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      Here is everything you need to know about Avianca Airlines’ baggage policy & cabin bag size; and our collection of the best CabinZero backpacks for flying with this airline.
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      Avianca Airlines

      Overview of Avianca Airlines

      Operating as the flag carrier of Colombia since 1919, Avianca is often referred to as the largest airline in Colombia and the second largest in Latin America, after LATAM Airlines of Chile. The airlines even expanded more routes and services after the significant merger with TACA, one of the largest airlines in South America. It has been in operation since 2013 as Avianca El Salvador, along with five other subsidiary branches.If you want the best experience of Avianca Airlines, try out the Business Class Seats. You will find comfortable seating, extra storage space, seat and light control and other excellent facilities. However, carefully read the luggage policies, as they change depending on your seating. Please read further into the article, as we will provide more detailed information.

      Avianca Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Avianca S.A (short for Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A. in Spanish) is Colombian airlines based in Colombia. Its central hub is El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá. Since 1919, Avianca Airlines has built an extensive network of over 180 destinations in 27 countries worldwide. With its consistently excellent customer service and long operation history, Avianca is the priority choice for passengers on national and international flights.

      Like other grand airlines, Avianca has specific baggage allowance policies that must be followed. As most of the general rules are pretty easy to get hold of, passengers may find some of the latest policies troublesome to understand. Read further to be informed of the carry-on and checked baggage policy and what to do with the extra weight of baggage.

      Travellers who choose Avianca Airlines must bring only one personal article and carry-on baggage. This rule will apply to both Economy Class and Business Class. Please check carefully the requirements below:

      - Personal article: 18 x 14 x 10 inches (46 x 36 x 25 cm), fit under the front seat

      - Carry-on baggage: 14 x 22 x 10 inches (36 x 56 x 25 cm) and 22 pounds (10kg), fit the overhead compartment

      As you have carry-on baggage along your side, there are some rules that need to be taken into account. If your personal item or carry-on baggage does not meet the requirements, it will be checked as hold baggage and may cost additional charge. Additionally, when you purchase a size XS personal article, it can only fit one personal item, such as a purse, a backpack or a laptop. 

      In checked baggage policy, it is not the destination but the class that counts. The maximum weight for travellers using Economy Class is restricted to 50 pounds (23 kg). On the other hand, ones in Business Class will have a maximum weight allowance of 70 pounds (32kg).

      After checking your total baggage weight, look carefully into its size. The dimensions of your baggage should not go over 62 linear inches, equivalent to 157 cm cumulative (height + length + width). Exceeding the defined weight and size, you will have to pay for the additional baggage plus the cost of overweight baggage. 

      Note: For flights to/from Europe, you can not bring baggage exceeding 70 pounds (32 kg), even if you pay the extra cost. 

      When your baggage exceeds the maximum weight or size, you will be charged an additional fee to bring it along. This rule will apply to all pieces of baggage that do not reach the requirements. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your checked baggage, passengers on domestic flights will have to pay an extra £22 or COP 100.000 for each oversized item. For each overweight piece, they will have to spend £13 or COP 90.000. 

      Passengers on international flights should check the fee rates table on the official Avianca Airlines website. 

      Passengers can avoid the situation by purchasing additional baggage and adding them to their booking. The standard baggage dimensions have a maximum of 62 inches (158 cm), while the maximum weight is 50 pounds (23 kg). Additional baggage can be purchased at the official website of Avianca Airlines.

      Faqs About Avianca Airlines Baggage Allowance

      At Avianca Airlines, some restricted items can be transported. Still, they need prior authorisation from the airline or the competent authorities. Meanwhile, some need to be packed or sealed to cause no harm. For more information, check the full list on the official Avianca Airlines website

      According to the official airline's website, these items are strictly prohibited from the environment of the aircraft:

      - Safety cases, boxes and bags- Disabling elements

      - Liquid oxygen devices

      - Electric weapons (taser)

      - Elements with external batteries

      - Damaged electronic equipment

      - Removable batteries or portable batteries

      - Filled oxygen cylinders (pipettes)

      - Vehicles powered by external batteries

      - Matches

      - Firearms of any size

      - Pyrotechnic devices

      - Pointed metal elements

      - Bars

      - Sharps

      Yes, you can carry food onto an aircraft. However, this should be avoided as these items can spoil and make your flight uncomfortable. If you insist on bringing them, we suggest not carrying vegetables, meat, fruit, milk or any perishable item. In addition, you should only get a small amount of food and pack it in your hand luggage. Finally, check on the customs forms to see if your food is transportable at that airport or not.