from Athens, is a popular summer vacation destination for locals.

Poros is separated from the mainland Peloponnese by a sea current more than 200 metres wide in the Saronic Strait, which includes two smaller islands, Kalavria and Spheria. Poros, with a population of around 4,000 people, is a tranquil place with low hills, mild sunny weather, and year-round northerly breezes.

If you are looking to discover more of the top most beautiful islands in Greece to visit, check out The Most Beautiful Greek Islands!


Mystras was a fortified town in the Peloponnese, adjacent to the fabled ancient Greek city-state of Sparta, and one of the most Greece beautiful places. Mystras is a Greek archaeological site near Sparta in the Laconia area, enclosed by Byzantine walls and topped with a colossal palace.

Mystras is located on a hill, and the abandoned city-state has mediaeval remains on its grounds. Mystras is a world heritage site and one of Greece's most well-known archaeological sites.

In the 13th century, Mystras was a prominent Byzantine town. Mystras faded and was progressively abandoned once the current town of Sparta was created in the early nineteenth century. It is now a significant archaeological site with Byzantine churches, some of which have been restored.

Following the walking track through the grounds going to the chapels, through the forests, and to the top of the hill for stunning views is a delightful pastime in Mystras.

Mystras's past makes it culturally and architecturally valuable, making it an interesting site for anyone interested in history and culture.

The Archaeological Museum of Mystras is tucked away in the courtyard of the church of Agios Demetrios. This Greece famous place is located in a two-story structure that offers tourists amazing views of the surrounding region.



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Lindos, one of Rhodos' first three ancient towns, is today Greece's most famous hamlet, thanks to its alpine Acropolis and attractively designed white houses with green doors and pink bougainvillaea that lie halfway up the mountain hill.

Lindos is a tiny village on the east coast of Rhodes, approximately 30 miles (an hour's drive) south of Rhodes. The village has everything you'd expect from a Greek town on the Aegean Sea: narrow cobblestone lanes, whitewashed buildings, little shops, and a beautiful beach.

The two lovely beaches of Lindos and Saint Pauls are not distant from the village centre. The Hellenized Wall enclosing the old citadel and the stone engravings of the battleship Rhodes at the foot of the stairs leading to the ancient ruins can be seen by following the steep road from the town below to the top of the hill. The columned remnants of the Temple of Doric Athena Lindia are among the most beautiful on the Lindos Acropolis.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is a magnificent Greece holiday destination, rising 2,918 metres above sea level. Because the mountain's base is virtually at sea level, it is considered Europe's tallest peak.

Mount Olympus is 80 kilometres from Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city and one of the most recommended Greece cities to visit

Most tourists will begin their ascent at Litochoro, also known as the city of the gods due to its location at the base of the mountain. The top of Mount Olympus, Mytikas, is approximately 2,918 metres above sea level and is Greece's tallest mountain.

Mytikas is also the second-highest mountain in the Balkans (the peninsula in southeastern Europe), one of Europe's tallest and most scenic summits, and a popular tourist destination.

When tourists visit Greece nowadays, this sacred mountain is one of the top locations on their list, along with other well-known tourist attractions.

Olympus is a mountaintop that many people like to visit because of its rich history and folklore. Many people expressed a desire to go to the peak of Olympus to experience the life of the gods.

The mountain is also recognised for its diverse flora and fauna, which includes 32 animal species, 108 bird species, numerous reptiles and snakes, insects, and butterflies. Because of its significance, this is the first mountain to be protected by Greek legislation.



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Delphi is a well-known historical landmark in Greece and across the world. This location is recognised as a Greek region with an intriguing history. In addition, Delphi is home to historic architectural achievements such as the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Apollo, and the Prophet's Temple.

Delphi is one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations, with its ancient variety, fascinating tales, and stunning mountain setting.

Delphi is a huge sacred region and the birthplace of famed ancient oracles, nestled on the slopes of Mount Parnassus by the Gulf of Corinth. The sacred walk extends from the entryway up a further 200m of mild hills to the Temple of Apollo, which serves as the major route through the Delphi district.

This route was a roadway in ancient times, with many golden monuments. They were installed on both sides of the road to represent the variety of ancient Greek governmental forms of the valley.

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi has distinctive ancient architecture that was designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987. Visitors who wish to save money on their trip to the temple can take the bus from Athens to the temple.

Visitors can also hire a tour guide to learn about the fascinating history of the famed Apollo temple. The monuments are no longer there, but the evidence they left confirms the idea of a grand and busy route in the past.


Tinos is an Aegean Sea-based Greek island. The island is part of the Cyclades island group. Tinos was known as Ophiussa or Hydroessa in ancient times. Andros, Delos, and Mykonos are the closest islands to Tinos.

Tinos Island has a large bay with golden sand and clear water called Kolimpthira, which is a popular destination for many people because it has many pubs - restaurants on the beach, where you can have lunch, enjoy seafood dishes, fresh fish, squid, and mussels, sip wine, and watch the sunset over the sea. Tinos Island is well-known for its mediaeval towns, beautiful beaches, and charming churches. 

On Tinos, don't miss out on visiting settlements like Pyrgos, Kardiani, and Ysternia, which are among the most popular, as well as a variety of colourful outdoor activities like hiking or scuba diving.

The cuisine on this little island is a "hidden gem" that should be explored, and it is also one of the causes that draw a significant number of foodies to the island. Check out our list of top 15 Greek foods you must try!



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It is most famous for the Corinth Canal - connecting the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. The canal connects the Peloponnese to mainland Greece, transforming the peninsula into a true island. The canal is 6.4 kilometres long and just 21.3 metres broad.

The highest point of the cliffs on both sides of the canal is 63 metres. The canal was established as a shortcut in 1893, saving ships 185 nautical miles in journey time (340 km). Every year, the Corinth Canal supports the travel needs of around 15,000 ships.

Matogianni Avenue

The Church of Panagia Paraportiani is Mykonos' most magnificent and well-known building. The Paraportiani church, located in the centre of Chora, was begun in 1425 and took two centuries to finish. The unique feature is that it is made up of five churches that are close to one another, four of which are stacked below and one above. The views of the Mediterranean from its main entrance are breathtaking. 

In Mykonos, this church is known for its white lime mortar architecture. Because of the church's unusual design, it has become one of the most photographed Greek tourist locations in the world. Visitors particularly enjoy coming here at sunset, when the shifting light highlights the structure.

The Samaria Gorge

If you enjoy sports, particularly mountain climbing, you must visit the Samaria gorge on your tour to see the magnificence of Greece's natural scenery. Visitors will be able to hold their breath in front of the stunning beauty of ancient cypress and pine trees during a 4- to 7-hour stroll through Samaria. Many visitors report being immersed in a primitive environment filled with ancient magical ambiance when walking around Samaria. As a result, it is not unexpected that this canyon attracts over 2,000,000 people each year.


If Athens is the most prominent city and the capital of Greece, Thessaloniki in Macedonia is the country's second biggest city. Mount Olympus, the Church of Agia Sofia, and the White Tower of Thessaloniki are among the numerous famous sights here, making it a must-see visit.

Thessaloniki is not only a modern city with a vibrant commercial district, colourful food markets, skyscrapers, vibrant festivals, social events, and a buzzing nightlife, but it also has a rich history with famous Byzantine walls, museums, and art galleries, making it the capital of Macedonia and the cultural capital of Northern Greece.

Every traveller to Greece will have the opportunity to appreciate the lyrical beauty of nature united with the antiquity of historic architectural wonders. Greece, the lovely country of mythology, will undoubtedly be the dream and most beautiful place in Greece to visit for anybody in the world.

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