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      CabinZero's cabin bag collection, specifically tailored to adhere to Aeromexico's baggage allowance, offers a perfect blend of stylish design and practical travel solutions.

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      134 products

      Overview of Aeromexico Airlines

      Aeromexico, based in Mexico City, is a Mexican airline. Its main hub is Mexico City International Airport, with subsidiary hubs in Hermosillo at General Mariano Escobedo International Airport and General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia International Airport.

      Aeromexico, together with Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Korean Air, is one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam alliance. The airline focuses on internal and international flights to Asia, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, and the United States.

      Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Aeromexico is the airline of choice for many passengers on every journey since it is a leading airline with high service quality and a devoted crew. And, if you intend to fly with Aeromexico in the future, please immediately refer to the airline's luggage restrictions, which we will publish below, to ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible and that you avoid any unnecessary inconveniences!

      Standard Carry-On Baggage Policy

      When you book your ticket for any flight class, it includes one piece of hand luggage and one personal item weighing up to 22 lbs (10 kg). The maximum dimensions for personal luggage are 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 in (55 x 40 x 25 cm). Then, your regular luggage cannot exceed this limit as well.

      However, depending on your ticket class, Aeromexico permits you to bring larger or heavier carry-on items, so verify with airport workers first. If your carry-on baggage or personal goods exceed the maximum amount and size permitted, they will be deemed checked baggage or excess baggage, and you will be charged an extra price.

      Carry-On Baggage Allowance For Infants & Children

      Aeromexico enables customers to carry two complimentary items inside the cabin, which can be a stroller, bassinet, or diaper bag. Furthermore, each client receives free trolley check-in at the gate.

      Passengers travelling to international destinations are permitted one additional item of checked luggage in addition to a stroller or bassinet weighing no more than 50 lbs (23 kg) in weight or measuring 45 inches in length (115 cm).

      Business-class travellers are normally permitted to bring two pieces of checked luggage weighing up to 32kg. Economy class travellers are permitted 1-2 pieces of checked luggage weighing no more than 50-55 lbs (23-25 kg). The overall length, breadth, and height of the luggage should not exceed 62 inches (158 cm).

      Furthermore, luggage requirements will fluctuate depending on the location. Suitcases weighing up to 55 lbs (25 kg) are permitted on domestic flights. Suitcases weighing up to 23kg are permitted on international flights. The maximum surface area per piece of luggage in both cases is 62 in (158 cm).

      Standard Checked Baggage Fees

      Checked baggage fares vary based on your departure and destination points. Furthermore, the checked luggage cost for foreign flights will be taxed. The pricing has not yet been released on the airline's website, so please contact the ticket agent for further information.

      However, for domestic and international flights, baggage costs would often vary from $30 for the first piece of luggage to close to $270 for each piece up to 10 items (tax excluded).

      Excess Baggage Fee

      If you carry more than the authorised quantity of baggage, you will be charged a cost based on the amount of baggage, extra weight, and oversize. This price varies depending on the airline, and business class tickets are frequently less expensive when it comes to extra luggage costs.

      In general, if you check an oversized bag, you could anticipate spending between $30 and $200 or less for large, kilogram, and pieces of luggage.

      FAQs about Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Allowance

      Passengers using Aeromexico premium/special class cards are permitted to bring an additional checked bag of the same weight and dimensions as the ticket class when travelling inside Mexico or to/from Mexico. Please see the membership cards listed below.

      - Members of Club Premier Titanium, Platinum, and Gold

      - SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus frequent flyer memberships

      - Platinum American Express Aeromexico members

      - Santander Aeroméxico Infinite card member

      Aeromexico, like other airlines, has particular requirements for some special luggage goods. On Aeromexico flights, ashes, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and e-cigarettes are all classified as special luggage. Of course, depending on the products you carry, you will have to pay an extra price based on the airline's requirements. Specific fees and regulations can be found here.

      Aeromexico will let you bring your pet on board, but like with any big airline, there are some limits and requirements that you should be aware of. If you travel within Mexico with a pet, you may expect to pay around $1,100 in Mexican pesos. However, if you are travelling to an overseas destination such as the United States, Canada, or Europe, it will cost you $135. 

      The luggage restrictions of Aeromexico Airlines are summarised here, including regulations on hand baggage, checked baggage, and overweight baggage. Please carefully read these restrictions before travelling with Aeromexico Airlines for your journey to be as convenient and trouble-free as possible!