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      CabinZero presents a cabin bag collection precisely designed to fit Sun Country Airlines' baggage allowances, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality for travellers.

      82 products

      82 products

      Overview of Sun Country Airlines

      Sun Country Airlines, located in Minnesota, is a leisure travel leader with nonstop flights to more than 50 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Portland (PDX), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Madison (MSN), and St. Louis (STL) are all target locations for the airline, which has a hub at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). The airline operates an all-economy cabin with two styles of seating: Best and Standard. Extra legroom, an adjustable headrest, extra recline, USB charging ports and standard AC power outlets, prioritised boarding, and a complimentary premium beverage are all available in the best seats in the cabin, which are located in the forward half of the cabin. USB charging ports are also available in standard seats. Passengers will receive a complementary non-alcoholic beverage as well as access to a free in-flight entertainment system that can be streamed on their own portable device. The amenities on board differ depending on the aircraft.

      Sun Country Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Boarding a Sun Country Airlines’ flight soon? If so, you wouldn’t want to miss this comprehensive guide of the requirements of Sun Country Airlines’ baggage allowance. We will go through the most fundamental information you must know if you’re travelling with Sun Country Airlines, which would help you tremendously with your preparation for the flight.

      Sun Country Airlines’ baggage allowance isn’t the most convoluted, but unwary customers can still be confused. Worry not, as the CabinZero Crew has got you covered. Keep scrolling to read our most comprehensive breakdown of the rather baffling baggage allowance of Sun Country Airlines.

      Each passenger travelling on ticketed Sun Country Airlines’ flight is allowed to bring 1 personal item on board free of charge.

      Your personal items must:

      Be among a purse, a laptop bag, or a briefcase;

      Not be among the following items: A jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, duty free items, and assistive devices (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, etc.). You’d have to check them in, or they’d be counted as a separate carry-on;

      Be maximum 17 x 13 x 9 in (43 x 33 x 23 cm) in dimensions.

      Passengers are not permitted to bring any carry-on bags on board for free. If they wish to do so, they must pay for it in advance. In which case, your carry-on bags must:

      Be maximum 24 x 16 x 11 in (61 x 40 x 30 cm), including wheels, handles, etc., in dimensions;

      Be maximum 35 lbs (16 kg) in weight;

      Fit within the sizer box at the gate.

      The price shall be:

      - 30$: at the time of online booking;

      - 38$: online after booking, by phone at the time of booking, by phone after booking;

      - 45$: at airport;

      - 55$: at gate.

      Since Sun Country Airlines doesn’t offer any free slots for checked baggage, if you need to check some bags into the hold, you must purchase the slots. It’s advisable to book your slot with your plane ticket, as the price would be the most reasonable then. If you do so, the price would be 40$. If you buy the checked bag online after your ticket purchase, the price goes up to 50$. If you wait until you get into the airport to book the slot, you’ll have to pay 60$. There could be variation in price, but the general advice stays the same: if you already have plans to check your luggage in the hold, buy the slots as you purchase the plane tickets.

      Should you choose to pay, then your bag must:

      - Be maximum 62 linear inches (157 cm) in cumulative dimensions;

      - Be maximum 50 lbs (23 kg) in weight.

      If the bag that you’re checking in exceeds the weight or the dimensions limit, you’ll be charged extra, in particular:

      + 51 - 60 lbs (23 – 27 kg): $20;

      + 61 - 99 lbs (27 – 45 kg): $60;

      + 63+ linear in (158+ cm): $100.

      Do note that:

      - Bags weighing more than 70 lbs (32 kg) will not be allowed to be checked into the hold on flights to / from Jamaica and Puerto Rico;

      - Any bags weighing more than 100 lbs (45 kg) will not be accepted on any Sun Country flight;

      - Sporting equipment has a fixed charge rate at $100.

      Exclusive perks

      Active U.S. Military personnel will be offered three bags (two checked and one carry-on) for free. First two checked bags will be waived from oversizing penalties, and standard fees will apply starting from the third checked bag. They must, however, carry an eligible ID as well as present at the airport with their “Uniformed Services” affiliation at the airport.

      Sun Country Airlines®, Visa Signature®, Cardholders will receive a 50% discount to their first bag when pre-purchase via the official website or when making a reservation via contacting the Sun Country Reservations.

      FAQs about Sun Country Airlines Baggage Allowance

      Yes. All passengers are allowed to carry one free underseat bag. This can be a handbag, backpack, duffel bag, or anything else that fits under the seat in front of you. If you have multiple bags, you can select the Sun Country bag that best suits your needs.

      Yes. Passengers can bring one small musical instrument as long as it fits into the overhead cabin or the under-seat compartment. If it doesn’t fit, then it must be checked into the hold and consequently subjected to surcharges.