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      Below is the latest information on Scoot's baggage policy & cabin bag size and our top recommendations for CabinZero backpacks to make the most of your upcoming journey with Scoot.
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      102 products

      Overview of Scoot Airlines

      Scoot is recognised as a Singapore Airlines subsidiary. This is one of Asia's leading low-cost carriers, with its headquarters at Changi International Airport (Singapore). Scoot Air is a low-cost airline which can sound unusual to many people but has grown in popularity in recent years.

      Scoot Airlines was founded and launched in 2011 with the goal of providing medium and long-haul flights throughout Asia as well as certain trips to Europe. Scoot Airlines and TigerAir formally amalgamated as 1 in July 2017, adopting the flight code TR as the common name. Due to the fact that the airline just recently merged with Tiger and has been on the market for a few years, Scoot consistently confirms the excellence of its service with each trip and the ticket is always affordable for passengers but Scoot Airlines is already the belief of many consumers who select their next flights.

      Scoot Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Baggage is an essential component of passenger flights, particularly international flights. Many people find Scoot to be an unfamiliar airline, yet its flight fares are significantly lower than those of other airlines. Many folks have wondered where Scoot is and how excellent it is. Scoot's travel services are fully secure since Scoot Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based low-cost airline specialising in long-haul flights.

      Because this is a low-cost airline, the quality of flight service is considered ordinary. In reality, the cost of purchasing tickets is substantially lower than that of other airlines, even on the same flight route. As a result, you cannot expect too much service quality, but you will save a lot of money on the trip.

      Scoot's carry-on baggage allowance is determined by the price class you select, so if you need additional luggage for your journey, consider purchasing a higher ticket class. For the Economy Fare, all travellers, including adults and children seated in their own seats, are permitted to bring up to 15 lbs / 7kg of carry-on baggage on board.

      According to the airline's standards, the hand luggage that passengers are permitted to carry comprises a compact bag/briefcase with total linear dimensions of 45 in / 115 cm). In addition to the carry-on luggage allowance, travellers can bring one of the following personal goods on board: a moderately sized laptop, purse, or wallet. In addition, a wounded or disabled passenger can use an additional set of crutches or support aids (provided they depend on them for their travel).

      ScootPlus passengers are allowed to bring up to 33 lbs / 15kg onboard.

      A compact bag or briefcase with a maximum size of 21 in / 54 cm and a maximum total linear dimension of 45 in / 115 cm per piece are examples of hand luggage that you are permitted to bring.

      The cost of checked luggage is determined by the price type you select. FlyBag and FlyBagEat tickets feature free checked luggage up to 15kg, according to the airline's baggage standards (33lbs / 15kg). Fly and FlyPromo tickets do not include checked luggage by default; you must purchase your baggage allowance individually during the booking process.

      As a Scoot Plus passenger, you can carry up to 66 lbs / 30kg of checked luggage – a fantastic price. The maximum carry-on luggage dimensions is 21 x 15 x 9 in / 54 x 38 x 23 cm, and checked baggage cannot weigh more than 70 lbs / 32kg per item, regardless of the quantity of baggage booked. If your luggage weighs more than 70 lbs / 32kg, you will be required to repack it. However, regardless of which pricing package you select, you can purchase up to 40kg of checked luggage online. If you want to travel with more than the allowed amount, the airline suggests purchasing up to  88 lbs / 40 kg of checked luggage in advance online.

      Overall, with a cheap flight ticket price along with a variety of simple and practical baggage allowances, Scoot will definitely help you become more comfortable with luggage preparation for your upcoming travel.

      If you need to carry extra luggage because your luggage is too big, you can buy an allowance when you buy the ticket, after you buy it, or at the airport. Excess baggage costs are assessed during check-in and can be paid individually by credit card or cash, depending on the mode of payment at the airport counter. The actual cost will be determined by when you purchase the supplement and the weight of your additional bag. To find out the exact cost of your flight, go to the Scoot website and apply the payment tool.

      Excess baggage is generally charged S$20 (Singapore Dollar) per 1kg (2.2 lbs) - added to your luggage allowance for flights under 5 hours. For flights longer than 5 hours, you will be charged around S$25 per 1kg (2.2 pounds). Fees are paid in the port of departure's local currency and are subject to the daily exchange rate.

      Please ensure that your carry-on baggage does not exceed the permissible criteria before arriving at the airport; otherwise, you will have to check in your baggage at the airport and can pay over baggage costs.

      Faqs About Scoot Airlines Baggage Allowance

      You can carry sports equipment or other specialist goods such as musical instruments as checked baggage on your Scoot trip as long as there is space4. Sports equipment, such as a golf club, surfboard, canoe, dive equipment, skateboard, and bicycle, count toward your free baggage allotment. However, all products will need to be properly packed and fit into your baggage allowance or the additional baggage allowance you purchased. If you exceed this allowance, you will be charged the standard excess baggage fee.

      Scoot does not accept any item weighing more than 32kg as checked baggage, thus these athletic or musical equipment can have to be repacked or delivered. Chemical.

      We have been notified that if the trip is accompanied by a newborn, you will receive an additional luggage allowance for particular reasons and individual itineraries. Exclusive baby equipment can be transported on Scoot flights for free or at a cost. All other baby luggage must be included in the baggage allowance of the parent or guardian. Infant equipment includes a stroller, car seat, and so forth; nevertheless, you should notify airport employees or agents in advance during the ticket buying process to determine what free perks you will still obtain.