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      82 products

      Overview of Turkish Airlines

      Turkish Airlines was established in 1933 and was regarded as one of the airlines with the most destinations worldwide. Turkish Airlines introduced the Miles & Smile membership card, along with unique benefits, to its loyal customers in 2000. Turkish Airlines joined the Star Alliance global airline alliance in 2008. Turkish Airlines also provides an in-flight entertainment system with the newest movies, music, games, and wifi, ensuring that customers have an interesting and pleasant flight.

      Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Despite not being an expensive airline, travellers can still experience service quality that exceeds expectations. In order for the trip to be completely enjoyable, passengers will need to understand the airline's policies, including those on hand baggage and checked baggage.

      Furthermore, Turkish Airlines would charge varied baggage fees based on the customer's destination. As a result, you should double-check this so that you don't mix up money throughout the ticket purchase.

      Turkish Airlines allows the customer to bring a carry on bag depending on the type of flight booked (destination/flight purpose). More specifically, Turkish Airlines allows you to bring any hand suitcases with the measurements of 18 lbs (8kg) and 22 x 16 x 9 in (55 x 40 x 23 cm) and must fit in the overhead locker or under the seat. Each traveller is responsible for their own carry-on baggage, and there will be no additional baggage fees. 

      If you are travelling Business Class, you are allowed to bring 2 bags. If you’re travelling Economy Class, you can bring only 1 bag. In addition, if you are travelling with an infant, you will receive free carry-on luggage up to 18 lbs (8kg).

      If your carry-on luggage exceeds the allowed limit, it will be turned into checked-in luggage and you will be charged a fee.

      Domestic Flights Weight Allowance

      Turkish Airlines establishes a luggage allowance based on the kind of airliners you take. These restrictions apply to flights to and from Turkey. There are several classes in the economy class. In fact, while there is just one business class, travellers in the economy class have considerably more choices. More specifically:

      - Economy EcoFly Class passengers can check in bags of maximum 33 lbs / 15kg;

      - Economy ExtraFly Class passengers can check in bags of maximum 44 lbs / 20kg;

      - Economy PrimeFly Class passengers can check in bags of maximum 55 lbs / 25kg;

      - Business Class passengers can check in bags of maximum 66 lbs / 30kg.

      International Flights

      Economy Class passengers can check in 2 bags of maximum 44 lbs / 20kg in weight and 62 in / 158 cm in dimensions;

      Business Class passengers can check in 2 bags of maximum 66 lbs / 30kg in weight and   62 in / 158 cm in dimension;

      Infants are permitted bags of maximum 22 lbs / 10kgs in weight and 45 in (115 cm) and 1 additional collapsible stroller.

      If you are unsure of the actual fees imposed for oversized luggage, check their website's baggage calculator. You can use this to check your flight to see how much extra weight you'll have to pay for.

      Depending on whether you are a veteran or a student, you can be eligible for overage charge exemptions. Excess baggage costs may also differ based on whether a passenger is travelling on a local trip, an international flight, or connecting flights.

      The cost of shipping for local and international flights differs. For further information on extra costs, you can contact the booking agent or check the luggage calculator on the website.

      FAQs about Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

      You can carry sports equipment as checked baggage as well as hand luggage, but you must pay an additional fee for this baggage. Most sporting equipment is only regarded as checked baggage. However, if the equipment is occasionally separated into small parts, it can be carried in the cabin.

      If the weight of the sporting equipment exceeds 32 kg, it must be divided into two bags. Sports equipment should be wrapped in appropriate packaging as well. When making your booking, make sure to inform the airline about the size and type of sporting equipment you'll be taking with you. You can check the cost of additional sports equipment here. Sports equipment such as the following can be taken:

      - Golf Equipment

      - Skiing/Water Skiing Equipment

      - Surfing Equipment

      - Diving Equipment

      - Tents

      - Empty Canisters

      - Dinghies

      - Equipment for Rafting

      - Equipment for Archery

      - Canoes

      - Equipment for Ice Hockey

      - Equipment for Hang-gliding

      - Equipment for Paragliding

      - Equipment for Parachuting

      - Equipment for Mountaineering Activities

      - Bicycles

      - Rifles for Hunting

      - Sporting Rifles and Scopes

      Turkish Airlines accepts musical instruments of 118cm (length, breadth, and height) and weighing less than 75kg. If your musical instrument fits the above criteria, you can carry it as carry-on baggage. If your instrument is too large to fit in the cabin, you can pay a charge to have it transported as checked baggage. They must be stored in a strong hard case. If your checked luggage exceeds the appropriate limit, you will be charged an extra cost.

      Specific instruments are even allowed inside the cabin without paying any extra fees as long as certain limits are followed.

      You are willing to bring your pet into the cabin or hangar. If the pet is pregnant, it will not be permitted to enter the storage chamber. For types of pets known to suffer from respiratory illnesses, they will be accompanied with you in the cabin. Don't forget to bring all of your pet's documentation, especially their medical history.

      However, if there are passengers on your flight who are allergic to dog fur, you will not be permitted to bring your pet into the cabin.