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      Everything about LOT baggage rules and regulations is covered extensively below. Read more to learn about them and see which CabinZero backpack would fit your needs for cabin bag perfectly.

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      Overview of LOT Polish Airlines

      LOT Polish Airlines, Poland's 3-star airline, is today a contemporary airline linking the new Europe to the world at large. LOTΒ  Polish Airlines (LO), founded in 1929, is the country's primary airline and one of the world's oldest. The airline now serves over 60 locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. As the region's sole airline, LOT Polish Airline provides direct long-distance flights to the United States, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, establishing a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe. It has one of Europe's youngest fleets and is the only airline that uses Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the world's most sophisticated aircraft, on all long-haul flights.

      LOT Polish Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Aside from flying tickets, LOT Polish Airlines luggage limitations are one of the most pressing concerns for travellers planning a trip with a carrier from Taiwan. CabinZero will give thorough information on hand luggage, checked baggage, and how to purchase additional luggage in this post so that travellers can actively prepare luggage for the next flight.

      LOT's carry-on luggage allowance is regulated by class, ticket, and itinerary. Each traveller can carry one compact bag or personal item. All carry-on luggage must be stored in the bin above or beneath the seat in front of you and must meet the following specifications:

      - Hand luggage maximum dimensions: 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm

      - Passengers with Economy Economy, Economy Class, and International Premium Economy tickets are permitted to bring one piece of luggage weighing no more than 8 kg. Premium Economy ticket holders on intercontinental flights are permitted two pieces of hand luggage totalling 12 kg and weighing no more than 8 kg. Business Class travellers are permitted to bring two pieces of carry-on luggage, although neither can weigh more than 9 kilogrammes.

      It will only be free of charge if you adhere to the rules of the airline's hand-luggage allowance. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional cost since they would be deemed carry-on luggage.

      The following items are considered carry-on baggage:

      - small bags

      - coats, robes or blankets

      - umbrella

      - canes

      - camera/binoculars

      - crutches or a fully foldable wheelchair

      - baby food

      - a fully collapsible pram

      LOT's checked luggage allowance, like their carry-on baggage limit, is determined by ticket class and flight segment.Β  Economy travellers do not receive a checked luggage allowance as part of the cost, thus you must purchase additional baggage. Economy Flex and Economy passengers can check in one piece of luggage weighing no more than 23 kilogrammes.

      Each passenger is permitted one checked bag as long as it meets the standards listed below:

      - For international flights with Economy Class and Flexibility, travellers can bring 1-2 pieces of luggage (depending on the flight route), with a maximum weight of 23kg.

      - For Business Class flights, you will be given 32kg luggage for three checked bags, which is extremely comfortable and plenty for your travel. You should verify with your airline ticket agent or online ahead of time to ensure that your departure and destination points, as well as your ticket class, contain checked luggage.

      If your baggage is already overweight and does not satisfy the above limits, the airline will charge you an extra baggage fee. The cost of oversized luggage varies based on your flying itinerary. You must pay this fee when you check in at the airport.

      LOT makes it simple to purchase more baggage space for your trips. Each extra item will cost between US$55 and US$380 on average, depending on size and route. (To learn more about the large baggage cost, please contact the airline.)

      FAQs About LOT Polish Airlines Baggage Allowance

      If you follow specific rules, you are entirely permitted to bring sports equipment on LOT Polish Airline flights. Passengers on LOT Polish Airlines can check sporting equipment. You can not be charged excess baggage fees if your luggage exclusively contains sporting equipment and your ticket includes the checked baggage allowance. If you have used up all of your baggage allowances, you will be charged an extra baggage cost.

      Some sporting equipment, however, will not be permitted on LOT Polish Airline flights. To find your equipment, go to LOT Polish Airlines sports equipment website for additional information.

      You can carry your infant on the trip and earn distinct benefits, but you should be aware of the following rules:

      - Children under the age of two years (24 months) are not needed to have their own seats. You can leave them totally in your lap during the journey. However, you must advise the airline that you will be flying with a child on your lap.

      - Children under the age of two (24 months) pay 10% of the adult fare + tax.

      - Any flight with an infant over the age of two will need you to purchase a ticket. These tickets are available for 50% of the adult rate on domestic flights and 30% on foreign flights.